Frecuently Asked Questions

Can I choose my accommodation?

Our highly qualified staff selects the accommodation according to your requirements and profile in order to guarantee the

quality of your stay.

How will I receive information about my accommodation?

Your seller will send you a link with all the information related to your accommodation: neighborhood, roommates, family,

pictures, maps, etc.

What if I don’t like the accommodation chosen for me?

If the accommodation doesn’t fulfill your expectations, you can always talk to your tutor to change it, except for private


Can I invite friends to the accommodation?

In every accommodation you will have to follow and respect regulations, however, you can always talk to the family or

roommates to coordinate and come to an agreement. On the other hand, in private apartments, you can have as much

visitors as you wish!

Can I extend my stay in the same accommodation?

Yes, as long as there are rooms available, your tutor will help you to extend your stay.

What time is the check-in?

In case you didn’t notify your seller or book a transfer, you should check-in from 10 am to 12 am and from 6 pm to 8 pm. If

you reserved a private apartment you only need to inform the arrival time.

What time is the check-out?

Check-out is the last day up to 10 am. In case you need to stay longer for any reason, please inform your tutor in order to

extend your stay and notify the accommodation.

What if I damage or break any object from the accommodation?

You need to talk to the owner of the place to coordinate the replacement or repair of the object. Charges will be deducted

from your guarantee deposit, in case you had paid one.

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What if I lose the keys of my accommodation?

For safety reasons, all locks will have to be changed, so charges will be deducted from your guarantee deposit, in case you

had paid one.

Can I use the phone?

Only with a phone card (pre-paid).

Will I have internet in the accommodation?

Accommodations don’t have Internet, but you can request for this service once you book your


Does the accommodation provide meals on Sundays?

No, accommodations don’t provide meals on Sundays since this is their free day.

What’s the difference between Residences and Shared Apartments?

Residences have more rooms and may offer breakfast as well. On the other hand, shared apartments have few rooms and

you have to afford all the meals.

Can I cook in the accommodation?

Yes, you will have free access to the kitchen so that you can share your customs with your roommates or host family. In the

option Families&Homestay, you may have to ask for permission to the family or talk to your tutor.

What’s the difference between Half Board and Full Board?

Half Board includes breakfast and dinner, while Full Board also includes lunch.

How many participants can be hosted per family?

There might be up to 6 students.

Can I use the washing machine?

Normally is not included in any accommodation, therefore, you will receive information about nearby laundry.

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How far is the accommodation from the schools?

Most accommodations are located 30 minutes away from schools if you go by public transport; except for Buenos Aires,

where you may be 60 minutes away.

Can I book Accommodation without buying a Spanish Course?

Yes. Courses and accommodation are complementary but independent products. Consequently, once you have completed

your course, you can extend your homestay and spend more time around the city.

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