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bsc logistics and supply chain management - SIM University

BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management



BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Programme Overview

The BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme

offered by the School of Business at SIM University (UniSIM)

aims to develop human capital and talent to meet the needs

of the industry. This is the first undergraduate programme

dedicated to the study of logistics and supply chain management

to be offered by a Singapore university. Partnering with the

Singapore Logistics Association (SLA), the curriculum is

designed with a blend of theory and industry practice for the

effective management of increasingly globalised supply

chains in increasingly challenging environments.

What is Logistics and Supply Chain


It is hard to imagine any product reaching a customer

without logistics support. The drive towards

excellence in managing supply chains has become vital

for many businesses as supply chain networks become

increasingly complex and intricate. According to the

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals


“Logistics is that part of supply chain management that

plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective

forward and reverse flow and storage of goods,

services and related information between the point of

origin and the point of consumption in order to meet

customers' requirements.”

“Supply chain management encompasses the planning

and management of all activities involved in sourcing

and procurement, conversion, and all logistics

management activities. Importantly, it also includes

coordination and collaboration with channel partners,

which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third party

service providers, and customers.”

Learn Today, Apply Tomorrow

Our students learn how to develop effective decision-making

and problem–solving skills at strategic, tactical and operational

levels to manage supply chain assets and the flows of

products, information and funds within the supply chain.

Through case studies and guidance from instructors with

vast industry experiences, our students apply what they

learn to actual work scenarios in the business world.

Simply put, the mission of logistics and supply chain

management involves collaborating with the right

partners to get the right product, in the right quantity

and right quality, delivered to the right place, at the

right time, for the right customer at the right price.

Logistics and supply chain managers have to address

transaction, communication and distribution issues

that can be local, regional or global in scope.

Programme Offered in

Collaboration with:

We also regularly invite industry speakers to share their

experiences through forums and seminars. We enhance

students’ learning experiences through site visits. Our

students’ work experience enables them to be assessed

through the school’s work-based assignments.

Why Logistics and Supply Chain


The logistics and supply chain industry is the lifeblood of

any economy. This is a crucial sector for Singapore – the

competitiveness of the island’s trading and exportoriented

manufacturing industries depends on it. The

government is committed to the future of the industry

and has laid out its vision for Singapore to be a “leading

global integrated logistics hub”.

The industry has been building critical mass in the

number of logistics providers that offer value-added

services, and has been strengthening the logistics and IT

infrastructure. Today, the industry contributes about 9% of

Singapore’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employs

around 180,000 people. Going forward, Singapore aims

to move up the value chain by going beyond operational

supply chain functions to developing new and creative

solutions that can take the industry to the next level.

The BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

programme grooms students to become business leaders

in the logistics and supply chain industry.

The Singapore Logistics Association

Established since 1973, SLA aims to represent Singapore

logistics and is thrust to advance professionalism and

excellence to promote high standards in industry

practices. Its growing membership of more than 440

business entities today offers a diverse scope of logistics

and ancillary support services. As a trade association, SLA

seeks to fulfill its objects in close collaboration and

engagement with logistics companies and professionals,

institutions and academia, industry organisations and

partners, government agencies as well as international

organisations and businesses.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between

UniSIM’s School of Business and SLA was signed on

October 28, 2008. SLA will provide assistance in course

development and instruction as well as the provision of

scholarships and career placements. This partnership

ensures that the programme is relevant to industry needs

and that it receives necessary industry expertise.

Whom is this Programme for?

This programme targets working adults in the logistics

and supply chain industry with diploma qualifications who

are keen to upgrade their skills to take on management

positions. Professionals from other disciplines seeking a

mid-career switch to the logistics and supply chain

industry can also benefit from the programme.

Message from the Dean

“The School of Business offers degree programmes

designed to prepare graduates to be managers and strategic

decision makers in the highly competitive world of

business. Our School aims to educate business minds and

hopefully in the process transform the lives of our

students as they graduate with a logistics and supply

chain management degree. We believe in helping our

students to obtain a useful business education that will

support an enriching career and we prepare our students

to become business professionals who

are ready to manage and lead. We strive

to give our students a good learning

experience by providing dedicated,

experienced and inspiring teaching

faculty and a supportive and flexible

learning environment.”

