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extracurricular programme in Human resource Management ...

extracurricular programme in Human resource Management ...

19 How will you be

19 How will you be assessed? •• Learners are given practical exercises to complete in the workplace. •• In order to complete these exercises, the learner is required to gather evidence in a portfolio-of-evidence format. This is assessed against the national standards. •• The assessment rating is based on a “competent” or “not yet competent” rating. •• There are two assessment opportunities per module. •• The learner will be awarded module credits after successful completion of a module. •• An integrative examination/project is written at the end of all the modules to obtain a full qualification. •• Recognition of prior learning is available for each module. What do we offer? •• UJ (Kingsway Campus) contact sessions •• Compulsory study schools are held at the beginning of each semester. During these schools, the learner is shown how to access the Internetbased support software and provided with a guided journey through the main facets of the module. This prepares the learner for the assessment process. •• During the year, a scheduled Saturday contact session at the beginning of each module focuses on assessment questions. Attendance is optional (not compulsory). •• Each module is supported by a selfdirected learner guide and Internet support.

ASTD Human Performance Improvement Certificate Programme About the ASTD The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) is the world’s premier professional association and leading resource on workplace learning and performance issues. Founded in 1944, their 60-plus years of experience have established the ASTD name as a trusted resource for state-of-the-art education in training and development. Membership includes professionals employed in the workplace performance field in more than 100 countries worldwide. ASTD leaders and members work in more than 15,000 multinational organizations, including major international corporations, small- and medium-sized businesses, government agencies, and colleges and universities. What does the ASTD offer? ASTD provides its members with exclusive around-the-clock access to valuable research tools, timely publications, networking opportunities, product and conference discounts, and much more, including: •• information, research, analysis, and practical information derived from ASTD research •• the extensive knowledge and experience base of its members •• conferences, expositions, workshops, and publications •• coalitions and partnerships ASTD has built through research and policy work. The ASTD HPI Programme Your organization is expected to perform at a level that can be measured in terms of exceptional results. Performance improvement can help you focus on and obtain those results, and ASTD is the premier professional resource for education and expertise in the field of performance improvement. The only programme of its kind, ASTD’s five-module Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Certificate Programme fully prepares participants to make the transition to a performance-driven, results-based focus. This programme offers comprehensive, targeted coverage of HPI topics, presented in an engaging, interactive, hands-on style. It also provides participants with a step-by-step understanding of the ASTD HPI model and the different tools needed at each stage. By earning the HPI certificate, employees gain the skills and knowledge needed to put a full range of HPI concepts into practice, plus the complete array of tools needed to employ and measure a performance approach. This process is scalable and reproducible regardless of the circumstances and how many times it is used, so your programme can be implemented to bring measurable bottom-line results. 20

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