November-December 2010 - The Journey Magazine

November-December 2010 - The Journey Magazine

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NovemberDecember 2010

t h e Jo u r n e y

Th e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2010 Pa g e 3

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From the Publisher

Recently I took a trip to California.

For the most part, I was in the Encinitas

area, which is just north of San


Each morning I woke up at 6 a.m. to

go to a place called Moonlight Beach

and enjoy a morning meditation. The

first morning I was there I settled onto

one of the benches and watched as

the surfers literally would run into the

ocean. Later I asked one of the surfers

why they ran to get in the water; I

thought perhaps it was to warm their

bodies first. “No,” re replied, “it’s because

we’re excited to get in there.”

I watched as they paddled out and

then just bobbed in the water and

waited for the waves to come in.

Sometimes they would catch a wave

and ride it out in a very smooth and

seemingly effortless way. Other times

they would catch a wave for a bit and

then wipe out, yet present to the experience.

For the most part, they just

waited and seemed to enjoy being in

the vastness of the ocean.

As I viewed this with a meditative awe,

it came to me that I was watching a

reflection on how life is – or how it

should be. Sometimes in life we ride

experiences out with an ease, everything

coming together in a divine flow.

Other times we wipe out, seemingly

flying out of control. As I reflected upon

this, I realized it didn’t matter. What’s

important is to be in the ocean of life

and enjoy the experiences it offers.

May we all find the excitement and

keep running to the oceans of our

lives. Namaste’ ~ Clyde

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November.December 2010 | Issue 55

The Front Porch | 5-9

Hughey and Me: A Different Sort of Horse Race | 12

By Boo Geisse

Over, Under and Around the Rainbow | 15

By Lorraine Weiss

Health & Nutrition | 17-22

The Need to Look Inward Before Going Forward | 17

By Dr. Norm Williams

The Yoga Pages | 23-26

The Still Forest Pool and a Settled Mind | 23

By Marilyn Wise

You Can Go Home Again | 28

By Julie Emrich Fredrick

Front Body, Back Body and In Between | 30

By wah!

The Meaning of Dreams | 34

By Wendy Stokes

Horoscopes | Inner Views | 36

By Kimmie Rose Zapf

Publisher Clyde Chafer

Editor Bob Rosenbaum

Proofreader Katie Krancevic

Asst. Editor - The Front Porch Boo Geisse |

Advertising Manager Clyde Chafer | 440.223.1392

Advertising Sales Linda Laird | 440.975.1911

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NovemberDecember 2010

The Cover:

Cover photo by Linda Peralta • See page 5 of this issue.

January • February Theme: Truth

Feature Writers

Julie Emrich Fredrick

Boo Geisse

Wendy Stokes


Lorraine Weiss

Dr. Norm Williams

Marilyn Wise

Kimmie Rose Zapf

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Welcome to the Front Porch! This new section will serve as a welcoming stage for the rest of the magazine. It is a place for community

news and sharing, updates, notables, and much more. We are excited to announce that book and CD reviews will also

take place here on the Front Porch, so please send us any material you’ve written/recorded or anything you are enchanted by.

Press releases for the Front Porch, as well as submissions for the rest of the magazine are encouraged. Please go to the submission

guidelines page at

CDs, books and DVDs can be sent to: The Journey • 9557 Tamarin Ct. • Mentor, Ohio 44060

Now, grab a hot drink and settle into a rocking chair—Welcome to our humble abode! ~ Boo Geisse • Front Porch Editor

About Our Cover.....

Cover Artist: Linda Peralta

Linda is a California native whose abundant wanderlust has taken her on yearlong trips from Alaska to South

America, across Europe, North Africa and the tropical East. When she was asked to provide the cover art for The

Journey’s “Reflection” issue she was elated, as she sees life as a series of journeys. “Just like Arjuna in the Bhagavad

Gita or Odysseus in The Odyssey, we all have our challenges to face on the road of life…each of us have those

aspects of ourselves that appear as obstacles - until we face them head on, embrace them and realize that we are


In Photography her quest is to continually capture the divine in all she sees. With other diverse artworks ranging

from Painting to Mixed-Media Installations and Interior Design, Linda weaves common threads of rich color, texture,

grace and a vibrant energy for life in all that she creates.

Linda is based out of Encinitas, California using the world as her canvas to create art for a broad range of clients.

To see more of Linda’s work please visit:


Facebook Fan Page:


t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2010

Pa g e 5

The Front Porch

Bioneers Cleveland Celebrates Innovators!

The shift is about to hit the fan!” says filmmaker Tom Shadyac. Bioneers

Cleveland is ready to present local and national innovators with plans for

the long-term processes of creative transformation that are in deed ready

to hit the fan. Bioneers, the renowned 21-year-old organization gathers

cutting-edge thinkers, scientists, artists and activists engaged in the urgent

work of spreading breakthrough sustainable solutions for people and


Bioneers Cleveland will hold its fourth annual conference as a satellite of

the national conference that is held in California. Bioneers Cleveland will

gather at Cuyahoga Community College’s Metropolitan Campus Nov. 4-6.

Open to all including high school and college students, inspiring presentations

via DVD coupled with informative “learn-shops” will provide a host

of opportunities to stimulate action toward a better Cleveland and a better

world through rich information and interaction. For program and to register: Help make the SHIFT happen!

Did You Know…

• Scientists have for the first time ( July, 2003) harnessed

the sun’s energy to kill cancer cells, using little more

than a parabolic mirror and fibre-optic cable. In much

the same way as lasers are relied upon to destroy certain

tumours, “sunshine surgery” has been shown to destroy

living tissue with pinpoint accuracy. The scientists from

Israel’s Ben-Gurion University estimate that the equipment

needed for performing surgery by sunlight would

be hundreds of times cheaper than a comparable laser


• Strong negative emotions such as anxiety and depression

depress the immune system: this is an established

fact now. This means that worrying about getting cancer

or any other disease, can actually make it more likely that

the worry-wort will catch the disease - or whatever else is

going around at the time!!

elationship is a mirror,

and the purer the love Ris, the higher the love is,

the better the mirror, the

cleaner the mirror. But the

higher love needs that you

should be open. The higher

love needs you to be vulnerable.

You have to drop your

armor; that is painful. You

have not to be constantly on

guard. You have to drop the

calculating mind. You have

to risk. You have to live dangerously.

The other can hurt

you; that is the fear in being

vulnerable. The other can

reject you; that is the fear

in being in love. The reflection

that you will find in the

other of your own self may

be ugly; that is the anxiety.

Avoid the mirror. But by

avoiding the mirror you are

not going to become beautiful.

By avoiding the situation

you are not going to grow

either. The challenge has to

be taken. One has to go into

love. That is the first step

towards God, and it cannot

be bypassed. Those who try

to bypass the step of love

will never reach God. That is

absolutely necessary because

you become aware of your

totality only when you are

provoked by the presence of

the other, when your presence

is enhanced by the

presence of the other, when

you are brought out of your

narcissistic, closed world under

the open sky. ~ Osho

Pa g e 6

NovemberDecember 2010

t h e Jo u r n e y

The Front Porch

The Mesa Creative Arts Center

The Goddess Temple

We are a group of people who have formed a

Goddess Temple to worship the Goddess in the

Wiccan/Pagan religion. We believe in a matriarchal

Goddess deity; as the base of our religion.

Membership is free and open to all adults. Persons

between the ages of 12 and 18 need the

signed consent of a parent or legal guardian.

The Goddess Temple is currently at the store,

goddess blessed. However, the Temple does

make use of the metro park area for some of the


Services correspond to the Wheel of the Year

and are held eight times a year. The services

are comprised of quiet meditation and contemplation,

music, sacred readings and prayers.

Everyone is welcome!! The Goddess Temple

room at goddess blessed is open to all during

regular store business hours. The Temple room

is staffed by priestesses and priests of the Temple

who volunteer their time. All are welcome to

stop in and worship the Goddess!!


