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I<br />

ridaj<br />

'Billy Jack' Climbs<br />

To 500 in KC Third<br />

KANSAS CITY—"Billy J;ick" continued<br />

to flourish at Glenwood I. adding 50 points<br />

to its grossing percentage during a third<br />

week and climbing to 500 per cent. The<br />

Warner Bros, release ahead) has a remarkable<br />

record here, since its first week brought<br />

outstanding 400 business: week two gained<br />

50 more grossing points, week three 50<br />

more. So the question is. with the Memorial<br />

Day weekend normalK a boost to most<br />

Rims, will "Billy Jack" climb to 550 or<br />

even 600? For the answer; see next week's<br />

barometer report. Elsewhere in Kansas City,<br />

Sweet Sweetback" brought the Steady jingle<br />

of customers' cash to lour boxoffices for<br />

a composite 310 first week and remarkable<br />

"Love Story" added a 275 in its 22nd Fine<br />

Arts week. A pair of 200s was on the board.<br />

these twice-average percentages going to<br />

"Ryan's daughter." 13th week. Capri, and<br />

"The Stewardesses." also 13th week. Kimo.<br />

{Average Is 100)<br />

Antioch, Metcalf, Uptown Derby (CRC) 90<br />

Brookside— The Music Lovers (UA), 2nd wk 140<br />

Capri— Ryan's Daughter MGM), 13th wk 200<br />

Claco, Crest, Heart^Beasr of the Yellow Night<br />

SRi Creature With the Blue Hand (SR)<br />

Embassy I—The Confession (Para), 2nd wk<br />

100<br />

100<br />

F.ne Arts— Love Story (Para), 22nd wk<br />

Five theatres—Celebration at Big Sur (20th<br />

Five theatres—The Hard Ride AIP)<br />

275<br />

85<br />

120<br />

Fox)<br />

Four theatres— Sweet Sweetback<br />

Glenwood I— Jock<br />

SR)<br />

wk<br />

310<br />

Billy (WB), 3rd 500<br />

Glenwood II, Parkway One, Towne 2 A New Leaf<br />

(Para), 7th wk<br />

Kimo—The Stewardesses wk<br />

100<br />

200<br />

(SR), 13th<br />

Plaza The Beguiled (Univ), 3rd wk 110<br />

"Cross and Switchblade' 225<br />

In Chicago Roosevelt Debut<br />

CHICAGO—The holdovers, which were<br />

making gross news week after week, have<br />

started to taper off. "The Cross and the<br />

Switchblade." newcomer at the Roosevelt<br />

Theatre in the Loop, grossed 275 per cent.<br />

"Sweet Sweetback" grossed 275 per cent in<br />

its second week at the Oriental and "The<br />

Big Doll House." third week. Woods,<br />

grossed 225 per cent. "The Stewardesses"<br />

continued to be a top grosser, with 325 per<br />

cent in the ninth week at the Loop Theatre.<br />

In the suburban houses. "Wuthering<br />

Heights" and "Bananas" were leaders.<br />

Carnegie— The Lickerish Quartet (SR), 4th wk. .150<br />

Chicago Love Story (Para), 21st wk. . . . . . . 175<br />

Cinema Tristano (SR), 4th wk 100<br />

Esquire—Mod Dogs & Englishmen (MGM),<br />

3rd wk 175<br />

Loop The Stewardesses SR), 9th wk 325<br />

Michael T dd- The Andromeda Strain (Univ),<br />

7,n * k<br />

nOriental— Sweet Sweetback wk<br />

125<br />

275<br />

(SR), 2nd ....<br />

Playboy— Bed and Board 3rd wk (Col), 150<br />

Roosevelt— The Cross and the Switchblade SR) 275<br />

Shangri La - Relations (SR), 10th wk 175<br />

State Lake— The Mephisto Waltz (20th-Fox),<br />

3rd wk<br />

,,<br />

150<br />

United Artists— Summer of '42 (WB), 3rd wk. . . 200<br />

Wood:—The Big Doll House (SR), 3rd wk 225<br />

Razing Contract Awarded<br />

SOUTH BEND. IND.—The com.,,.'<br />

for the demolition of the Granada Theatre<br />

has been awarded In the city of South<br />

Bend to Hd Siebert & Sons Construction<br />

Co. The movie house is being razed to<br />

make way for an urban redevelopment<br />

project.<br />

"Lloyd Williams and His Brother"<br />

based on an original script by Walter Hill.<br />

Astro Theatre Owners Sue<br />

KC Terminal Railway Co.<br />

KANSAS OTY—TaUmark, Inc., owner<br />

Of the Astro Theatre, located in Kansas<br />

City's Union Station, Fuesdaj (25) sued<br />

the Kansas City Terminal K.ulw.o. ( o I"<br />

stop the partitioning off oi the waiting<br />

room at the station, which the theatre<br />

Owners sa> would block access fol then<br />

patrons. A restraining order was signed b\<br />

Judge J, Donald Murph\ o! the Jackson<br />

C ountj Circuit Court prohibiting the setting<br />

up ol the partitions and a hearing was set<br />

for 9:30 a.m. June 25.<br />

In us petition TaUmark states that the<br />

partitions would close off the waiting room.<br />

A letter from the terminal company quoted<br />

in the suit said theatre patrons could come<br />

in through the east midway, running along<br />

the waiting room, using gate No. lb. The<br />

midways along the east and west sides of<br />

the long north-south waiting room, provide<br />

access to and from the tracks below. When<br />

