Welcome to the neW era of... O F F E R I N G P R O S P E C T U S


Welcome to the neW era of... O F F E R I N G P R O S P E C T U S


Welcome to the new era of...

...of professional financial planning for

Seventh-day Adventists have arrived

Organization of Caribbean Union Revolving fund

Purpose of the Revolving fund

Our primary purpose is to manage the financial affairs of the

Caribbean Union Corporation in the area of financial planning,

asset management, estate and gift planning, fund raising,

trust services, and loan assistance to Seventh-day Adventist

churches in the Caribbean Union and affiliated organizations.

We are organized and operated exclusively to advance the

mission of the Church. The Caribbean Union Revolving fund

is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in 2007. We have no

share holders and our affairs are administered by our Board

of Directors in accordance with guidelines of the Caribbean

Union Conference, articles of incorporation, and policies of

the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Our Board

of Directors is elected by the Caribbean Union Conference

Executive Committee and meets regularly to establish and

monitor our policies.

We are separately incorporated from the Caribbean Union

Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, but we are closely

affiliated and have ties to it. One of our purposes is to support

the mission of the Church. We are engaged in fiduciary

activities by providing financial planning, asset management,

and trust administration services primarily to religious,

charitable, literary, educational organizations, and individuals

who contribute to those entities. The services are provided

in connection with endowments of non-restricted assets of

the non- profit Seventh-day Adventist organizations and in

connection with planned giving programs, charitable trusts,

and other types of estate planning trusts and individuals’

supplementary accounts and other employees’ benefit plans.

Caribbean Union Revolving Fund

To fulfill our purpose in the area of loan assistance to

Seventh-day Adventist churches, schools, and other affiliated

organizations, we operate the Caribbean Union Revolving

Fund through the sales of investment certificates.

The Caribbean Union Revolving fund is a nonprofit

organization with its principal office at 7 Rookery Nook,

Maraval, Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Proceeds are used to make loans to Seventh-day Adventist

churches and institutions throughout the Caribbean Union

territories from Suriname on the South American continent to

the United States Virgin Islands. Loans are made for building,

land purchase, renovation and other purposes.

The certificates are issued as general debt obligations

of the Caribbean Union Revolving fund. These securities

are not registered with the Trinidad and Tobago Securities


No broker, dealer, salesperson, or any other person is

authorized by the Caribbean Union Revolving fund to give

any information or to make any representation other than that

contained in the prospectus; nor is any person, other than its

board members or other duly authorized officers, to arrange

the sale of the certificates. The prospectus does not constitute

an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any of the

certificates offered hereby in any island, to any person to

whom it is unlawful to make such an offer.

The certificates are offered and sold only through the

director, officers, board members, and employees of the

Caribbean Union Revolving fund. No underwriting or selling

agreement exists, and no direct or indirect commission

or other remuneration will be paid to any organization in

connection with the offer and sale of these certificates of

investment. Investors may purchase certificates of investment

in the amount of (US $1,000.00) or more. Certificates of

investment are issued by the Revolving fund as unsecured

obligations with fixed rates of interest.

This offering of certificates of investment is unlimited in

principal amount. The offering may be withdrawn at any

time. The investment certificates are offered for terms of

six months, one year, three years, and five years at rates of

interest set from time to time by the Revolving fund Board of

Directors considering the market forces applicable at the time

of offering. Other offerings may also be made by the Revolving

fund from time to time under other terms and interest rates.

Terms of the offerings

Participation by Seventh-day Adventist:

The sale of investment certificates allows Seventh-day

Adventists to assist in making capital available for loans

to build churches, health, educational facilities and other

denominational institutions, and to advance the mission of the

Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Caribbean region.

Individuals, Churches and other Institutions:

Seventh-day Adventist church members, as well as churches

and other denominational entities may purchase certificates

of investment, at the rate offered from time to time by the

Revolving fund.

Each investor receives a certificate of investment from the

Revolving Fund certifying that the named investor has made

an investment of a specific amount in the Revolving Fund.

The minimum investment is US $1000.00. The certificates of

investment are offered for cash and are transferable only with

the consent of the Revolving Fund when properly endorsed

and surrendered to the Revolving Fund for cancellation.

Interest and Maturity of Certificates:

Investors may choose to reinvest their interest or receive

interest quarterly or annually upon maturity. Alternatively

investors may choose to redeem the certificates or allow for

the automatic renewal of the certificate at the current interest

rate set by the Revolving fund.

