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ELENEK - Catalogue - Mobotix


The Tirex company, producer of the ELENEK illuminators, was

founded in 1992 by specialists of the Physical and Technical

Institute of Saint-Petersburg

From the start the main activity of our company was the

development and production of infrared illuminators.

Since 1998 we produce the ELENEK infrared illuminators series.

They found their way in a great variety of applications.

The invisible illumination of public and private buildings

The illumination of borders

The illumination of railroad tracks

As illumination on police surveillance vehicles

The infrared light has a wavelength that can not be seen by

the human eye. The Elenek illuminators have a wavelength of

870 nm (nanometres). Visible light has a wavelength of 350

to 750 nm.

This infrared light is only visible by black/white cameras and

by colour cctv cameras with IR cut filter.

In general, all the characteristics of visible light are valid for

infrared light. This includes the common effects as shadows

and overexposure. This is also the reason why it is almost

impossible to specify exact distances for infrared illuminators.

How far does a bulb of 60 watts shine?

The individual Leds are highly efficient and powerful. The

power of the illuminators varies between 8 and 40 watts,

depending of the type. This, in combination with the high

quality of the illuminators, says a lot more than estimated


properties ir illuminators

Many security systems can profit from infrared illuminators. The main reason

for the use of infrared illuminators is its hidden illumination, that is not

irritating and guarantees comfort during night time. In combination with the

highly sensitive black and white CCD and CMOS sensors of modern security

cameras, you will have a higher yield than when using normal illumination.

In the case of LED-based illuminators shock-resistance, reliability, and low

power consumption are also big advantages. Generally speaking, these

illuminators increase the efficiency and quality of security systems, and

decrease its maintenance and exploitation costs.

The main advantages of the Elenek illuminators are: its enormous efficiency,

its outstanding reliability, and so a very good return on investment.

This catalogue provides general information on Elenek illuminators. For more

details and numerous special products, please visit our website: www.elenek.com.




The illuminators are supplied with a 5 year warranty. To increase reliability and to

eliminate hidden defects, we introduced a series of tests, checking diodes structures

and electronic components.

• Thermo electrical cycling of diodes. During this test, the thermal resistance of the

diodes is artificially increased up to 40%, and the diodes are working with current,

that exceeds nominal values up to 2,5 times.

• Thermal cycling of diodes and assembled illuminators in temperatures from –60

up to +50 degrees C.

Wide power supply range

All illuminators of the ELENEK series can be supplied with voltages ranging from 10,5

to 14. It compensates voltage decrease on connecting wires, and lets the illuminator

work from a UPS with 13,5 – 14V voltage.

Overheating protection

Big surface radiators are mounted along with electronic overheating protection. If

the illuminator will be let working during daytime under shining sun, the protection

system will turn of the illuminators power supply, until the temperature will reach

normal values again.

Built-in photo-cell switch

The photo-cell automatically switches the illuminators on during night time, and

switches it off, during day time. The photo-cell switch is already adjusted to prevent

a blinking effect.

Voltage spikes protection.

All Illuminators from the ELENEK series have a voltage peak protection system,

effective to peaks of up to 50V.

Mixed polarity protection

All illuminators are protected from incorrect cable connection.


The Elenek IR illuminators are built using first

quality infra-red spectrum Light Emitting Diodes


These diodes consist of AlGaAs-heterostructures with

a thick transparent substrate and have an inverted

mesa configuration with both p and n contacts

located on the rear surface. They are characterized by

an increased-quantum value, extra-high efficiency and

extra-low thermal resistance.

The diodes are of the “flip-chip” emitting element

type, mounted on a silicium carrier. Contrary to the

usual vertical diode type, they do not have contacts

on the upper (emitting) part. Due to this fact, the

diodes show a highly uniform emission, and an even,

balanced beam on the lighted object.

There are three types of diodes, used in the

Elenek illuminators:

a line up of diodes with spherical lenses

single diodes with double-lens technology

diodes with a parabolic lens

In the medium and short range type illuminator

line ups are used, assembled to units (fig.1). Each unit

consists of 4 emitting elements (1), mounted on one,

highly heat-conducting Silicium carrier (2), covered by

a protective film of Silicium Oxide. Each diode has an

individual spherical lens (3), with an emission in the

requested illumination angle. A variety of lenses make

the production of different angles possible. Units

are mounted on an aluminum base (4), intended to

conduct heat to the illuminators radiator.

