Download the detailed program of oral ... - INRA Montpellier

Download the detailed program of oral ... - INRA Montpellier






W1.1- New sensors for monitoring WWTPs, rivers and sewer systems – Wednesday 18 th – 10h20-12h00 – room bleue

Acoustic turbidity as online monitoring tool for rivers and

sewer networks

Assessment of an EIS sensor to monitor corrosion in cast iron

pipes - Pilot study in the Barcelona water distribution network

Assessment of field fluorimeters

Electrical conductivity as a state indicator for the start-up

period of anaerobic fixed-film reactors

Novel method to quantify intracellular accumulation of

polyphosphate in EBPR systems

Anne Pallares, PhD; Stéphane Fischer, PhD; Xavier France; Marie-Noëlle

Pons, PhD; Philippe Schmitt

Susana González Blanco; Marc Velasco Droguet; Carles Lagunas Calpe;

Carlos Müller Jevenois

Alexandra Gutierrez; Aziz Assaad; Yuhai Zhang; Julien Vernerey; Xavier

France; Nouceiba Adouani; Marie-Noëlle PONS, Ph.D.

Ángel Robles, M.Sc.; Eric Latrille, Ph.D.; Josep Ribes, Ph.D.; Jean-Philippe

Steyer, Ph.D.

Daniela P. Mesquita; António L. Amaral, PhD; Cristiano Leal, MSc; Jorge R

Cunha, MSc; Adrian Oehmen, PhD; Maria A.M. Reis, PhD; Eugénio C.

Ferreira, PhD






W2.1- New control strategies for improving WWTP performances – Wednesday 18 th – 10h20-12h00 – room rouge

Establishment of control strategies for chemically enhanced

primary treatment based on online turbidity data

Effect of Sensor Location on Controller Performance in a

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Better treatment efficiencies and process economics with realtime

coagulant dosing control

A novel control strategy for an efficient EBPR removal in

WWTP: in-silico optimisation and experimental validation

Advanced Sludge Age Control Improves Wastewater

Treatment and Hydraulic Capacity

Sovanna Tik; Sylvain Langlois; Peter A. Vanrolleghem, PhD

Usman Rehman; Mehul Vesvikar; Thomas Maere; Li Sha Guo; Peter

Vanrolleghem; Ingmar Nopens

Wei Liu; Harsha C Ratnaweera, PhD; S Heping

Javier Guerrero, PhD student; Albert Guisasola, PhD; Juan Antonio Baeza,


Morten Boel Overgaard Andersen, M.Sc.; Henrik Thomsen; Thomas Guildal







W1.2- Integration of O2 and N2O measurements for improved performances – Wednesday 18 th – 14h00-15h40 – room bleue

A novel microelectrode-based online system for monitoring

N2O emissions during wastewater treatment

Online monitoring of dissolved N2O concentrations based on

gas phase measurements

Energy Footprint Comparison of Activated Sludge versus

Moving Biofilm Processes using In-line Oxygen Transfer

Efficiency Signals




Aeration control in a full-scale activated sludge wastewater

treatment plant: impact on performances, energy consumption

and N2O emission

Ricardo Marques, Master; Adrian Oehmen, PhD; Maite Pijuan, PhD

Kris E Mampaey, ir.; Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht, prof.; Eveline I.P. Volcke,


Matthew K Jeung; Lory E Larson; Michael K Stenstrom; Diego Rosso, Ph.D.

Antonio Wagner Lamon, M.D.; Beatriz Cruz Gonzales, Doctor; Aurelia

Oliveira Almeida, Doctor; José Roberto Campos, Ph.D.

Ahlem Filali, Dr; Yannick Fayolle, Dr; Pascal Peu, Dr; Lydiane Philippe;

Pascal Nauleau; Sylvie Gillot, Dr



W2.2- New softwares for WWTP simulation and control – Wednesday 18 th – 14h00-15h40 – room rouge

Experience using auto-adjustment for improving sensor signal

robustness at two large wastewater treatment plants

Model-based optimization of aeration systems in


Doug Lumley, BASc, Tekn lic; Paula Lindell, MSc; Pierre Lindqvist, BSc;

Mari Heinonen, MSc

Sergio Beltrán, M.D.; Ion Irizar, PhD; Alejandro de la Sota, PhD; Jose

María Villanueva, PhD; Eduardo Ayesa, Professor

14h40-15h00 A novel simulation platform to test WWTP control options Jens Alex, Dr.-Ing.; Michael Ogurek; Manfred Schütze



A Generalized Excel/C-compatible Simulink-based

implementation architecture for fast model development and


Automatic system for microbial fuel cells colonization

Tolutola Oyetunde; Rebeca Gonzalez-Cabaleiro, MsC; Farrukh Ahmad;

Jorge Rodriguez

Israel Lopez Prieto, Engineer; Luis Salazar, Engineer; Ixbalank Torres,

Ph.D.; Alejandro Vargas, Ph.D.; German Buitron, Ph.D.







