Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club - Agenda - The City of ...


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club - Agenda - The City of ...

Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report

January 2011

Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

Table of Contents









1.0 Project Background

2.0 Site Parameters

3.0 Program Considerations

4.0 Building Design

5.0 Technical Description

6.0 Design and Construction Schedule

7.0 Delivery Model

8.0 Costing

Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

1.0 Project Background

This scope confirmation report will outline the project process to date, including site

parameters, program considerations and layouts and adjacencies.

In June 2010, the Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club was given approval by the City of

Spruce Grove to engage an architectural consultant to begin the design and preparation

of the tender documents for a new facility.

This project will form the new home and a launching point for the future of the Aerials

gymnastics club. The building will be owned and managed by the City of Spruce Grove

while the Aerials Gymnastics Club will hold a long-term lease. Maintenance and utilities

costs will be the responsibility of the Aerials.

Considerable input has been received through the Aerials’ building committee with

respect to gymnastics equipment layout as well as overall goals and desired outcomes

for the facility as a whole and the individual spaces.

Preliminary budget costing has been prepared by CSC Consulting and the construction

budget has been determined at $5.025 million.

The design team is poised to advance into tender documents, including construction

drawings and specifications. A topographic survey has been completed for the site and

preliminary geotechnical testing will be completed shortly.

The project team consists of the following key players:

Aerials Gymnastics

Lindsay Kiezik, Building Committee Chair, Aerials Gymnastics

Glennyce Cochrane, Club Manager, Aerials Gymnastics

City of Spruce Grove

Paul Simons, Director of Assets, City of Spruce Grove

Aaron Singh, Facilities Project Coordinator, City of Spruce Grove

ONPA Architects

Rob Black, Partner in Charge, ONPA Architects

Chris Woollard, Project Architect / Manager, ONPA Architects

Darren Radbourne, Designer, ONPA Architects


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

2.0 Site Parameters

The site is a 7 acre parcel of land and is located on the South side of the existing parking

lot for the Tri-Leisure Centre and on the East side of the Fuhr Sports Fields. The site is

bordered on the East by Jennifer Heil Way and an existing residential development to

the South. Site access will be through the existing intersection for the Tri-Leisure Centre.

The site is currently zoned as Municipal Reserve. The portion of the site that the

gymnastics facility will occupy will continue to be zoned MR but the rest of the site

will be rezoned for commercial development. The gymnastics facility is part of a

larger development on the site which will encompass commercial, retail and a hotel

development. The gymnastics building will occupy the South-West corner of the

development site. Provision will be made for approximately 80 parking stalls that are

dedicated to the gymnastics building but this will be confirmed with the City of Spruce

Grove land-use bylaws with regards to on-site parking and loading regulations. A further

200 stalls are identified for the rest of the buildings on the site. No parking agreements

will be in place to use the existing Tri-Leisure Centre parking although limited

agreements could possibly be made during gymnastics meets when a high occupant

load is expected. Because an access agreement is in place with the Tri-Leisure Centre, the

site design will require their approval.

View looking Southwest showing Fuhr Fields and residential development


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

Tri Leisure Centre

Project Location

Jennifer Heil Way

Hwy 16A


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

The site has been used to store fill from surrounding developments and as such has

been built up higher than the surrounding area. The City of Spruce Grove Engineering

Department has indicated that the site soils have been compacted but preliminary

geotechnical investigations will be required to determine the make-up of the soil. Based

upon these initial results, further testing will be undertaken once the building footprint

location is finalized. In addition, previous geotechnical reports of the Fuhr Sports Fields

have been reviewed in order to get general information on the soils in the area for

comparison. Test reports from the City of Spruce Grove Engineering Department will

also be reviewed to determine the compaction of the soil.

A topographic survey has been completed which also locates all existing infrastructure

servicing surrounding the site.

The site has an existing drainage swale on the West side of the site that drains to the

existing residential dry pond on the South side of the site. However, the dry pond is not

sized to allow for run-off from the site so storm water will need to be retained on site.

There is no storm water retention plans in place in the City’s infrastructure so on-site

retention will need to be implemented.

The site currently has no infrastructure servicing. An existing water line runs along the

North property line of the site and the sanitary line is on the East side of Jennifer Heil

Way although plans are in place to bring the sanitary line to the East side of the road.

The construction of the building will be undertaken at the same time as the remainder of

the site is developed.


