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❖ Independent

Retirement Living

❖ Don’t Succumb To Stress

After Retirement

❖ Finding The Right Fit

❖ Hobbies Arthritis Sufferers

Can Enjoy

❖ What’s In Your Attic?

❖ Melatonin Supplement

And Anti-Aging

Page 2 • October, 2011 SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE Northern New York Newspapers

Northern New York Newspapers SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE October, 2011 • Page 3

Making The Move:

Independent Retirement Living

(MS) -- When 72-year-old

Army veteran Ted Eickhoff

was at his local VA hospital

for an appointment recently,

he struck up a conversation

with another patient about

selling his home and downsizing.

As luck would have it,

Eickhoff's fellow patient

lived in a local independent

retirement community

owned by Holiday Retirement,

and raved about the

benefits. Eickhoff was sold.

"I couldn't believe how

much you get for the money,"

said Eickhoff. "It is so nice to

have everything taken care

of with just one monthly

payment. It covers everything

I need, including

amazing meals. And if you

need another snack, the

chefs just make it for you!"

Eickhoff, a retired Command

Sergeant Major, is

part of a growing number of

seniors who are planning for

an independent living


In fact, a recent AARP poll

found that nearly 60 percent

of Boomers say they are concerned

about living independently,

and more than 50

percent say they have begun

to think about how they

would pay for independent

living assistance as they get


Crunching The Numbers

Mereen Klein, 86, started

looking at the costs of keeping

her own apartment versus

independent living when

her eyesight declined. Klein

needed assistance with transportation

and didn't want to

keep bugging her son to drive

her around, so she decided to

move to an independent

retirement living community

that met her needs

See Independent, Page 10

AFriend In Need


Has Immediate Openings

“HUD Subsidized”



Is an equal opportunity low income,

elderly housing project, in the

village of Norfolk.

Single bedroom apartments for senior

citizens and disabled of any age.

For information write or call:

Norfolk Housing Authority,

3 High St.

Riverview Apartments,

Norfolk, NY 13667


Hearing Impaired T.D.D. Relay Phone


Carl Caskinette, Administrator

Is a Friend Indeed

“There Is A Difference In Funeral Homes”

Family Owned For Over 75 Years


and Cremation Services


Page 4 • October, 2011 SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE Northern New York Newspapers

Don't Succumb To Stress After Retirement

Perhaps no medical issue

flys under the radar more

than stress. A recent survey

by the American Psychological

Association found that

one-third of Americans are

living with extreme stress,

while close to half of all survey

respondents felt their

stress levels are on the rise.

While stress is a problem

many feel stems from work,

stress is not solely a byproduct

of work, and those without

work-related stress can

still be overwhelmed by feelings

of stress. Simply put,

stress can affect everyone,

even the nation's retirees.

While retirement is often

seen as a chance to relax and

enjoy the fruits of a life's

worth of labors, retirement

can also be a stressful time

for many people. Getting by

on less income can be stressful,

as can health issues that

might arise as we age. In

fact, a person's ability to

relax after a stressful event

actually becomes more difficult

the older we get. Such a

reality only underlines the

importance of stress prevention

for retirees, who can

decrease their risk of stress

or stress-related illness with

some common preventive


* Diet and exercise. While

seniors might not be able to

do all that they used to when

it comes to exercise and athletics,

daily exercise combined

with a healthy diet can

go a long way to preventing

stress. When exercising, be

careful not to over-exert

yourself but be sure to

include exercise as part of

your daily routine. Exercise

can include a daily walk out

in the fresh air, or a trip to

the gym for some light

weightlifting and cardiovascular

work. Seniors should

always consult a physician

before beginning an exercise


With respect to diet, avoid

sugar, fried foods and overconsumption

of alcohol, as

each of things can aggravate

an existing condition,

increasing the health-related

stress many seniors feel as

their immune system weakens

and they become more

susceptible to disease or

additional ailments.

* Be sure to socialize.

