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Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am today. I

am getting ready to go pick up my brand new Mercedes-Benz. And

the best thing is, I received it from the company I love to represent

by participating in the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Program.

What a difference a year can make. My Arbonne business

began about three years ago in my hometown of Norman,

Oklahoma. My friend and sponsor, EAM Denise Anderson,

called me to host a Presentation. After telling her, “My friends

and I don’t do Presentations” and that I was getting out of hosting,

I purchased products from her over the phone, and assumed

that would be the end of it. Boy, was I wrong! At the time, I had

been a dental hygienist practicing for six years and knew I did

not want to continue at that profession for the rest of my life. I

loved the people who I worked with and came in contact with

each day, however, I was stuck in a repetitive routine with no

way out. I was not actively looking for something else, but after

receiving and loving my products, and talking with Denise about

the opportunity, I decided to give it a try.

I promoted to DM in the first three months and then stalled. The

problem was, I did not really believe Arbonne would work for

me. I never fully committed to my business. In Oklahoma, I was

in the middle of something amazing. I was letting more and

Part of Trillene’s Texas team at the Annual “Test Drive a Mercedes” Day: DM Wendy

Zeiger, Jeanette Casarez, DM Jackie Saldaña, DM Shirley Ehrich, Trillene, EAM Jody

Vantine, EAM Jennifer Perez and EAM Jill Vantine.

t r i l l e n e b a i r d

Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President

Trillene Baird Region; New Braunfels, TX

more opportunities pass me by. We have the most incredible

leaders and wonderful training available to us; you would think

I would have climbed the Arbonne success ladder very quickly.

I maintained my District for a year, and the only reason for this

was my good friend, Debbie Lewis, said we were going on the

ASAP Atlantis 2003 trip with Arbonne and I thought it might not

look good for her to earn the trip without me. This is when I

continued ...

Trillene with husband, Tony.

BELOW: Trillene with sponsor, EAM Denise

Anderson, ENVP Rachel Sinclair and ERVP Kristy

Murrow at NTC 2005 Las Vegas.

success strategy:

When I decided to commit to my business

and believed I could do this, my business

grew faster than I ever dreamed.

learned if I worked to earn the trips, I could not help but grow

my business. After maintaining my District for a year, I found my

first business partner. That is when I realized Arbonne was not

going to work for me; I had to work for it! I promoted to AM in

January of 2004.

In August of 2004, my husband and I moved to southern Texas

so his son could attend a tennis academy. I was excited about

the new opportunity, but scared to death because I did not know

a single person. What was I going to do? Where should I start?

I began to share Arbonne with everyone. I had learned from my

previous mistakes. I knew it was up to me to make it happen. I

knew people were not going to come to me, especially if they

did not even know what Arbonne was! Eight months after moving

and four months after sponsoring my first business partner,

our business tripled and we went into qualification for Region.

What a difference a new attitude can make! I now know if you

can believe it, you can achieve it. I have heard this so many

times throughout my early journey with Arbonne, though I did

not really listen. When I started to believe it, things started happening.

You see, it is not who you know, it is who you do not

know. Those in this business with me are people I never knew

before. Because of Arbonne, I have the most amazing group of

friends. The most rewarding part I have been blessed with is a

group of great friends, upline, crossline and downline. Their

positive attitudes are contagious and I just cannot help but want

to be a part of that.

I have the most amazing team. To AM Chris Hopeman: Thank

you for your never-quit attitude and seeing the opportunity for

me when my eyes were closed. You continue to inspire me. To

AMs, Jennifer Perez, Jill Vantine, Jody Vantine and Jennifer

Foglio: You ladies are on fire. Thank you for believing in me.

What a leap of faith you all took. To DMs, Greta Watson-Pigg,

BACK, L–R: DM Greta Watson-Pigg, Trillene and

Consultant Chantel Gilbert. FRONT, L–R: AM Chris

Hopeman and DM Marni Smith.

NTC 2005 Las Vegas. BACK, L–R: EAM Denise Anderson, EAM

Jennifer Perez, Trillene, ENVP Rachel Sinclair, DM Greta Watson-

Pigg, AM Chris Hopeman and ERVP Kristy Murrow. FRONT, L–R:

DM Jackie Saldaña, EAM Jody Vantine and EAM Jill Vantine.

AM Chris Hopeman, DM Greta Watson-Pigg, EAM Jennifer Perez, DM Jackie Saldaña, EAM

Jill Vantine, EAM Jody Vantine, Trillene and DM Shirley Ehrlich at NTC 2005 Las Vegas.

Marni Smith, Jackie Saldana, Jeanette Casarez, Sondra Reno,

Wendy Zeiger, Shirley Ehrlich and Kim Mittelstadt: Thank you all

for your hard work. This is only the beginning! We are just

getting started.

A special thanks goes to my awesome sponsor, EAM Denise

Anderson. Thank you for sharing the gift of Arbonne with me. To

ERVP Kristy Murrow: Your leadership is truly extraordinary. Your

desire, belief, and commitment to your team and business are

flawless. Thank you, ENVP Rachel Sinclair. What a perfect

example you have set for your entire Nation. You bring out the

best in everyone. Thank you so much for not giving up on me.

Thank you to all of my Clients. Your love of the spectacular

Arbonne products shows every month. To mom and dad: Thank

you for your love and support. To my faithful friend, Debbie

Lewis: Thank you for the awesome Arbonne vacations together

and for your friendship. To my husband, Tony: Thank you for

your patience. I know it was not always easy putting up with me.

I could not have done it without you and your support. I love you.

To Founder Petter Mørck: Thank you for your vision. Thanks to

President Rita Davenport, Executive Vice President Stian Mørck,

Sr. VP Product Development & Field Events Candace Keefe,

Chairman & CEO Bob Henry and everyone at the Home Office

for making Arbonne the best company ever!

Trillene with her Oklahoma team: DM Greta Watson-Pigg,

AM Chris Hopeman, DM Marni Smith and Consultant

Chantel Gilbert.



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