W1.3- Spectral methods for pollution characterization and bioprocess control – Wednesday 18 th – 16h10-17h50 – room bleue

Lab-scale Anaerobic Digester Follow-up by Near Infra-Red


On-line Digital Holographic Microscope Being Used in Water

Safety Plans

Monitoring of membrane bioreactors for wastewater treatment

using 2D fluorescence spectroscopy

Prediction of anaerobic biodegradability and bioaccessibility

of municipal sludge by coupling sequential extractions with

fluorescence spectroscopy: towards ADM1 implementation

Improvement of Performance of Fluorescent Molecular

Sensors for Heavy Metal Ions by Theoretically Designing

Anthony Boulanger, Ph.D.; Anne-Fleur Coutier; Arnaud Ponthieux; Cécile

Laroche; Ronan Treguer; Maelenn Poitrenaud; Jesús Andrés Cacho Rivero

Andrea Torokne, Ph.D; Csaba Ilcsik; Szabolcs Tokes, PhD

Claudia Galinha; Gilda Carvalho; Carla AM Portugal; Maria AM Reis; Joao

G Crespo

julie jimenez, Ph.D; Estelle Gonidec; Jean-Phillippe Steyer; Eric Latrille;

Fabien Vedrenne; Jesus Andres Cacho

Hisashi Satoh; Akira Hafuka; Ryosuke KANDO; Hiroaki YOSHIKAWA,;

Kohei OHYA; Koji YAMADA; Masahiro Takahashi; Satoshi Okabe






W2.3- Environmental performance assessment and N2O dynamics – Wednesday 18 th – 16h10-17h50 – room rouge

Dynamics of N2O emission from partial nitritation-anammox

in a full-scale granular sludge reactor

Evaluating the environmental impacts of sewer systems in the

Life Cycle Assessment of the entire urban wastewater system

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Wastewater

Treatment Plants by Using Carbon Emission Pinch Analysis

Applications of Life Cycle Assessment for evaluation of

several WWTPs operation

Evaluating the environmental performance of wastewater

treatment plants control strategies

Celia María Castro Barros, Ph.D student; Matthijs R. J. Daelman; Kris E.

Mampaey; Mark C. M. Van Loosdrecht; Eveline I. P. Volcke

Oriol Gutierrez; Philippe Roux; Eva Risch; Catherine Boutin; Lluis


SeHee Pyo, MSc; SeungChul Lee, MSc; TaeSuk Oh, MSc; MinJung Kim,

MSc; Payam Ghorbannezhad, MSc; ChangKyoo Yoo, Ph.D.

Wenhua Piao, Ph.D. candidate; Yejin Kim, Ph.D.; Hyosoo Kim, Ph.D.;

Minsoo Kim, Ph.D. candidate; Wonjae Shin, Master course; Changwon Kim,


Henry Rafael Concepcion Gomez, Ph.D student; Darko Vrecko, Ph.D;

Monserrat Meneses, Ph.D; Ramon Vilanova, Ph.D







T1.1- State and unknown input estimation for bioprocesses and WWTPs – Thursday 19 th –10h20-12h00 – room bleue

State and Unknown Input Estimation for an Anaerobic

Digestion System

Fast estimation of the bioreaction rate in an aerobic SBR

treating toxic wastewater using a discontinuous observer

On-line estimation of membrane fouling in MBRs

Application of nearest neighbor method to predict influent

wastewater flow and compositions

Calibration and validation of a phenomenological dynamic

influent pollutant disturbance scenario generator using fullscale


Mihaela Sbarciog; Jaime Moreno; Edward Guzman; Alain Vande Wouwer

Julián Oviedo, Ing.; Ixbalank Torres Zúñiga, Dr.; Alejandro Vargas

Sergio Beltrán, M.D.; Juan Odriozola, M.D.; Luis Sancho, PhD; Eduardo

Ayesa, Professor

Minsoo Kim, the doctor´s course; Hyosoo Kim, Ph. D; Seunghoon Lee, the

master´s course; Yejin Kim, Ph.D; Wenhua Piao, the doctor´s course;

Changwon Kim, Ph.D.

Xavier Flores-Alsina, PhD; Ramesh Saagi; Erik Lindblom, PhD; Carsten

Thirsing; Dines Thornberg, PhD; Krist V Gernaey, PhD; Ulf Jeppsson, PhD

T2.1- Lessons from full scale practical applications of ICA in WWTPs – Thursday 19 th – 10h20-12h00 – room rouge

10h20-10h40 Improvement of aeration control in Ljubljana WWTP Darko Vrecko, Ph.D.; Uros Zupancic, M.Sc.; Rok Babic, M.Sc.