Stress doesn't just come from

work or a physical ailment,

it can also be the result of a

mental ailment, such as

depression resulting from

loneliness. Just like everyone

Beat The Cold Weather Rush

Apply Now!!

If you are 62, have a handicap or are disabled,



Is Currently Accepting Applications

If you are looking for a change of scenery,

plus all the amenities:

• Heat and hot water included

in your rent,

• Trash pick-up at your door

• Laundry room on ground floor

• Friendly caring neighbors


has just the right spot for you

Call 265-5550 or Pick Up Applications at

3 Debra Drive • Potsdam

Professionally Managed by

Renewal Housing Corp.

else, seniors need to share

their problems and concerns

as well as their good times

with others. Just because

you're retired from work

does not mean you're retired

from life. Stay actively

involved in your community,

and be sure to maintain regular

contact with friends and

family members. Socialization

comes in many different

forms, and seniors should

take advantage of community-based

programs to connect

with other seniors or

even share their experience

with younger generations

whenever possible.

* Develop a daily routine.

Part of the joy of retirement

is having the freedom to do

whatever you want whenever

you want to do it. However,

many retirees find

that a daily routine helps

them instill a sense of order

in their lives and avoid

stress. The daily routine

can include a morning

round of golf, a weekly

lunch or dinner with the

kids, or anything else that

promotes a sense of purpose.




Spacious Private & Semi Private Rooms

Daily Social Activities & Events

Housekeeping/Laundry Service

3 Home Cooked Meals A Day & Snacks

Personal Assistance In A Home-Type Atmosphere

24 Hour Supervision


CONTACT 769-6618



Munson St.

Newly Renovated Highrise

Downtown Potsdam, NY

HUD Subsidized

An Equal Opportunity Low Income,

Elderly Housing in the

Village of Potsdam

Single Bedroom Apartments

For Senior Citizens and

Disabled Adults

For Information Write or Call:

Village of

Potsdam Housing Authority

100 Raquette Rd., Potsdam, NY 13676



PHONE 1-800-662-1220

Northern New York Newspapers SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE October, 2011 • Page 5

Finding Your Right Retirement Fit

(MS) -- When searching for

a retirement community,

retirees often place an emphasis

on fun. And that's perfectly

understandable, as retirees

have worked their entire lives

and earned the right to relax

and enjoy themselves however

they may choose. Gadsden-

Etowah County, Alabama

could be the hidden gem

retirees are searching for.

But the right retirement fit

isn't entirely about fun. In

fact, retirees typically look for

a place that combines fun

with a number of other factors.

The Gadsden-Etowah

County area excels in these

important factors.

* Health services. While

those about to retire might

enjoy excellent health, it is

important to find a community

that can cater to existing

and future health care needs.

This means finding a place

that offers a variety of competent

physicians from primary

No More


care to specialists. Typically,

when adequate doctors are

present, local hospitals or

medical centers have located

and expanded in the

city/county. Etowah County

has two regional medical centers:

Gadsden Regional Medical

Center, a 346 bed facility,

and Riverview Regional Medical

Center with 280 beds.

These two centers and their

associated physicians and

medical services not only

serve the 104,000 plus residents

of Etowah County but

draw patients from the six

less populated counties adjacent

to or nearby. Both medical

centers provide cardiovascular/thoracic

surgery, cancer

diagnosis and treatment,

orthopedics, neurology, gastroenterology,


and extensive and intensive

care for basically all types of

disorders or injuries. Over 200

physicians, including most

specialties and sub-specialties,

Enjoy The Comforts

of Home

Without the Hassles!

Start With

Baldwin Acres


• Natural Gas Heat & Hot Water Included

• Small Pets Allowed

• Vegetable & Flower Gardening Available

Rent is 30% of Adjusted Income & Includes

Heat, Hot Water & Trash (to qualified applicants)

Call 265-5550 or Pick Up Applications at

3 Debra Drive • Potsdam

Professionally Managed by

Renewal Housing Corp.

are actively practicing medicine

in the county.

