Case Study Kaiser's Tengelmann ENG.indd - Philips

Case Study Kaiser's Tengelmann ENG.indd - Philips

Case study

Kaiser’s Tengelmann


Philips Lighting

Essen, Germany

DayZone, StyliD

“Our new sales concept enables us to stand out clearly from the

competition and focuses even more attention on our atmosphere

and high-quality products. Innovative LED lighting from Philips makes

a significant contribution to this effect.”

Wolfgang Mohr, Head of Construction Department at Kaiser’s Tengelmann

Accentuated product presentation

with LEDs: energy-efficient and

low maintenance


The German company Kaiser’s Tengelmann GmbH belongs to the

Tengelmann group. It has been a constant in the food retail market for 130

years and continues to actively further its position as a quality fresh food

supermarket. By the start of 2011, over 200 stores had been converted to

the successful and innovative ‘black/red/gold’ store design.

The challenge

Starting in September 2010, Kaiser‘s Tengelmann decided to test its

new sales concept in the Essen-Kettwig store focusing on the themes of

enjoyment and design. Building on the slogan ‘Enjoy the day’, the aim was

for the company to distance itself further from the competition through

a friendly atmosphere and an attractive range of products. This involved

overhauling the range, fittings and publicity so that all of the components

fit together in perfect harmony. One of the tasks of the lighting concept

was to support this new direction consistently from the background

and accent lighting right through to the car park illumination.

The solution

On the sales floor, a whole range of different lights were used alongside

three new lamp types. These include Maxos TL5 (45 W) lighting strips

to produce modern and consistent background lighting and suspended

LED lamps designed especially for this supermarket for the counters.

A particular highlight is the accent lighting in the wine section. These are

Project info

Customer and location

Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Essen-Kettwig, Germany

Project team

Tengelmann Group, Wolfgang Mohr, Holger Wirtz,

Friedhelm Siemes, Hubert Hanenberg (client);

Jenneskens electrical company, Udo Jenneskens (installation);

Philips products

DayZone, StyliD Compact, LuxSpace, UnicOne, Fugato

Compact 264, customised LED suspended lights, Maxos TL5,

eW Cove QLX Powercore, eW Graze Powercore, Koffer2 LED,

MASTERColour CDM-T Elite (35 W), MASTER LEDbulb (7 W),



• Creation of a friendly and comfortable atmosphere

• Powerful and accentuated product presentation

• Long life-span, low maintenance

fitted with the variable LED light solution StyliD, which meets all current

demands in relation to light quality and energy efficiency. Furthermore,

they emit no UV rays and their low heat emission prevents fluctuations

in temperature ensuring that the quality of the produce on display is not

affected. The recessed DayZone lights deployed in the check-out area

provide increased comfort for both customers and employees in addition

to higher energy efficiency. These lights feature excellent colour rendering,

reduced glare and an attractive design. The existing lights in the car park

were replaced by Koffer2 LED street lights, which are fitted with a powerful

LED Fortimo module. These provide energy savings of up to 50% compared

with compact fluorescent lights, are low-maintenance and have a significantly

longer service life. Furthermore, they form a reliable, powerful light source

that emits a high-quality white light.


Overall, the trial at Essen-Kettwig succeeded in creating an inviting,

inspiring and meaningful shopping atmosphere in which customers

visibly felt comfortable. This was evidenced by the sales figures over

just a very short space of time with turnover in the refurbished store

increasing significantly. The product characteristics of LED lighting in

conjunction with increased energy efficiency and the optimised effect

on the promotion and protection of produce leads to improved

profitability. The extended service life (over 50,000 hours) helps

reduce maintenance costs and protect the environment.

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