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

3.0 Program Considerations

This project needs to speak to the members of the Aerials Gymnastics Club. It must

transcend the simple objective of being functional and become a place that has identity

and fosters pride. When this is in place, the best performance will be realized.

The major challenge of the programming will be in accommodating both training and

competitions throughout the year. Although for the majority of the year this facility

will be geared towards serving competitive training and recreation with relatively low

occupancy loads for athletes and spectators, the building will also house gymnastics

meets throughout the year which will have a high occupancy load. The challenge

is to design a building that can accommodate these peak loads while maintaining

functionality during the rest of the year. This will also necessitate flexible security

boundaries and controls.

Site tours were conducted at existing facilities to aid in planning the programming,

layouts and adjacencies of the new facility. The facilities toured were Exelta Gymnastics

Club in Red Deer and Airdrie Edge Gymnastics in Airdrie.

The majority of the facility is on one level to provide direct adjacencies between the

gymnastics space and the administration and support spaces. The only functions on the

mezzanine are the spectator area and the mechanical / electrical rooms.

A finalized layout of the gymnastics equipment has been provided by Aerials Gymnastics.

ONPA will contact the equipment suppliers to confirm dimensions and support

requirements as the project progresses.

Since this facility will be used for high-level competition, the design will meet all the

criteria set forth by the governing bodies and Aerials Gymnastics.

Natural light will be incorporated into the interior spaces as much as possible, including

the gymnastics area.

The building will front all sides of the site as the site will be surrounded by residential

areas, playing fields, the Tri-Leisure Centre and the planned hotel. As such, consideration

will be made to provide pleasant facades on all four sides.

Please refer to the following program summary for more detail on the individual spaces

and sizes.


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011




Gymnastic Centre





meters Total Comments

A.01 Vestibule /Boot Room 300.0 27.87

A.02 Foyer/Reception 1,000.0 92.90

- Info/Trophy Wall

- Include: Vending Alcove

2 - WC (HC)

A.03 Girl's WC 210.0 19.51

A.04 Girl's Change Room 350.0 32.52 30 person

A.05 Boy's WC 210.0 19.51

A.06 Boy's Change Room 250.0 23.23 10 person

A.07 Fund Raising Room 150.0 13.94

A.08 Office # (1) 122.0 11.33

A.09 Office # (2) + Storage 180.0 16.72 separate storage

A.10 Coach's Office 144.0 13.38 open workstations

(Work Stations)

A.11 Viewing Gallery 3,750.0 348.39

(To be located in 2nd Level)

A.12 Gymnastics 17,600.0 1,635.09 5' buffer zone

A.13 Gymnastics Storage 200.0 18.58

A.14 Dance / activity studio 300.0 27.87 multi use

A.15 Locker Space 20.0 1.86 50 recessed lockers

A.16 Janitorial Room 200.0 18.58

SUB TOTAL 24,986.0 2,321.28


Multi-Purpose Room / Birthday Party Room

B.01 Meeting Room 12 persons

(Concessions/Kitchenette) 360.0 33.45


B.02 Storage closet 40.0 3.72

SUB TOTAL 400.0 37.16


Play School

C.01 Entry Hall 150.0 13.94

(Vestibule/Coat & Boot Cubbies)

C.02 Play Areas (2 sinks) 1,100.0 102.19

C.03 Teacher's Area (Alcove) 100.0 9.29

C.04 2 Washrooms 300.0 27.87

C.05 Storage 200.0 18.58

SUB TOTAL 1,850.0 171.87

TOTAL NET AREA 27,236.0 2,530.31

25% GROSSING FACTOR 6,809.0 632.58

TOTAL GROSS AREA 34,045.0 3,162.88


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

4.0 Building Design

The predominant space of the building will be the gymnastics area. This will be the

functional centre of the building and will also act as circulation for the adjacent support

and administration spaces.

The foyer will act as the main circulation node for the building. This will be where

the athletes and parents are separated. Parents will accompany the athletes into the

building and also the change areas to help smaller children. The entry into the main

gymnastics space will be where the separation between athlete and parent begins. Past

this point, the children will be in a secure and safe area and under coaching supervision.

The reception area is intended to be the entry to the administration areas and will have

the ability to be closed off when not in use.

It is expected that 30 athletes will be using the change areas at a time. However, the

change area for the female athletes will be larger than for the male athletes.

The playschool will be designed to provincial standards and will be accessible from the

main gymnastics area. Currently there are 11 children but the space will be designed to

accommodate 17.


