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Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

Th e Jo u r n e y

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From the Publisher

Jiddu Krishnamurti, a renowned writer

and speaker on philosophical and spiritual

subjects, was thought of as a “World Teacher”

– the next Buddha, the greatest Guru of his

time. This was something he denied.

In fact in a talk in 1929 he dissolved

the organization that he had been given the

responsibility of running. He said:

“I do not want followers, and I mean this.

The moment you follow someone you cease

to follow Truth. I am not concerned whether

you pay attention to what I say or not. I want

to do a certain thing in the world and I am

going to do it with unwavering concentration.

I am concerning myself with only one

essential thing: to set man free. I desire to free

him from all cages, from all fears, and not to

found religions, new sects, nor to establish

new theories and new philosophies.”

I have always appreciated this quote

from Krishnamurti and believe it to be one of

his greatest teachings. He was saying more

than to be mindful of not putting people on

pedestals; he was saying that we are all here

to help raise human consciousness – each

of us in our own way. Including Krishnamurti


Over the years I have had close contact

with many of the most well-known “New Age

Gurus” of our time, through bringing them in

for presentations at The Journey Expos. Trust

me when I say that they are all human and

all have their faults, just like the rest of us.

Nobody is all good or all bad. The greatest

ones, in my mind, are the ones who understand

they’re just doing their part, which is to

help us find our own light within.

Many times I have learned lessons from

what would seem to be very unlikely sources.

I suppose some of us need a single Guru. Others,

like myself, prefer to find one on every

corner – usually when we’re not looking.

How often it has been that a lesson has

come from someone when I least expected it?

Just a remark I might overhear at the bank

or turning on the radio to a station I don’t

normally listen to. But on the flip side we are

also bestowing messages and lessons upon

others, just as Krishnamurti found of himself.

Not only does the teacher appear when the

student is ready, but the student will appear

when the teacher is ready.

May we all find our lessons to receive and

also to give. ~Namaste’ Clyde

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Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

January.February 2012 | Issue 62

The Front Porch | 5-9

The Unexpected Guru | 12

By Julie Hoyle

What I Really Think About My Guru | 14

By Tim McAuley

Facing Pink: Unexpected Lessons From My Mother | 16

By Judith Eugene

Guru At First Sight | 20

By Psalm Isadora

The Guru Is You | 24

By Eva Starr

Finding The Inner Guide | 28

By Alex Marculescu

What It Really Means To Kill The Buddha | 30

By Marilyn Wise

Soul Food | 32

By Eva Starr

Horoscopes | Inner Views | 34

By Kimmie Rose Zapf

Pros At Your Service | 36-37

Why Your Search For A Guru

May Yield A Spiritual Teacher | 38

By Tina Sacchi

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Psalm Isadora

Julie Hoyle

Alex Marculescu

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Tina Sacchi

Eva Starr

Marilyn Wise

Kimmie Rose Zapf

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Welcome to the Front Porch! This section serves as a welcoming stage for the rest of the magazine. It is a place for community

news and sharing, updates, notables, and much more. We are excited to announce that book and CD reviews will also take place

here on the Front Porch, so please send us any material you’ve written/recorded or anything you are enchanted by. Press releases

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CDs, books and DVDs can be sent to: The Journey • 9557 Tamarin Ct. • Mentor, Ohio 44060

Now, grab a cold drink and settle into a rocking chair—Welcome to our humble abode!

The Journey Expo Pittsburgh 2012

We are pleased to announce The Journey Expo Pittsburgh 2012 will be at The Holiday Inn North Hills in Ross Twp. on

May 5 & 6.

A great variety of vendors featuring nutrition, bodywork, crystals, music, astrology, psychic readings, aura imagery, organics,

and much more!

The Journey Expo Pittsburgh 2012 also offers lectures, demonstrations and workshops to spark attendees to higher levels

of consciousness.

Presenters include: Dr. Lina Thacker – Ayurveda Medicine , Dr. Linda Backman – Soul Evolution, Stephanie Charles

– Akashic Records , Mandi Babkes – Holistic Nutrition, Psalm Isadora – Tantra Yoga, Tina Sacchi – Past and Future

Lives Exploration…and more to come!