Tax Aspects:

Interest earned by individual investors is reported as ordinary

income for tax purposes.

We will walk the financial road with you

Repayment to Investors:

Repayment to investors depends on the management of the

Revolving fund as well as churches, schools, conferences,

missions, and other denominational institutions repaying their

loans. The Revolving fund maintains reserve funds to offset

the potential of churches or other denominational institutions

defaulting or unusual withdrawal activity by investors.

Certificates of investment represent general unsecured

deposits with the Revolving fund with varying dates of

maturity. Thirty days before the maturity date each investor

will be sent a written notice of the pending maturity of a

certificate. This investor may elect to request payment in

full or, subject to the Revolving fund’s policy, to reinvest for

another period at the rate of interest declared for subsequent


The Revolving fund relies on the investor’s good faith

agreement for the entire period or term of his/her certificate

of investment. If withdrawal is made before the maturity

of a certificate, there is a three-month penalty of interest.

The penalty is charged to the principal withdrawal and, if

a deficiency still exists, then it is applied to any principal

remaining on deposit.

Investors may elect to have their interest distributed

annually, quarterly, or upon the maturity of the certificate.

Unless distribution of interest is requested, it will be reinvested


Risk Factors:

The Revolving fund owns certain assets which are used in

its operational activities, including loans to denominational

institutions. Within its scope of service, the Revolving

fund manages funds for individuals, Seventh-day Adventist

churches, conferences, mission and other institutions. A

portion of these managed funds may also be invested in

capital pools to make loans.

Most of the loans made by the Revolving fund are secured

by first lien mortgage, but investors who invest in the Fund are

lending money to the Revolving fund for the general purpose

of making loans to churches and other denominational

institutions. Investors do not have actual participation in any

specific loan made by the Revolving fund. The certificates are

not secured by any asset or property of the Revolving fund.

The repayment of the investment, together with the interest

therein, will be dependant on the Revolving fund’s collecting

the loan made to individual churches and the accountability of

other allocated funds and property of the Revolving fund.

There is no public market for the certificates and none will

be developed. Therefore the transferability of the certificates

is limited and restricted to a specified person or entity. No

sinking fund or trust index will be received by the Revolving

fund in connection with the existence of certificates. The

proceeds from the certificates will be deposited into a pool for

the purpose of making loans.

Repayments of the proceeds for the sale of certificates

to investors is dependant solely upon the Revolving fund’s

financial condition, management, and marketable assets

which may include loans, cash, investments, real estate, and

its line of credit with a financial institution. Other services

and programs exist which may provide greater security at

little or no risk, and investors are encouraged to examine such

investment options before investing in the Revolving fund.

Loans may be given for up to ten years. The certificates

mature at various times so if a significant number of investors

fail to renew their investment certificates and new investors

are not located, the Revolving Fund could possibly experience

liquidity short falls in repaying all the certificates which

mature at any given time. As a reserve against the potential

of withdrawal by investors, the Revolving Fund maintains

liquidity in cash and near liquid assets of 15-20% of the

principal balance of the outstanding certificates of investment.

An independent auditor conducts an annual audit of the

Revolving fund’s financial records and activities. This report of

audit will be published in the Caribbean Union Gleanings, the

web site and will be available to all investors upon request.

Criteria for Loans:

The Revolving fund Board of Directors has established

strict loan guidelines and a formal loan review is regularly

conducted by the Loan Committee. Information required as

part of loan application guidelines may include, depending on

the size of loans, description of project, business plan, cash

flow statement, copies of bank statement, approved plans

(where appropriate), financial statement, approval by boards

of institution, and the approval and fiscal guarantee by the

conference, mission, or union authority executive committee

whichever is applicable as per policy.

Loans are approved on the basis of the value of the

investment that the church or institution has in the Fund,

evidence to repay the loan, funds in hand or value of equity,

and a capital campaign program to complete the project.

Loans amount directed to finance not more than 80% of the

total projected cost, with a maximum loan payment of 10

years. It is expected that in some cases the real property

of the borrowing institution may be pledged as collateral. In

some cases, the Revolving fund may require an independent

survey and/ or valuation of such property.

