ALL PAGES MAY2013-E - Critter Magazine

ALL PAGES MAY2013-E - Critter Magazine



MAY 2013

VOL. 6 NO. 9

animal adoption, rescue and education in gainesville and surrounding communities

Helping Hands Pet Rescue

14260 W. Newberry Rd. Box 140

Newberry, FL 32669

(352) 281-4358 •


EBONY is a senior

Doberman mix. She is

great with all other

dogs and is the

sweetest girl. Ebony

really deserves a

home to call her own.

She is 13-yrs-old and a

cancer survivor, but

she acts like a 5 to 6-yr

-old dog. Ebony’s a

perfect lady in the





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second chance farms

non-profit animal rescue and rehabilitation

Adoptions held Saturdays, noon-3 pm at

Earth Pets Natural Market in Gainesville.

TUCKER is a very

loving Cane Corso/

Hound mix who is

about 2-yrs-old. Tucker

gets along great with

all dogs and cats and

loves to play and

snuggle with his foster

siblings. He is a very

loyal dog who will

never stray far from his

people. Tucker is good

on a leash, knows

basic commands (sit,

stay, & no) and is

crate- and house


Second Chance Farms, Inc, located in Gainesville, Florida, is a non-profit

animal rescue and sanctuary. We offer unwanted, abused, neglected and

homeless critters of all species a second chance at having a healthy, happy,

loving home. For more information, visit us on the web or call 352-358-1191.




MAY 2013

Webbster and Button ………..…….……..……………. 3

Canine Knee Surgery Helps ‘Nice’ ...….……...……... 6

Critter Notes …..…..……………..…………….…...….. 10

Critter Calendar …...……………..…………….…...…. 14

Animal and Nature Stuff to Do and See

On The cover

GYPSY is a 1½-yr-old female tri-colored Walker Hound. She

is current on her shots and is heartworm negative. Gypsy

is very sweet and she’s looking for her forever loving home.

For more info call Williston Animal Group at (352) 528-9888

or visit WAG is always

in need of donations to help feed and care for the

animals in their care. Donations can be mailed to

WAG, PO Box 752, Williston, FL 32696.

WEBBSTER and BUTTON By K.C. Remington

Webbster and Button say …


They’re already trained, with no personality

surprises for you … and they need your love.


Critter Magazine is an animal adoption publication dedicated to

improving the quality of life for animals through education, support of spay/

neuter efforts and encouraging responsible pet guardianship, as well as

helping to find loving homes for animals in need. Although the majority of the

animals profiled are dogs and cats, we will feature any animal that is in need

of adoption. We publish each month and distribute throughout Gainesville

and Alachua, Levy, and Putnam counties. Advertising and editorial deadline

is the 15th of the month for the following month’s issue. We welcome letters

to the editor, comments and suggestions, as well as informative articles and

stories which are relevant to our goals.

Critter cannot screen either potential adopters or animals.

We urge all parties to act responsibly in these matters.

Critter Magazine is a publication of Critter Communications, LLC

and is also published in Athens, GA; Greenville, SC;

Asheville and Boone, NC; and Knoxville, TN.

Publisher and Editor - Sheri Inks

Editorial Consultant - Justine Mayela • Editorial Assistant - Joy Ryan

5745 SW 75 th St. #120, Gainesville, FL 32608

(352) 486-1705


If you are interested in publishing a Critter Magazine in your area,

contact Elaine Lite - or call 828-255-0516.

Visit us on the web at

All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without prior written consent of publisher prohibited.




Dedicated to finding loving, permanent homes

for Retired Racing Greyhounds

Meet NERO. He’s a

3-yr-old Greyhound

who loves to run,

cuddle, play, and

give kisses. This

handsome boy is

house trained and

gets along with

kids, other dogs,

and is so-so with

cats. Let him run

into your heart!

In addition to rescuing hounds, we are always looking

for foster families and volunteers. Contact: Chris Polny

at (352) 443-3633 or e-mail


Williston Animal Group

a non profit corporation

PO Box 752 · Williston, FL 32696

(352) 528-9888 ·


a happy and

playful hound.

He loves people

and other dogs.

This cute boy would

make a great family

pet. Dodger is a

tri-color with He

is neutered and

up-to-date with

his routine shots.