* Accessibility. When choosing

a retirement community,

most retirees are interested in

whether the chosen

city/county is accessible to

family and friends. Oftentimes,

this means within close

proximity to a major city and

an airport. When searching for

your ideal location, look for

one that offers the peace and

quiet of a small to medium

town but the accoutrements of

city life as well. The closer a

retirement community is to a

major city and airport, the

more frequent the visits from

children and grandchildren

are likely to be. The Gads-

732 Ford St., Ogdensburg


TDD users 1-800-662-1220



For Persons 62 & Older or Persons

with Disabilities Regardless of Age

Are you ready to enjoy a relaxed

lifestyle that combines the privacy

of your own apartment with the

warmth of fellow neighbors?

Managing Agent

Equal Housing Opportunity










80 LaGrasse St.




40 Symond Sq.




103 Canton St.




102 1 /2 Mill St.




8 Lisbon St.




1320 Greene St.




2 Kilkarney Ct. Dr.


den/Etowah County community

is located 55 miles from

Birmingham, 120 miles from

Atlanta and 92 miles from

Chattanooga. I-59 runs

through the county, I-20 is less

than 35 miles from the southeastern

part of the county, I-75

is only 50 miles away and I-24

is less than 90 miles away.

* Culture/Entertainment.

Most retirees find that retirement

life takes an adjustment.

In fact, after a lifetime

spent working, retirees might

find retirement a bit boring.

But retirement doesn't have to

be boring and retirement communities

don't have to be

sleepy. The Gadsden/Etowah

County area combines the different

charms of its 12 incorporated

municipalities, all different

sizes and with their

own uniqueness, and with cultural

facilities and programs

of many larger cities. With

over one hundred thousand

residents, Etowah County is

the ideal location for retirees

looking to leave the hustle and

bustle but still have access to

the positives of big city life.

Thanks to the Gadsden

Museum of Art & History, citizens

and visitors can enjoy an

extensive and permanent collection

of paintings, sculptures

and prints, spanning the history

of Southern art and


See Retirement On Page 8




158 High St.




72 Church St.




16 Arena Dr. • Louisville





3606 CR 24 • Russell




68 W.Main St.• Gouverneur


HUD preference for Veterans



20 Barton St. • Parishville



16 Trout Lake Rd.



Page 6 • October, 2011 SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE Northern New York Newspapers

Hobbies Arthritis Sufferers Can Enjoy

Individuals with arthritis

are often stuck between a

rock and a hard place. Doctors

want people to exercise

to keep up the range of

motion in affected joints.

Container gardening is a hobby arthritis sufferers

can enjoy.

• 24-hour maintenance & repairs • Trash removal

• Snow removal and sanding • Lawn maintenance

• Some apartments include heat & electricity with the rent

• Many services for the elderly/disabled

• Medical Lab (located at 37 Riverside Dr.)

• Resident Computer Lab (located at 37 Riverside Dr.)

35 Riverside Drive

One Bedroom

However, even some limited

movements can cause pain

and suffering to those with

arthritis. Furthermore, individuals

with arthritis may

shy away from the activities

they once enjoyed because

the pain is simply too overwhelming.

Instead of simply sitting on

the couch watching television,

there are a number of

different things arthritis sufferers

can do to pass the time

and reconnect with past hobbies

and interests. It might

just take a little re-outfitting

of the tools that are needed to



Gardening is a popular pastime

for people of all ages.

But the repetitive motions of

digging and tilling as well as

gripping a multitude of tools

can take the joy out of the

hobby. People with arthritis

can make some changes.

Raised garden beds or container

gardening eliminates

the stooping and bending

associated with traditional

gardening. With containers,

individuals can place the containers

on a counter or table

and do all the work at a comfortable


Choosing low-maintenance

plants is another option.

Plants that don't require as

much pruning or repotting

are good for those with

Canton Housing Authority

Offers A Lovely Place To Live

With A Variety Of Apartments

That May Include...