Kathy Curran at goddess blessed: 216-221-8755


“Whereas the average individuals “often

have not the slightest idea of what they are,

of what they want, of what their own opinions

are,” self-actualizing individuals have

“superior awareness of their own impulses,

desires, opinions, and subjective reactions in

general.” ~Abraham Maslow

Located in a beautiful rural setting in Southwestern Pennsylvania,

The Mesa Creative Arts Center offers classes in Art,

Craft, Holistic and Natural Healing, Native American wisdom,

and Spiritual Development. “The Mesa” is an art and crafts

school, Holistic healing center, metaphysical gift shop, and

Spiritual center, all rolled into one. It’s a place to come and

learn, be creative, connect with like-minded others, heal personal

issues, get spiritual guidance, and find higher meaning

in life.

Founded and directed by artists, holistic healers, and “change

agents”, Brad and Kate Silberberg, the mission of The Mesa

is to be a place of experience, awakening, and enlightenment

for people of all ages who want to develop their creativity and

awareness, raise their Spiritual vibration, and engage in authentic

relationships. It is dedicated to multiculturalism, Spiritual

enlightenment, expanding consciousness, healing, and

the Native American concept of “All My Relations”-- accepting

and welcoming all things as our relatives in oneness.

The Mesa Creative Arts Center is also home to the Mesa

Medicine Wheel, a 25ft diameter ceremonial circle of stones,

based on Native American teachings and principles. The

Wheel, located in front of the Center, serves as a place for

meditation, healing, spiritual

lessons, and ceremony.

Public Medicine Wheel

ceremonies are held every

Solstice and Equinox.

The Mesa Creative

Arts Center

30 Miller Business Park Dr.

Burgettstown, PA 15021


t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2010

Pa g e 7

The Front Porch

The Telling Point

Ask for the background of each member and you’ll understand how

this Cleveland based duo came to have such an eclectic sound. Influences

ranging from jazz and Middle-Eastern to classic rock and new

metal have caused Telling Point to classify their style as “Tribal Rock”.

The commanding drums will keep you moving as the sensual vocals

embrace you. Sue Balaschak, named “Panaha” (Drum Goddess), felt

a connection to Mother’s rhythm as a child. She has played the drums

professionally for over 30 years, and has been teaching music since

1977. Alyssa Yeager has been a certified music therapist for 8 years

and a musician for over 20 years. She has presented nationally on

topics ranging from vocal improvisation for adolescents to collaborative

work in art and music therapy. Together, their work is being hailed as

“magical, mystical, woodland story-telling”.

Telling Point has recently released

“Waiting for Nothing”, showcasing their

diverse songwriting and magical ambience.

Listeners have chosen this CD to

play for everything from waking them up

on a long road trip to choreographing a

belly-dancing routine, ritual work, and


Telling Point has been touring the Northeast

and performing at festivals throughout

the East and Midwest offering band performances, drumming

and chanting workshops, and children’s song-writing programs. They

are currently working on new material for a chant CD to be recorded

this winter. Whether it’s the djembe groove or the poetic lyrics, you’ll

want to take this music in and let it touch you. Find songs, photos,

and more at

Did You Know…

• Wal-Mart, the colossal retail chain, is

the world’s largest corporation. Last year

its total income was $246.5 billion, a sum

larger than the Gross Domestic Product

(GDP) of Sweden, Austria or Norway. It

is the 19th largest economy in the world.

• Commercial airlines (as opposed to

small, privately owned planes!) are an

extraordinarily safe method of travel.

Each year, over a billion passengers fly

on almost 20 million flights, with about

20 fatal crashes: literally one in a million!

So, if you went on 1,000,000 commercial

flights, you would have a 50/50 or

“even money” chance of being involved

in a fatal accident. Fewer people have

died in commercial airplane accidents in

the USA over the past 60 years than are

killed in U.S. auto accidents in a typical

three-month period. In fact, donkeys kill

more people annually than plane crashes.

• Most mosquito repellents don’t repel.

They hide you. They block the mosquito’s

sensors so they don’t know you’re


“I love those who can smile

in trouble, who can gather

strength from distress, and

grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis

the business of little minds to

shrink, but they whose heart

is firm, and whose conscience

approves their conduct, will

pursue their principles unto

death.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

Pa g e 8

NovemberDecember 2010

t h e Jo u r n e y

The Front Porch

Womankind to Celebrate 35th Anniversary with Gala Event

Womankind Maternal and Prenatal Care Center is celebrating 35 years of providing hope and

help to pregnant women and families in need with a 35th Anniversary Gala on Friday, November

5, 2010 from 6:30 to 11 PM. The event will take place at the Ritz-Carlton Cleveland

Hotel, 1515 West Third Street in downtown Cleveland, and will include dinner, a silent and live

auction, entertainment by Nia vocals, an open bar and complimentary valet parking. Tickets

for the Gala start at $150, with corporate sponsorships available. A highlight of the night will be

a presentation of the Hearts and Hands Leadership Recognition Award to KeyBank for assisting

in the organization of the Baby Bottle Fundraiser. Since 2006, the project has raised over

$170,000, most of which has come from loose coins collected in baby bottles. In addition to

raising money, the project has increased awareness about Womankind and its services and

value to the community.

Womankind, a nonprofit prenatal and maternal healthcare center, offers prenatal care and a full

range of free support services to pregnant women and their families. The center is backed by

volunteer physicians, certified nurse midwives and nurses. Social services include counseling,

childbirth classes and assistance with maternity and baby items.

Womankind is located at 5400 Transportation Boulevard in Garfield Heights. For further information

about Womankind and the 35th Anniversary Gala, call 216-662-5700.

Rock on....

“When you do The Work, you see who

you are by seeing who you think other

people are. Eventually you come to see

that everything outside you is a reflection

of your own thinking. You are the

storyteller, the projector of all stories,

and the world is the projected image of

your thoughts.”

~ Byron Katie, from Loving What Is

The Front Porch

Did You Know…

• Scientists have for the first time

( July, 2003) harnessed the sun’s energy

to kill cancer cells, using little more

than a parabolic mirror and fibreoptic

cable. In much the same way as

lasers are relied upon to destroy certain

tumours, “sunshine surgery” has

been shown to destroy living tissue

with pinpoint accuracy. The scientists

from Israel’s Ben-Gurion University

estimate that the equipment needed

for performing surgery by sunlight

would be hundreds of times cheaper

than a comparable laser device.

• Strong negative emotions such as

anxiety and depression depress the

immune system: this is an established

fact now. This means that worrying

about getting cancer or any other

disease, can actually make it more

likely that the worry-wort will catch

the disease - or whatever else is going

around at the time!!

t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2010

Pa g e 9


professionals at your service.....

Carol Baglia, RRT is an expert Buteyko breathing coach with Correct Breathing Concepts. Carol

educates people on a safe, simple, and natural breathing retraining method to restore normal effortless

breathing all the time. A large percentage of the population is suffering from dysfunctional

breathing in the form of allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, insomnia, panic attacks, snoring/sleep

apnea, excess mucus, shortness of breath and many more symptoms. Learn to breathe optimally

for best of health with this doctor-developed, scientifically-proven, life-changing program.

Carol Baglia, RRT, CBP Correct Breathing Concepts, LLC 1-888-748-8874

Virginia Waters I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader, who has studied with Rev. Tim Brainard. I have

been a reader for over 15 years and my desire to help people has always been the focal point of

my readings. I have helped to enrich many lives with compassionate guidance, encouragement,

hope, and words of inspiration. “There Is Always Hope” I am available for private consultations

and parties

Virginia Waters 440-749-7077

John Michael Thornton Focusing on physical and spiritual health, relationships, past, present,

and future events, my readings give you the information you need to make clear, informed choices

on your spiritual path. We explore the root causes of physical illness and negative patterns, finding

ways to untangle your life. 30 and 60 minute phone readings as well as personal 2 hour healing

consultations available. I also offer classes and psychic development workshops.

My New Meditation CD “Walking the Sacred Stair” is now available online and in select shops!