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

The gymnastics area will have a circulation area around the perimeter of the equipment

to allow athletes access to various areas without interfering with other activities. There

will be two below-grade pits filled with foam cubes. A 2.44m (8’-0”) climbing wall will

be adjacent to one of the pits. Lockers for competitive athletes will be provided in the

gymnastics space. The gymnastics area will have a clear height of 9.45m (30’-0”). This

will provide enough clearance to accommodate future programs that may be delivered

by the Club.

The aim is to have most administration and support areas with direct access to the

gymnastics space. Direct access has been provided to the gymnastics space for the

coaches offices, dance studio, gymnastics storage and playschool.

The spectator mezzanine will partially overhang the support spaces below and provide a

covered circulation area on one side of the gymnastics area. A clear dimension of 4.73m

(15’-0”) will be provided from the main floor with a floor to floor height of 5.14m (17’-0”)

and an approximate height of 6.41m (21’-0”) at eye level. This information was obtained

from the Airdrie Edge Gymnastics Club and was seen as being ideal for maintaining

visual separation from the spectators and the athletes.

Please see the following design drawings prepared by ONPA Architects for more detail.


Entry Hall




Boiler Rm.




Food Prep.


Wash Area


Play Areas




File Rm.




Meter Room













Fund Raising


Boys Change


Girls Change










Dance / Activity








Gym Storage





January 7, 2011 Aerials Gymnastics Club New Gymnastics Facility 10239

Main Floor Plan




Viewing Gallery




201a WC













Stair 2


January 7, 2011 Aerials Gymnastics Club New Gymnastics Facility 10239

Second Floor Plan





January 7, 2011 Aerials Gymnastics Club New Gymnastics Facility 10239





January 7, 2011

Aerials Gymnastics Club New Gymnastics Facility


Perspective Views


January 7, 2011 Aerials Gymnastics Club New Gymnastics Facility 10239

Sectional Perspectives and Interior View

Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

Site looking North showing Tri-Leisure Centre

5.0 Technical Description


Building Exterior and Building Envelope

Low or no maintenance products have been selected to reduce long-term maintenance

costs and provide finishes that will keep their appearance over a long period of time. All

exterior walls are designed to incorporate rain screen principal methods. The exterior

wall construction will be metal clad and masonry veneers over rigid insulation and metal

infill framing with a steel structure.

Exterior Doors and Windows

Exterior doors will be insulated hollow metal in pressed steel frames. Windows will

be conventional aluminum section anodized or pre-finished, with tempered glazing.

Opening sashes will be provided as required to provide ventilation and temperature

control for the users.


Sloped roof portions will be pre-finished metal. Flat roof areas will be 2 ply SBS roofing.

SBS roofing system slopes will be achieved by sloping the structure wherever practical.

Some tapered insulation may be required on areas where the sloped deck adds

unnecessary complication to the structure and for back slopes to drains.


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

Interior Construction and Finishes

Interior partitions will be predominantly steel stud and gypsum board unless subsequent

discussions indicate that masonry walls are required in some specific areas. An STC rating

of 45 will be provided for all administration offices and meeting rooms. The floor of the

gymnastics area will be concrete with a thin composite covering – further discussion will

be undertaken as to whether this will be sheet flooring, carpeting or exposed concrete.

The flooring in the administration areas will be carpet while the flooring in the public

areas will be sheet flooring or exposed concrete. Ceilings will be a combination of

acoustic ceiling tiles and exposed painted structure. In areas where reverberation is a

concern, acoustic decking will be provided.

The two 6’-0” deep below-grade pits in the gymnastics area will have a floor construction

of a layer of car tires with a layer of ½” plywood above and a layer of stiff foam above that.

The remaining 5’-0” depth of the pit will be filled with foam cubes.

Building Code

The building will be classified under the 2006 Alberta Building Code by Article 3.2..2.26-

Group A2 – up to 3 storeys – Sprinklered:

- Faces 2 streets

- 1 storey with mechanical / viewing mezzanine

- Combustible and non-combustible construction

- 1 hour floor assemblies, including respective load-bearing elements

- Non-rated roof

- Exiting distance ( is 45 metres

- Number of water closets required by code: 2 male / 4 female.

Vertical Circulation

The aim is to limit the size of the mezzanine so that an elevator is not necessary. Barrierfree

access will be provided to the first floor of the building.