37 Riverside Drive

Efficiencies, one and two bedroom

• Meals-on-Wheels

• Enriched Housing Program (EHP)

services for the frail

• Laundry Rooms

(senior/disabled buildings)

• Beauty Salon on site

Apply Now To Secure A Spot On Our Waiting List

Law Lane Complex

One, two, three bedroom

APPLY AT: Canton Housing Authority

37 Riverside Drive

Canton, NY 13617

Phone: 315/386-8381

(or) TDD: 1-800-662-1220 NYS Relay Ctr: 1-800-421-1220

arthritis. Also, look for tools

with larger grips and handles

to be easier on arthritic



Many people with arthritis

find the fine-detail work they

grew accustomed to is not

very comfortable with arthritis.

Instead, there are many

other crafts that can be practical.

Ceramics are one craft

where the activity can also be

the exercise. Using a pottery

wheel or hand-molding

doughs and other modeling

media can be a way to stretch

and work the hands and fingers.

Using paintbrushes

equipped with wider grips

can make painting possible.

Mural painting is another

option. Again, those with

arthritis can choose tools

with wide handles to make

grasping easier. Large

designs on walls or canvases

will be easier to handle than

smaller pieces.


Cooking and baking is an

art form that can be enjoyed

by anyone. Furthermore,

with ergonomic spoons, ladles

and other kitchen tools, it has

never been more convenient

or less labor-intensive to be

an accomplished home chef.

Baking and pastry creation

is one area where people can

show off creative skills. For

those who love to bake but

have trouble kneading and

working dough, food processors,

bread machines and

kitchen stand mixers can

take the work out of those


Cooking is not only a

rewarding hobby, but also an

activity that can benefit the


Having arthritis doesn't

mean a person has to give up

on the activities he or she

enjoys. It merely involves a

few tweaks that can still

make these hobbies enjoyable.

Northern New York Newspapers SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE October, 2011 • Page 7

Seniors And Pets Make Great Partners

Pets can have a positive

effect on your health and

attitude, while seniors tend

to make caring, responsible

pet owners. Here are some

reasons why pets are good

for you, as well as tips on

keeping your senior pet

healthy and happy for as

long as possible:

• Lower blood pressure. A

study showed that people

over 40 who own pets have

lower blood pressure than

people who do not have pets.

Another study showed that

talking to pets decreases

blood pressure.

• Fewer trips to the doctor.

Seniors who own dogs go to

the doctor less than those

who do not. In a study of

1,000 Medicare patients,

even the most highly

stressed dog owners in the

study had 21 percent fewer

physician’s contacts than

non-dog owners.

• Less depression. Studies

show that seniors with pets

do not become depressed as

often as those without pets.

• More activity. Seniors

with pets go for more walks

and are generally more active

than those without pets.

• Greater ability to cope

with loss. Older people who

suffer the loss of a spouse and

own a pet are less likely to

experience deterioration of

health following that stressful


• Less loneliness. You are

less likely to be lonely with a

canine or feline friend


• Sense of security. Pets

help seniors feel that someone

they trust is always


Care for Your Senior Pet

Pets generally age seven

times faster than humans,

making more frequent senior

checkup trips to the veterinarian

necessary in order to

catch problems early. Look for

bumps, signs of pain, or

behavioral changes in your

pet, and talk to your veterinarian

about what you

notice. Early detection of

senior pet health problems

means a better chance to

manage them with medication

or dietary changes.

Schedule a senior pet care

health exam, which may


•Medical and surgical history

•Behavioral history

•Dietary history

•Pain assessment

•Complete physical exam

•Screening tests to check

for health problems and to

serve as a baseline as pets

age (blood work, urinalysis,

internal parasite exams)

•Electrocardiogram (ECG)

•Nutritional consultation

•Dental exam and cleaning

Keep your senior pets

healthy and happy longer,

and you and your pet will




Our $4 Prescriptions Program, (30 day dosages) now includes 90-day prescriptions for just $10, as

well as an expanded list of over-the-counter and prescription medications.