John Michael Thornton For more information

330-519-6558 email:

Christina Anderson - “Be” represents a multitude of layers of growth within oneself, ranging from

Be Strong, Be Sexy, Be you, or simply just BE. This is achieved through a balance of physical fitness

and body/skin therapies found at Be Studios. We offer classes in Pole Dance, Pilates, Yoga, Belly

Dance, Stylized Dance Classes, and Personal Training. The Organic Spa includes an array of Body

and Skin treatments ranging from Massage, Facials, Body Wraps, Hair removal and a Theraputic

Infrared Sauna.

Christina Anderson Be Studios 10400 Clifton Blvd. Cleveland


Lady Lindora H.Ps., Reiki Master Instructor, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, and Owner of

Aradia’s Garden - North East Ohio’s Largest Psychic and Spiritualist Center. I offer classes

on a variety of subjects - Ear Candling, Reiki, Witch School, Mediumship Development,

C.W.G., And Tarot Classes just to name a few, with a full schedule of guest speakers. Check

The Web-site for more events!

Lady Lindora Aradia’s Garden 34510C Lakeshore Blvd. Eastlake


Pa g e 10

To Advertise in At Your Service...Call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392

NovemberDecember 2010

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professionals at your service.....

EarthSmart Organic Kitchen featuring Portia’s Creations To your health in a tasty way!

We provide vegan, organic, raw, gluten-free*, seasonal, and/or local foods when available,

using fluoride- and chlorine-free water in our recipes and production. Enjoy our creations

knowing that they’re made with intention and love to satisfy your taste buds while giving

your body what it needs to thrive.

*our products are made in a facility where gluten products are prepared


professionals at your service.....

Journeys of Life is a sanctuary for mind, body and spirit. Walk through the door and be pleasantly lost

or creatively found amidst an eclectic mix of gifts, jewelry and cards. Relax to the calming sounds of water

fountains, wind chimes and music. Breathe in the scents of serenity. Venture upstairs and get lost in our

bookstore specializing in personal growth, spirituality, recovery and wellness for all ages. Celebrating 21

years of transformational gifts, books, classes and readings in Shadyside.

Journeys of Life • 810 Bellefonte Street - Shadyside • Pittsburgh, PA 15232


Felicia Palazzola is a licensed Psychiatric Clinician, URR Reiki Master/Teacher, Hypnotherapist, with over

30 years experience. Her philosophy, is that, everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Incorporating her

extensive training in Reflexology, Chakra, Shamanism, and Meditation, facilitates an integration of healing

modalities for mind, body and spirit. Felicia offers classes, intensives, and workshops in REIKI, Chakra,

Kundalini, cosmic concsiousness, drumming, reflexology.

Felicia Palazzola • 4361 William Flynn Hwy, Allison Park, Pa 15101

412 251-3873 •

the Journey is Expanding

We are expanding the magazine to the

Columbus OH, Detroit MI and Pittsburgh PA

areas and will be staging another Journey

Expo in Detroit in April 2011.

With this expansion we are

looking for like-minded

individuals who would like to

join the Journey team.

We are now accepting applications for

sales people willing to work on a commission

basis for both ad sales for the

magazine & booth sales for the expos.

Please call Clyde Chafer

at 440-223-1392




Advertise in the Professionals at Your Service pages

Reach Thousands of Potential Customers

Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Detroit & Beyond.....

First Time Special Rate Available

Please call 440-223-1392 for details

t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2010 Pa g e 11

By Boo Geisse

Hughey and Me:

A Different Sort

of Horse Race

ughey is young. He is tall but awkward – not

fully accustomed to his adult body. He is out

of shape, somewhat sore and has a terrible

attitude. HHughey is a horse, a 3-year-old thoroughbred that,

despite world-class lineage, couldn’t make it as a racehorse.

As his owner, my Aunt Betty stated simply: “He

just wouldn’t run.”

Hughey was born in Chesterland, Ohio, at Eutrophia

Farms. He spent his first year there before he went to

Kentucky for professional training. Nobody really knows

what happened to him at the track, or why he reacted so

adversely to his surroundings. But when the powers that

be finally gave up on him, he was a different horse.

When Hughey came home nearly a year ago, he bit,

kicked, pawed and reared. He pinned his ears at everybody.

He’d stand quietly one moment and the next, reach

around to grab his handler with his teeth. He didn’t want

anybody near him. He had a great habit of refusing to go

forward when he didn’t want to; when pushed, he’d stand

up on his hind legs.

Hughey returned to Eutrophia Farms broken and

rejected. Nobody knew what to do with him. My Aunt

Betty believed he had great potential, but no one wanted

to deal with his defensiveness. He was dangerous.

so adversely to my surroundings, began wearing all black

and fighting with my parents. As a child, I had been the

“good girl” – the quiet, nurturing, sensitive type. What

had happened?

When I came home from Australia nearly a year ago,

I was a shell of the girl I had once been. Defensive and

afraid, I pushed everyone away, yelled at those who tried

to help me, sucked back when some one tried to hug or

touch me. I didn’t want anybody near me. I refused to do

anything I didn’t want to do.

I came back to Cleveland broken and rejected. Nobody

knew what had happened to me, no one knew how to

act around me. My whole life, I’d heard that I was talented,

special, that I had great potential. But my defensiveness

kept everybody and everything at bay.

‘When Hughey came home

nearly a year ago, he bit, kicked,

pawed and reared. He pinned

his ears at everybody. He didn’t

want anybody near him.’

I am young. I am a tall 22-year-old woman who is

not fully comfortable in her own body. I am out of shape

and heart-sore. I have an incredible amount of emotional


I am a well-educated and intelligent woman who,

despite many gifts and opportunities, has been unhappy

for years.

I was born in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I spent 12 years

at Laurel School, two at Chagrin Falls High School, two

at Goucher College in Baltimore, and, finally, two at the

University of Melbourne, in Australia.

Nobody really knew what was wrong with me. No one

could figure out why I, at the age of 14, began reacting

Pa g e 12

NovemberDecember 2010

When I first began working with Hughey, eight months

ago, he seemed hopeless. I wondered what I was getting

myself into. But I had nothing else to ride, so I made a

deal with my Aunt Betty and starting training her overgrown


I began Hughey’s new program by riding him at a

walk for 15 minutes every day. I steered him tentatively

around the ring while some one on the ground maintained

control through an extended lead. That way, should he

misbehave, I had backup support to help me.

It was strenuous and scary. I knew I was risking my

life; I knew I was in danger. It was clear that I was working

with an abuse case – Hughey was a disaster. But I

t h e Jo u r n e y

had nothing else.

I pressed on, hoping for change.

It took a lot of time and effort before he began doing

things a “normal” horse would do, but eventually the

hours spent teaching and correcting Hughey started

to pay off. The discipline, the fights, the accumulated

days I stood with him while he slowly absorbed the lessons

I offered, all of my work began showing up in his

changing behavior.

The stable help noticed that he was easier to work

with. He stood quieter in the crossties, allowed people

to groom him, and walked more obediently on the lead.

His resistance began fading – the stutters and stops, his

aggression and dangerous habits grew less and less.

I stood back and reveled in my own work. It was

nothing short of a miracle.

‘Many horse people ask me why

I bother training Hughey. He’s

no guarantee. He’s not particularly

talented. They see his bad

habits, poor conformation and

general equestrian illiteracy.’

transformation. I knew I

was a miracle.

Sitting here now, it

feels like lifetimes ago that

I first began uncovering

my own truth. So much

has happened in a year; I

hardly recognize the person

I was last October.

These days, I am working

seven days a week,

riding several horses a

day, writing creatively, exercising

regularly, singing

in the shower, making music and poetry and art.

I’ve made new friends and revived old connections.

I seek out people who are capable of supporting me. I

see my therapist less often because I have learned how

to healthily express my feelings as they arise.

And I am still riding Hughey every day.

Hughey now stands quietly in the crossties; I groom

him without concern for my safety. He trots and canters

placidly around the ring, does everything I ask him to

do. His ears point forward almost all the time; he rarely

bites or kicks.