LEED Requirements

As this building will be owned by the City of Spruce Grove, the mandate is for the

building to have a rating of silver. Please refer to the following LEED checklist for more



Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

LEED Canada-NC 2009 Project Checklist

Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Yes ? No

53 26 31 Project Totals (pre-certification estimates) 110 Possible Points

Yes ? No

Certified 40-49 points Silver 50-59 points Gold 60-79 points Platinum 80 points and above

4 10 12 Sustainable Sites 26 Points

Prereq 1 Construction Activity Pollution Prevention Required

Credit 1 Site Selection 1

Credit 2 Development Density and Community Connectivity 3, 5

Credit 3 Brownfield Redevelopment 1

Credit 4.1 Alternative Transportation: Public Transportation Access 3, 6

Credit 4.2 Alternative Transportation: Bicycle Storage & Changing Rooms 1

Credit 4.3 Alternative Transportation: Low-Emitting & Fuel-Efficient Vehicles 3

Credit 4.4 Alternative Transportation: Parking Capacity 2

Credit 5.1 Site Development: Protect and Restore habitat 1

Credit 5.2 Site Development: Maximize Open Space 1

Credit 6.1 Stormwater Design: Quantity Control 1

Credit 6.2 Stormwater Design: Quality Control 1

Credit 7.1 Heat Island Effect: Non-Roof 1

Credit 7.2 Heat Island Effect: Roof 1

Credit 8 Light Pollution Reduction 1

Yes ? No

6 2 2 Water Efficiency 10 Points

Prereq 1 Water Use Reduction Required

Credit 1 Water Efficient Landscaping 2, 4

Credit 2 Innovative Wastewater Technologies 2

Credit 3 Water Use Reduction 2 - 4

Yes ? No

18 7 10 Energy & Atmosphere 35 Points

Prereq 1 Fundamental Commissioning of Building Energy Systems Required

Prereq 2 Minimum Energy Performance Required

Prereq 3 Fundamental Refrigerant Management Required

Credit 1 Optimize Energy Performance 1 - 19

Credit 2 On-Site Renewable Energy 1 - 7

Credit 3 Enhanced Commissioning 2

Credit 4 Enhanced Refrigerant Management 2

Credit 5 Measurement and Verification 3

Credit 6 Green Power 2


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

Yes ? No

8 2 4 Materials & Resources 14 Points

Prereq 1 Storage and Collection of Recyclables Required

Credit 1.1 Building Reuse: Maintain Existing Walls, Floors, and Roof 1 - 3

Credit 1.2 Building Reuse: Maintain Interior Non-Structural Elements 1

Credit 2 Construction Waste Management 1 - 2

Credit 3 Materials Reuse 1 - 2

Credit 4 Recycled Content 1 - 2

Credit 5 Regional Materials 1 - 2

Credit 6 Rapidly Renewable Materials 1

Credit 7 Certified Wood 1

Yes ? No

15 0 0 Indoor Environmental Quality 15 Points

Prereq 1 Minimum Indoor Air Quality Performance Required

Prereq 2 Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control Required

Credit 1 Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring 1

Credit 2 Increased Ventilation 1

Credit 3.1 Construction IAQ Management Plan: During Construction 1

Credit 3.2 Construction IAQ Management Plan: Before Occupancy 1

Credit 4.1 Low-Emitting Materials: Adhesives and Sealants 1

Credit 4.2 Low-Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings 1

Credit 4.3 Low-Emitting Materials: Flooring Systems 1

Credit 4.4 Low-Emitting Materials: Composite Wood and Agrifibre Products 1

Credit 5 Indoor Chemical and Pollutant t Source Control 1

Credit 6.1 Controllability of System: Lighting 1

Credit 6.2 Controllability of System: Thermal Comfort 1

Credit 7.1 Thermal Comfort: Design 1

Credit 7.2 Thermal Comfort: Verification 1

Credit 8.1 Daylight and Views: Daylight 1

Credit 8.2 Daylight and Views: Views 1

Yes ? No

2 4 0 Innovation in Design 6 Points

Credit 1.1 Innovation in Design 1

Credit 1.2 Innovation in Design 1

Credit 1.3 Innovation in Design 1

Credit 1.4 Innovation in Design 1

Credit 1.5 Innovation in Design 1

Credit 2 LEED ® Accredited Professional 1

Yes ? No

0 1 3 Regional Priority 4 Points

Credit 1 Durable Building 1

Credit 2.1 Regional Priority Credit 1

Credit 2.2 Regional Priority Credit 1

Credit 2.3 Regional Priority Credit 1


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011


The structural design for this facility will consist of a large volume, clear span space for

gymnastics, complete with a mezzanine, as well single story administration, amenity

and service spaces. The structural system will be primarily a conventional steel structure

on a concrete foundation. Foundations will consist of concrete grade beams on drilled

piles and the floor will be a slab on grade. The superstructure shall consist of clear span

structural steel framing utilizing open we steel joists, and/or clear span trusses subject

to the economy of construction. Lateral stability shall be achieved with structural steel

cross-bracing at appropriate locations.

