State Deputy - Knights of Columbus

State Deputy - Knights of Columbus

2009 ~ New Hampshire State Council ~ 2010

State Officers

– Head Table

State Chaplin Rev. Agapit Jean Jr., PSD

Assistant Chaplin Rev. Robert Smolley

Assistant Chaplin Rev. Cecil Donahue

State Deputy Edward McCann

State Secretary Joel Plante

State Advocate Jordan Ulery

State Treasurer Richard McDermott

State Warden Wayne Griffin

Immediate Past State Deputy Greg Taillon, PSD

State District Master - Fourth Degree Edward Kennedy, PSD

Insurance General Agent Kevin Hastings

NH District Deputies

Councils: 3023, 6725, 6949, 10488,

So. Central DD 1 Randy McClellan ll


Southern DD 2 John Natale Councils: 3035, 5790, 10896, 12988,

Southern DD 3 Marty Walsh

Councils: (5162) 5472, 11907,

12311, 13904,

Seacoast DD 4 Sean O'Neil Councils: 4442, 5162, 6617, 9058,

Central DD 5 Keith Thibeault Sr.

Councils: 112, 2170, 7533, 12147,


Councils: 122, 6902, 7572, 11573,

So. Central DD 6 James Bevilacqua 13026,

Western DD 7 Gary Wolpert

Seacoast DD 8 David Hamilton

Councils: 819, 5414, 6921, 8016,


Councils: 807, 2179, 6850, 5093,


NH District Deputies

Councils: 4666, 4875, 4961, 5112,

So. Central DD 9 Raymond Carignan 5288

Seacoast DD 10 William Maloney Councils: 140, 2048, 2078, 10662

Western DD 11 Kerry Johnson

Councils: 1820, 2656, 4983, 6938,


Central DD 12 Peter Cusson Councils: 92, 5163, 5260, 5748

Central DD 13 Francis Ruffing

Councils: 428, 7073, 10943, 11868,


Northern DD 14 OPEN OPEN Councils: 1835, 2339, 3028

Northern DD 15 Thomas Enos Councils: 506, 1624, 7575,

Councils:1956, 6910, 10857, 11089,

Renewal DD 16 Stanley Polan 12013, 12485

Year of the Priest Prayer Card

• June 19, 2009 – June 19, 2010

• (#4864, available in English,

French, Spanish and Polish

• The first pack of 100 cards

ordered by a council, assembly

or circle will be free, subsequent

sets cost $3 each to offset

standard shipping and handling


In Solidarity With Our Priests


The “In Solidarity With Our Priests” certificate

(#4362) is the perfect item to present priests

with during your Founder’s Day activities. This

attractive certificate includes spaces for the

grand knight’s signature as well as the recipient’s

name. Knights of Columbus certificate folders

(#4100) are available for $2 each and black

frames (#1973) are available for $2.50 each.

Ladies Program

Supporting our Veterans

“No Sew Quilts” or “Tie Quilts

“All Occasion Greeting Cards”

Financial Report

State Treasurer

Rich McDermott

Kidney Report

State Secretary

Joel Plante

Presently servicing 24

patients throughout

New Hampshire.




Revised 2009 - 2010

State Awards Recognition


Glenn P. Camley

State Program Director

State Directors

State Program Director Glenn Camley

State Church Director Paul McManus

State Community Director Norman Lessard

State Council Director Joseph Kowalik III

State Family Director Matthew Ruger

State Youth Director Dennis Gearty

State Membership Director Richard Bouchard

State Ceremonials Director Stanley Polan, PSD

Goals of 2009-20102010

State Award Program

‣ To increase Involvement, Service and Activity in local


‣ To instill pride in council members of their Council’s Accomplishments

‣ To motivate councils to deliver new and continued service to their Church

and Community

‣ To be more inclusive in our Recognition

‣ To Recognize high levels of service activity and renewed activity in

previously inactive councils as well as outstanding individual service


‣ To recognize additional individual contributors of local councils and those

providing service to our State Council


• Proud Council

– All councils who meet minimum Requirement for an active councils

• Council of the Year

– The Proud Council demonstrating the highest level of Service, Unity

and Fraternity

• Mustard Seed

– Potential for Council member involvement

– Potential that other councils could easily repeat this program

– Extent documentation provided explain how the event is conducted

Awards cont.

• Tootsie Roll Drive (Categories to be recognized, plus)

– Largest amount collected by a new council.