$15 Individual / $25 Family

Mission Statement:

To protect and find homes for

stray cats and dogs and to

encourage the spaying and

neutering of all dogs and cats

not used for breeding purposes

in the Williston area.


a Happy Tale!


We’ve changed

the date!

7th Annual High Springs

Mutts & Pups Dog Show

Look for our fabulous show on October 19 instead of this spring.

Same great show … loads of fun + adorable dogs - what could be better!

SPONSORS AND VENDORS WANTED … For info, call 386-454-3346 or 352-275-6346.

NO CHARGE for Rescue Groups and Non-Profit organizations!

Service you can trust!



We offer IT Solutions for all situations.

• Design • Installation • Relocation • Repair

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EVIE is a great girl! She is loyal, friendly

and loves car rides. She is house- and

crate-trained and perfect when left alone

in the house. Favorites include backyard

adventures, puppy play dates, squeaky toys

and frozen marrow bones. Least favorites

include the cat. This girl is going to make

someone an amazing animal companion.

1102 NW 23rd Ave. Gainesville

Gainesville: 352-373-9697 • Ocala: 352-840-0881

New Puppy/Kitten

First Visit

Get your new pet off to a healthy start

with our 1st visit special.

Call Now for Your


Only $ 59 95


• Comprehensive Exam

• Dose of Flea Preventative

• Dose of Heartworm Preventative

• Distemper Vaccine

• Fecal Exam

• Nail Trim

Oaks Veterinary Hospital

229 NW 75th St. • (352) 332-PETS

Northwood Oaks Veterinary Hospital

5331 NW 34th Blvd. (formerly NW 34th St.)

(352) 373-PETS


At only 38 lbs., this petite,

energetic, people-oriented,

fun-loving, jogging buddy,

cuddle bug, is looking for

love. MILEY is a 2-yr-old

female who wins the hearts of

everyone she meets. She is

available for adoption through

Plenty of Pit Bulls. Check her

out. You won’t regret it. Miley

would prefer to be the only

pet in the household.



Contact info:

Sharon at (386) 454-3063

The mission of Plenty of Pit Bulls is to bring people

together to make good things happen for the dogs we

love. We are a network and a resource for dog lovers

who want to work on many levels — from hands-on

rescue and care of individual dogs to larger-scale

advocacy and education. We are located in

Gainesville, Florida and work in Gainesville and

surrounding areas, collaborating with groups

from Ocala to Jacksonville.


Dr. Larry Parrish is pleased to welcome

Dr. Jennifer Blackburn

(formerly of Lake Area Animal Hospital)

to Keystone Heights Animal Hospital

7344-SR-100, Keystone Heights, FL

Office: 352-473-4966 • Cell: 352-727-1516

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• All natural flea & tick shampoo/conditioner

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• Sanitary booth-disinfected before each wash

• Warm, soft water

All Natural Shampoo and Flea Shampoo

No Soaps/Detergents - Won’t Rinse off

Frontline, Advantage, etc.

3135 SW 42 nd St.

(one block north of Homewood Suites)

Phone: (352) 333-3753

WASH your CAR and your DOG in one convenient location!


Canine crusader’s knee surgery

made a world of difference

By Sarah Carey

For Erik Bendl, known as “World Guy” for his countrywide

treks pushing a canvas globe to promote diabetes

awareness, the world’s weight got a little lighter after

his dog, Nice, underwent knee surgery at the University

of Florida Small Animal Hospital on March 19. Nice, a

6-year-old Blackmouth cur mix, has been discharged.

“We think there’s a good chance

Nice will make a full recovery over the

next few months and be off to his long

walks again,” said Caleb Hudson,

D.V.M., a veterinary surgeon at UF who

performed Nice’s 2½-hour operation.

Bendl began walking with a mission

— to promote diabetes awareness —

after his mother, a former Kentucky

alderman and state representative,

died at 54 of complications from the

disease. He has walked more than

6,000 miles in 41 states, in all kinds of

weather, sharing his story and his

motivational message — that diabetes

doesn’t have to be a death sentence.

In many cases, it can be prevented

through weight loss and exercise and

that people should “love themselves

and take a walk.” For the past six

years, Nice has walked with him, a part

of his life and his mission.