For more information, please go to under events (at the top menu) or call Clyde Chafer

at 440-223-1392


Holographic Heaven by Aaron Pyne

Holographic Heaven - Within each seed is the entire universe.

Within each cell of your body is your entire being. Within every

grain of sand is heaven. Within each of us is the infinite divine

light. All around us is heaven. Be aware of this and be in joy!

Aaron Pyne is a Visionary Artist, Sacred Graphic/Web Designer,

Energy Healer, and Meditation Teacher. Aaron has over 130

artworks, which can be experienced on his website. He is also

available for visionary graphic, video and web design.

Visit his webpage at to see his art gallery and

learn about his services. He works to help other spiritual businesses

expand their vision through design & technology to bring

change and healing to the world. You can also reach him at

t h e Jo u r n e y Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Pa g e 5

The Front Porch

Women’s Grounding and

Guidance Weekend

Alyssa Yeager, Telling Point

While we wait out the cold months before spring festivals begin,

it’s easy to retreat into our homes and hibernate. This year, Telling

Point offers a different option: join us for 2 days of community,

enlightenment, and relaxation at the first “Women’s Grounding

and Guidance Weekend” taking place at River’s Edge in Rocky

River, OH February 10 th -12 th . This is an opportunity to discover

Cleveland’s wellness treasures!

The event will feature some of your favorite services such as

reiki, massage, reflexology, and tarot readings alongside unique

offerings including “Feng Shui Finances”, Eden Energy Medicine,

Mari Cards, Guidestones Jewelry Making, Gratitude Scrolls

Creation, and “Eliminating Cancer Toxins”. Of course, there will

also be a drum circle led by Sue Balaschak (Primal Rhythm)

and an intimate Telling Point concert! Your price for the weekend

includes all presentations and services along with meals freshly

prepared onsite. Our hosts have a wonderful food philosophy that

caters to physical and mental well-being.

River’s Edge offers a warm, homey atmosphere where you can

relax and enjoy yourself whether you choose to drum, meditate,

socialize, attend classes, or all of these things. For those outside

the Cleveland area, you can also reserve a room right on site that

includes access to a gym, swimming pool, and library.

Join us on Facebook for regular updates at,

call us at 216-633-1006

The full schedule of events, registration and presenter information

can be found online at:


“We cannot learn real patience and tolerance from a guru

or a friend. They can be practiced only when we come

in contact with someone who creates unpleasant experiences.

According to Shantideva, enemies are really good

for us as we can learn a lot from them and build our inner

strength.” ~ Dalai Lama

The guru cannot awaken you; all that he can do is to

point out what is. Truth is not a thing that can be caught

by the mind. The guru can give you words; he can give

you an explanation, the symbols of the mind, but the

symbol is not the real, and if you are caught in the symbol,

you will never find the way. Therefore, that which is

important is not the teacher, it is not the symbol, it is not

the explanation, but it is you who are seeking truth. To

seek rightly is to give attention, not to God, not to truth,

because you don’t know it, but attention to the problem

of your relationship with your wife, your children, your

neighbor. When you establish right relationship then

you love truth, for truth is not a thing that can be bought,

truth does not come into being through self-immolation

or through the repetition of mantras. Truth comes into

being only when there is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge

brings understanding, and when there is understanding,

there are no problems. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

Pa g e 6

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

The Front Porch

“A flower doesn’t need instructions on how to bloom. No music teacher taught the nightingale

to sing. It is spontaneous. There is no force involved, it happens naturally. Similarly, in the

presence of a great Master, the closed bud of your heart opens up. You become as receptive

and innocent as a child, a humble and obedient child of the Master.” ~Amma

Acharya Kedar and

Supreme Meditation

Returning to Pittsburgh/Latrobe

Winter Yoga at

Cleveland Botanical Garden

Start the new year right and treat yourself to Hatha Yoga at Cleveland

Botanical Garden. Join Clyde Chafer on a journey of discovery

through Yoga in the Garden and Shiva Pulse. Find and wake

parts of the physical and emotional body that perhaps have been

dormant. This class is slow paced but challenging as the poses

are sequenced to help find the personal edge of each individual,

explore holding poses and maximize breathing. Yoga philosophy,

breathwork and meditation make a well rounded six week session.