– Largest amount collected by a previously inactive council.

• Council Newsletter

– Newsletters received for award consideration will be judged using

specific non subjective criteria

• Council Scrapbook

– Scrapbooks received for award consideration o will be judged using

specific non subjective criteria

Awards cont.

• Outstanding Council Program

– Recognize councils delivering one or more Outstanding

Service Programs

• Phoenix Award

– Recognize renewal efforts/service delivered by previously inactive


• Outstanding Council Lady

– Recognize 5 Outstanding t Ladies for their service to their local l Council


• Past State Deputy Service Award

– To recognize continued service by a Past State Deputy to his State


New Awards

• Ladies Groups:

- Daughter’s of Isabella, Ladies Auxiliaries, Groups, etc ...

… to be honored under the same awards process as those that Knights

of Columbus Council’s are judged.

- Outstanding Family, Church, h Community, Council and Youth


- Outstanding Ladies Group affiliated with the Knights of Columbus

community, as well as before mentioned “Knights Lady of the Year” Award.

- Awards Program designed to boost participation and support of

wives and ladies within our Council’s, as well as to strengthen th the family.


Selection Process


• Deliver fair and impartial evaluations for all Award

Recognition submissions.

• Provide a clear and easy to understand evaluation

process that can be communicated to all councils in the


• Selection Committee: 5 District Deputies, 5 State

Service Directors and the State Program Director


Selection Process

Selection Criteria and Procedure:

• All Scores will be the average points received from all

committee members.

Documentation of Results:

• Results of all selection evaluations will be made available at the


• Actual scores of individual submissions will be available upon

request of the State Program Director by any Grand Knight.

• While the Selection Committee will be introduced to the

Convention guests, no name will be associated with any scoring.

How to have Your

Council Recognized

• Turn in Forms #185, #365, Audits, etc.

• Share Awards Selection criteria i with your council

officers & directors

• Ensure your Council’s service programs are

documented and turned into the State Program


• Work with your District Deputy or appointed State


Officer for Mustard Seed, Proud Council and

Council of the Year submissions

• Submit a write up for your Outstanding Council


Service Program Entries

Matthew Ruger

State Family Director

Key Items

• The State Council Service Program Awards Entry Form

(STSP) is the form used to document the details of the

programs and activities completed within the council.

• The form is available in several locations…

•The Supreme Council Website

•The NH State Council Website

•The Council Report Forms Booklet

• All Programs should be documented with a completed

service form. These forms should be completed by the

activity chairman and submitted to the council Program

Director for submission ss to the state.

Why are service forms important?

• They are the vehicle for the State Council to judge the

events for the award winners in the various service


• Provides the State Council the ability to identify the level

of activity that is occurring throughout the state and within

each council.

• Provides ideas of great programs to other councils

• Provides each council an opportunity to document the

activities that have occurred each year which allows for…

• An understanding of program diversity

• An understanding of council involvement

• A “recipe” for future chairman to run the event in future


What is included in the Service Form?

Categorize the

event by who is

benefiting from

the project




Enter Project

Title and Date

Describe the

purpose of the

project in terms

of what its goal

an intent is.


the number of

man hours

Divide the total numbers

participating p in the

project by the total

members on the rolls

Enter the total members

that assisted and

participated i t in the project

Enter the

Chairman contact

information. This

is important in that

questions that may

arise in future

years can be

directed to the

previous chairman.

The description of the project is the

most critical section of the form!

This section describes what the

project was in detail.

This section should include…

• A summary of the event in a

“story” format

• A pointer to any supporting

documentation that may be

included in the service form such

as balance sheets, task lists, etc.

• A listing of all of the help received

especially items such as “Tent

borrowed from John Smith” or

“Cooking done by John Doe”.

All of this information will be

used in later years as guidance

to other chairman

Include as attachments to the service forms any

Include as attachments to the service forms any

supporting documentation used to organize the project

such as… balance sheets; task lists; attendee and help

lists; council newsletter, newspaper, and church bulletin

announcements; etc.

It is also important to include any

newsletter and newspaper

articles, as well as council photos

of the event.

Remember, Service Forms are an

historical document of events!


Membership Director

Richard Bouchard

One day at a time

One new Knight per day.

365 the Magic Number

Membership Director

Richard Bouchard

(603) 235-3779




Membership Program



1 July and August: Develop Your Council’s

Recruitment ntP


2 September: Hold First Membership Drive

3 December: 1st & 2nd week have a Parish

Pancake Membership Drive Breakfast

4 February: Church Membership Drive in

conjunction with Battered Women’s

Program on Valentine’s weekend.


