Working at CPC: Information for Instructor Applicants - UCLA Center ...

Working at CPC: Information for Instructor Applicants - UCLA Center ...

“If you want to apply, here’s the information you WANT

and NEED to know….”

Working at CPC:

Information for

Instructor Applicants

UCLA Center for Prehospital Care

at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Prepared for you by Rosa Calva, MPH, Client Services Manager

Updated March 2013

What you’ll learn here…

• What is Center for

Prehospital Care (CPC)

• The job requirements

and pay rates

• Why you should work


• What program areas

you can you work in

• The role of an instructor

• How to apply

• The hiring process

• The dates you need to


Center for Prehospital Care was founded on the UCLA Campus in

1988 with the sole purpose of delivering the best EMS education &

research. Today, we are one of the largest and best known Centers

of our kind in the world.

In 2006, we became part of the David Geffen School of Medicine at

UCLA. A natural fit given our focus on research and education.

For our students and employees, this means access to renowned

faculty and extraordinary clinical facilities.

Our mission drives everything

that we do for our students and

the communities that we serve:

To make a local, national,

and international

contribution to EMS and the

patients served.

We seek the best instructors

to help us deliver the best education!

Every year,

we educate over 12,000

EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses,

Physicians and other Allied

Heath Care providers.

We need and want

the best educators.

Did you know that our Center has

5 divisions where you can contribute?

1. American Heart Association (AHA)

Training Center

We provide Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life

Support (PALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS/CPR) provider and recertification

programs to hospitals and organizations throughout Los Angeles County.

2. Allied Health

Includes our Phlebotomy Program which trains over 600 students a year.

3. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

Includes our EMT primary, prep, and recert programs. We are one of the

largest EMT education programs and we also maintain one of the highest

success rates on the certifying examination for EMTs.

4. Fire Department Education & Quality

Improvement section (FDQI)

We provide continuing education and quality improvement programs to fire

department and law enforcement agencies throughout Los Angeles County.

Nurse Educators ride with paramedics, deliver quality improvement based

continuing education and assist departments with standing field treatment


5. Paramedic

Includes our Paramedic preparation and refresher programs and the UCLA

Paramedic Education Program, home of the original Daniel Freeman program

established in 1970.

A word about our Research Activities

While there are no current positions available in our Research Division,

research is an intrinsic part of what we do at the Center.

We actively contribute to the body of evidence that examines prehospital

emergency medicine by conducting research and educating other

professionals to do the same through the Prehospital Care Research


The Research Forum was established in 1992 to educate and promote

others to build a body of evidence that examines prehospital emergency

care and includes respected members of the national and international EMS



Faculty & Staff

• 25 full-time faculty

• 100+ part-time per diem Clinical Instructors

• Highly experienced, educated, & knowledgeable

• Highly motivated

• Student Advocates

Why work at


What our current instructors say:

• “Getting to do what I do best.”

• “Polishing my skills and watching students develop their own.”

• “I love working at CPC, because this is the team that makes a

positive and fun place to work, while teaching skills to help

save lives....what else could you honestly ask for?!”

• “I walk away from work each day feeling like a I made a

difference in the way the students look at EMS.”

• “The people I work with and the people I work for. I feel like family.

That’s a good feeling to have when you come to work.”

Benefits of Belonging

There are no medical benefits or paid time off for per diem Clinical

Instructor positions but our instructors enjoy these professional


Course Tuition Sponsorship*

We sponsor our instructors through our Center’s courses. So if you want additional

training this benefit can save you hundreds of dollars.

Continuing Education

Instructors can earn free CE towards their own recertification for teaching.

Maintaining & Nurturing Your Own Skills

Because we teach to national standards, you will be on the cutting education of EMS

education. Teaching can help you provide better care of your own patients.

* Excludes the Paramedic Education Program

More Benefits of Belonging

Professional Development

We encourage the growth and development of our Instructors. By being the best,

you can deliver the best education to students.

Some of the ways of growing within our organization include:

• Work for more than one team. For example, Paramedic Program paramedics can

work for our AHA Training Center. And earn a higher hourly rate all around for

doing it.

• Become a lecturer. If you have a passion beyond teaching skills, this is the place to

learn to become a lecturer. We have the best faculty around to mentor you.

• Want a full time benefitted educator position? These positions are not widely

available but when they are, our per diem instructors know how to apply.

Another benefit:

Feel good about what you do.

We always find a way to give

back to our community.

What else


should know.