the station was built in 1914 it was served<br />

b) 226 trains a day. Since Saturday (I),<br />

the figure has been six.<br />

"As you know." the letter from the<br />

terminal company said, "the Kansas City<br />

Terminal Railway Co. intends to close oft<br />

the main waiting room area of the Union<br />

Station for economic reasons."<br />

Plans were to build a 16-foot-high partition<br />

at the south entrance to the waiting<br />

room, north of the coffee shop, and a<br />

second one was to be erected south of<br />

gate No. 16. The theatre entrance is at the<br />

rear (north) end of the station waiting<br />

room.<br />

TaUmark leased its space, the location<br />

of the old Circle Theatre, Feb. 1. 1969.<br />

for five years. The lease document included<br />

a diagram showing the main entrance, the<br />

petition<br />

said.<br />

L&M Circuit Twin<br />

Set for Joliel, 111.<br />

CHICAGO—L&M Management Co. continues<br />

its expansion program with a theatre<br />

complex slated for Inwood Plaza in<br />

Joliet, III. Robert A. Bachman. executive<br />

vice-president, said a new free-standing<br />

motion picture theatre will be constructed<br />

on a four-acre plot adjoining the recenlK<br />

opened Eagle Super Market on West Jefferson<br />

Street.<br />

The site is within the planned shopping<br />

center development of Inwood Pla/a. near<br />

the athletic field, golf courses and the Joliet<br />

Junior College, which is now under construction.<br />

Bachman said the movie theatres, to be<br />

called Inwood Cinema I and II. should<br />

open next spring. There will he combined<br />

sealing for 1,600 persons and parking<br />

facilities to accommodate all patrons.<br />

Dorothy R. Berman is president ol I ,\\l<br />

Management, which also owns and operates<br />

23 other indoor and outdoor theatres in<br />

Illinois. Indiana and Iowa, including present<br />

locations in Joliet.<br />

Variety of Illinois Will<br />

Honor Henry Plitt<br />

( Ilk \(,o When membt<br />

Yancts Clue ol lUii<br />

Henry Plitt. president<br />

of ABOGreal States,<br />

at a luncheon to be<br />

held I uesd.o.<br />

.<br />

I line B,<br />

at<br />

Embassador<br />

Guildhall in<br />

W<br />

the<br />

s t e<br />

Hotel. Shernll Cora<br />

in, president ol \ a-<br />

riet\ Clubs International,<br />

will be master<br />

ceremonies.<br />

ot<br />

Plitt. who is a<br />

member ol the execu<br />

Henrv<br />

Plitt<br />

live board ot NATO and a caiuasman ol<br />

Tent 26, will be honored, not onl\ for his<br />

leadership m exhibition, but for his civic<br />

contributions. He is president of the I nited<br />

Cerebral Palsy Ass'n of Cue. Her Chicago<br />

and a director and one of the founders ol<br />

the Joseph Jefferson Awards Fellowship<br />

of Chicago.<br />

Speakers will be Julian Rifkm. Boston<br />

showman, who is chairman of the NATO<br />

executive hoard: Arthur Rubloff. a lellow<br />

member of the United Cerebral Palss<br />

executive board: Marshall Korshak. civic<br />

leader: Chicago Sun-Times columnist lr\<br />

Kupcinet; Mrs. Fred Fnedlob. one ol the<br />

directors of the Jefferson Awards Fellowship;<br />

Jack Clark, president of NATO of<br />

Illinois, and Henry Markbreit. Tent 26<br />

chief<br />

barker.<br />

Nat Nathanson. Eastern sales manager<br />

of Four Star Excelsior Film Distributing<br />

Co., is chairman of the Varietj Club tribute<br />

to Plitt. Co-chairmen include Jack Clark.<br />

Robert Flannery. Raymond Fox. Mrs. I red<br />

Fnedlob. Mrs. loms ColdHatt. Allan Hurwitz.<br />

Marshall Korshak. Irv Kupcinet. Arthur<br />

Rubloff and Bene Stein.<br />

The committee also includes representatives<br />

of all the motion picture distributing<br />

companies serving exhibitors throughout the<br />

Midwest.<br />

Campus Theatre Damaged<br />

By Over-Eager Patrons<br />

MANHATTAN. KAS. - A boxoffice<br />

window at the Campus Theatre was broken<br />

Dight (7) when a crowd, comprised<br />

main!) o\ college students, tried to gel into<br />

the movie house for the late-night showing<br />

of an X-rated movie. Police said the<br />

breakage was caused by the momentum of<br />

the crowd shoving against the ticket booth<br />

and the theatre doors.<br />

There were DO injuries and no arrests<br />

were made in connection with the incident,<br />

although police said one person was<br />

arrested on a charge of drunkenness at the<br />

scene.<br />

Reported!), patrons were lined up a<br />

half-block in each direction waiting to enter<br />

the Campus Theatre. Although the movie<br />

was scheduled for II p.m.. the lines started<br />

forming at approximate!) 1(1 p.m.<br />

BOXOFFICE :: May 31, 1971 C-l

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