Cornwall's Biodiversity Action Plan - Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Cornwall's Biodiversity Action Plan - Cornwall Wildlife Trust


I would like to take this opportunity to commend the individuals and organisations that have undertaken so

much diligent and hard work. However, there is much more to do and the challenges facing us now are more

severe than ever. This is not the time for shirking our responsibilities; this is the time to redouble our efforts and

ensure that our small contribution to protecting the planet’s ecosystems makes a difference, and we leave these

ecosystems in good order for our successors. We must understand the value of our ecosystems, what they do

for us and how we interrelate with them. We must maintain our biodiversity and where possible enhance it. This

will give Cornwall the best chance of survival in a changing climate.

Cornwall's Biodiversity Action Plan, Volume 4, gives us the toolkit to identify responsible actors and measure our

progress. If we fall short, we must hold one another to account and offer encouragement and support in order

to achieve. If we live by the plan, we will succeed’.

Julian German

Cornwall Council Cabinet member for Waste Management, Climate Change and Historic Environment

‘My a garsa kemeres an chons ma dhe gomendya an dus unnik ha kowethyansow re omgemeras kemmys ober

kales ha diwysyk. Byttegyns, yma lies moy dh’y wul ha’n chalenjys usi orth agan enebi lemmyn yw moy sad es

bythkweth kyns. Nyns yw hemma an prys dhe woheles agan charjys; hemm yw an prys dhe dhastewblekhe agan

strivyansow ha surhe y hwra dyffrans agan kevro byhan dhe witha ekosystemow an planet, hag y hwren ni gasa

an ekosystemow ma yn studh da rag agan heryon. Res yw dhyn ni konvedhes talvosogeth a’gan ekosystemow, an

pyth a wrons i ragon ha fatel wren ni keskowethya gansa. Res yw dhyn ni mentena agan bewdhiverseth ha le may

fo possybyl hy gwellhe. Hemm a wra ri dhe Gernow an gwella chons a dreusvewnans yn hin ow treylya.

Towl Gwrians Bewdhiverseth Kernow, Lyver 4, a re dhyn an dafar toulys dhe aswon gwarioryon omgemeryek ha

musurya agan avonsyans. Mar ny wren ni drehedhes an linen, res yw dhyn omsynsi kablus ha profya kennerth ha

skoodhyans may hyllyn y gowlwul. Mar kwren ni bewa dre’n towl, ni a wra seweni’.

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