Building automation – impact on energy efficiency - Siemens ...

Building automation – impact on energy efficiency - Siemens ...

3.3 eu.bac Certification

eu.bac Cert is a joint venture of eu.bac and various European certification bodies

and test laboratories in conformity with the relevant provisions of the EN 45000 set

of standards.

EU mandate for CEN

to standardize calculation

methods to improve

energy efficiency

TC247: EN 15232

"Energy performance

of buildings – Impact of

ong>Buildingong> Automation"


Product Standards

• Terminology

• Product data incl.

energy performance


• Test procedure


Test Tool





eu.bac Cert guarantees users a high level of

energy efficiency, and

• product and system quality

as defined in the corresponding EN/ISO standards and European Directives.

Some public organizations approve only eu.bac-certified products.

Calculation standard

Product standards and


3.4 Standardization benefits

The EN 15232 standard clearly shows for the first time the huge potential energy

savings that can be achieved in the operation of technical building systems. Consequently,

all planners should apply the EN 15232 standard. Planners are generally

familiar with energy requirements and are therefore able to provide construction

owners with information on the benefits of building ong>automationong>. Manufacturers

of building ong>automationong> facilities should also use the EN 15232 standard for assessment

purposes when carrying out modernization work.

Product standards such as EN 15500 "ong>Buildingong> ong>automationong> for HVAC applications –

electronic individual zone control equipment" define energy efficiency criteria that

are verified and certified by eu.bac. Product users can therefore be sure that the

promised characteristics and quality are indeed delivered.


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