A list of eligible drugs in the $4 Prescriptions Program - available at Wal-Mart, Neighborhood Market

and Sam’s Club pharmacies nationwide - represents up to 95 percent of the prescriptions written in the

majority of therapeutic categories. The affordable prices for these prescriptions are available for commonly

prescribed dosages for up to 30-day or 90-day supplies. Ask your pharmacist or physician about

switching to 90-day prescriptions for appropriate medications.

You Never Need Discount Cards To Save At Wal-Mart’s Pharmacy.

...We have low prescription rates everyday for every customer so you’ll always save with us!


pat duprey

Pharmacy Manager

3000 Ford St.




Pharmacy Manager


7494 Route 11


Catherine baldwin

Pharmacy Manager


43 Stephenville St.


Page 8 • October, 2011 SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE Northern New York Newspapers

Common Discounts Available To Seniors

Today's seniors might

cringe at the escalating costs

of necessities such as prescription

medication and

even higher utility bills, and

understandably so. However,

savvy seniors can save by

taking advantage of a host of

discounts exclusive to the

those over the age of 65.

* Travel perks. Many

seniors love to travel, and


Continued From Page 5

For those looking for live

entertainment, Downtown

Gadsden Inc. hosts entertainers,

special events, sales,

and First Friday of each

month (a large multi-block

party). At the Mary Hardin

Center for Cultural Arts,

retirees can enjoy courtyard

concerts, exhibitions tied to

art, athletics, dance, and

more. Imagination Place

located in the Center for

Cultural Arts touches the

lives of thousands of children

each year with programs,

exhibitions and educational


* The Great Outdoors.

After a life spent working,

indoors or outdoors, many

retirees look for a community

that allows them to

"play outdoors." There are

four public golf courses in

the Etowah County area, all

within a 25-mile radius.

Each allows membership for

the serious golfer or reasonable

green fees for those who

play less frequently.

The Coosa River winds

through Gadsden, Southside,

Rainbow City, Hokes Bluff

and Glencoe, all Etowah

County municipalities. On

can even do so at heavily discounted

prices. Larger hotel

chains often offer seniors discounts

as high as 10 percent.

Unfortunately, many U.S.

domestic airlines, facing

higher fuel prices and dwindling

business due the global

economic downturn, ceased

offering senior discounts in

2009. However, certain airlines,

including Southwest

spring, summer or fall weekends,

the river and its

adjoining lakes are alive

with all types of watercraft

including fishing, ski and

pontoon boats plus jet skis.

The winters are typically

mild and last no longer than

three months, rarely experiencing

an extended cold

snap (two weeks or more).

Enriching Lives

Through Quality Care!!!


Airlines, still offer discounted

rates to seniors.

These discounts can be as

much as 10 percent. It's also

common for car rental agencies

to offer senior discounts.

* Transportation. Many

communities provide heavily

discounted, if not free, rates

to seniors for public transportation.

Consult with your

local government to determine

if you qualify for senior


* Food. Grocery stores commonly

offer discounts to older

customers, and many times

you don't even need to be a

senior citizen to qualify. In

general, chains offer senior

discounts, including special

days for seniors to shop, to

anyone over the age of 55.

Restaurants are also known

to offer senior discounts, and

Pet Therapy....a popular trend.

Heidi Bradish brings pets

from The Massena Humane

Society to visit the


Erma Furnace enjoys a

visit from this kitten.

Pet therapy can be very

relaxing for our residents.

Highland Nursing Home

182 Highland Road • Massena

Ph: 769-9956 Fax: 769-9955


Using a team approach to enrich lives through quality care. Stop by for a tour

of our facility at any time. Contact our Social Workers for more information.

Serving the Community for 49 Years

The Highland Nursing Home does not discriminate based on

race, creed, color, national origin or handicap, sex or age.

often these discounts extend

beyond "early bird special"

discounts of yesteryear.

While early bird specials still

exist, many chain restaurants

offer discounted prices

to seniors regardless of time

of day. In many cases, these

discounts aren't listed on the

menu, but it never hurts, and

typically saves, to ask.


• Real Estate

• Business &


• Criminal Law

* Arts and culture.