Nice began limping in Florida during Bendl’s latest

journey, which began in Pensacola and was to end in

Tampa. After getting caught in a storm, he hunkered

down in Spring Hill, where a local business owner

offered shelter. Nice’s limping became worse. He saw a

veterinarian in the area, who suspected a problem

involving either Nice’s hip or knee joints. Bendl sought

a second opinion from veterinary specialists at the

University of Florida.

When Bendl arrived at UF on March 4, he wasn’t

pushing the huge blue-and-green painted globe he’s

usually seen with in photos. That was out in the parking lot

in his weathered purple van, although he did offer to

inflate the world for the staff’s amusement. With his wide

smile, colorful stories and self-deprecating humor, Bendl

did his best to remain positive while an orthopedic

surgeon examined Nice and performed tests. But by day’s

end, Bendl’s heart was heavy.

“I didn’t expect that Nice’s problems would be this

severe or this expensive to deal with,” he said.

Nice was diagnosed as having torn cranial cruciate

ligaments in both knees, requiring surgery to correct the

problems. Two tibial plateau leveling osteotomy surgeries

performed simultaneously are more economical than

operating on one leg at a time, surgeons said, but the cost

still was estimated at approximately $5,000. UF was able

to subsidize part of the cost through its Pet Samaritan

Fund, but Erik still had to come up with around $3,400 to

cover the procedures and postoperative X-rays. The

doctor recommended that the UF surgery team operate as

soon as possible to have the best chance of a good


For a man with no credit and no regular income — Bendl

supports himself and Nice through the support of friends,

family members and strangers — the figure and the time

frame were daunting.

Overwhelmed, Bendl headed back to Spring Hill to mull

his options. The next morning, the 50-year-old Kentucky

native was resolute — he’d do whatever he could to help

his dog, relying on the resources at hand: his World Guy

blog, his friends and his personal and public Facebook


Bendl said he’s better at telling stories and encouraging

people to stay healthy than he is at asking for help. But

Nice’s story, as they say, had legs.

Thanks to media stories and social

media, within 10 days enough funds

had been collected to cover Nice’s

surgery and most of his postoperative

tests. Bendl said he was humbled and

grateful for every donation, no matter

how small, but two couples in particular

stood out in their generosity.

An elderly Spring Hill couple had

been in the process of closing four

booths they operated at the local

flea market. Instead of storing their

inventory, they decided to donate it all

to Bendl after reading about Nice in the

local paper. The proceeds gave Bendl

$560 more to put toward Nice’s care.

Another couple, owners of a tattoo

store in Arkansas, had met Erik and

Nice on the road and read about their

plight on Bendl’s World Guy blog. They

gave $500, which put him over what

was needed to schedule the surgery. But more than that,

Bendl said, they told him that his encouragement to “get

healthy” had prompted both of them to take better care of

themselves. To him, that meant the most.

Bendl and Nice will be back at UF in a few weeks for

follow-up X-rays to ensure the dog’s legs are healing

properly. During the three-month recuperation period, the

two will lay low and take things as they come, Bendl said.

One step at a time.

For more information contact Sarah Carey, Director of

Public Relations, UF College of Veterinary Medicine,

P.O. Box 100125, Gainesville, FL 32610-0125 or call

(352) 294-4242.



Advertise in Critter and put

your Business to the Rescue!

Ad rates are reasonable, ad design is free

- and we’d love to work with you!

For information, call (352) 486-1705

or e-mail:


Millhopper Square

4131 NW 16th Blvd.



We bring people

and nature together.




Millhopper Square 4215 NW 16th Blvd.

352-381-1997 •



A Dog & Cat Grooming Salon

2028 N.W. 6th St. Gainesville, FL 32609

(352) 378-8737

Gainesville Pet Rescue

5403 SW Archer Rd Gainesville, FL

(352) 692-4773

HUCK is ready for an

exciting adventure! And

this good looker will be

quite the companion! He

is an amazing dog. Being

fully house trained, having

a lack of begging, and

never whining or jumping

makes this well-behaved

boy an amazing option for

any home. When on

adventures, he doesn't

pull on the leash and truly

enjoys exploring the

outdoors with his fellow

adventurers. On top of

this, Huck also gets

along with everyone he meets along the way. Consider

giving this bright eyed beauty a forever home today!

“Saving the Lives of Unwanted

Animals and Promoting Responsible

Pet Guardianship through Adoptions,

Spay/Neuter and Education.”