Hughey whinnies for me when he hears my voice.

He gallops to his pasture gate and sticks his head in my

face. He loves it when I kiss his nose.

He’s not perfect—nor am I. It takes years to melt

the shell that abuse creates. But when I hold Hughey’s

muzzle in my hands and whisper to him – usually my own

concerns and secrets – we both stop moving and listen

to my soul. His ears rest and eyes close part way, and I

can feel both of us relaxing into the feeling of love.

When I began recovery a year ago, I felt hopeless.

I wondered what the hell I had gotten myself into. I felt

like I had ruined my life. Was there any point in trying to

salvage it? I had nothing – no job, school or hobbies.

I began focusing on my own state of being, every

day. I met a few people (not by chance; I don’t believe

in chance) who introduced me to the recovery process.

I started going to CoDA (Co-Dependents Anonymous)

meetings, made friends who were also survivors, and

began forging a community of support to help me.

Many horse people ask me why I bother training

I sat in my basement every morning and night for at Hughey. He’s no guarantee. He’s not particularly talented.

least six months. I wrote for hours, tracing the lineage

They see his bad habits, poor conformation and

of my evolution, tracking what had happened and why, general equestrian illiteracy.

recovering my past selves. I realized I had suffered years It will take the rest of Hughey’s life to undo that which

of abuse during my childhood.

has been done to him. So many people ask me, why? Is

A small amount of hope began to churn as I began there any reason to try? Is there any hope?

discovering my life for the first time. It wasn’t much, but

I usually smile at

it was something.

them. I look inside myself

I could only pray for change.

and know the answer.

It took a lot of time and tears before I could do anything

a “normal” person could do, but eventually, the

Elisabeth “Boo” Geisse

hours I spent in therapy, the journals full of personal

was born and raised

epiphanies, the accumulated days I sat with myself as I

in Cleveland. She has a

dug deeper and deeper, all of my work began showing

degree in creative writing


from the University of

As I continued processing the buried feelings and

Melbourne, Australia. She

releasing the pain, I noticed my spirit shifting. I felt

has recently moved back

lighter, less imprisoned by negativity. Anger didn’t define

to Cleveland and is happily

me any more; my resistance to others and myself was

settling back home.

slowly melting.

Contact her at bgeisse@

I wrote letters to God and felt like a witness to my own

t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2010

Pa g e 13

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NovemberDecember 2010

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s I recently listened to the Wizard of Oz song

“Over the Rainbow,” my mind wandered to my

own experiences with rainbows and I smiled.

There is something magical about a rainbow

that inspires people to create songs and stories. This wonder

of nature has fostered such popular songs as “Follow

the Rainbow,” “At the End of a Rainbow” and “Rainbow

Connection” – all about the magical power of rainbows.

But upon reflection, I don’t recall any songs musing about

what’s under the rainbow, so I wondered.

I grew up in the hills and valleys that surround Pittsburgh

years before it became the sparkling metropolis it is

today. Rainbows then were a rare treat. I would breathlessly

run up to the attic or the high point on a hill for a better view

of this joyous phenomenon. Off in the distance I would see

the faint pastel colors of a short arc that went from one hill

to another. Having heard stories about the treasure at the

end of a rainbow guarded by leprechauns or elves, I would

stare in awe at this glimpse of magic and be saddened

when the spectrum disappeared as mysteriously as it had


A few years later in school a science teacher burst my

bubble of wonder by proclaiming there was nothing mysterious

about rainbows. They were just the result of the sun

passing through water vapor and reflecting back the colors

of the light spectrum. While interesting, this theory was not

nearly as exciting and powerful as the idea of little leprechauns

hiding gold at the end of the rainbow. My teacher

thought the science was amazing; I was disappointed by

this intrusion of reality and preferred to hold on to the magic

of rainbow fantasies.

When I grew up and joined the Navy, I left my beloved

hills of Pennsylvania. I began a 20-year odyssey around

the United States, and at each stop in my travels I was

fortunate enough to see rainbows. On the boot-camp drill

field in Bainbridge, Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay, a

rainbow was a pleasant distraction from the rhythmic sound

of marching feet and barked cadence.

In Memphis, where the humidity and summer rains were

a major and ever-present change from the cooler northern

climate, rainbows were more common but less enjoyable.

We marched to and from class with the rain soaking the legs

of our starched denim dungarees and ruining the spit-shine

on our black oxfords. I’d have gladly sacrificed each of the

more frequent rainbows for a dryer, cooler day.

In the years that followed I continued to look for rainbows.

Over the airfields of Florida I saw rainbows shimmering

in the aftermath of steamy torrential downpours.

I looked for a glimpse of arching colors floating over the

cool waters while living on the shores of Lake Michigan and

t h e Jo u r n e y

Under, Over and

Around the Rainbow

By Lorraine Weiss

Narragansett Bay. During two tours in Washington D.C., I

saw multi-hued arcs hovering over the beautiful monuments

as if in tribute to the heroes immortalized below. Toward

the end of in my career, while stationed in Hawaii, I finally

saw and understood the awesome power and beauty of

rainbows. From high atop one of the hills that overlooked

Pearl Harbor and the magnificent Pacific, I finally saw a fullblown

rainbow in all its majestic glory. For the first time I saw

the full spectrum of vibrant colors arching on the ocean’s

horizon with no hills or buildings to shorten or interfere with

its perfect half-circle. Even more astounding was a second

shimmering pastel shadow of a rainbow beyond it, my first

double rainbow. As I sat on that hillside, I marveled at the

breathtaking symmetry and intense colors and I understood

that the true treasure under the rainbow was not a pot of

gold. It was the simple, but extraordinary, gift of a moment

or two of perfect beauty.

‘For the first time I saw the full

spectrum of vibrant colors arching

on the ocean’s horizon with no hills

or buildings to shorten or interfere

with its perfect half-circle.’

And now, years later, I have come full circle. With the

excitement and magic of rainbows restored, I am once

again living in Pennsylvania, this time in the foothills near

the beautiful Pocono Mountains. When I see a rainbow, I

still rush to find a good vantage point to get the best view

of this wonder of nature.

Age and experience have taught me the life lesson of

rainbows. Just as I know that the visible arc, attenuated by

the surrounding hills, is but a piece of something bigger and

grander, so too, I’ve learned, am I but a small piece of the

world around me. By constantly striving for a better view of

the world around me I can achieve a greater understanding

of what lies beyond my limited vistas. I have learned a

rainbow’s treasure is not at the ends with some mythical

creature standing guard; rather it is the world under the

rainbow that is enriched by the beauty and majesty of man

and nature.

Lorraine Weiss has written for pleasure since age 13.

During her journey through life she has written everything

from procedural manuals, to newsletters to stage dialogue

and even a novel. At age 66, with the encouragement of

friends and family, she ventured into the world of writing

for publication.

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NovemberDecember 2010

(412) 213-3900 4361 • William Flynn Highway (Route 8) • Allison Park, PA 15101

(Formerly the Craighead Building, just north of Harts Run Road in Hampton Township)

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In conjunction with:

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t h e Jo u r n e y

The Need To Look Inward

Before Going Forward

By Dr. Norm Williams

issatisfaction with the condition of one’s life is

a common occurrence. By all accounts, it is

becoming a growing worldwide phenomenon.

dTo be dissatisfied with one’s situation should not

be considered a death sentence. It is not an irreversible

state. However, sadly, far too many people don’t know

that they can remedy it.

Owing to their lack of knowledge on how they can

rectify things, many of them say they are satisfied and

accept their lot as they continue to live a mediocre life.

Referred to as “happy failures,” they look for their happiness

mostly in the acquisition of things. It causes them

to live above their means and makes them miserable at

the end of the day. Clearly, then, true happiness eludes


And there are others who say they want to improve

their situation. However, they keep on doing the same

thing, day in and day out, year after year, even though

it doesn’t give them the result they want. Yet, they are

surprised that their condition remains the same.

