Sherwood Prospectus 2012 - English - Sherwood School

Sherwood Prospectus 2012 - English - Sherwood School


beating hearts, leaping minds

Sherwood Primary School

Sherwood Primary School is a progressive, growing primary

school, servicing the educational needs of children aged between 5 (new

entrants/year 0) and 11 (year 6). Sherwood shares one of its borders with

Northcross Intermediate, which provides a natural next step for children

when they reach Year 7 and 8.

A child-centred learning community, Sherwood’s teaching model

aims to provide all children with access to their preferred learning style and

encourages a positive and stimulating environment for growth. The school

has a strong focus on the use of technology to support children’s education

and each classroom is well equipped for this.

Internationally minded and cross-cultural, Sherwood school

has a strong tradition of offering excellent education to local students and

those from abroad. We have a great mix of teachers with diverse experience

teaching in a range of environments.

Developing students who are

internationally minded, who

recognise their common humanity

and shared guardianship of the

planet and help to create a better

and more peaceful world

The IB experience is not just a way to learn, it’s a way of life, and the way to a better world ...

We are a fully authorised

International Baccalaureate (IB) school

We use the Primary Years Programme to help us structure

and implement our NZ curriculum.

The Primary Years Programme places an emphasis on children’s

understanding of the world around them and encourages the values and

attitudes required to become caring and valued citizens of society.

More information about the IB Primary Years Programme can be found

on the IB website:

Our Vision

To motivate and prepare our children for a lifetime of learning,

achievement and creativity, in a child centred environment.

Our Mission

Sherwood Primary aims to develop students who are

internationally minded, who recognise their common humanity

and shared guardianship of the planet and help to create a

better and more peaceful world. The school, as part of a learning

community, aims to develop learners who are: Inquirers,

Knowledgeable, Thinkers, Communicators, Principled, Openminded,

Caring, Risk-takers, Balanced, and Reflective.

Why Sherwood ?

Sherwood embraces the use of information and communication technology

(ICT). Classrooms are richly resourced e-learning environments with a

range of technology to support learning, including computers, cameras

and projectors. This enables students to transcend physical learning

barriers, like distance and time, exploring other learning environments

and sharing their experiences with others.


Every year, at each level of the school, students take part in a Music

programme with a specialist Music teacher. This part of the curriculum

combines singing, music appreciation, moving to music and experience with

a range of instruments. Senior students also have opportunities to join the

choir or Kapa Haka (cultural dance) groups.

Music & Arts

As a part of our cross-cultural appreciation, we encourage students to learn

other languages, extending their linguistic and cultural understanding. From

Year 3, students at Sherwood learn Spanish with a specialist Spanish teacher.

This helps them to acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that equip them

for living in a world of diverse people, languages and cultures.

Spanish Language Teaching

In all year levels students are actively involved in regular, quality physical

education. Not only do students take part in a skills based Physical Education

programme with a specialist PE teacher, they also engage in regular

fitness activities with their classroom teacher. Students are encouraged to

participate in a range of sports opportunities both through the school and

through clubs in the local community.

Physical Education & Sports

We are located in Browns Bay on Auckland’s sunny North Shore, surrounded

by a stunning natural environment with lots of parks and beaches. We are

committed to sustainability and ensure that our curriculum makes the

most of natural resources, teaching our students to appreciate the marvels

around us. School programmes include a focus on recycling and the growing

of plants, We even have an Enviro Club for students.


As a “Travelwise” school we are committed to providing our students with

safe, sustainable and healthy options for travelling to and from school. We

offer information around ‘Park and Walk’ options through safe walkways

where there are no roads to cross. This decreases traffic issues around the

front gate, ultimately making this safer for everyone.

Travel-wise school

Situated in a purpose built facility on the school grounds, Sherwood’s

Before and After School Care (BASC) programme caters for the supervision

of students outside of normal school hours and during the holidays. The

programme provides a safe and stimulating environment of care where

children can interact with others and share in a variety of fun activities.

For more info ph: 094762594 or email:

Before & After School Care (BASC)

All Parents are members of the Sherwood Parents Association (SPA) however

you can choose how involved you want to be. It is a great opportunity to

meet other parents and support the school. The SPA is active in fund-raising

initiatives and helps run events through the year, like the fair and social discos.

For more info and to get involved, email:

Sherwood Parents Association

Enrolments and Zoning

Families living within the school zone have automatic right

to enrolment. At times, depending on class sizes, some

places may be offered to students outside of the school zone.

Parents are encouraged to enrol students on or before their

fourth birthday and before each child turns five a school

interview and orientation visit will be arranged.

For information regarding enrolment, or appointment times,

please contact the school office.

International Students

Sherwood offers a number of places to foreign fee-paying

students. International students are integrated into mainstream

classes in order to learn English in a natural way and fully

experience our culture. It is also a wonderful opportunity for

your child to share his or her culture with other students and to

experience the best educational opportunities available.

A member of staff is responsible for the pastoral care of students

and liaising with families. For information regarding enrolment,

or appointment times, please contact the school office.

What Next?

Come and see more of what is on offer at Sherwood and why it is the best place for your child to

learn. You can make an appointment to visit where we will talk to you more about the school and a

student guide will show you around so you can see us in action.

You can contact the office

by phone: +64 9 478 3024 or email:

And then come and see us at: 40 Sartors Avenue, Browns Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

For more information please visit our website:

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