A paradise in the city awaits you at Cleveland Botanical Garden.

The Garden boasts some of the finest public gardens in the Midwest

– each a gem with its own distinct personality. The Garden is

also home to the Eleanor Armstrong Smith Glasshouse, a unique

conservatory that takes you on an exotic adventure to the lush

rainforest of Costa Rica and the spiny desert of Madagascar. The

ten-acre visitor center is open year-round and offers something

different each visit. No matter what the season, beauty abounds,

delighting senses and refreshing the spirit.

Yoga series is for both beginners and advanced students – all levels

of fitness welcome. Parking and Garden admission included.

Tuesdays, January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 & February 7, 2012

5:45 – 7:00 pm

Series Fee: $72/member; $90/nonmember

Please register in advance online at or

by calling 216.721.1600 x100.

Do you have something interesting you

would like to share with our community?

The Front Porch is a place for community news and sharing,

updates, notables, and much more. We are excited to announce

that book and CD reviews will also take place here on

the Front Porch, so please send us any material you’ve written/

recorded or anything you are enchanted by. Press releases for

the Front Porch, as well as submissions for the rest of the magazine,

are encouraged, please go to the Front Porch section of

The Journey website and submit according to the submission


Acharya Kedar, affectionately

known as Acharyaji,

will be returning to Pittsburgh/Latrobe,


on February 18-19,

2012, to offer a Supreme

Meditation Shaktipat

Intensive. Acharya Kedar is

recognized by his students

and followers of other great

sages (like Bhagawan

Nityananda of Ganeshpuri)

as being a perfected master

of the yoga of the Absolute,

whose experience

of the Ultimate Reality, the

Heart of God, is uninterrupted.

He is a Shaktipat Guru who transmits the power and

Grace of his lineage (the lineage of Bhagawan Nityananda)

through the full spiritual awakening known as Shaktipat

that his Guru popularized. Acharyaji is also a published

author and recognized teacher of Kashmir Shaivism. He is

known for disseminating teachings and spiritual instruction

in a compassionate, down-to-earth and often humorous

manner, making the teachings and practices of Shaivism

easy to apply to daily life. These teachings will be the

focus of the upcoming weekend meditation retreat taking

place on the annual celebration of Mahashivaratri (celebration

of Lord Shiva). Shaktipat will be given.

In this shaktipat intensive, participants will learn:

• how to open the door to free yourself from all suffering,

doubt and worry.

• how to rise above the power of words to free yourself

from praise and blame.

• how to understand, from your own experience, why you

and the Self are one and why separation from the Absolute

is your imaginary creation.

Free programs will be offered before and after this retreat.

For information visit

t h e Jo u r n e y

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Pa g e 7

The Front Porch


The Silence of the Mind

Experiencing the Mystery of the

Present Moment

Ilie Cioara

The word guru is a compound of two words, gu and ru.

Gu means darkness and ru means light. That which dispels

the darkness of ignorance is called guru. The energy

and action of removing darkness are guru. Guru is not a

person, it is a force driven by grace.” ~ Swami Rama





How can we free ourselves from

the past and the future? It is all very

simple! With a lucid, all-encompassing

Attention, we will watch every reaction

of the mind, without pursuing

any purpose or goal. Everything we

encounter in such a manner disappears;

in the void which appears

spontaneously, an unlimited energy

is available at our fingertips and we

are able to understand the absolute

Reality through a direct experience.

In this state, we acquire a great

sensitivity and everything that life

brings forth in its natural flow is being

regarded and appreciated with

love and kindness.

Man is truly wise only when, detached

from his selfish “self”, united

with Infinity through non-action and

an aware passiveness of the mind.

This mysterious encounter is accompanied

by simplicity. Once the past

has disappeared, we are integrated

in the now and, with a clear and

lucid mind, we watch everything that

comes as constant freshness from

one moment to another.