8714 SR 21 Melrose, FL 32666

(352) 478-1444 • • Hours: Sat - 11-5

Visit our adoptable animals at PetSmart off Archer Rd.

EVERY Sat. & Sun. 11 am - 5 pm

The cat is named

BEAR. He is a young

adult male cat that is

currently in a foster

home with other cats.

He also has been

around dogs and

would fit in well to

most homes.

LANEY is a very cute

and sweet Beagle

who is looking for a

forever home.

New 'n BIGGER location!


Gata Loca

Cat Rescue


domestic short hair

calico, approximately

1½-yrs-old. She is

very sweet, gets

along with other

cats, is spayed,

microchipped, and

up to date on all


See adoptable cats every Sunday from 1 – 6 pm

and every other Saturday from noon – 5 pm at

Pet Supermarket, 2339 NW 13 Street, Gainesville.

Some cats remain at the store throughout the week.

Other adoptable cats can be seen in the photo

album located at the store or viewed on Facebook.

Contact Info:

Jennifer (352) 281-3221





INGA is a Flemish Giant

with a lot of love to give.

Before coming into rescue,

she was living in a tiny

cage and now lives in a

large space where she has

room to run, play and be a

happy bunny. So many

times bigger bunnies get

overlooked, but it is hard to

overlook this beautiful girl as her size, fur and personality

are all so grand. Please consider adopting Inga

and making her part of your family!

We Need You ... Please Volunteer!

Phone: (352) 528-5591


Euthanasia drops in Alachua County

The graph below shows what amazing things can happen in Alachua County. The Alachua County community has

been working together since 2002 so no animal will die because of pet overpopulation. The 87% drop in euthanasia at

Alachua County Animal Services is a result of this collaboration and hard work and staying focused on achieving their

vision of a no-kill community by 2015.

Alachua County Animal Services is located at 3400 NE 53rd Ave, Gainesville. For more info call (352) 264-6870.

ACAS’s hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm and are closed Sunday, Monday and Holidays.

Horse Protection

Association of Florida

DESTINY is a chestnut

Thoroughbred mare who

was surrendered by an

owner. She has a lip

tattoo, but we have not

been able to read it. We

know she was a broodmare

from Marion County

and that she raced.

She’s about 12 years old.

Destiny has good ground

manners and should be suitable for trail riding with a refresher

course when she is back to good health. She is gaining weight

and should be ready to start under saddle in 3 months or less.

Destiny gets along great with other horses and likes her carrots!

Please go to the HPAF web site for more

information about adopting and an adoption application.

To make an appointment for a tour of the farm,

email or call us

Monday - Friday, 10 am – 5 pm.

Volunteers are needed for daily care and to help

feed from 8 am-noon. Call Julie at the number listed for info.

20690 NW 130th Avenue Micanopy • E-mail:

Phone: (352) 466-4366

P.O. Box 679

Ft. McCoy, FL 32134

(352) 546-2781

100% of donations are applied directly towards food

and veterinary expenses for our rescued animals.

SUNNEE (L) and


have been together for

11 years. Their human

companion died so

Animal People took

them in. Sunnee is a

blind 12-yr-old Doxie

mix. Lil’ Bit is a 12-yr-old

long haired Chihuahua/Doxie mix. These

boys will be adopted as a bonded pair. They get along with

other small dogs, but are protective of each other. Lil Bit is a

fear biter. They do not do well with children. If you are unable

to adopt but would be interested in fostering these sweet boys,

they would certainly appreciate the extra love and attention.

Weekly adoptions are held at PetSmart on Archer Road

in Gainesville every Saturday and Sunday from 11 am-5 pm.

All of our animals are vaccinated, spayed or neutered,

microchipped and heartworm or Felv/FIV tested and

receive monthly heartworm and flea prevention.



Horses Helping People presents

Annual Feast on the Farm

The Fifth Annual Feast on the Farm hosted by Horses

Helping People (HOPE) will be held on Saturday, May 18

from 4 – 9 pm Currently HOPE is seeking event and in-kind

sponsors for the event. This year’s event will continue the

theme of the Preakness horse race. Guests will enjoy

dinner, cocktails, live music, auction items, and prizes while

watching the running of the 138th Preakness Stakes. The

event will take place on the beautiful, rolling acres of

Rembert Farm, 13120 N.W. 173rd Lane, Alachua. Honorary

event hosts include Chris and Maggie Machen and Mike and

Tammy Prince, as well as Storm Roberts as the emcee.

