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extracurricular programme in Human resource Management ...

extracurricular programme in Human resource Management ...

17 Language of tuition

17 Language of tuition Course material is available in English. Contact sessions are facilitated in English. Programme overview The course is divided into ten modules as follows: Module 1: HR Provisioning This module covers the foundation and practical application of recruitment and selection, employment contracting and induction of new employees. Also included is the management of individual careers in the organisation. Module 2: Performance and Quality Management Module two covers three topics relating to performance and quality management of human resources. It starts off by looking at high-level HR planning. Students will master the skill of conceptualising and implementing HR projects that will add value at a strategic level. Then the focus shifts to the performance management of individuals. Lastly, the issue of quality management of skills development is covered. Module 3: Information Management Systems Module three covers HR information systems and the management of payroll information. It deals with hardware and software requirements, as well as principles that guide the capturing, storing and retrieving of confidential information. Module 4: HR Strategy and Implementation Organisational needs analysis will be mastered in this module, as well as skills related to the supervision of work teams to reach specific objectives in the HR department. Module 5: Improving Organisational Productivity The student will cover productivityimprovement strategies and plans, as well as methods for measuring productivity in the organisation. Module 6: Training and Development in Organisations Learn to compile training and development plans for the organisation, coordinate and facilitate training programmes and advise on skills development-related issues. Module 7: Outcomes-Based Assessment This module will equip students to conduct outcomes-based assessment of competence (skills) in training and development applications in the organisation. Module 8: Labour Relations Module eight focuses on the application of the Labour Relations Act (LRA), Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) and substantive conditions of employment.

Module 9: Labour Relations Implementation The practical implementation of labour relations is covered in this module, specifically codes of conduct, dealing with employee grievances and carrying out disciplinary procedures. Module 10: Contemporary HR Issues The qualification ends off by examining contemporary issues in the field of HRM in South Africa. Topics include SMME development, the role of employment equity in organisational transformation and change in organisations. Integrated Examination Portfolio We believe that the ability to integrate theory, practice and reflection is best demonstrated through the completion of a workplace-based portfolio of evidence. As such, the final integrated examination portfolio will bring the various diploma outcomes together so that learners can demonstrate their managerial, strategic and systemic competencies in the field of HRM. A study route without a ceiling After obtaining the Diploma in HRM, learners may further their studies in the field of HRM by continuing with the Degree in HRM. Entry requirements The minimum requirements for a prospective learner are: •• employed with at least three years’ experience in HRM; •• Grade 12, NSC or equivalent with Mathematics and English (secondlanguage level or its equivalent will be acceptable) •• proficiency in English writing and speaking; •• occupational or subject expertise. Networking opportunities The tuition model of our programme is focused on study groups. This ensures that you are always in contact with fellow learners and are able to network and share common problems and ideas. The University of Johannesburg further ensures that you are informed of major events and conferences in the field of HRD and HRM. This is achieved by placing you on our mailing list and keeping our web page at http://general. up to date with the latest information. Short courses If your organisation has a minimum of 10 delegates to be trained in a particular module, we are able to present that module in-house to the company at an additional cost. Modules can be customised to the particular needs of the organisation. 18

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