The Clinical Instructor Role

• Teach clinicals skills to students

• Test and evaluate students

Other Instructor Responsibilities

• Be prepared to teach

• Teach by getting the students in

psychomotor mode (“Hands-On”)

• Evaluate performance & give constructive

criticism & positive reinforcement

• Communicate effectively with students &


• Set-up & put away equipment

The “Average” Skills Day

• Receive assignment

& prepare

• Arrival a few minutes


• Briefing & orientation

• Rotation developed

• Set-up station before

start time

• Rotations

in all Programs

• Lunch (if full skills


• Rotations

• End station & clean up

• Debriefing

• Recording Time

• Depart

Scheduling in all Programs

• Skills days scheduled by Coordinator or

Program Director

• Web based and/or email communication is


• You must submit your minimum available shifts

each month as required

– 2 days/month for PM - 6 days/month for EMT

– 2days/month for PHLB - 8 hours /week for CPR

– ACLS/PALS/PHTLS 1-2 days/month - FDQI & NR are prn

• Final schedule is sent out 1-2 months in


What Else?

Clinical Instructors must attend meetings:

• Curriculum / skills updates

• Policy or center updates

• Professional development

Instructors are paid and receive CE for

attending these required meetings.

Clinical Instructor Dress Code

Instructors are role models for students!

• Clean, neat professional attire

• Jeans are acceptable, some require scrubs

• Collared shirts (no t-shirts)

• Proper grooming is required

• Specifics given during Team Orientations

• Students also have a dress code

Commuting & Parking

Our instructors, tell it best. Consider these

challenges about working in our area.

“I have no frustrations with anything about the job! Traffic on the 405 is

frustrating though!

“The hardest part of my job is driving to and from it. I do not like having

to pay $11.00 to park at UCLA.”

I-405 Wilshire Bl. Construction will affect your commute to

our area through summer 2013. Check the Metro web site,

FaceBook, or twitter for updates.

Being an Instructor at CPC

Our Clinical instructors are:

• Highly dedicated & qualified

• Committed to excellence in education

• Provide a safe, effective, and professional

learning environment

• Serve as a role model and mentor to


What else you need

To do this work you need:


– For delivery the best patient care. For

delivering the best education.

• Great interpersonal skills

– You have to be able to work

independently and as part of a team.

You also need

• Great communication skills

– Great skills include communicating and


• Maturity

– To handle all situations and to perform

well under pressure

• Personal well-being

– Take care of yourself so you can take

care of others.

Apply for the right

Team for You:

Phlebotomy EMT Paramedic


Make Sure You Meet the

• Application Requirements

• Professional Requirements

• Shift Requirements

• Follow Directions

• Be Prompt

UCLA Center for Prehospital Care

Phlebotomy Program

• Accredited by the

State of California

Public Laboratory

Field Services

• 97% student pass rate

on the national

certification exam

Phlebotomy Program

• Location: Westwood

• Each course for students is 8-weeks

– 2 weeks: Tue/Thur 6-10 PM & Sats 8-6pm

– 4 weeks: Sats 8-6 PM

– Additional Clinical Shifts

• They then take the State Certifying Exam

Instructor Requirements

• Must work a minimum of 2 shifts per month

• Must be able to work Tue 6-10pm, Thu 6-

10pm & Sat 1-5pm

• Must have a CA Phlebotomy License & CPR

provider card

• Minimum 6 months of Phlebotomy work


• Starting Rate: $23.57/hr

• Coordinator: Dana Gillette; Educator: Dr. George


UCLA Center for Prehospital Care

AHA Community Training Center

• BLS, BLS Recert, On-line

Hybrid, ACLS, PALS, &


• Our Clients: UCLA Med

Center, Nursing, SOM, Santa-


Campus, local hospitals, and


• Over 8,000 students a year.


Instructor Requirements

• Locations: VARY all over LA County

• 1-2 shifts per month

• Shifts: Vary! Mostly weekdays, a few weekends &


• CPR, ACLS or PALS provider/instructor certs required

• PHTLS Instructor preferred

• 1 year min. of relevant EMS work experience

• 1 year min. of relevant teaching experience

• Starting Range: $32.14-$37.49/hr

• Director: Jenny Chang; Coordinator: Ben Esparza

BLS Instructor Requirements

• Locations: VARY

• 8 hours per week

• Shifts: Vary! Mostly weekdays, some weekends &


• CPR provider and EMT or PM license required

Instructor cert and experience preferred, will be trained

• Minimum 6 months of EMS work experience

• Starting Rate: $21.42/hr

• Director: Jenny Chang; Coordinator: Michelle Torres

UCLA EMT Education Program

• Students attend 120 Hours plus 24 hour

field rotation to be eligible for state &

national certification

• Didactic 60%

• Practical 40%

• Clinical

UCLA EMT Education Program

• 97% first time pass rate on NREMT


• Course Formats for students

– 3-week intensive (M-F, 8-5p)

– 8-week, weekends (S/Su, 8-5p)

– 11-week, weeknights (T, W, Th, 6-10p)

We have over 1,000 EMT primary & recert students

a year!

