Sustainable Agriculture - United Palestinian Appeal

Sustainable Agriculture - United Palestinian Appeal

Reviving the Rural Economy

Plant an Olive Tree in Palestine

For your tax-dedutible donation of $125 or

more to the Sustainable Agriculture Program,

we will plant an olive tree in Palestine in your

name or the name of a loved one as a thank

you gift.

To make a recurring or one-time donation to the

Sustainable Agriculture Program, visit

Reviving the rural Palestinian economy

requires establishing bonds between

farmers and cooperatives that the

occupation continuously seeks to sever.

UPA is currently raising funds to build a center

with An-Najah National University in the

Jordan Valley where farmers, agronomists and

veterinarians could come together to learn the

latest farming methods.

The center would build connections by buying

feed from local farmers and selling its milk to

another university department for production

as cheese, labna and yogurt.

An olive tree has been planted in

Palestine in the name of


United Palestinian Appeal

Fight rural poverty.

Support sustainable agriculture.

Plant an olive tree in Palestine.



Fighting rural


UPA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit

organization. Contributions are taxdeductible

according to applicable laws.

United Palestinian Appeal, Inc.

1330 New Hampshire Ave NW • Suite 104

Washington, DC 20036 U.S.A.

Telephone: (202) 659-5007

Toll-Free: (855) 659-5007

United Palestinian Appeal

Rural Poverty in Palestine

The Importance of the Land

Sustainable Agriculture

Imagine being unable to meet your basic

needs, to be without adequate food, clothing

or shelter, for just one day. One out of every

four Palestinians in the West Bank and the

Gaza Strip lives every day without one or more

of these necessities.

Poverty disproportionately affects Palestinians

living in rural areas. Israeli demolitions of farms,

homes, and equipment; the fragmentation of

agricultural land by the separation wall and

settler-only roads; and less access to education

and healthcare lead to lower incomes and

fewer options for rural Palestinians.

For generations, the land has been a source

of life for Palestinians, providing food for

the people and supporting the livelihoods of

farmers and their families.

Yet, since 1967, Palestinians have lost access

to 40% of West Bank land, 82% of its ground

water and more than 66% of its grazing land,

according to the United Nations.

At the same time, farmers face reduced profits

due to environmental degradation, inefficient

farming methods and limited market access.

The UPA Sustainable Agriculture program

promotes a higher quality of life for rural

families by supporting agricultural projects

that promote financial independence and

protect the Palestinian land and environment

Recent projects include rabbit breeding units,

family gardens, rooftop gardens in Gaza,

chicken farms and training in sustainable

farming methods for women in rural areas.

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