Horses Helping People, Inc. is a not-for-profit

organization, established in July of 2000, offering equineassisted

therapy to enrich the lives and experiences of

individuals with disabilities. Their goal for this event is to raise

money for and increase public awareness of the therapy and

riding programs offered at HOPE. For more information

regarding the event, sponsorship or to purchase tickets visit or call (352) 495-0533.

Non-Profit organization

networks to save wild animals

Friends of Florida Wildlife, Inc. (FFW) is a non-profit

organization created to meet the need of Gainesville and

surrounding areas by caring for injured and orphaned native

animals. Many squirrels, opossum, raccoons, and other

small animals are found each year by members of the

community. These animals are rehabilitated by trained and

caring volunteers, often in their own homes, and then

successfully released into the wild. FFW is eager to work with

rehabilitators, veterinarians and volunteers. The organization

is run by volunteers and new volunteers are always needed.

Many animals are believed to be orphaned when they are

found, but in fact the mother may be hiding when people

approach. Animal mothers will gladly accept their baby back

into the nest, even if it has been handled by a person.

Mothers usually have more than one nest prepared and

will move the baby to a new nest when a nest has fallen out

of a tree. Other animals may need medical attention before

they are placed back into the wild.

FFW accepts and greatly appreciates donations to their

cause. If you find a wild animal that appears to be injured or

orphaned, contact their hotline at (352) 949-1913 in order to

speak with someone who can help guide you. FFW, Inc. can

also be contacted by email at and found

on Facebook.

Fla. House of Representatives votes HB 851

strengthening Florida’s Animal Cruelty Law

Legislation to strengthen Florida's animal cruelty law

has been passed. On April 17, HB 851 passed the Florida

House of Representatives with a 118-0 vote. On April 18, SB

504 was reported favorably out of the Committee on

Appropriations with a unanimous vote; it had previously been

approved by the Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal

and Civil Justice and the Committee on Criminal Justice.

Senate Bill 504 is now ready for a vote by the full

Florida Senate.

House Bill 851 will strengthen Florida's animal cruelty law

by specifying that a person who commits multiple acts of

cruelty against one animal or acts of cruelty against more

than one animal may be charged with a separate offense for

each act, and by making animal fighting punishable under

Florida's anti-racketeering (RICO) law. The bill would also

prohibit the artificial coloring and sale of baby chickens,

ducklings and rabbits.

For more information regarding the 2013 Florida

Legislation, visit Animal Rights Foundation of Florida at or call (954) 727-2733. ARFF works at

promoting and protecting the rights of animals in Florida.

Dog Bite Prevention Week

Dog Bite Prevention Week will be held from May 19-25.

This annual event, which is sponsored by the American

Veterinary Medical Association, helps bring awareness to the

issue of dog bites and precautions that people can take to

protect themselves and their children.

Hugging or kissing the family dog are common causes of

bites to the face. Instead, teach kids to scratch the dog on the

chest or the side of the neck. Teach kids to stand still, like a

tree. This works for strange dogs and anytime the family dog

gets too frisky. And never tease a dog or disturb a dog that’s

sleeping, eating or protecting something.

If a toddler must interact with your dog, you should have

your hands on the dog too. Even if your dog is great with kids

and has never bitten – why take a chance?

Spayed or neutered animal companions can be calmer

and are less likely to be aggressive in some situations. Give

your puppy lots of new positive experiences and train using

positive methods. Supervise your dog at all times around

children. If visiting children are bothering your dog, put the

dog away.

For more information about interacting safely with dogs,

visit and

Free Spays for Strays!

Alachua County

feral cats will be

sterilized and





(352) 380-0940

North Florida Equine

Veterinary Service, P.A.

Susan Tanhauser, DVM, PhD

(352) 339-2001

Amanda McCleery, DVM

(352) 359-3036

I support Critter Magazine and

the organizations that PROTECT

animals … Just like my insurance

companies PROTECT your

valuable assets, your Home &

Auto - while SAVING you money!