Associate Professor Lee Pui Mun


School of Business

Messages from Industry Leaders

“This degree programme forms an integral part of SLA's

roadmap to help logistics practitioners to upgrade their

knowledge. It will be an important contributor to future

human capital required by the industry.” (2009)

Mr Quek Keng Liang


Singapore Logistics Association

“As the Singapore logistics industry strives to develop

innovative logistics solutions for customers around the

world, the demand for logistics talent or professionals

continues to be high. Hence, this on-going collaboration

between UniSIM and SLA to provide an industry relevant

programme, BSc in Logistics and Supply Chain

Management, remains important to all logistics

professionals who are keen to keep themselves updated on

the lastest solutions and trends, enhance their

management skills, network and learn from others, so as to

be better equipped to meet today’s dynamic industry

challenges.” (2011)

Ms Samantha Su

Deputy Director

Services & Biomedical

SPRING Singapore

“As Singapore moves up the value chain it will require

supply chain professionals at all levels. UniSIM’s

collaboration with SLA in offering a BSc in Logistics and

Supply Chain Management provides another avenue for

grooming professionals up and into this key sector and

complements our own postgraduate Double Master Degree

in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.” (2009)

Dr Robert de Souza

Executive Director

The Logistics Institute - Asia Pacific

National University of Singapore

“Designed to inculcate both knowledge-based insights and

practical know-how applications to course students,

UniSIM’s BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

programme is part of SLA’s larger game plan to continually

nurtue and produce future leaders who can

develop/expand value-adding logistics solutions to the

industry.” (2011)

Mr Kay Kong Swan


Container & Steel Logistics

CWT Limited

Career Opportunities

The field of logistics and supply chain management is

diverse. The future of the industry is bright - Singapore is

well-positioned to plug into the growth in global and

regional trade. The multi-disciplinary nature of the BSc

Logistics and Supply Chain Management programme

provides graduates with an edge to compete successfully

in many industries.

Graduates can look forward to challenging career

opportunities in industry-specific domains or those that

cut across many industries. These can fit many job

descriptions such as logistics/transport/shipping

manager, supply chain manager, warehousing manager,

inventory control and materials specialist, port/airport

manager, trade/pricing specialist, import/export

manager, procurement manager, channel sales manager

and customer logistics analyst.

Programme Structure

The BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

programme is designed to provide broad foundational

knowledge and skills in the business core courses,

progressing to more applied and specialised subject

knowledge in the logistics and supply chain management

core courses and electives.

The programme requires 130 credit units (cu) for

graduation which comprises:

• 50 cu of business compulsory courses;

• 50 cu of logistics and supply chain management

compulsory courses;

• 20 cu of logistics and supply chain management

elective courses; and

• 10 cu of university core courses.


Degree Requirements consist of 100 cu compulsory, 20 cu

electives and 10 cu university core courses. All courses

are 5 cu unless stated otherwise.

Business Compulsory Courses

Level 1 (Total 20 cu)

• Management

• Organisational Behaviour

• Quantitative Methods

• Statistics

Level 2 (Total 30 cu)

• Contract & Agency Law

• Financial Accounting

• Managerial Accounting

• Managerial Economics

• Marketing

• Marketing Mix Management

Logistics and Supply Chain

Management Compusory Courses

Level 2 (Total 20 cu)

• Supply Chain Management

• Inventory Management

• Transport Management

• Warehousing & Material Handling

Level 3 (Total 20 cu)

• Information Management for Supply Chains

• Sourcing & Supply Management

• International Trade Law

• Total Quality Management

Level 4 (Total 10 cu)

• Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Applied Project (10 cu)

Logistics and Supply Chain

Management Compusory Courses

Choose any 4 Courses (Total 20 cu)*

• Independent Study

• Air Freight Management

• Ocean Freight Management

• Selected Topics in Logistics & Supply Chain


• Port & Terminal Management

• Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chains

• Project Management

* Up to two Electives can be replaced by any two Elective Courses

in Business and/or Marketing

Administrative Details


You will be considered for admission if you meet

these minimum eligibility criteria:

• GCE 'A' level with two passes (prior to 2006) or two

H2 passes (from 2006), local Polytechnic Diploma or

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, or NUS

High School Diploma; and

• Two years of full-time work experience or are

currently employed on a full-time basis; and

• At least 21 years old.

Candidates with an acceptable SAT 1 score may be

considered for admission on a case-by-case

basis. Shortlisted candidates may be required to

undergo one or more interview(s) and/or take written

admission or other evaluation tests.

All applications are considered individually on merit,

and the offer of admission depends on the number of

places available. Admission is solely within the discretion

of SIM University.

Tuition Fees and Government Subsidy

The amount of course fee you pay in each semester

depends on the number of courses you take in

that semester. Course fees cover all study materials,

classes, supervision, assignments and examinations.

They do not include costs for textbooks and other

additional items specified by SIM University from time

to time.

Students enrolled in this programme may be eligible for

up to 55% government subsidy on course fee.

Please visit for current tuition fees and

eligibility criteria for government subsidy.

Internet Access

All SIM University students must have access to a

computer or laptop and the Internet in order to use the

electronic and website facilities, which allow access to

course, academic or administrative information.

How to Apply

Applications are to be made online via

You must submit all the required documents together

with your admission application. Incomplete applications

will not be considered.

Contact Details

SIM University

461 Clementi Road

Singapore 599491

Telephone: (65) 6248 9777

Fax: (65) 6763 9077


SIM University

CPE/UEN: 200504979Z

Registered: 4 June 2010 to 3 June 2016

Information is correct at time of print (Jan 2014)

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