EMT Instructor requirements

• Location: Westwood; sometimes Inglewood

• Shifts: Must be able to work variable days

Mon-Fri 13-1700; rare evenings 18-2200 &

some Sat 13-1700

• EMT or PM license; CPR cert

• Minimum 6 months of EMS work


• Starting Rate: $20.13/hr

• Director: Barry Jensen; Coordinators: Jessica Evans &

Joe Kalilikani

University of California Los Angeles

Daniel Freeman Paramedic Education Program

UCLA Paramedic Education Program

formerly the Daniel Freeman Paramedic Program

University of California Los Angeles

Daniel Freeman Paramedic Education Program

Brief Course Overview

7-month program 1,200+ hours

• Didactic, Clinical and Field

• 126 students a year (private and fire personnel)

University of California Los Angeles

Daniel Freeman Paramedic Education Program

Minimum Requirements

• Location: Inglewood

• 2 shifts per month with flexibility for more preferred

• Weekdays: Mon-Fri, typically 08-1700 or 09-1800

• Minimal Requirements: CPR, ACLS provider, PM or RN

• Min. 1 year Paramedic or EMS experience required

• PHTLS certs & previous teaching experience preferred

• Hourly Rate: from $25.71-$32.14

• Director: Heather Davis; Coordinator: Justin McCullough

Fire Dept Quality Improvement

& Education (FDQI)

• 16 fire dept and law agencies

• CE: teaching and testing

• QI: review and audit

Fire Dept Quality

Improvement & Education

• Position: Nurse Educator

• All requirements are on-line

• CPR, ACLS, Educator Cert, and RN

or PM license required

• Previous teaching and clinical

experience required

• Director: Lyn Riley

So you are interested in

working at UCLA CPC?

Here’s what You

NEED to know about the

hiring process…

The Application & Hiring Process

To find, hire and train the best,

there are many steps involved:

To apply:

• Application includes:

– On-line job application &


– Self-Survey Questionnaire

– Reviewing this presentation

• Formal Interview

• Background Check (LiveScan)

• Employer References

If hired:

• AHA Core Instructor


• 2-day New Instructor

Employee Course

• Specific Team


• Mentoring Shifts

The 3-Step Application

Reviewing this presentation is


• Complete the on-line UCLA job

application w/ Talent+

• Complete the on-line self survey

questionnaire (SurveyMonkey)

This is a DIFFERENT survey than the assessment done as part of your UCLA

job application and is available on our CPC web site! Both are required.

The Interview

Only applicants that most specifically meet

our needs will be invited to an


Applicants will be contacted about an

interview by phone or email.

Interviews vary but for this hiring round,

most will occur by mid- to late March

and some in early April 2013.

Interviews will be done in person with 1-2

faculty members.

Background Check

UCLA requires that prospective new

employees complete a background


LiveScans will be done only for

interviewed applicants at UCLA

Staffing Services on Interview Day

• Instructions and location are given to

applicant when interviewed

• No cost to applicant

Reference Checks

1. Interviewed applicants will need to have 1-3

employer reference checks completed by

UCLA Staffing.

2. Give your approval to your employer(s) to

complete the reference check.

3. Tell them the reference check will be

emailed to them by UCLA.

4. You will need to provide your

supervisor’s email address.

Please obtain it ahead of time.

Job Offers

Are done by phone. Offers will be

made by end of April.

Those accepting will be sent the AHA

Core Instructor Manual to

complete it on-line.

Mandatory New Instructor

Employee Course

• All hired Clinical Instructors must attend.

• Included are lectures on Educational

Philosophy & Teaching Methods, CPR

Instructor training, completing new hire

paperwork, and more!

• Will be 2 consecutive days

– 08-1700 & 08-1800

– Location: Westwood

– Dates: Thu-Fri, May 9 & 10

Team Orientation

After the 2 Day New Hire Employee

Course, new instructors meet with their

teams for specific training:

– Teaching in that program area

– Scheduling and payroll

– Equipment and more

Dates are given to new instructors during

their New Employee course.

Mentoring “Shadow” Days

• After the 2 Day New Hire Employee Course &

Team Orientation Meeting

• New instructors are scheduled for Shadowing

Dates specific training:

– 1:1 training with current instructor on teaching skills

– Be observed teaching; be signed off for teaching

– # of days varies from 0 for ACLS/PALS, 2 for BLS

and Paramedic, and 3-5 for EMT

• These are paid shifts for New Instructors

Find out more about us on-line at

Find the position Job #s, on-line job application link,

and the Self-Survey link at

Important Reminders:

To apply:

Application includes:

UCLA On-line job application &


– Survey Monkey Self-Survey

Questionnaire (to be announced):

– Reviewing this presentation

Formal Interview, if invited

Background Check (LiveScan), if


Employer References – get their email

addresses ahead of time

If hired:

Most offers will be made by mid-


AHA Core Instructor Training

will be sent

Mandatory 2-day New Instructor

Employee Course

Specific Team Orientation


Mentoring “Shadow” Shifts will

be scheduled for new hires

For More Information

• Problems with your on-line UCLA Job


Call UCLA Staffing Office at 310-794-0506

UCLA CPC Client Services Manager:

Rosa Calva 310-312-9318/

CPC Web Site:

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