A legal agreement will govern each loan transaction. In

some cases, the borrowing entity will be required to pay the

legal fees.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, every loan shall be subject to

the Investment, Loan and Administrative Guidelines of the

Revolving fund, which may be amended from time to time.

Method of Offering and Withdrawal of Subscription:

Notices or advertisements of this offer may be directed to

Seventh-day Adventists in the Gleanings, by direct mail, and

by presentation or flyers distributed to churches conferences,

mission, denominational entities, and individuals.

The Revolving fund reserves the right at any time to

withdraw all or any part of the investment offered without

notice. There is no minimum amount that must be raised,

and if the entire amount of the offering is not needed for the

project intended, the offering may be withdrawn and the

We will MANAGE your estate

acceptance of subscription suspended.

Expenses of the offering:

The expenses of the offering include legal fees. Printing and

postage costs are provided for in the annual operating budget

of the Revolving fund.


Inquires may be directed Monday through Friday to the

Caribbean Union Revolving fund , 7 Rookery Nook, Maraval,

Port of Spain, Trinidad. The telephone number is 1- 868-

622 2514. Information is also available at Caribbean Union

Conference and the email address is:

Planned giving&trustservices@cucon.org

Board of Directors:

The Revolving fund is managed by a thirteen-member board of

directors who are elected by the Caribbean Union Conference

executive committee to serve for three years. These individuals

are chosen from across the Caribbean Union territory, and are

qualified and competent in the various specialties necessary

for the efficient managing of the Board. They are:

Nevlyn Fridie


Treasurer of the Caribbean Union Conference

Cyril Horrell

Vice Chairperson

Executive Secretary of the Caribbean Union Conference

Dr. Eugene Daniel

President of the Caribbean Union Conference

Livingstone Aaron

Planning & Trust Services Director / CEO of CURF

Peter Whitehall

Economist, Chairman of the Investment Committee,

Chairman of the Island Development Council

of the SDA Churches in Barbados.

Rolph Cedeno

Treasurer of the Revolving fund/Chairman of the Loans


Stephen Pilgrim, Esq.

Vice President, Office of Developing & Planning

University of the Southern Caribbean

Bertie Henry

Administrator of Davis Memorial Hospital, Guyana

Mahase Ragoonath


Winston James

Planned Giving &Trust Services Director

of the Guyana Conference

Hadyn Gadsby

Corporate Attorney in the Firm of J.D. Sellier & Co.

Brian Jones

Vice President for Marketing of Mega Insurance

Chairman of the Trust committee

Sharon St. Hilaire-Neverson

Banker at Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago

In addition to the board of directors we have representatives in

each field who can be contacted for information on investment

opportunities. They are as follows:

Grenada Conference:

Nord Punch 1-473-442-8002


South Caribbean Conference:

Teelbaney Singh 1-868-662-7024

Joseph Mc Coon 1-868-662-7024

St. Lucia Mission:

Eddison Alexander 1-758-451-6350

Jean Greaves 1-758-452-0797

Mahase Ragoonath 1-868-684-7468

Brian Jones 1-868-633-4226

Sharon St. Hillaire Neverson 1-868-653-7288

Guyana Conference:

Winston James 011-592-226-3313

Bertie Henry 011-592-225-9327

East Caribbean Conference:

Raulford Baptiste 1-246-429-7234

Peter Whitehall 1-246-437-2667

Tobago Mission:

Ein Kirk 1-868-639-1222

Suriname Mission:

Lindon Gudge 011-597-400-609

J Roseval 011-597-400-609

North Caribbean Conference:

Dr. Winston Richards 1-340-778-6589

Fitzroy Dickenson (Antigua) 1-268-462-4793

Carson Greene (Antigua) 1-268-462-6067

We will help your NAVIGATE

Your participation provides you with the greatest opportunity to

make a significant difference in the growth and development of the

Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Caribbean Union territory.

It is a win-win deal! The rates of return on your money are greater

than what you can get from most commercial banks. We will also

have the personal satisfaction that the money is used to advance

the mission of the church and to build better churches, universities,

hospitals and other institutions, in the shortest possible time.

This is our opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our


To God be the Glory!

Caribbean Union Foundation

Offering the Sale of Investment Certificate

Total Principal Amounts Unlimited

The Caribbean Union Foundation

#7 Rookery Nook, Maraval

Trinidad, W. I.

1(868) 622-2543/2514


Email: trustservices@caribbeanunion.org

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