In the long range series illuminators, along with

these 4-diode type assembly units, single diodes with

double lens technology are used (fig2). An emission

element (1) is mounted on a silicium carrier (2).

The spherical lenses (3 and 3*) are collecting both

principal and lateral illumination and forming the

necessary angle. These single diodes are provided with

an individual heater (4) and can be operated with

high currents, resulting in great emission value levels.

In the white-spectrum and the special-type

illuminators (up to 300m), single diodes with double,

combined type lenses are used (fig.3). the first lens

(3), covering the emitting element (1), is a spherical

type lens. The second lens has a parabolic shape

with a 41mm diameter and a height of 50 mm. This

combination makes it possible to emit all the light

in the requested illumination angle. This extra high

efficiency of light collecting is based on a complete

internal reflection effect of the body-air border of the

lens. Presently, this optical solution, with its matchless

parameters, stands on the front edge of modern


Fig 1

Medium and short range

As used in IR 21 up to 42

Fig 2

Long range

As used in IR 10 to 12

Fig 3

Ultra long range

As used in specials

Equipping the devices with different types

of diodes makes it possible to build the most

powerful and effective illuminators.

IR illuminators, long range

IR 11M, 12M

Based on the LEDs with 870nm wave

length. The main difference between these

illuminators is the illumination angle: 30 or

80 degrees. The IR 11M has a close range

angle of 80 degrees (up to 15 meters)

IR 10M

Provides a possibility to visualize

objects up to 200 m with high

sensitivity camera’s.

This illuminator also has a 80 degrees

angle up to 15 meters, to spot nearby


Technical information IR 10M IR 11M IR 12

IR distance with camera 0,08 LUX 100 35 25

IR distance with camera 0,003 LUX Up to 200 70 50

View angle [deg] 12 30 80

IR wavelength [nm] 870 870 870

Power consumption [A] 1,5 3,5 3,5

Power supply [V] 11-14 11-14 11-14

Built-in photo sensor YES YES YES

Polarity protection YES YES YES

Voltage swing protection [up to 50V] YES YES YES

Overheat protection YES YES YES

Standard colour Silver Silver Silver

Mounting bracket YES YES YES

Dimensions [mm] 155x150x205 160x150x150 160x150x150

Weight [gr] 3500 2900 2900

Temperature range [C] From -50 to + 40°C


IR illuminators, medium range

IR 21, 22, 41, 42

The IR 21, 22 and 41 and 42 are supplied

with a mounting bracket which makes it

possible to install the illuminator directly

under the camera’s enclosure.

IR 21, 22

IR 41, 42

Technical information IR 21 IR 22 IR 41 IR 42

IR distance with camera 0,08 LUX 20 15 22 17

IR distance with camera 0,003 LUX 45 30 50 35

View angle [deg] 30 80 30 80

IR wavelength [nm] 870 870 870 870

Power consumption [A] 0,7 0,7 0,9 0,9

Power supply [V] 11-14 11-14 11-14 11-14

Built-in photo sensor YES YES YES YES

Polarity protection YES YES YES YES

Voltage swing protection [up to 50V] YES YES YES YES

Overheat protection YES YES YES YES

Standard colour White White White White

Mounting bracket YES YES YES YES

Dimensions [mm] 100x50x40 100x50x40 60 x 100 60 x 100

Weight [gr] 250 250 300 300

Temperature range [C] From -50 to + 40°C

Power supplies

Outdoor power supplies IP 67

PS 12-4 power supply series have been specially

designed to power the infrared illuminators from the IR

series. The PS 12-4 series can power both IR illuminator

and the camera if the total power does not exceed the

maximum power of the power supply.

The wide operating temperature range (-40 to +40° C)

makes it possible to use the power supply in all weather


PS – 12-4-1,25

PS – 12-4-3,7

Technical specifications PS – 12-4-1,25 PS – 12-4-3,7

Input voltage [V] 110-260 110-260

Output voltage [V]

12V, stabilized

Maximum current [A] 1,25 3,7

Tolerance % +/-2 +/-2

Puls level [mV] 100 100

Efficiency % 78 78

Power consumption [W] 15 45

Temperature range [C] From -40 to +40 From -40 to +40

Enclosure material Plastic Plastic

Cable gland material Plastic Plastic

Dimensions [mm] 100x60x30 115x80x50

Weight [gr] 200 400


CNI Europe

Jan Valsterweg 52, 3315LG Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Tel./fax: +31(0)786186899, +31(0)786540228

e-mail: info@elenek.com

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