Call Judith Bartlett for a no hassle quote

352-373-7801 ext.2244



Customer Service

Latalyia McKnight

Exclusive Agent

Allstate Insurance Company

4004 NW 13th St.

Gainesville, FL 32609

Phone: 352.371.2204

Fax: 352.371.8208



“We speak for those who have no voice”

See us at PetSmart

in Gainesville on

Archer Rd. every Sat.

11:30 am to 4 pm.

Adoptions held at the Humane Society on Fridays 10:30 - 2

Be sure to visit us at our indoor/outdoor yard sale

every Friday & Saturday from 11 - 3!

Adopt me! I’m friendly

and sweet, even though

my circumstances are

somewhat uncertain right

now. I'm looking for that

place filled with kindness,

love and stability. ABE

is my name and I’m a

1½-year-old Treeing Walker

Coonhound. I’m looking

for a new forever home.

I get along exceptionally

well with other dogs and

with children.

384 NE 80 th Ave., Old Town, FL 32680 • 352-542-1081


Please visit us online to see some of our many

dogs and cats looking for their forever homes.

Phoenix Animal Rescue

(352) 226-0228

Our mission: to rescue, provide sanctuary, and ultimately

to re-home abandoned, stray and neglected animals

from the Alachua County, Florida area.

Have you been looking for a

dog who likes all dogs and

will be nice to your cats?

You will love DEWEY and

so will your cat and dog! Is

having a trained dog

important to you? Dewey is

house– and crate-trained,

and graduated from training

class at Dream Dogz

Training Center. Dewey is

neutered, microchipped,

vaccinated, and current on

all preventatives.

Come meet this great guy on Saturday’s at

Petsmart in Gainesville!

We are a volunteer-run, non-profit, no-kill animal rescue group. All of our

animals are housed in foster homes, where they are provided huge amounts

of love and any needed medical attention prior to going to their forever

homes. Visit our website to see our child-friendly dogs who love cats, sports

dogs, plus foster-program facts, an adoption application and more.

Convenience combined with Country Charm

106A NE Highway 441

(352) 466-4025

At the blinking light in Historic Micanopy

Open daily 6 am - 9 pm

Joe Still


4516 NW 23rd Ave.

Gainesville, FL 32606

352-275-4295 - cell

352-377-8899 - office

Specializing in

Micanopy area properties


Farm Store and Bakehouse

good for the earth . . . good for the soul

organic recycled earth-friendly

stuff we need

Also featuring Natural Pet Supplies

Open everyday from 10-6

703 Cholokka Blvd., Micanopy



Professional Dog Training

by North Central Florida’s

Pit Bull Behavior Professional


• Customized In-Home Dog Training

• Behavior Evaluations

• Veterinarian Recommended

Specializing in:

• Aggression • Multi-Dog Homes

• Correcting Unwanted Behaviors

AMBER, Rescued Pit Bull

AKC Canine Good Citizen Title

American Temperament Test Title

Trick Dog Title

Phoenix Animal Rescue

The Resource for Everything Pit Bull

(352) 226-0228 •

A portion of your payment helps homeless dogs find loving families.

Ever tried giving

your cat a pill?

Giving medicine to animals can be a real

challenge, but pharmacy compounding

offers a creative solution. We work with vets to

compound a custom-flavored dosage form that

animals love. Ask your vet about the benefits

of custom compounding for your pet.

Wise’s Pharmacy

708 SW 4 th Ave. Gainesville

Mon-Fri 8:30 am-6 pm • Sat 9 am-1 pm

(352) 376-8286

• Wings

• Kids’ Menu


• Seafood

• Steak

Get Full At The Bull!

15202 NW 147 th Dr. Suite 1100, Alachua

(386) 418-1039




Proudly serving the off-premise

catering needs of Gainesville

and central Florida since 1982.



Offering routine well care, surgical

and emergency services for

dogs, cats and birds

Come visit us at our new location!

Now offering

family suites at our

new boarding facility!

3717 NW 13 th St. Gainesville, FL

352-372-Vets (8387) • Established in 1972


Would you commit

to feeding feral cats?

Looking for responsible

individuals willing to feed feral

cats in the Northeast and

Northwest areas of Gainesville.