Despite its inherent counter-productivity, many

unwittingly recite the negative idiom, “Same old, same

old,” whenever they are asked how things are going with

them. In fact, in many cultures, the expression seems to

have gained unconscious widespread use as a mantra

in recent times. They are unaware of the harmful effects

it engenders

It was the renowned scientist, Albert Einstein (1879–

1955), who defined insanity as “Doing the same thing

over and over again and expecting different results.” I

agree with this viewpoint completely.

Now, I do not recommend simply endeavouring to

t h e Jo u r n e y

“Follow effective action with quiet

reflection; from the quiet reflection

will come even more effective action.”

—James Levin

make a change just for the sake of doing something new.

Before making a change in an effort to improve your

circumstances, I advocate doing so only after a period

of introspection.

I’ve successfully made some profound personal and

professional changes in my life, following due consideration

of where I was and where I wanted to be at those

particular points in my life. A few years after my making

a move in a new career direction, I recall a former colleague’s

remark that I was able to do it because I had

options. He seemed stunned when I said that we all have

options, but many people choose not to exercise theirs

for one reason or another.

‘Fear is the underlying reason

for most people’s reluctance

to even contemplate making a

change – even when it is abundantly

clear that their situation

is untenable.’

Whereas being uninformed certainly plays a big role

in many cases, I believe fear is the underlying reason for

most people’s reluctance to even contemplate making a

change – even when it is abundantly clear that their situation

is untenable. It may also explain why some people

adhere to the false principle espoused by the saying,

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

The attitude it embodies fosters a sense of resignation

and acceptance, and, at the same time, a lack of

appreciation for the fact that the Universe wants each of

us to be the best that we can be in this life.

Williams...Continued on page 20

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Rosanna O. Zavarella, Ph.D

Wholistic Psychologist






PARMA, OHIO 44134 (1-216-741-2082)

3 objects of the Society:

1) to form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood without

distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.

2) To encourage the study of comparative religion,

philosophy and science.

3) To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and

the powers latent in man.

Established in 1875

We will be having classes in: Steiner, Cayce, Esoteric

Christianity, Goldsmith, The Mahatma Letters (basic

Theosophy) and meditations – starting in the fall.

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Health and Wellness Classes

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Williams...Continued from page 17

Furthermore, it encourages reliance on some external

entity for our ultimate success in achieving what we desire.

We must aspire to become, to do and to have the very best.

And we must learn that it is imprudent for us to depend on

others for what we need or want.

From my discussion over the years with many people

who have sought my assistance and advice, one thing is

clear: They are, quite understandably, hung up on the time

and/or money they have already invested in whatever may

be the source of their dissatisfaction, whether it’s a business

venture, their career or their personal relationships. Their

preoccupation, however, precludes rational thought and

any sense of objectivity.

Consequently, they spend life wishing and hoping that

putting in more time or money would provide better results.

The success of this approach hinges, for the most part, on

happenstance. It begs the question: How wise is such a

proposition for any important undertaking? And in addition,

let me point out that it is a well-established fact that working

smart triumphs working hard, and that there is always the

looming consideration of whether one is pouring in good

money after bad.

As difficult as it may be, there comes a time when we

must cut our losses and invoke the equally hard decision to

make a change. To move forward, we must take absolute

control of the emotional component, be open, exercise patience,

think positively and be prepared to face our fears.

Success requires taking time out, on a regular basis,

to reflect. To begin this process of reflection, we must quiet

the mind by assuming a relaxed mode where we eliminate

all potential external disturbances. We should then examine

our current situation in relation to where we want to be.

By listening in the silence, we open ourselves up to

receiving wisdom, understanding and guidance from the

spirit within us. Any tendency to be timid or fearful will

disappear. And we will feel at ease in making decisions that

will improve our situation.

Dr. Norm Williams is a Toronto-based business strategist

and coach. An internationally recognized inspirational/

motivational speaker, he is author of a powerful motivational

guide titled, “Take Steps to Realize Your Dreams:

Give Yourself Permission To Become, To Do and To Have

Whatever You Want.” His experience includes work as an

educator, rocket research scientist, professional engineer,

regulator, expert witness and management consultant. He

holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Engineering

& Management Science.

Be A Certified Qi Healer, Course in Beijing

October 07 – 16, 2011 Course & Visiting in Beijing

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of this life are caused

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■ Inner child work, hypnosis, healing

the roots of addiction, guided imagery,

cognitive and behavioral work

■ Group and family therapy

■ Holistic medical evaluation and

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■ Acupuncture and laser light therapy

■ Yoga, Tai Qi and Tai Kwon Do

■ Nutritional consultation and coaching

The Twelve Steps, The Course in

Miracles and other spiritually based programs

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FREE 20 minute consultation appointment. Call Marilyn Wise, LICDC, 440-622-8782,

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NovemberDecember 2010

t h e Jo u r n e y

The Still Forest Pool

and a Settled Mind

By Marilyn Wise LICDC

I recently delighted in autumn while hiking the

mountains of Vermont. My camera is my sharpened set

of eyes that helps me to frame the beauty of nature in

a way I might otherwise miss. I was drawn, as I often

am, to observe and photograph the reflections to be

seen in still waters.

While exploring a forest trail and surrounded by

astounding beauty, I was infused with a deep sense

of the sacred. I had happened upon a pristine beaver

pond surrounded by massive pines; birches peeling

their dappled parchment; and proud maples fluttering

their new, fiery red attire. My breath escaped me as the

direction of my lens traveled down to the reflection in

the pool. The colors and shapes were like an artist’s

rendering of the sublime. Gazing into reflections for me

is like seeing the surroundings with innocent unjaded

eyes: allowing me to see with a softened and surprising


This is also true of gazing into the eyes of others

and seeing my own reflection in a fresh way. I

just attended a powerful training in the therapeutic

counseling modality of Psychodrama, in which

12 of us role-played different aspects of ourselves, the

events that shaped us and our own forgotten pieces of

the puzzle we call our lives. It was like a hall of mirrors

for us all.

I left feeling more integrated and whole, but also

even more acutely aware of the oneness that exists

when we open our hearts and recognize in each other

our common humanity.

When I find someone really offensive, or I if am

judging myself to be better than or less than someone

else, it is a sure sign that they are mirroring to me a

hidden or disowned part of myself. The toughest challenge

I face is to be still enough to hear the voice of

my higher self, which will invariably give me a clearer

more discerning view.

I also find that the people I attract into my life are

usually reflections of my current state of mind and

heart. Right now I am amazed to be surrounded in

most areas of my life by loving people who respect

and inspire me. I recognize by whom I draw into my

life, how far I have come and the edges where I have

yet to grow.

Ibelieve my fascination for reflections in still waters

was sparked by my study of the meditation method

I learned through the writings of the Spiritual

Master Thich Nhat Hahn, who advises us to find the

stillness of a forest pool within ourselves. He suggests

that when we sit in stillness, whatever disturbing debris

lies on the top of our attention has a chance to settle

to the bottom. As I meditate, I imagine a still forest

pool, see the reflections of a blue and white sky, trees

and mountains, hear the carefree callings of the birds,

inhale the earthy musk of the air, and feel the sensation

of stillness in the core of my being. This practice helps

me to transcend my much too busy mind and silence

the storms of stress and chaos.

t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2010

Pa g e 23

Thich Nhat Hahn

That dear Vietnamese monk teaches us that the

great benefit we can give to others comes from reflecting

our energy out of that unruffled aspect of self. It

happens when we remain clear, calm and present.

Science is now confirming that our vibrational field

is contagious and powerful beyond our imagination.

In my own life when I am in a state of love, joy and

gratitude, it affects my perspective and even my health.

