Toon Boom Studiov4 User Guide - Toon Boom Animation

Toon Boom Studiov4 User Guide - Toon Boom Animation

Copying and Pasting Keyframe Values

Chapter 7: Animating

You can copy and paste the values of a keyframe to another keyframe.

To copy and paste keyframe values:

1. In the Timeline window, select a Peg, Drawing, or Image element.

2. Select the frame or frames whose values you want to copy.

3. Select Edit > Copy Cell to copy the values of the frame.

If you copy a keyframe of a Drawing peg, you also copy the drawing at the selected frame.

The drawing in the frame where you paste the keyframe values will be overwritten by the

drawing of the copied selection unless you use paste special and uncheck the option to

paste the exposure of the drawing.

4. Select the frame where you want to paste the copied values.

5. Select Edit > Paste to paste the values to the frame. Toon Boom Studio creates a

keyframe if one does not already exist.

You can also use the Paste Special command to copy selected values from the original

keyframe (including tension, continuity, bias, rotation, scale and pivot) to another

keyframe. You can even copy values from a control point, which is a motion point that is

not locked to a specific frame, to another control point or keyframe.

Because certain values can only be applied to a motion point, the options in the Paste

Special dialog box change based on the characteristics of the motion point that you select

to receive the pasted values.

To copy and paste selected values of a motion point:

1. Select a Peg element in the Timeline window and select the motion point whose

position values you want to copy. You can use one of the following methods:

• Select Tools > Sceneplanning Tools > Motion and click on the motion point

with the Motion tool.

• In the Scene Planning Tools toolbar, click on the Motion tool and click on the

motion point with it.

• Select Element > Motion Points > Previous Motion Point or Next Motion


• Click on the < and > buttons at the bottom of the Motion Point tab.


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