Building automation – impact on energy efficiency - Siemens ...

Building automation – impact on energy efficiency - Siemens ...

German industry can make a number of contributions to climate protection and is

therefore a problem solver. To underscore the German economy's commitment to

climate protection, a number of leading business people came together under the

auspices of the Association of German Industry on the initiative "Business for climate

change"., With more than 40 companies, the initiative represents the entire

spectrum and abilities of the productive economy in Germany.

But above all, Siemens is concerned about making a contribution by providing

various services to the customer so that we can solve the global problems of energy

and climate. To this end, Siemens BT has prepared comprehensive BAC

and TBM functions – for new buildings as well as to update existing buildings.

What’s more, Siemens BT even provides performance contracting.


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