When I am able to emit the vibrations of beauty and

peace, like the still forest pool, I am a better counselor,

friend and mother. But I am profoundly aware that at

times I need to delve beneath the surface, feel whatever

irrational or painful feelings need to be felt, honored

and accepted, and explore the deeper connections

underneath. A nonjudgmental witness to ourselves or

to others can be such a healing force in this process,

allowing for unconditional love and acceptance. Just

by being truly heard the negative emotions or judgments

melt like butter in the sun, instead of remaining

repressed and stuck in our cells. Sometimes, we must

crack open just to let the light in.

Pa g e 24

The mind, body and spirit all reflect

the well-being of each other. If one

is off you can bet the others are

being hurt in some way as well.’

NovemberDecember 2010

Amindfulness training technique gives us

steps to quell the emotional hijacking that

can send us into a dark vortex. The first step

is stop, when we can catch ourselves in a

reactive state. The second step is breathe, which can

bring us into the stillness we need to hear the voice

of our higher self. The third step is reflect. In reflection

we can ask ourselves, What is this really about?

What does this remind me of? What is my part? How

can I see this differently? The last step is choose. In

this step we are empowered to choose our thoughts,

feelings and behaviors from a more expansive state.

This is a helpful tool when working with cravings and

addictions as well.

‘When I find someone really

offensive, or I am judging myself to

be above or below someone else,

it is a sure sign they are mirroring

to me a hidden or disowned part

of myself.’

At times when in a weakened state, my emotions

overpower me and I surrender to them without a fight,

submitting like a caribou pinned by a tiger, freezing

as an instinctual defense. When a dear friend and

colleague of mine suddenly passed away earlier this

year, the violent shock to my system flattened me. I did

not use my tools or take care of myself. I developed

a painful and prolonged state of shingles. Sometimes

pain is a great motivator for reflection. It helped me

face what was left of my feelings of inadequacy and

begin to take up his baton and show up as a counselor

in a bigger way.

Stillness is so elusive, so easily stirred by the winds

and currents of distraction, passion and urgency. There

is so much activity beneath the surface of a still pool

and of our conscious mind. The more I meditate, pray

and practice mindfulness, the more I reprogram those

neuropathways and train my mind to stay in the calm,

like a turtle basking in the sun. When I do dive beneath

the surface to heal and release those blocks and false

beliefs, I can do so consciously, with compassion,

seeing the beauty and shining light into the still dark

pool within. It is there, I can finally see my own true


Marilyn Wise is a licensed independent chemical

dependency counselor, and founder of Astara Holistic

Recovery from Addiction Program. As well as counseling

individuals and families, Wise has designed and

facilitated a Living the Light group for four years, which

takes the Laws of Attraction to a whole new level and has

helped many break out of the box and into their dreams.

You can reach Wise at

t h e Jo u r n e y

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What is Metaphysics?

Rishis Institute of Metaphysics was originated for the

purpose of helping individuals to understand the laws

that govern all of life. It is an outgrowth of years of experience

and research in human relationship. Man is a

four-fold being governed by physical, mental, emotional

and spiritual laws. These metaphysical Laws of Living are

as exact as the laws of mathematics. When you learn to

live and apply these teachings, you can learn to solve

many human problems. When you help yourself; you

can, in turn, help others. Traveling the path of light is

the safe road to God. Metaphysics is the study of the

Laws of Life for the achievement of the greatest physical,

mental, motional and spiritual advancement for the

attainment of the highest goal on earth: SELF-MASTERY.

It is the New Age Philosophy which will show you the way

to a happier and more abundant Life.


1) An 8 Week Introductory Course

2) A Course that continues indefinitely

One hour classes one night each week. No fees;

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I. Who you are and your relationship to the Cosmos.

II. How to get the greatest use of the Subconscious Mind

III. The practice of the Silence and Meditation to reach

your subconscious mind and your Superconscious Mind.

IV. The way to attain greater health & energy. V. The

laws governing financial success. Vl. The way to develop

greater poise & personality. Vll. How to have a happy &

peaceful domestic, personal & business life

21933 Euclid Ave. Euclid, Ohio

For more information about

Rishis Institute of Metaphysics,

visit us at our web site at:

t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2010 Pa g e 27

You Can Go Home Again


t’s happening again. From the safety of my home

computer, armed with only vague flashbacks and

the anticipation of future possibilities, I am opening

myself to another reunion of the heart. Since turning

50 last year, I’ve had a self-revelation of sorts. There’s

something about hitting the half-century mark that has

encouraged me to reflect on life and the paths I chose

to take. More than ever, I have been thinking about

my past and long-lost relationships. My introduction

to Facebook has offered possibilities to rekindle old

friendships as well as make some new ones.

I grew up in a tiny rural Appalachian town during the

late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Always the outspoken rebel,

I developed a reputation as a ‘wild child’ and in the

middle of my junior year of high school was sent to a

boarding school in another state. With the exception of

a brief marriage that took me back home for two years,

I never really returned. I severed most of my old ties

when I left, although the memories will remain.

There are reasons that so many people feel that

they can never go “home” again. Some may feel that

they didn’t live up to expectations. Maybe family moved

away or died. Maybe there were painful memories from

a turbulent adolescence, or they thought that no one

really cared if they kept in contact. Or possibly we lost

contact for no reason other than graduation. For me,

a combination of insecurity and rebellion inhibited me

from revisiting my past.

After attending the funeral of an old classmate a few

years ago, I promised myself that I would make an effort

to revisit those people that had made a positive impact

on my past. I have lost too many friends unexpectedly

without having had the chance to tell them how I felt, or

that I loved them. That was before the takeoff of social

media, though, and my efforts to make contact were

mostly in vain.

So after having been on Facebook for a couple of

months, I actually connected – face to face – with a couple

of old friends. Following these mini-reunions, I got all

warm and fuzzy, declaring now that I’ve turned 50 I’m

going to put myself out there and reconnect. So when

Debbie, who was a good friend in seventh and eighth

grades, “friended” me this spring, I of course accepted

her into my “Facebook life.” After chatting back and forth

and mutual clicks of the Like button, we realized that we

both shared the love of travel, animals and nature.

One morning, after turning on my computer, I

saw a message from Debbie. “I have a timeshare in

Sedona, and would like for you and Bertha to join me

next month.”

Pa g e 28

By Julie Emrich Fredrick

NovemberDecember 2010

What, is she nuts? Fly half-way across the country

to spend five days with two practical strangers? I had

gone to school with Bertha from the second grade until

I left for boarding school, but we had never been more

than amicable acquaintances. After Debbie moved

away during our eighth-grade year, I never heard from

her again. This was crazy, I thought, so naturally I was

intrigued. Just out of curiosity, I looked at airfare. Hmmmm…not

bad. I’ve always wanted to go to Sedona. I

did it. I committed.

Quite a bit of time over those five days together

was spent in deep reflection of who we had been “back

when,” and where we’d gone since. And I’m not talking

about geographical moves here, I’m talking deep stuff.

From insecure teenagers with a lot to prove to the world

to 50-somethings who are maybe still trying to prove

ourselves to ourselves, we had each taken vastly different

journeys to get to where we are today.

The comfort that comes with being old friends

brings with it safety and an acceptance that I find hard

to describe. From foot rubs to late night pajama parties,

singing at the top of our lungs (and video- taping it) to

crying on shoulders then laughing so hard we couldn’t

breathe, it all came naturally. It is liberating not to have

to censor yourself for fear of rejection. (If we were going

to reject each other, I figure it would’ve happened

30-some odd years ago, right?)

Although we weren’t best friends in school, I had a

strong respect for both Bertha and Debbie, and remembered

them individually with fondness. When asked if I

ever thought that we would be sitting there together at

the age of 50, my response was an unhesitating “yes.”

Yes because I believe in the will of the mind, the power

of intention and the bonds that somehow, throughout

whatever life hands you, will never be broken.

How many people actually get the chance to reconnect

with old friends in such a way that lifts your spirits

and warms your heart? I think a lot of people have that

chance. We just, for one reason or another, don’t take it.

We allow life to get in the way. What a shame. Because

for me at least, I have a new sense of acceptance and

a warm feeling of being loved not just for who I am,

but for who I was, way back when I considered myself

pretty unlovable.

