Lycée Français de New York

Head of School: Yves Thézé

505 East 75 th Street Director of College Counseling: Lily Trayes

New York, New York 10021 Tel: (212) 439-3840 Fax: (212) 439-4204

CEEB Code: 333760

School Profile 2007 – 2008

School and


The Lycée Français de New York is a French independent coeducational school founded in

1935. In 2003, the School moved into a state-of-the-art facility located on the Upper East Side of

Manhattan. The new building accommodates 1350 students representing over fifty nationalities in

grades Nursery through Terminale (XII). The Lycée Français follows the French national public

school curriculum, and classes are taught in French with the exception of English and History.

The Lycée awards the New York State High School Diploma after Classe Première/XI and

prepares its students to pass the French baccalauréat in June after Classe Terminale/XII.

New York State regards Classe Terminale as post-graduate study, whereas the French ministry

regards it as pre-baccalauréat.




The Lycée follows the academic curriculum established by the French National Ministry

of Education. The examinations in each subject are developed at a national level. Each

section of the examination consists of a series of essays requiring significant in-depth analysis.

The written section is a series of essays scheduled over a two-week period, encompassing 17-32

hours of testing. Students also recite two to four oral examinations. Please note: Of the students

taking the French baccalaureate around the world each year, approximately 80% pass the exam.

In 2007, 100% of our Lycée students earned the Baccalauréat. Of these 70 students, 71%

received an honorable mention.

Course Requirements for the Baccalaureate Diploma: Students choose a concentration from:

Serie ES (Economics and Social Science)

Serie L (Language and Literature)

Serie S (Mathematics and Sciences).

In addition to their concentration courses, Lycée students also enroll in English, Foreign

Language, History, and Philosophy. Foreign languages offered are Spanish, German, Italian,

Latin and, of course, French and English.




Please note:

The American Option of OIB (Option International du Baccalauréat) is a program that offers

students advanced level studies in English and an integrated history/geography program taught

by French and American faculty. OIB is not a separate diploma, but rather a specialization

within the framework of the French baccalaureate. Students prepare the American Option during

Classe Première (XI) and Classe Terminale (XII). Students in Classe Seconde (X) may also elect

the pre-OIB. OIB students complete their given concentration (ES, L, or S) and also study 5 hours

per week of English language, literature, and composition; and 4 hours per week of history and

geography. At the end of Classe Terminale (XII), OIB students take the exam in their chosen

field as well as a 4-hour written exam and a 30-minute oral exam in both English and History.

The examiners for the OIB are appointed by The College Board.

The OIB is part of the French Baccalaureate, not the International Baccalaureate.

Advanced Placement Advanced Placement classes are offered in English Literature, German Language, Italian

Language, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, French Language and French Literature.

Honors Courses

All courses in a student’s chosen concentration are designated as Honors courses.

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