Processes automation for the best practices in the wastewater

treatment plants of the Autonomous Province of Trento

Long-term evaluation of full-scale ammonium control in three

large WWTPs

Full-scale validation of a control system for energy saving in

membrane bioreactors

Energy saving on waste water treatment plants through

improved online control: case study wwtp Antwerp-South

Martina Santinelli; Anna Laura Eusebi; Milo Santini; Paolo Battistoni

Linda Åmand; Christer Laurell; Kristina Stark-Fujii; Andreas Thunberg;

Bengt Carlsson

Hector Monclus, PhD; Sergi Casas; Sandra Rovira; Joan Canals; Joaquim

Comas; Ignasi Rodriguez-Roda

Kris De Gussem; Alessio Fenu; Tom Wambecq; Marjoleine Weemaes


T1.2- Integrating data processing and Decision Support Systems for the optimization of WWTPs – Thursday 19 th – 14h00-15h40 – room bleue


Energy and process data processing and visualisation for waste

water treatment plant optimisation

Christian Thürlimann, MSc.; David Dürrenmatt, Dr.; Kris Villez, Dr.

14h20-14h40 Advanced process monitoring for wastewater processes Marie O Brien, PhD; Ken Black; Matthew McEwan, PhD; Simon Mazier




Separating real system dynamics from measurement failures

and artefacts by means of automated data quality assessment


Towards a decision support system to assess environmental

and socio-economic impacts of Urban Wastewater Systems


Shall we use hardware sensor measurements or soft-sensor

estimates? Case study in a full-scale WWTP

Stefan Winkler; Lukas KORNFEIND; Roland FUIKO; Andreas


Antonia Hadjimichael, MSc; Lluís Corominas, PhD; Manel Poch, PhD;

Joaquim Comas, PhD

Henri Haimi, Lic. Sc. (Tech.); Michela Mulas; Francesco Corona; Laura

Sundell; Mari Heinonen; Riku Vahala






T2.2- Improved full scale practices for energy savings – Thursday 19 th – 14h00-15h40 – room rouge

Control Structure Design of a Full-Scale WWTP under the

Revamping Process

Lessons learnt from the application of advanced controllers in

the Mekolalde WWTP: good simulation practices in control

Exchange of ideas and improvement of online control on joint

platform for the three large Copenhagen WWTPs

Integrating an on-line catchment simulator into wastewater

treatment plant operation - 20 years later

Model-based evaluation of cost saving control strategies using

real market variable energy tariffs

Vinicius Cunha Machado, PhD; Javier Lafuente, Professor; Juan Antonio

Baeza, Ph.D

Ion Irizar, Ph. D.; Sergio Beltran; Gorka Urchegui; Gorka Izko; Oscar

Fernandez; Mikel Maiza

Tine Berenhard Önnerth, B.Sc.; Henrik Rønnow Thomsen, B.Sc.; Carsten

Thirsing, B.Sc.; Thomas Guildal, M.SC.

Claes Hernebring, PhD; Doug Lumley, BASc, Tekn lic; Lars-Göran

Gustafsson, MSc, Tekn lic; Håkan Strandner, MSc

Ignasi Aymerich Blazquez, M.D.; Neus Pellicer, Professor; Manel Poch,

Professor; Lluis Corominas, PhD







T1.3- Decision Support System for improving water quality and risk management – Thursday 19 th –16h10-17h50 – room bleue

Model-based detection of organic matter depletion in SBRs

Granularity Determination of Activated Sludge through On-

Line Profiles by means of Case-Based Reasoning

Sensor fault detection and diagnosis based on bilinear mass

balances in wastewater treatment systems

Data derived sensor fault detection in the activated sludge

process of the Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant

Detecting membrane fouling occurrences in a full-scale

membrane bioreactor with principal component analysis

Mariano Nicolas Cruz Bournazou, Ph.D.; Stefan Junne; Günter Wozny; Peter

Neubauer; Gerasimos Lyberatos

Xavier Berjaga, Engineer and M. Sc.; Marta Coma, Ph. D.; Joaquim

Meléndez, Ph. D.; Sebastià Puig, Ph. D.; Jesús Colprim, Ph. D.; Joan

Colomer, Ph. D.

