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At present the top three

Policing Priorities in

Bannockburn are:

1. Youths causing annoyance

and damage to property

in Stein Square.

2. Parking in and around the

school at the start and end of

the school day

3. Cars parking on double

yellow lines at Main Street.

New Officer

In September, the Bannockburn

Community Policing

Team gained another

Community Officer for Bannockburn,

PC 243 Alison


Alison has 14 years’ Police

service and has previously

worked in Stirling, Bannockburn

and the Eastern Villages.

As such Alison has a good

working knowledge of Bannockburn

and the current

issues affecting the community.

I am delighted to be working

alongside Alison and

welcome her to the team.

Bonfire Night

As Bonfire night fast approaches

I would like to

take this opportunity to advise

parents and children in

Bannockburn to attend an

organised event rather then

attend a fire which has been

illegally started in play parks

or other areas.

There have already been

fires lit in Catherine Street,

Bannockburn a month before

Bonfire night and the

persons responsible have

been stealing bins and other

items to set on fire. This is

wholly unacceptable and

anyone found lighting a fire

will be charged with wilful


Also in the run up to Bonfire

night there will be a joint

police and council operation

in relation to education and

enforcement of bonfires and

fireworks. All shops who sell

fireworks are being visited

and staff given advice with

regards to the sale of fireworks

and the responsibilities

of the seller, the buyer

and persons setting off fireworks.

Home security

As the darker nights begin

to close in on us this is often

the time when thieves are

out and about even more,

as they see the darkness as

cover in order to carry out

their criminal activities.

So let’s work together to

make your home safer from

being broken into and deter

the opportunistic thief.

Firstly consider how you

are going to make your home

look “lived in” when you are

out. Year after year people

think it won’t be their home

that is targeted by an opportunistic

thief, but unfortunately

year after year homes

are still broken into, albeit

this type of crime is relatively

low in Bannockburn.

Stand outside your home

and have a look at your

home and think to yourself,

“If I was to be locked out and

needed to gain entry to my

home, how would I do it?”

This is the type of question

thieves ask themselves

when they are looking at

property to break into. If it

looks too difficult and there

are signs to suggest that

there is someone at home,

then the chances are the

thief will move onto somewhere

else and leave your

home well alone.

For example, by simply

leaving a light on when you

go out or by fitting a timer

switch for your lights, this

could make all the difference.

In addition make sure

all your doors and windows

are secure when leaving

your property unattended;

and when the time comes for

buying Christmas presents

keep these out of sight by

storing them in a cupboard

or similar.

If you are looking for security

advice on your property,

please do not hesitate to

contact myself or my colleague

PC 243 Alison Ferry

and we will be happy to

come and speak with you in

relation to home security.

Murrayfield Church celebration

As part of Murrayfield United Free

Church’s celebration of 50 years in

their current building, they are holding a

“Homecoming Service” on Sunday 15th

November at 11.15am and extending an

invitation to anyone who was baptised

in the church during that time to “come


If you are one of the hundreds baptised

there over the years, the congregation will

be delighted to see you on the 15th November.

They promise not to pour water on you

this time - but you will get a cuppa afterwards!

The Church is celebrating 50 years

in their current building

Page 5

Local artist

plans exhibition

after recent


Syd alongside his latest painting

By Stevie Hughes


he holy grail is to spend less time making

the picture than it takes people to

look at it” is a quote from Banksy that

certainly applies to Syd Simpson’s latest masterpiece

– The Burn of Life. Syd has come a

long way in a few months.

Syd only started drawing and painting in

February this year through his participation in

Creative Workshop at the Delta 2 Gallery in

Larbert. He attends one day per week under

the tutelage of artist Craig McKenchnie.

Syd was encouraged by friends to develop

his skills and one of his first commissions was

from his friend Billy Woods to paint a picture

of a sunset on the Isle of Skye from a photograph.

Billy loved the painting and much

prefers it to the original. His work has already

appeared in an exhibition called Cross Currents

at the Delta 2 Gallery and he was pleasantly

surprised that people bought 12 of his

18 canvases on display.

The Burn of Life is the centre of conversation

for all who have viewed it. Everyone who has

seen it can see certain similarities, but also

spot new things that no-one has mentioned

previously. I am even less of an art critic than

I am an ace reporter, but would have to say

that the Burn of Life is simply an adventure

and throughout the interview, I couldn’t help

myself returning to look at this painting to see

if there was anything I had missed and each

time I found new adventures.

Plans for the future include a new exhibition

at Delta 2 called Wee Seeds which will

run from the 21st – 29th November, 12 – 5

pm daily – admission free. Syd is also hopeful

that next year he will create an exhibition

containing his paintings, poems and music. If

his music and poems are half as good as his

paintings, that will be an exhibition worth seeing.

Syd would like to thank friends for their

support and Craig at Delta 2 for encouragement

and inspiration.

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