Seniors looking to spend a

day or night on the town

and take in some culture

can typically do so at a discounted

rate. Museums and

National Parks typically

offer discounted admission

to seniors, as do movie theaters

and even some concert


GARNER Funeral Service

Cory J. Varney


10 Lawrence Avenue ~ Potsdam ~ 265-5350

Please Call Us to make your Pre-Arrangements


• Wills &


• Trusts

• Bankruptcy




Dean A. Talcott





TEL# 315-769-3898

FAX # 315-769-5018


Northern New York Newspapers SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE October, 2011 • Page 9

Melatonin Supplement And Anti-Aging

Melatonin is a supplement

widely used to combat jet lag

and alleviate short-term

bouts of insomnia. There is

also evidence that melatonin

as a regular dietary supplement

could have antioxidant

effects and help slow down

the aging process.

Melatonin is a hormone

produced in the pineal gland

of the body. Due to its lighttransducing

ability, the

pineal gland is sometimes

called the "third eye." Light

absorbed through the retina

is relayed to the brain and

thusly the pineal gland. The

onset of darkness triggers

the pineal gland to release

melatonin into the bloodstream,

which helps to

induce sleep in individuals.

Younger people, especially

children, produce a large

amount of melatonin, which

is generally why babies can

sleep so much. This ability to

fall asleep quickly and sleep

deeply has benefits for the

growing body, allowing cells

to rejuvenate and the body

to grow and heal. As individuals

age, melatonin production

decreases. This can be

why many older adults have

difficulty falling asleep or

seem to need less sleep.

Study after study indicates

that lack of sleep can

lead to myriad health problems,

including mental

health deficits, added stress,

heart disease, and others.

Each of these conditions can

contribute to the aging

process. It makes sense,

then, that getting frequent

and restful sleep can help

turn back the clock.

Sleep is essential to the

body and can help stave off

effects of aging. Melatonin

supplementation can assist

in triggering a restful

night's sleep.

But that isn't the only benefit

of melatonin, say

experts. According to "The

Aging Clock: The Pineal

Gland and Other Pacemakers

in the Progression of

Aging and Carcinogenesis,"

by Walter Pierpaoli M.D.,

Ph.D., melatonin is the

"Master Hormone-Modulating

Molecule." It is the regulator

of almost all hormones

in the body in addition to

regulating the circadian

cycles. Dr. Pierpaoli has

found that "aging"is a degenerative

condition of the body,

not just the passing of years.

Resetting the body's age

clock can slow down the

symptoms of aging.

When the pineal gland of

an old animal is transplanted

into a young animal,

studies show that the young

animal slows down and systems

of the body function as

if it were older. The reverse

also applies. Dr. Pierpaoli

surmises that melatonin

sends a message of "youth"

throughout the body, keeping

the body healthy and strong.

With this reasoning, melatonin

may also help stimulate

the immune system,

which can promote better

overall health, including

fending off certain diseases

of old age. These include cancers

and even dementias.

Clinical trials have shown

that melatonin can diminish

the effects of hormones that

trigger certain cancers,

including breast cancer and

prostate cancer.

According to "Melatonin

and the aging brain," by

Stephen Bondy and Edward

Sharman, "Melatonin has

potential utility both in

slowing normal brain aging

and in treatment of neurodegenerative


This is reinforced by the low

cost of melatonin and its

very low toxic hazard."

Research is still ongoing

into the many benefits of

melatonin. While it is best

not to start any supplement

program without first asking

a doctor (especially if a

person is pregnant or has

other medical conditions),

those who want to take

melatonin should look for

the synthetic variety. These

are made from plant material

to mimic melatonin produced

in the body. Animalbased

melatonin can contain

diseases and other


A relatively small amount

of melatonin is needed to

produce large effects. Consult

with a specialist on the

right amount to take for

desired results.


Medicare Supplement Plans • Long Term Plans

Fast, Personalized Service



Covers many extra costs that are over and

above your current policy.