The design code for this project will be based on the Alberta Building Code 2006.

Material Codes shall be as follows:

1. CAN/CSA S16.01 - Limited States Design of Steel Structures.

2. CAN/CSA A23.3-04 - Design of Concrete Structures.

3. CAN/CSA A23.1-04 - Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete


.4 CAN/CSA A23.2-04 - Methods of Test and Standard Practice for Concrete

Design Superimposed Loads shall be as follows:

Live Loads (kPa)

Dead Loads (kPa)

Roof 1.54 1.5

Mezzanine 4.8 0.5

Stairs & Exits 4.8 -

Design lateral loading shall be based upon the requirements established by the Alberta

Building Code and shall be governed by either wind and /or seismic forces. Various types

of demand from the gymnastics equipment that are attached to the roof (eg. Ropes,

bungees, rings, etc.) will be identified.

Based upon our previous experience with building design in the Edmonton and Spruce

grove area, it is anticipated that foundations shall consist of cast in place concrete drilled

end bearing piles. It is our understanding that geotechnical reports do exist for building

in the immediate adjacent areas, however we would recommend that a Geotechnical

Consultant be engaged to provide site specific recommendations upon which the

consultants can base their design.


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011


Mechanical systems for this facility will be selected in order to achieve a LEED

silver rating. Air system will be located in the Mechanical Room and be ducted to

displacement air grilles at low levels in all rooms. Air system will use 100% outside air

with heat recovery. Plumbing systems will utilize low consumption fixtures c/w high

efficiency water heater. Building heating system will utilize two medium efficient boilers

and distribution pumps to heating radiant panels in the various spaces. Controls will be

direct digital type.


The electrical service and distribution for this building will include a utility fed

transformer supplying a 120/208 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire secondary power service to a main

distribution centre located in the Electrical Room. Branch circuit panelboards will be

used to feed downstream devices such as mechanical loads, fluorescent lighting and

duplex receptacles. A motor control center fed via the main distribution panel will be

used to supply power to required mechanical loads. Duplex receptacles will be provided

throughout the building for convenience, and as required by the identified building

equipment. Lighting will be fluorescent throughout including high bay T5 fluorescent

fixtures in the main gymnasium with T8 fluorescent fixtures throughout the remaining

support spaces. Lighting controls will include microphonic/IR occupancy sensors in the

main gymnasium and washroom/change room areas and occupancy sensors in the office

and common areas. The gymnasium will have three level lighting and the remaining

office, change room and common areas will be two level lighting. The main gymnasium

will also have daylight sensors incorporated to account for additional daylight through

the proposed windows. Emergency and exit lighting will be supplied in accordance with

the requirements of the Alberta Building Standards, with the use of battery power as


Telephone service and distribution will include a utility feed to the main Telephone/

Data backboard in the Electrical Room, from which point an empty conduit system will

be provided throughout the building to serve outlets in office areas and other areas as

required. The fire alarm and smoke detection system will be a class A system with battery

backup and will include a main panel at the front entrance with initiating and signaling

devices as required based on the code. The building and gymnasium sound systems

will be provided for as directed by the City of Spruce Grove. Electrical systems will be

designed in this building in order to achieve a LEED Silver rating.


Spruce Grove Aerials Gymnastics Club

Design Development Report January 2011

6.0 Design and

Construction Schedule

The schedule allows for a construction schedule of 12 months, from June 2011 to May

2012. This will allow for a move-in during the summer months to avoid disruption to

recreational classes and the competitive athletes training schedules.

Design has been underway since September of 2010 in order to identify an accurate

functional program and determine cost certainty for the project in order to attain

approval from Spruce Grove City Council to proceed with construction documents and


7.0 Delivery Model

The project delivery will be stipulated bid. Upon approval from City Council, tender

documents will be prepared and a tender period of three weeks will be provided to

obtain tenders from Contractors.

8.0 Costing

The total project budget is currently determined to be $5.025 million. Furniture and

equipment is a separate cost which will be covered by the Aerials Gymnastics Club .


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