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Residential HVAC

Cash-Back Rewards

Financial incentives for

updating your home with

high efficiency heating

and cooling equipment








NG* E*

Natural Gas Hot

Water Boiler

AFUE 90% + $400

Up to 300 MBh.

Must have a modulating burner.

Must have an outdoor air reset control.

May also qualify for Indirect Water

Heater Reward.

Gas Furnace AFUE 90% + $150

Must have at least 2 stages of heating.

Must have an ECM.

May use natural gas, LP/propane, or oil.

Flue Closure

Seal off

an unused


to reduce


heat loss.


Customer must purchase and install

a qualified Efficient Heating & Cooling

furnace or boiler at the same time

as flue closure.

Customers who receive the Flue

Closure reward from Efficient Heating

& Cooling cannot receive an additional

Flue Closure reward through other

Focus on Energy programs.

Central Air



Air Source

Heat Pump

SEER 15+ $100

Must be installed at the same time

as a furnace that qualifies for Gas

Furnace Cash-Back Reward.

Units must have a TXV or EEV/EXV.

SEER will be determined by the

evaporator, condenser coil and

furnace combination.

Proper airflow and charge must

be achieved.


Heat Pump

COP 3.3

closed loop

or COP 3.6

open loop;

EER 15+


Heat pump must have at least 2

stages of heat output.

Air handler must have an ECM.

Electric resistance can not be used

for auxillary or emergency heat.

May also qualify for Indirect Water

Heater Reward.


Mini-split System

(Air conditioner

or heat pump)

SEER 15+



Multiple indoor evaporator/air handling

units must be installed. Indoor units

can be connected to one or

multiple condensors.

Units must have a TXV or EEV/EXV.

Eligibility of equipment is based on reliable sources, such as the AHRI database (

Qualified equipment must be installed between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2009 to be eligible. Focus

on Energy reserves the right to change or discontinue this program at any time.

HVAC Rewards available for multi-family and business customers. Visit

Only Wisconsin residential customers of participating Wisconsin utilities are eligible for Cash-Back Rewards.

See Cash-Back Reward Application for complete details. Reward Applications are available at or by calling 800.762.7077.

Select equipment may also qualify for Federal Tax Credits. For more information visit

* Indicates if a customer must purchase natural gas (NG) or electric (E) from a participating utility.


©2008 Wisconsin Focus on Energy RES-2324-1108

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