Building automation – impact on energy efficiency - Siemens ...

Building automation – impact on energy efficiency - Siemens ...

Remarks of Siemens

This section outlines how Siemens interprets the functions and processing functions

according to EN 15232:2012.

5. The following main features distinguish TABS from other heating and cooling


- TABS is a low-temperature heating/high temperature cooling system.

- TABS activates a relatively large thermal storage capacity.

These features permit energy-efficient operation in a number of cases.

6. As a rule, there is only a single flow temperature setpoint per zone (heating

and cooling – no setpoint range, so that it often overheats or undercools

somewhat during transition periods (where heating and cooling are released).

7. A setpoint range is used here. One setpoint each can be preset separately

for heating and cooling activities. This eliminates to some extent overheating

or undercooling.


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