Membership Program



5 May: Spring forward to review what

Membership Drives you have had so far.

(A Membership Invitation Program held before June 30th is

an excellent way to attain Star Council)

6 Membership “ACTION PLAN”.

”. Anytime

during July 1st 2009 to June 30th 2010,

Recruit all Practical Catholic Gentleman.



• The Ability to keep, retain, Hold on to

existing i and new members

• An Active New or Existing Member is less

likely to be a Suspended Member

• Proper Admissions Procedures will weed out

candidates that are currently unable to

become active in your Council



• Formal Admissions Committee with good

common sense questions

• Catholicity confirmed by Candidate’s Pastor

• Admissions i and First Degree done ASAP

• Suspension Questions: Disabled?, Financial

Burden? Yrs of Service and Age? 4th


•New Hampshire Quotas



Potential Ttl

Per Unit Total

‣ Circle of Honor 365

‣ New Council


3 25 75

‣ Round Table 30 3 90

‣ Reactivation 2 10 20

‣ Potential Intake from NCD, RT & React 185

‣ Percent of Circle of Honor Quota for SD 51%






1. Here’s the situation.

2. Here’s the need.


• Service

• More Activity


• More Involvement

• Evangelization

• Image

New Hampshire

John Cebrowski 472-9113

I’ll share the “how-to” & help

Break kTime

Retreat – Fr. Robert Smolley

FS – Information

Hector St. Jacques -FSS

• Financial Secretary Issues

• Insurance Agent Involvement

• Council Issues

• Council / Meeting Protocol

Forms & Misc

• Please use the electronic forms as much as

possible or type entries on forms.

• It is sometimes very hard to read hand written

entries on forms that are sent to the State

Council and Supreme.

• Watch for Due Dates on Forms

• Election of Officers and Delegates to the New

Hampshire State Council (May 15 th to June 15 th

State Directory

th )

Additional Subjects

• KCIC – Dave Wilson

• Donations

• Daughters of Isabella = $500.00

• Squires Circle 4735 Salem = $250.00

• Installation of State Officers – OLM Merrimack

Families of all State Officers and District Deputies

are welcome to attend - August 22, 2009

Important Dates





DD Seminar - Nashua - Crowne Plaza

Quarterly Gathering/Seminar

Merrimack 6725

Supreme Convention - Phoenix, Az

Installation of State Officers - Merrimack

Regional Seminars - Sept.

Sept 5-6



Camp Fatima Weekend

Third Degree - Berlin

Fall Cribbage Tournament

Important Dates-con’t






Nov 20-22



E-Board Meeting - (Location TBD)

Quarterly Gathering/Seminar N. Conway


Third Degree -- South Central

Morning of Reflection - Retreat –


State Ball - Nashua - Crowne Plaza

State Deputy's Meeting – Florida

Light up for Christmas Program

Third Degree -- Seacoast

Important Dates-con’t


Dec 4 / 5



DD Seminar & Christmas Party

State Directors Mid-Year Meeting

Birth Right Dinner - TBD

Council Level - Free Throw - January





Third Degree – Central - Manchester

E-Board Meeting

Quarterly Gathering/Seminar Bedford -


Charity Raffle Tickets Available

Important Dates-con’t


Regional Seminars - February

District Level Free Throw - February



Granite Award - Nashua - Crowne Plaza

Third Degree – Western Region

15-Mar-10 State Award Submission Deadline

State Level - Free Throw - Somersworth -

March 2078



Third Degree – Southern Region

Pro Life Seminar - St. Joseph Catherdral

Important Dates-con’t


22-Apr-10 E-Board Meeting - So. Merrimack 10896


May 1&2

Spring Cribbage Tournament - Manchester


State Convention - Nashua - Radisson

Fourth Degree Exemplification

May / June


Third Degree - TBD

State Directory Information Deadline

Fourth Degree

State Master – Ed Kennedy, PSD

General Agent –

Kevin Hastings

Ladies Program

Supporting our Veterans

“No Sew Quilts” or “Tie Quilts

“All Occasion Greeting Cards”

Thanks to Council 6725

Queen of Peace

Merrimack, NH

50 / 50 Raffle

Closing Prayer

• Declare this meeting CLOSED

Reconvene on October 18


• Reconvene on

Council 7575

North Conway, NH

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