For more information,

call Adele Franson

(352) 377-2628


Gainesville Dermatology

Allison Matthews, PA-C

Lindsey Johnson, PA-C

Stephanie Brice, Licensed Aesthetician

Erin Jenkins, Certified Medical Electrologist

Paige Mackenzie, Licensed Aesthetician

Carissa Miller, Certified Medical Electrologist

120 NW 76 th Drive - Gainesville



Personal pet sitter and pet care

in your home while you're away

Serving Alachua, Newberry

and High Springs

Horse care also available

Cyndy Shires

352-870-5627 / day

386-462-2262 / evening

Positive Training

for You and

Your Pet Dog!

Serving Gainesville and

neighboring communities

• Puppy Playgroup

• Basic Obedience/Manners

• K9 Nose Work ® and more!

Group & Private Lessons for all ages

Melanie Phillpot, CPDT, CNWI

352-871-5698 •

Compassionate care

for your pets

Dr. Jill Lerman • Dr. Kathy Vliet

Jonesville Animal Hospital

14145 W. Newberry Road Suite 102

(across from Steeplechase Publix)

(352) 331-7050

♦ Expert Nutritional Advice

♦ Locally Owned and Operated

500 NW 60th St. Suite F (352) 331-5123

M-F 9am-6pm / Sat 10am-5 pm / Sun 11 am-3 pm


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The Critter Calendar is a listing of animal and/or nature-related happenings in and around Gainesville, as well as other interesting

tidbits we discover in far-off places. All events are free unless otherwise noted. Please send your event information by the 15 th of each month

for publication the following month to: Critter Magazine, 5745 SW 75th St. #120, Gainesville, FL 32608 or e-mail:


Gainesville Rabbit Rescue Adoptions - Bunny adoptions

11:30 am - 4 pm every Sunday at PetSmart, 3736 Archer Rd.,

Gainesville. For more info visit or

call (352) 528-5591.

Plenty of Pit Bulls Monthly Walk is held the last Friday of each

month. Meet 6:30 pm at The Hippodrome Theatre, 25 SE 2nd

Place, Gainesville. Join well-behaved, leashed dogs, no matter the

breed and their humans on a stroll through downtown. Social to

follow at one of the many dog-friendly restaurants. For more info,

visit or call (386) 454-3063.

Second Chance Farms Adoptions - Meet adoptable animals,

12 - 3 pm every Saturday at Earth Pets Natural Market,

500 NW 60th St., Ste. F, Gainesville. For more info call (352) 358-

1191 or email

Dixie County Humane Society Adoptions - Meet

adoptable animals 10:30 am - 2 pm every Friday at DCHS,

384 NE 90th Ave, Old Town. (352) 542-1081 or

Gainesville Pet Rescue Adoptions - Meet adoptable animals

10 am - 6 pm every Thursday – Saturday at 5403 Archer Rd.,

Gainesville. For more info call (352) 692-4773 or visit

Puppy Hill Farm Adoptions - Meet adoptable animals

11 am - 5 pm every Saturday at Puppy Hill Farm, 8714 SR 21,

Melrose. For more info call (352) 473-3605 or visit

PetSmart Adoption Partners - Area rescue groups showcase

adoptable pets 11 am - 5 pm every Saturday and Sunday,

3736 Archer Rd., Gainesville. For more info call (352) 380-0112.

Retirement Home for Horses Visitors Day - Tour sanctuary

for abused and abandoned horses 11 am - 3 pm every

Saturday at Mill Creek Farm, County Rd. 235A, Alachua.

Admission: 2 carrots. Donations accepted. (386) 462-1001 or visit

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary Volunteer Day - Help

needed to chop produce, build habitats and other chores 10 am -

2 pm every day. For more info call (386) 462-7779 or visit

St. Francis Pet Care Clinic – Clinic is open 10 am - 1 pm

every Tuesday and screenings are once a month at

501 SE 2nd St., Gainesville. Experienced professional groomers

needed once a month or every other month. The clinic provides

free veterinary care to pets of homeless, veterans and very low

income residents of Alachua County. Call (352) 372-4959 or email

Yappy Hour - Social hour for pets and their people 5:30 - 6:30 pm

every Friday at Sweet Paws Bakery, Haile Village Center,

5330 SW 91st Terrace, Suite B, Gainesville. For more info call

(352) 264-8995.

