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5 <strong>ON</strong> 5 <strong>BASKETBALL</strong> <strong>RULES</strong><br />

University of Wisconsin-<strong>Milwaukee</strong><br />

Intramural Sports Updated 10/12<br />

Department of Recreational Sports & Facilities, 229-6433<br />


RULE<br />

1.) Official Rules All WIAA and NFHS are in effect for IM games with<br />

some exceptions, which will be noted.<br />

2.) Players At least 4 players must start the game.<br />

3.) Pre-Game Team captains should have their teams signed in 10<br />

minutes before each game. Teams may warm-up and<br />

stretch at this time. There is a two minute grace period<br />

from when the game is scheduled to begin. Official<br />

time is always kept by the supervisor. If the minimum<br />

players are not present at the end of the two minute<br />

grace period, the team will forfeit the game.<br />

4.) Substitutions Substitutions must be made during any dead ball<br />

situation. Notify the referee before entering. Do not<br />

come in before referee signals you to enter.<br />

*Substitutions during free-throws will only occur after<br />

the first shot or if second shot is made for shooter.<br />

5.) Length of Game Two twenty minute halves with a two minute half-time.<br />

Overtime will reset the clock to 3-minutes, stopping for<br />

dead balls.<br />

6.) The Clock The clock will stop only during any dead ball situations<br />

in the last two minutes of each half.<br />

7.) Free Throws Bonus will be awarded on the 7th team foul. All foul<br />

shots will be worth one point. On the tenth foul and<br />

there after a super bonus will be awarded (two free<br />

throws automatically).<br />

8.) Half-court Rule (Men Only) A team will only be allowed 8 seconds to get<br />

the ball past half-court(NBA rule), women have 10<br />

seconds to pass half-court.<br />

9.) Time Outs Each team will be allowed three time-outs per game,<br />

one minute in length and (two) 20 second time-outs.<br />

The official can call an injury time-out without it being<br />

assessed to either team. The injured player must come<br />

out of the game and may not re-enter until the next<br />

dead ball situation.

10.) Practice Balls The Intramural Department will supply game balls only.<br />

Teams should supply their own practice balls.<br />

11.) Dunking Dunking is only permitted on courts that have break<br />

away rims. Hanging is not permitted unless it is done to<br />

prevent being undercut by another player. Players<br />

violating this rule will be administered a technical foul.<br />

If you dunk before the game has started you be<br />

awarded a technical foul.<br />

12.) Protests Rule interpretation protests must be on file with the<br />

I.M. Office by 4:00 pm the next working day. Protests<br />

concerning judgment on the part of the official will not<br />

be accepted. See the Captain’s Packet for specific<br />

details.<br />

13.) Post Game At the end of the game, all jerseys must be returned to<br />

the referees. Captains are responsible for moving their<br />

teams off the court quickly and to sign the score sheet<br />

to verify the final score.<br />

14.) Overtime Both teams will be given a one (1) minute break before<br />

the start of overtime. Overtime will consist of a three<br />

(3) minute running clock, only stopping on a dead ball<br />

situations with 1 minute left. A team is allowed one (1)<br />

time-out during the overtime period, but may not carry<br />

over any time-outs from regulation play. Individual and<br />

team fouls will be carried over from the end of<br />

regulation time. A jump ball will start the overtime<br />

period.<br />

15.) Fouls Five personal fouls per player is the limit. Upon fouling<br />

out, a player must leave the court immediately after the<br />

fifth foul.<br />

Incidental contact will be carefully monitored this year<br />

to avoid roughness.<br />

1) If a player is charged with two technical fouls, he/she<br />

will be ejected from the game.<br />

2) *If a player is charged with a flagrant foul, he/she<br />

will be ejected from that game, charged with a technical<br />

foul, two free throws will be taken by the opposing<br />

team and possession, and the player is suspended from<br />

the following game. Also, unsportsmanlike conduct,<br />

including verbal harassment of (or gestures directed<br />

toward) any participant, staff member, or spectator will<br />

not be tolerated. A flagrant foul is called at the<br />

discretion of an IM official or supervisor.

3) An intentional flagrant foul may be given without<br />

previous warning for dangerous play or behavior<br />

(including physical abuse). The player will be ejected<br />

from that game and from any <strong>UW</strong>M Intramural<br />

Basketball game for the rest of that semester. The<br />

player must leave the facility within two minutes.<br />

Failure to do so will result in a loss of game to that<br />

player’s team. This call is also at the discretion of an IM<br />

official or supervisor. A technical committed by both<br />

teams at the same time results in no free throws.<br />



15a.) Technical Foul/Flagrant Foul Penalties<br />

All technical and flagrant fouls will be penalized by the<br />

offended team. Respect the referees or you will be<br />

warned the first time and if conduct continues a<br />

technical will be assessed. Do not bad mouth one of the<br />

referees to his/her partner. A Supervisor has the right to<br />

give a technical or assess an ejection if there is a<br />

situation that calls for it. A technical foul does<br />

count towards team and personal fouls.<br />

16.) Alternate Possession/Jump Ball A jump ball will be used to start the game and the<br />

overtime period to determine ball possession. All other<br />

jump ball situations will incorporate the alternate<br />

possession rule.<br />

17.) Play in both A & B leagues Only two (2) “A” level players may play on a “B” league<br />

team. A player is limited to playing on one (1) “A”<br />

league and one (1) “B” league team. It should be noted<br />

there might be scheduling conflicts between the two<br />

leagues.<br />

18.) Withdraw/Slaughter Rule If a team is losing by 50 or more points at halftime then<br />

the game will be called and ended. If a team is losing by<br />

30 points with less than 5 minutes to play the game will<br />

be called. If a team is losing by 20 points with 2 minutes<br />

left the game will be called.

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