Call today for more information and

a free quote

(315) 389-4964

Hours by Appointment • 97 McCarthy Rd. Winthrop

If you’ve been putting off prearranging

because of the expense, we have good news...

Prearrangement doesn’t

have to cost anything.

What many people don’t know is that you

need not prepay when you prearrange.

We’re happy to record your wishes and

hold them on file at no charge. Call our

funeral home for details.

Fox & Murray







528 Franklin Street • 393-4870 • Ogdensburg

Page 10 • October, 2011 SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE Northern New York Newspapers


Continued From Page 3

"It was right for me with

my fixed income, and the

money covers everything,"

said Klein. "I don't pay for TV,

or to have my room cleaned. I

couldn't believe what I got for

the money -- it was really


To determine what makes

financial sense, seniors need

to add up the true costs of

managing a home versus

being part of a retirement


"Even if you no longer have

a mortgage payment, you still

have fluctuating monthly

expenses including utilities,

taxes, phone, cable and food

that can add up significantly,"

said Stan Brown, COO of Holiday

Retirement. "For many

seniors, switching to a community

that includes one

manageable, monthly flat fee

gives them the ability to plan

out the next 15 to 20 years

and know exactly what they

can expect to spend and what

they can afford."

For Klein, it not only made

financial sense, it also gave

her back some of her freedom.

"I can take the community

bus down to the bank or out

to dinner. I can even go to the

doctor and my appointments

without bugging anyone for a

ride," said Klein. "I have more

independence now than when

I lived alone."

Ask The Right Questions

To calculate the true costs

of making the move to an

independent retirement community,

Brown cautions

seniors to ask as many questions

as possible prior to moving

in, to uncover any buy-in

fees, to determine if a longterm

lease is required and to

see if the "feel" of the community

is right.

"It doesn't make financial

sense to make the move if you

aren't comfortable in the new

community and will want to

move out within a few

months," said Brown. "It

needs to not only be affordable,

but a great place to live

as well."

Seventy three-year-old

Julianne (Judy) Kayatt

knows this all too well. She

sold her home and moved into

a community that didn't offer

much for her money and wasn't

as caring as she'd hoped.

After only a few months, she

started her search again and

was fortunate to find that a

Holiday Retirement community

was a perfect fit for her.

"My family likes that I am

happy here, and I like that I

can still be independent and

live here," said Kayatt. "I am

free to go where I want; I am

enjoying activities and events

and I'm surrounded by

friends. I know I can be happy

here for a long time."




LBSH housing offers subsidized living for Senior citizens 62 years or

older and persons with disabilities, regardless of age.

• Benefits include: prepared noon meals at the Brasher Nutrition Site; free bus,

grocery shopping, and cultural trips; penny bingo and card games; weekly on-site

religious services.

Claddagh Care Enriched Housing offers an independent apartment with the

convenience and ease of daily assistance.

• Benefits include: daily assistance with meals and personal care; transportation

to doctor appointments; housekeeping and laundry; medication and health

monitoring along with Emergency Response System; freedom from unpredictable

expenses and concerns associated with home ownership.

For Further Information Please Contact:

LBSH Manager, Nathaniel LaGarry at (315) 389-4689 or

C CEH Case Manager Margie Ramsdell at (315) 389-5149,

TDD# 1-800-662-1220

The Golden Years

Making the move to an

independent living community

can be an affordable

way to make the most of

one's retirement years. Kayatt,

Klein and Eickhoff have

all seen the benefits to cutting

ties to a house or an

apartment in favor of community


Klein was able to take

advantage of a promotion

from Holiday Retirement,

which covered up to $1,000

of her moving expenses, and

Kayatt received her birthday

month free when she

moved in.

And as for Eickhoff, the

payoff for him is being surrounded

by people his own

age with shared experiences

and a passion for living the

good life.

"This is everything I ever

thought about doing when I

retired," said Eickhoff.

"Sometimes people reminisce

about the past being

great, but I was fighting in

the military for 22 years and

working hard, and now

these are my golden years. I

can actually relax and people

take care of me for a


For more information on

making the move to independent

retirement living,

visit or

call 1-800-322-0999.