Gata Loca Cat Rescue - Meet adoptable cats noon - 5 pm

every other Saturday and 1 - 6 pm every Sunday at Pet

Supermarket, 2339 NW 13 Street, Gainesville. For more info call

(352) 281-3221 or email

Friday, Saturday & Sunday – May 3 – 5

PetSmart National Adoption Weekend – Dogs, cats,

puppies, kittens, rabbits and other animals will be looking

to find their new lifelong homes from 11 am – 5 pm at

3736 SW Archer Road in Gainesville. Those who adopt a

pet will receive free pet supplies, coupons and samples.

For info visit or call (352) 380-0112.

Saturday - May 4

Gold Coast Greyhound Meet and Greet - Meet adoptable

Greyhounds. 10 am - 2 pm at Petco, 6869 West Newberry Rd.,

Gainesville. For more info call (352) 443-3633 or email

Veg4Life Potluck - Community potluck. Admission $1 plus a

vegan potluck dish. Universalist Fellowship, 4225 NW 34th St.,

Gainesville. The topic is “Make it yourself”. Learn how to

make rice milk, vegan cheese and energy bars. Call (352)

372-8147 or visit

Saturday - May 11

Gold Coast Greyhound Meet and Greet - Meet adoptable

Greyhounds 10 am - 2 pm at Earth Pets, 500 N.W. 60 St.,

Gainesville. For more info call (352) 443-3633 or email

EARS hosts a One-Day Membership & Guided Tour. (See ad

pg. 15.)

Saturday – May 18

Horses Helping People (HOPE) - Fifth Annual ‘Feast on the

Farm.’ (See Critter Notes, pg. 10.)

Gold Coast Greyhound Meet and Greet - Meet adoptable

Greyhounds 10 am - 2 pm at Tractor Supply Company,

14151 W. Newberry Rd., Newberry. For more info call

(352) 443-3633 or email

Saturday - May 25

Paws on Parole Meet and Greet - Meet Paws on

Parole’s Unleashed class 10 am - 1 pm at Earth Pets,

500 N.W. 60 St., Gainesville. Patrons will have a chance to

meet and possibly adopt one of the dog from the prison

and jail programs. For info email or call

(352) 264-6881.


EARS Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary

EARS is located in Citra, just north of Ocala and spans

over 30 acres. EARS exists to provide dignified living

for endangered lions, tigers, bears and more!



Sat, May 11 & Sat, June 1 • 12:30-2:30 pm

Registration begins at 12:30 / RSVP required.

Cost: $15 - 10 years or older / $10 kids 2-10 per person.

Call Steffie at 407-647-6328 •

EARS is not open to the public. All visitors will

be required to become one-day members.


EARS is a

Non-Profit Organization

Federal ID #59-3741622

Alachua County

Animal Services

3400 NE 53rd Avenue • Gainesville

Phone: (352) 264-6870 • Email:

Hours: Tue -Sat 9:30-5:30 Closed Sun, Mon & Holidays

CANNOLI is a 2-yr-old

Domestic Shorthair.

She is a beautiful

grey and white petite

girl. Cannoli is full

grown, but is about the

size of a kitten.


RODNEY is a 10-yr-old

Jack Russell mix. He

is a very sweet guy

who walks nicely on

leash. Rodney’s a great

little guy that deserves

a nice home. (A478676)


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High Springs Emporium

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Honor Your Mother on Mother’s Day!

Saturday, May 11 - Special Mother's Day Celebration

Free crystal gift for all mothers!

• Chair massage with Saroj

•Isotonic footbaths with Cheryl

•BioMat sessions over the crystals

•Champagne and chocolate

All jewelry 30% off May 10-12

Stop in and pick up your free I.C.E. Key Tag

(In Case of Emergency)

830 NW 13th St. Gainesville (8 blocks north of UF)

Don’t forget to stop by and

say hello to Rita and Annie,

our Corporate Mascots!

Geode sphere (Uruguay)

660 N.W. Santa Fe Blvd. High Springs, FL


Monday-Saturday 11-6 • Sunday noon-5

Veterinary Acupuncture for Small Animals




• Arthritis

• Hip Dysplasia

• Spinal Cord and

Nerve Injuries

• Muscle Injuries

• Allergies/Asthma

• Ear & Skin Problems

• Digestive Tract Problems

• Bladder Disease

• Kidney Failure

• Epileptic Seizures

• Heart Disease

• Pain

Complementary Veterinary Services

Jeffrey Goldberg, DVM, MS


19 Years Experience

IVAS Certified

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