So yesterday, opening my Facebook page, I had another

invitation to reconnect, face to face, with a few of

those old friends from boarding school. It’s been 30-plus

years since we’ve seen each other, but at this point in my

life, I am confident enough to at least open myself up to

where the past has led us and to what the future holds.

t h e Jo u r n e y

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NovemberDecember 2010 Pa g e 29

Front Body,

Back Body

‘Naturally if the guides are not

in front of you, where you do

your work every day, you might

sometimes forget that they

exist. You might feel you are

doing this life all alone.’

and In Between

By wah!

fter a concert in London, I met an audience

member who had psychic sight. She said, “Do

you know about the 40-foot Divine Mother

energy standing behind you when you sing in

your concerts?” She proceeded to describe the

features, form and energy of this Divine Moth- Aer. It was familiar to me, but I didn’t think anyone else

could see it. She provided a reflection for me – she held

up a mirror so I could see that my teachers and guides

were 100 percent behind me, in loving support.

The teachers and guides are always there, but we

can’t necessarily see them. They are of the spirit world

after all – invisible, omnipresent, etheric – but yes, invisible

to the human eye. What we see and focus on most

of the time is what’s in front of us: the goings-on of the

material world – who has what, who’s doing what, who’s

with whom, what happened…

If you drew a circle around the area in which you

are sitting right now, you would draw the perimeter of

your own electro-magnetic field – an energy field extending

5 to 40 feet from your physical body. It holds

energy, light, emotions, love; it is an extension of you

and your being.

This circle essentially has two parts – the front body

and the back body. Front body holds your personal

Pa g e 30

NovemberDecember 2010

expression – your personality, your forward moving

energy. In yoga it is called prana. It is what you use to

greet people, to shake hands, to move energy. It is your

public image, your smiling face, your engaging words

and conversation.

Back body holds your universal expression – your

universality, your ability to receive. Unlike the endless

personality traits and charm of the front body, your

back body holds the understanding of where you’ve

come from, where we are all the same. Universal cosmic

understanding is stored here – we access it by acknowledging


The same life force sustaining plants and animals

sustains our lives too. It is an interconnected web of

universal energy – the same life force that vibrates

within me vibrates in you, in a newborn, in a 100-year

old. We are all made from minerals and cell salts, we

all come from the Creator and return to the Creator,

ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Your teachers, guides,

gurus, angels, ancestors and their wisdom are located

in the back body.

Do you believe me? No, of course not. You only

believe what you can see, and you can only see what’s

in front of you. We say the guides are watching over us.

But do you really get it, if that’s true, that the guides are

above or behind you. The guides, teachers, saints and

sages are whispering in your ear, reassuring you with

a touch, kicking up a dust storm. They make sure you

don’t go astray while they remain hidden from view – a

kind of big brother or big sister. You are the one who

is supposed to do the work; they are just the guiding

presence. If you looked in your mind’s eye at yourself,

they would be behind you and a little to the side, either

left or right.

Naturally if the guides are not in front of you, where

you do your work every day, you might sometimes

forget that they exist. You might feel you are doing this

life all alone, no one is helping you; in more desperate

moments you might feel no one cares. You have

forgotten then, that there are beings rooting for you,

cheering your every success, your moments of triumph

and transformation.

This is when I come in as your friend. I can see your

guides behind you; I can reflect them back to you. Using

words and emotion, I can tell you what you offer to the

t h e Jo u r n e y

world, how your expression matters, how each success

inspires another, how many beings are rooting for your

evolution. When you move in a direction that suits your

soul, your guides, saints and teachers express joy and

shine around you with brilliance.

Try this: Close your eyes for meditation and feel an

imaginary hand on your back, somewhere near your

heart center and shoulder blades. Whose energy connects

to this hand? Is it of an angel, a parent, a guru?

How does this angelic presence communicate to you?

Do you feel its presence as reassurance, or as a whispered

“we love you,” or as a breathtaking manifestation

of beauty?

I don’t know why, but I experience the hand at my

back as a vibration, a hum. I hear it in car engines, airplanes,

a cat purring, my boyfriend’s voice, the sound

of Om… It is a reassuring signal that all is well and that

my guides are with me.

You can’t possibly see the overall view, the effect

you have had on others. You are busy with what’s in

front of you today – planning your week, who you’re

going to meet, where you’re going to go. You’re not

seeing an aerial view.

Sometimes in meditation or in reflection, we can

find that elevated consciousness and view our lives as

a whole. But friends can see it easily. A friend can sit

and reminisce, and acknowledge how far you’ve come.

A friend can see progress even when you can’t.

Soul guides, ancestors or angels have been with

you through many lifetimes. They know your efforts,

the hardships you’ve had to overcome; but they can’t

talk, they communicate through presence, meditation

and dreams. A friend can tell you outright how your act

of kindness changed a misfortune, how your $50 saved

the day two years ago. When we appreciate each other

through reflecting our strength and light, we encourage

and attract more kindness, love and expansion from

each other.

That’s why spiritual work happens in community –

inner work is done in solitude but reflection and expansion

require a group. Not an online group, not a blog.

You have to see the person to be able to acknowledge

both the front and back bodies, the whole living being.

You want to both hear their words (front body) and see

their wisdom and experience (back body).

I encourage you to get out and be with others,

make contact, call friends, go to an event. Go for a

walk, make dinner. In a group we find opportunities to

reflect strength, talent, love and wisdom to each other.

It all comes from the back body, that place of unending

support, and moves through the front body, that unique

charm and expression only you can convey. Jai Ma.

Wah! is a musician and spiritual seeker who travels

the world singing and expanding sacred intention. Her

new CD “MAA” is the much anticipated follow-up to the

critically acclaimed “Love Holding Love.” Using sultry

grooves, throbbing club beats and Divine mantra, she

weaves a sensuous blend of Sanskrit and English lyrics.

t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2010

Pa g e 31

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Pa g e 32

NovemberDecember 2010

t h e Jo u r n e y

t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2010

Pa g e 33

The Meaning of Dreams

By Wendy Stokes

The dream

I dreamt I lost my handbag with a great deal of

money inside. I was panicking and someone impatiently

said, “Hurry up.” Then I heard some friends say “Come

to France with us.” I had no money but they didn’t realise

this. – SD

What it means

People dream that they have lost valuables when

they have received a shock of some kind. This is often

accompanied by a divorce, bereavement, illness or

other change of circumstance that has reduced quality

of life. In your case, you were stressed by other people’s

needs during this time. In the dream you are reminded

that you still have friends who want to take you away

from your distress. However, they do not understand

how they can help at the moment. Try to tell them how

you feel so they can be more understanding. Use the

affirmations: I can cope with this transition. My friends

will understand.

Pa g e 34

‘You still have friends who want

to take you away from your

distress. However, they do not

understand how they can help

at the moment.’

The dream

There are a group of people visiting in my home,

including my cousins. A man has brought a pink duvet

set and put them on my bed because they matched. I

asked him if he would sell them to me for $15. My mum

suggested $12. I gave him $14. He then changed into

my brother. – JS

NovemberDecember 2010

Wendy Stokes is a qualified

counsellor and dream

specialist. If you would like

a dream interpreted, please

email w.stokes@btinternet.

com with a description of

your dream and permission

to publish it in The Journey Magazine’s

Dream Column.

What it means

I’ve titled your dream, ‘Love Match.’ The first part

shows how your family is an immense source of comfort

but you need more than this; you need some romance

and some improvement to your love life. You are aware

this might cost you your independence, but you are keen

to compromise if necessary. Your mother has taught you

to value money but does not put such a high price on

love. Though romance would be a great enjoyment for

you, you realize that romance is superficial while true

friendship is far more important – and not so costly.

Try to keep in touch with family members, to give

and receive support. Let them know you really care and

about them. Decide this is the time to meet someone

with a view to a love relationship. Meditate on wrapping

yourself in a soft pink duvet. Use the affirmation:

I appreciate my family but I seek a partner who truly

cares for me.

