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Bannockburn News

The Second Account

of Andrew Mor

Andrew Mor, a Captain in the service of Thomas Randolph, recorded

his memories of the Battle of Bannockburn, 1314. The following

are excerpts from his second account.

Now as the dawn breaks we

make our way towards Edwards

army. They appeared as

one mass apart from the vanguard

who make an army on

their own, glowing red in the

morning sun and shining like angels.

Continuing towards them

we stop and kneel in prayer. We

can see them laugh and sneer.

If they think this rabble they see

before them is giving obedience

to King Edward, they are wrong.

We give obedience to a higher

power, to God.

We rise and we are the first

division to rush towards them

before they gain speed!

Now it begins. The arrows

begin to fall on us as we close

the gap. We heel in our pikes as

the horses crash in. The noise is

frightening as shafts break and

horses and men start to die, but

our line holds. The divisions of

Stewart and Douglas and Bruce

join us until we are one. Now the

arrows that have been falling

fast on both armies thankfully

stop. Their sheaves are with the

wagons still at Falkirk. Our archers

have thrown down their bow

staves and now move steadily

forward through the ranks, hammers

and axes in hand.

The zealous knights keep coming,

smashing into our pikes.

Horses rear and are turned back

into Edwards lines. Unhorsed

knights are attacked with glaive

and hammer. If they fall an archer

will lift the visor and dispatch

them, even if they surrender.

There is no surrender until the

battle is won. Still they come,

more foot soldiers now. As they

finally get past the horsemen

they are met with pikes as both

armies push together. Anyone

who lost footing never rose

again, and the battle was now

in the balance. We heard above

the din a battle cry “On them!

On them! They fail”. We repeat

the cry and surge forward with

redoubled effort. Troops joining

Edwards army from the rear began

to flee and were followed by

ever more soldiers.

Edward and his contingent

were led from the field by Aymer

de Valence towards the Castle.

The Battle of Bannockburn

Being refused entry by Philip de

Mowbray, King Edward made

his way by the “Round Table”

to Linthithgow. Sir Giles de Argentine

rode straight for Edward

Bruce’s line but was met by so

many pikes he was overthrown

and killed.

A great rout then ensued and

many drowned in both the Forth

and the Bannock or choked in

the mud, or were killed in flight.

They fled by many more routes

to the south, and many fled to the

crags under the castle, so many

in fact that the Scots did not pursue

them, allowing the English

King to gain his freedom

We stripped the battlefield and

much spoil was taken: gold,

silver, weapons, armour and

clothes. We also took prisoners

for ransom. By these means the

Scots became free and rich for

a time.

Australians gather to celebrate our

famous victory

Information provided by

John McNamara in Australia

Unfortunately our village could not find a sponsor

for this year’s Battle of Bannockburn reenactment

and consequently celebrations of the

famous victory appeared to be subdued, if not,

non-existent. However, the Bannockburn News

has learned that the event did not go unnoticed in

a location over 10,000 miles away.

The town of Bannockburn in Victoria, Australia,

organised the Battle of Bannockburn Country

Fair four years ago to celebrate having the same

name as our renowned village.

This year’s fair, which celebrated the 695 th anniversary

of the battle, took place in brilliant sunshine

on Sunday 14 th June at Victoria Park.

Attractions included highland dancing, food and

craft market stalls, as well as lots of entertainment

aimed at local children such as jumping castles,

slides, train rides, merry-go-rounds and an animal

petting nursery. The 42 nd Battalion offered entertainment

to the crowds in the form of marching

and firing their muskets. Visitors to the event were

also given the opportunity to participate in art activities

and haggis throwing.

The day also offered the spectators the chance

The fair attracted around 2,000 people

to see vintage and antique motorcycles, sheep

dog trials, the skills of a local archery club and the

state emergency service displaying their equipment.

Local pipe bands and Celtic groups continually

played throughout the day whilst at centre stage

the Scottish once again were able to defeat the

English with medieval re-enactment shows played

out on the fields of Bannockburn.

The event is held annually and is organised by

a group named the Lions Club. Its members work

tirelessly every year to ensure a fabulous day out

is had by all 2,000 visitors. It is understood that

the club are planning a major event to celebrate

the 700 th anniversary in 2014.

Bannockburn News thanks our Australian counterparts

for celebrating our historic village and

wishes them good luck with future events.

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