Electronic Records Management System - Northrop Grumman ...

Electronic Records Management System - Northrop Grumman ...

Electronic Records Management System - Northrop Grumman ...


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Iowa Department of Transportation<br />

<strong>Electronic</strong> <strong>Records</strong><br />

<strong>Management</strong> <strong>System</strong><br />

Using e.POWER ® software for business process management and automation<br />

The Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT)<br />

maintains 9,404 miles of roadway, including<br />

510 miles of ramps, as well as 4,053 bridges.*<br />

In response to an increasing number of<br />

infrastructure projects, the DOT determined a<br />

need to better manage project-related Computer<br />

Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) files. In<br />

addition, the DOT needed a solution that could<br />

manage documents produced in a variety of<br />

formats by multiple business units, initially<br />

within the Highway Division. Some of the<br />

specific challenges for the DOT involved:<br />

Iowa Fact<br />

There are more public road miles<br />

in Iowa than interstate miles in the<br />

entire 50 states.*<br />

• Manual storage and retrieval of<br />

1.2M CADD records representing<br />

6M+ pages of information;<br />

• 45,000 square feet of space<br />

required to store those records;<br />

• Decreased personnel productivity<br />

due to the time-consuming task of<br />

paper handling; and<br />

• Inefficient process for storing,<br />

routing, and approving documents.<br />

The Iowa DOT selected <strong>Northrop</strong><br />

<strong>Grumman</strong> to provide an <strong>Electronic</strong><br />

<strong>Records</strong> <strong>Management</strong> <strong>System</strong><br />

(ERMS), which was built on <strong>Northrop</strong><br />

<strong>Grumman</strong>’s e.POWER software,<br />

incorporating process management<br />

and automation. To date, the Iowa<br />

DOT has realized a 430% return on<br />

investment from this original ERMS.<br />

Building on Success<br />

Coming off the success of the Highway<br />

Division’s ERMS, the Iowa DOT and <strong>Northrop</strong><br />

<strong>Grumman</strong> explored ways to leverage the<br />

solution in other areas of the DOT. The ERMS<br />

has since grown to include solutions in the<br />

following business areas:<br />

• Human Resources (HR)<br />

• Web Portals for Historical Photos and Street<br />

Finance Reports<br />

• Bridge Maintenance with Geographic<br />

Information <strong>System</strong> (GIS) Integration<br />

Challenge<br />

The Iowa DOT needed an efficient, cost-effective<br />

process for managing 1.2M project-related records.<br />

Solution<br />

<strong>Northrop</strong> <strong>Grumman</strong> provided the Iowa DOT with the<br />

e.POWER <strong>Electronic</strong> <strong>Records</strong> <strong>Management</strong> <strong>System</strong>.<br />

Benefits<br />

430% Return on Investment from cost savings<br />

associated with:<br />

■ El e c t r o n i c r e c o r d s m a n a g e m e n t vs. m a n u a l paper<br />

process<br />

■ A s i n g l e h a r d wa r e-b a s e d repository vs. 45,000<br />

s q u a r e feet o f p h y s i c a l s to r a g e<br />

■ 25% less t i m e spent w o r k i n g w i t h d o c u m e n t s,<br />

l e a d i n g to i n c r e a s e d personnel p r o d u c t i v i t y<br />

* Source: Iowa DOT website; 2008 figures.

The MVD Solution<br />

In response to the need for a system to replace<br />

the existing motor vehicle records repository<br />

and document input application, and convert<br />

more than 39 million images from proprietary<br />

formats to TIFF and PDF, the Iowa DOT<br />

decided to expand the <strong>Northrop</strong> <strong>Grumman</strong><br />

ERMS solution to the Motor Vehicle Division.<br />

The MVD system is currently in the final stages<br />

of development and testing and is scheduled for<br />

live production in September 2009. It will offer<br />

the MVD these benefits:<br />

Secure and Easy Access Via the Web<br />

• More than 39 million records<br />

• Data encryption<br />

- Decreased chance of lost/misplaced<br />

documents<br />

• Open server/browser based solution; no<br />

proprietary workstation software<br />

• TraCS interface - Public Safety through<br />

Interstate Information Sharing<br />

- Accident Reports stored as PDFs<br />

- Real-time access intra/inter state<br />

Increased Resource Productivity and<br />

Accuracy<br />

• Timely Reporting, Review and Approval<br />

• Higher Accountability - Real-time PDF<br />

formatted paperless reports<br />

• Workload balancing to maximize resource<br />

utilization and better serve customers<br />

• Data sharing through integration with<br />

legacy systems<br />

Higher Customer Satisfaction<br />

• Increased responsiveness to customer<br />

needs/issues<br />

• Accurate and quick turnaround through<br />

business process management<br />

• Capability to meet Real ID Act document<br />

scan/store standards at remote stations<br />

Reduced Storage Costs<br />

• Eliminate need for physical storage<br />

• Accurate, cost effective, experienced<br />

electronic conversion expertise<br />

- More than 39 million records converted (data<br />

and images) with 99.9% accuracy<br />

- Open and proprietary (MODCA and PTOCA)<br />

formats to TIFF and PDF<br />

The Iowa DOT is confident that the MVD<br />

ERMS will allow them greater efficiencies,<br />

cost savings, and higher customer satisfaction<br />

levels, as it has and continues to do for other<br />

DOT business areas.<br />

Find out More<br />

For more information on the Iowa DOT story<br />

or <strong>Northrop</strong> <strong>Grumman</strong>'s e.POWER for Motor<br />

Vehicle Professionals solution, please contact<br />

Keith Tom at Keith.Tom@ngc.com or call<br />

703-272-5438.<br />

<strong>Northrop</strong> <strong>Grumman</strong> Information <strong>System</strong>s<br />

12011 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, Virginia 20190-3285<br />

Business Process <strong>Management</strong>: 14585 Avion Parkway, Chantilly, Virginia 20151 1-800-874-2344<br />

www.is.northropgrumman.com<br />

© 2009 <strong>Northrop</strong> <strong>Grumman</strong> Corporation<br />

Names may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.<br />

<strong>Northrop</strong> <strong>Grumman</strong> is an equal opportunity employer committed to workplace diversity.<br />


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