‘Your mother has taught you to

value money but does not put

such a high price on love. You

realize that romance is superficial

while true friendship is far

more important – and not so


The dream

My husband was a good baseball player in his youth.

This morning, he told me he had a dream where he is

getting ready to play but he cannot get his kit on. Consequently,

it is too late to play. – MJ

What it means

This reveals your husband’s confusion and frustration

that he is no longer as fit and active as he once was. The

goals of his youth are no longer achievable. His capacity

for energetic activity will change and he will find alternatives

and compensations. He should meditate on past

pleasures and future enjoyments and find other activities

to provide a sense of accomplishment.

The dream

This is just a snippet of a dream: I’m on a cruiseliner,

everyone looks stylish and is enjoying the high life,

but my cabin is on the lower deck, which is noisy, and

stormy weather is brewing. – CT

t h e Jo u r n e y

What it means

I have called this dream ‘Cabin Fever’. This is a

warning that changes are about to happen and you must

take evasive action. On the surface, you are floating

along enjoying a rather trivial lifestyle, and you present

yourself to the world as though you are really a superficial

person. However, you find keeping up with others

quite stressful. Due to this, you need to make certain

changes to your lifestyle that will provide you with real

happiness. You are the designer of your destiny, and you

can change your circumstances. Remember, you are in

control of your future and just as good as anyone else.

Find those people who you can relax with and who you

really enjoy being with.

The dream

The air is delicately warm and I am standing on a

balcony that is softly lit. Suddenly, I begin flying in the

night sky. The stars are all around me and I join them

to become united with the constellations. – BK

What it means

This is a dream of high hopes. If you have not already,

I think that you will join an organization that will

help launch a new aspect to your life. This will provide

you with opportunities. The people you will meet will

be very uplifting. Your family and friends will give you

special attention. The future holds more freedoms and

pleasures than you have ever thought possible. Well

done! Without wanting to bring you down to Earth with

Many simple dreams have straightforward meanings. If you

have been shocked to discover that you are not wearing any

clothes in public, this usually means you are unprepared for an

appraisal or important occasion. If you dream that you are being

pursued, it means you need to exercise greater control over your

life circumstances in order to reduce your anxiety. If you dream

you have a loose tooth, something important needs attending to.

If you dream you have lost a tooth, you might also have lost a

close friend. If you dream you have no ability to bite, it means you

have lost your grip or power in some aspect of your relationships.

To dream you are flying means you are in a beneficial situation;

flying dreams show a high level of achievement and enjoyment,

especially if you can decide to travel to a particular destination.

a jolt, it is important for you to keep your feet on the

ground at such an overwhelmingly eventful time. I

would suggest you work hard to hold on to your present

position. Don’t look down on others who haven’t

received your good fortune. Make sure you enjoy your

new-found life but stay realistic. Consider yourself

lucky, but do not forget where your roots are.

Wendy Stokes is a qualified counselor, author,

channeler, healer, spiritual counselor and teacher with

a special interest in dreams. Her Website is:

Her book, “The Lightworkers Circle

Guide - A Workbook for Spiritual Groups” is being

published by O Books in Spring 2011.

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Pa g e 35


By Kimmie Rose Zapf


November – This month think before you speak.

Also, your relationships need to be more balanced and

you will find people want to communicate and spend

more time with you. It’s also a good month to spend

more time with your partner, but remain centered.

December – Your energy will feel elevated most

of this month. The holidays are a special time of year

that simply makes you joyous. Take time to be in

gratitude for the abundance you receive everyday. You

are blessed.


November – You’re surrounded by financial changes,

but you’ll find this is a great time to manifest your

desires. Start by networking and taking time to get to

know the people around you. They could help you with

a job opportunity so update your resume now!

December – Opportunities for personal growth present

themselves to you this month. Open up and take

some time to heal and release the past. When you can

shed the negative feelings nothing will hold you back

from your dreams.


November – This month you’re really happy spending

lots of time with family and friends, but spend some

time thinking through your past. Sort and sift through

the things you don’t need in your life anymore. When

you do this, things will flow much more smoothly.

December – Work and play don’t mix for you this

month. You will feel like all you do is work, work and

work. Be sure to include several holiday gatherings

on your social calendar and you will feel more balanced.


November – Love is in the air. If you haven’t met

that special someone yet, get ready. So, don’t worry

about going places alone. If you’re in a relationship,

spend quality time with your partner. This will help

your relationship grow.

December – Take time this month to listen to what

people are comunicating to you. If you don’t pay

close attention to this, there could be lots of unwanted

drama. But if you heed the warning, it could benefit

your personal relationships.


November – It may feel like your thoughts are taking

over, but don’t let them drive you crazy. Help calm

your ever-wandering monkey mind by writing things

down. This could mean writing notes for yourself or

others, but you don’t have to pass the notes along.

December – Work starts running smoother for you

this month. With less stress and pressure from work,

you will be able to enjoy this holiday season with family

and friends. It’s a wonderful time to reaffirm you

commitment to them.


November – New relationships are coming. If you’re

in a relationship, you’ll enter a new phase, maybe getting

an engagement or promise ring. And remember

that honesty is an important part of every relationship.

Also, this is NOT the time to change jobs.

December – Family members will be pulling on

you from all directions this month. Pay close attention

to their needs and do the best you can to manage.

Because of your caring ways, you can really make a

big difference.


November – Financial issues are getting a little crazy.

Honesty is important. Make sure you’re being honest

with the people around you. If you can’t do something

honestly, then don’t do it at all. Reorganize and reinvent

the wheel when it comes your personal time.

December – You will feel your moods swinging up

and down a lot this month. But don’t take it out on

those you love or it will cause issues in your personal

relationships. Find a positive way to release unwanted


Pa g e 36

NovemberDecember 2010


November – Your feelings or vibrations or so high

that you’ve either started a relationship or your relationship

feels new. You have new beginnings all around

you when it comes to communication and love. Live

in the moment and enjoy it!

December – Take all the emotions you have bundled

up over the past few weeks and write them down

on paper. Then crumple it up and through it away.

This is a good time to let go of pent up emotions and

reconnect with loved ones.

Th e Jo u r n e y


November – You may find it difficult stop your mind

from lingering on negative thoughts. It may be hard

when you’re constantly surrounded with people who

seem to dwell in negative thoughts. Intend for yourself

happiness and peace and let negativity go.

December – You may feel people aren’t listening to

what you have to say, but they are actually busy dealing

with their own stuff. When you set an intention to be

there for others, they will also be there for you.


November – Jobs present themselves around the

second week of the month so be ready with a resume

or portfolio. Toward the end of the month, it’s all about

interviews and job offers. Make sure you get exactly

what you’re comfortable with.

December – This month will feel liberating for you.

Your energy is running high and everyone seems connected

to you. Go with the flow and enjoy the serendipitous

moments the universe is presenting to you.


NovemberThe last six months have been absolutely

insane. You’ve feeling like you’ve been unable to

close any doors to conclude things. Things are changing.

Your patience has come into a space of feeling

rested and opportunities will come to finalize things.

December – You are a hopeless romantic but don’t

let your partner take advantage of that. When things

feel out of balance speak up in a loving way. Things

can work out when honesty and integrity are part of

the process.


November – Family members have been pulling

at you left and right. Be honest and don’t be afraid of

hurting their feelings. Trust that what you have to say

is what they need to hear. Make your communication

clear and it helps when you are clear within yourself


December – New work opportunities present themselves

to you. Don’t be afraid to make a decision that

may be something of a risk. New opportunities will lead

to better financial stability and balance.

Kimberly Rose is a professional intuitive, vibrational

astrologer, author, public speaker and radio

host on CBS and BBS Radio Networks. She is available

for personal readings, classes and seminars.

For more information, call her at Lite the Way, (734)

854-1514 or visit

t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2010 Pa g e 37



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NovemberDecember 2010

t h e Jo u r n e y Pa g e 39

Pa g e 40

NovemberDecember 2010

t h e Jo u r n e y

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