Kris Villez, PhD; Peter A. Vanrolleghem, PhD; Lluís Corominas, PhD

Henri Haimi, Lic. Sc. (Tech.); Michela Mulas; Francesco Corona; Stefano

Marsili-Libelli; Paula Lindell; Mari Heinonen; Riku Vahala

Lieven De Temmerman; Hardy Temmink; Thomas Maere; Wouter Naessens;

Stefano Marsili-Libelli; Kris Villez; Ingmar Nopens

T2.3- Young Water Professional session – Thursday 19 th – 16h10-17h50 – room rouge







F1.1- Modelling and control of MBRs – Friday 20 th –10h20-12h00 – room bleue

Performance evaluation of the benchmark simulation model

for membrane bioreactors extended with membrane filtration

and fouling

ICA applied to Submerged Anaerobic MBRs (SAnMBRs) for

domestic wastewater treatment

Model-based optimisation of MBR plants for C and N removal

Dynamic Control of Membrane Filtration in Membrane

Bioreactors (MBR)

Modeling of submerged membrane bioreactors with a view to


Giacomo Barni; Thomas Maere, PhD; Stefano Marsili-Libelli; Ingmar

Nopens, Prof.

Angel Robles; Freddy Durán; María Victoria Ruano; Josep Ribes, Ph.D.;

Alfredo Rosado; Aurora Seco; José Ferrer

Juan Vicente Odriozola; Sergio Beltrán; Luis Sancho; Montse Dalmau;

Joaquim Comas; Ignasi Rodríguez-Roda; Eduardo Ayesa

Rob Van den Broeck, PhD; Ann-Sophie Pattyn; Jan Van Impe, PhD

Guilherme Araujo Pimentel; Alain Vande Wouwer; Alain Rapaport; Jérôme







F2.1- Fault Detection and Isolation in WWTP – Friday 20 th

Monitoring Network for Surveillance of WWTP Effluents

Low-cost method for monitoring sewer overflows in an entire

network: from manual to automatic data analysis.

Integrated System for Evaluating and Operating Water

Distribution Network

Weather radars used in online control of wastewater systems

Mode of Risk Management and Precaution for Storm Water

in a City

– 10h20-12h00 – room rouge

Jordi Cros Herrero, M.D.; Antonio Gonzalez Catena, M.D.; Ramón Prats

Vime, M.D.

Albert Montserrat-Royuela; Albert Benzal; Oriol Gutierrez; Lluís Corominas

Se Hwan Kim; Han Soo Kim, Ph.D.; Soon Mo Park; Doo Yong Choi, Ph.D.

Troels Sander Poulsen, M.Sc.; Tine Berenhard Önnerth; Michael R.

Rasmussen; Jesper Samsø Pedersen; Carsten Thirsing

Cuimin Feng; Junling Wang; Yajun Zhang; Xiaoxia Zhang







F1.2- Control of sewer systems and anaerobic digestors – Friday 20 th –14h00-15h40 – room bleue

Following a drop of water from the cloud, throughout the

sewer system, into the receiving water - Model predictive

control of integrated sewer-wastewater treatment systems

Design of self-optimizing control structures in sewer systems

Controlling chemical dosing for sulfide mitigation in sewer

networks using a hybrid automata control strategy

Automated control system for anaerobic treatment

A switching control strategy based on alkalinity to optimize

biogas outflow in the start-up of an anaerobic digester

Peter Steen Mikkelsen, Ph.D.

Ignacio Montero-Castro; Miguel Mauricio-Iglesias, PhD; Ane L Mollerup;

Gürkan Sin, Assoc. Prof

Yiqi Liu, Ph.D; Ramon Ganigué, Ph.D; Zhiguo Yuan, Ph.D

Barry Heffernan, Ph.D; Jorien F. van Geest, MSc; Kristof Cuadros Perez,


Carlos Eduardo Robles Rodriguez, MSc; Eric Latrille, Ph.D.; Jerôme

Harmand, Ph.D.; Víctor Alcaraz González, Ph.D.; Víctor González Álvarez,

Ph.D.; Jean-Philippe Steyer, Ph.D.

F2.2- Expanding existing models for better modelling practices and prediction of N2O production – Friday 20 th –14h00-15h40 – room rouge

14h00-14h20 Toward modeling of biogas plants in engineering practice Michael Ogurek; Ingolf Seik; Olaf Kujawski; Jens Alex





Reducing Complexity when Calibrating a Model describing

the Reactions of Ozone with NOM: Experimental and

Numerical Approaches

Expanding activated sludge models with additional processes:

A case study based on nitrous oxide production by

autotrophic ammonia-oxidizing bacteria

Adaptation and identification of models for nitrous oxide

(N2O) production by autotrophic nitrite reduction

Evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions from membrane

bioreactors: development of a new mathematical model

Pierre Mandel, Ph.D.; Pascal Roche; Huy-Hoang Pham; Dominique Wolbert

Laura Snip; Riccardo Boiocchi; Xavier Flores-Alsina; Ulf Jeppsson; Krist


Mathieu Pocquet; Isabelle Queinnec; mathieu sperandio

Giorgio Mannina, Ph.D.; Alida Cosenza; Gaspare Viviani


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