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SAAarchaeologicalrecord - Society for American Archaeology

Ohio Historical Society. Conference

organizers are William S. Dancey, program

chair (email:,

and Martha Otto, local arrangements

(email: For

information on paper and symposium

submissions and registration, visit the

OSU Anthropology website at


The 8th ICRONOS Festival International

du Film Archéologique is a biennial

festival that is the centerpiece of an

intensive archaeology-awareness week.

“Africa: Vanished Civilizations” is the

main theme of the program, which will

also include international productions

about other domains of archaeology

made during the preceding two years.

For further information, contact Laetitia

Dion, Chargé de mission, Association

du Festival International du Film

Archéologique (AFIFA), 20 Quai de la

Monnaie, 33800 Bordeaux, France; tel:

(33.05), fax: (33.05); email:;

web: http://www-icronos.montaigne.


The 28th Biennial Great Basin Anthropological

Conference will be held in

Elko, NV. For more information, contact

Patricia Dean; tel: (208) 282-2107; email:


The 12th Mogollon Archaeology Conference,

Biennial Meeting, will be held in

Las Cruces, NM. For more information,

contact Terry Moody or William Walker

at Department of Sociology and Anthropology,

Box 3BV, New Mexico State University,

Las Cruces, NM 88003; tel: (505)

646-2148 or (505) 646-7006; email:, wiwalker@


The 8th Annual Conference of the

American Cultural Resources Association

(ACRA) will be held at the DeSoto

Hilton in the historic district of Savannah,

Georgia. Because of the meeting’s

location and the unique resources available

in Savannah, the meeting topic will

be archaeological and architectural

resource management in an urban setting.

For more information, please visit


The 2002 Chacmool Conference, titled

“Apocalypse Then,” will be held in Calgary,

Canada. The 2002 conference will

focus on how archaeologists deal with

disasters (both natural and humancaused)

and other world-ending crises.

Abstract submission and registration

forms may be found at the conference

website at


acmool.html. BA and MA students are

encouraged to submit papers to be presented

at the conference for the Bea

Loveseth Award, which is awarded to the

student submitting the best paper; the

award is valued at $250.00. For further

information, contact Larry Steinbrenner,

Program Chair, email:


The 2nd Conference of the Société Des

Américanistes De Belgique is on the

theme of “Roads to War and Pipes of

Peace: Conflict and Cooperation in the

Americas, Past and Present.” It will take

place at the Université Libre de Bruxelles

(Brussels). For more information,

contact the Organizing Committee of

the Société des Américanistes de Belgique,

Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire

(Section Amérique), Parc du Cinquantenaire

10, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgique;



The 101st Annual Meeting of the American

Anthropological Association will be

held at the Hyatt Regency, New Orleans,

LA. The theme of this year’s meetings is:

“(Un)Imaginable Futures: Anthropology

Faces the Next 100 Years.” Our Distinguished

Lecture will be delivered by

Timothy Earle, who has tentatively titled

his talk, “Who makes culture?: Alternative

media for social expression and control.”

For more information, visit


APRIL 9–13

The 68th Annual Meeting of the Society

for American Archaeology will be held

in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For more

information, contact SAA Headquarters,

900 Second St. N.E. #12, Washington,

DC 20002; tel: (202) 789-8200; fax:

(202)789-0284; or email: meetings@; web:

JULY 23–31

The XVIth INQUA Congress will be

held at the Reno Hilton Resort & Conference

Center Reno, Nevada. Full

details can be found on the Congress

website at


44 The SAA Archaeological Record • May 2002

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