What’s In Your Attic?

“Antiques Roadshow,” the popular PBS prime time staple,

has Americans rooting through their attics like never

before. But how do you know whether that dust-covered old

painting is trash or treasure? There’s really only one way to

be sure: hire an appraiser. Here are some tips to help you

find a good one:

• Don’t alter your items. First and foremost, don’t fix,

repair or otherwise change the condition of any items you

want appraised. This makes the appraiser’s job more difficult,

and what’s worse, may cause irrevocable damage.

• Hire an appraiser to appraise. Choose someone who is

not also a potential buyer.

• Choose quality. As with any other professional, you

should get references and check them. Make sure your

appraiser belongs to a professional association, such as the

Appraisers Association of America.

• Shop around. Talk to at least three appraisers before

you decide on one, and get estimates from each one.

• Match the appraiser to the item. For common collectibles,

like furniture or silver, non-specialists are fine.

But for items such as jewelry, ancient art or coin collections,

consider finding someone who specializes in that area.

• Get it in writing. Your appraisal will be worthless otherwise.

Also, remember to occasionally update old

appraisals. Values change over time.



Massena Electric has some simple tips that will

save Energy and YOU MONEY while you’re away!

✓ Unplug unnecessary electronics

• Digital clocks, Small appliances, Microwaves

• Power strips with your TV & Cable Box, Computer & Monitor

You would be amazed how much these use just by leaving them plugged in!

✓ Unplug the Spare Refrigerator

Do you really need this running while you’re away?

✓ If you like to leave lights on consider using a timer,

and make sure you use Energy Saving CFL bulbs

✓ Put Caulk or weather-strip around drafty

windows and doors.

No sense letting cold air in while you’re away

✓ Lower your thermostat one or two degrees

Lowering your thermostat could save you 3-5%

on your heating bill.

“Make the Right Energy Choice.

If we each do a little, we all save a lot!”

The Massena Electric Department

(315) 764-0253

Northern New York Newspapers SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE October, 2011 • Page 11

Making Friends After Retirement

When you're younger, it seems you can't wait until retirement.

After all, who wants to deal with going to work every

day and coping with coworkers and a boss? However, many

people overlook the opportunities for socialization that

working provides. You get out of the house and see people --

apart from your family -- with whom you can converse.

Many retirees find that life can be a bit boring after the job

ends, primarily because they don't have access to the same

level of socialization as they once did.

Making friends can keep you active and healthy. If you're

a bit rusty in the friend-making department, it's pretty

much how it was when you were younger. You simply must

find individuals who have similar interests and goals.

* Volunteer in your community and you're bound to find

potential friends who are like-minded.

* Take classes at a college or university. Many offer free

or discounted rates for seniors. This is a great way to meet

people of all ages and walks of life.

* Attend clubs at senior centers or houses of worship. It's

likely that there are plenty of other people looking for relationships.

* Think about your interests. If you like fishing, sewing

or boating, join a club that caters to those interests. Others

who share your hobbies will be there.

* If you're new to an area, host an open-house party and

invite neighbors in for introductions and some socialization.

* Join a social networking site online. You can connect

with people, potentially individuals who live close by.

* Ask existing friends if they have other friends to whom

they can introduce you.

Making friends could involve tapping into hobbies that you enjoy.

A roll in the hay!

I thought she’d never


Feel like a matinee

after lunch?

Trouble hearing? Avoid embarrassment, and discover how the latest

100% digital hearing aids can improve your hearing and your quality of life.

We offer a wide selection of barely noticeable models, including customized

in-canal hearing aids, and mini BTE’s~ All are Bluetooth adaptable to

cell phones, television, and home security systems.


Call for an appt: 393-7955 or 375-6508

McLear’s Hearing Aid

Sales and Service

3 Lyon Place • 3rd Floor • Suite 302


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A premium high-end 20 channel

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Page 12 • October, 2011 SENIOR Life PERSPECTIVE Northern New York Newspapers

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