Excerpt from the

The Silence of the Mind

1: Is the Guru a propheting prophet? Some would argue that a spiritual

teacher provides a service like a plumber and deserves to be compensated.

True. A spiritual teacher doesn’t have to live like a nun, but “ big bank

accounts” and luxury lifestyles are not about spiritual realization.

2: Is the Guru exploiting you? Does he expect you to volunteer, donate or

buy your way up the spiritual ladder? Do you have to fill in forms to belong

to his group?

3: Is the Guru cloaked in robes and rituals? Beware of too much emphasis

on robes, letters (holy texts), rules about postures, titles and chains of

command. Ritual can gloss over a lack of substance.

4: Does the Guru expect you to believe unquestioningly rather than discovering

for yourself? Does he offer enlightenment in a weekend retreat

or five minute lessons?

5: Is the Guru a popular celebrity? Teachers with the most visibility are

generally the ones with the largest followings, which probably means they

are “packaged” for mass consumption. They offer beliefs based on popularity

rather than challenging you to wake up and discover the truth.

6: What vocabulary does the Guru use? Teachers who speak simply, using

their own words, are more likely to be speaking from profound realization

rather than the slick, polished orators and wordsmiths.

7: Does the Guru pretend to know-it-all? Beware of teachers with delusions

of grandeur who call themselves “Divinely chosen”. A teacher who

has an answer for every question may be a clever craftsman. Honest

teachers don’t hesitate to admit to what they don’t know.

8: Is the Guru a promoter and salesman? Is he focused on selling books,

tapes, CDs, seminars? For products to appeal to a broad audience, they

must be soothing rather than challenging. A real teacher does not compromise

his products to be popular or massage his own ego.

9: Does the Guru have a sense of humor? A humorless teacher is someone

who takes himself too seriously which means he doesn’t know himself.

A true teacher helps his students see the apparent absurdity of the

human condition while pursuing the truth.

10: Is the Guru controlling? If the teacher tries to separate his students

from friends and loved ones who don’t share the same paradigm, beware

of brainwashing.

Pa g e 8

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

t h e Jo u r n e y


“A disciple is one

who trusts himself.

Out of his trust

he comes to learn

from somebody who has gone a little further

than himself. He is not a follower, he is not

an imitator and he is not seeking security

— he is seeking understanding. Even if that

understanding brings more insecurity, he

is ready for it. A follower is never ready for

insecurity; he comes to a guru, to a master,

to seek protection, shelter, to hide behind

him. He is seeking a father figure. A disciple

is seeking a master, not a father figure. He

wants to learn what life is. Even if life is insecurity,

he is ready to learn. Even if life implies

death, he is ready to learn. The follower just

wants a map. The disciple wants to go on an

adventure. He is not worried about the map,

he simply wants a challenge. ‘Challenge me!’

says the disciple. ‘Pull me out of my stupor,’

says the disciple. ‘Send me on a venture,’ says

the disciple. The follower says, ‘Protect me,

never leave me alone. Without you I am lost.

Don’t send me away! Just let me hide behind

you.’ Remember, the disciple is a seeker, the

follower is simply sick with fear.” ~Osho

Read Me!

See additional Front Porch stories on

our newly revamped website at:

While you are there, check out the

additional gooodies

we have for you, with more being

added constantly!

Strange Facts about

The Brain and Your Senses

The brain doesn’t feel pain: Even

though the brain processes pain signals,

the brain itself does not actually

feel pain.

Your brain has huge oxygen needs:

Your brain requires 20 percent of the

oxygen and calories your body needs

— even though your brain only makes

up two percent of your total body


80% of the brain is water: Instead of

being relatively solid, your brain 80%

water. This means that it is important that you remain properly hydrated for

the sake of your mind.

Your brain comes out to play at night: You’d think that your brain is more

active during the day, when the rest of your body is. But it’s not. Your brain

is more active when you sleep.

Your brain operates on 10 watts of power: It’s true: The amazing computational

power of your brain only requires about 10 watts of power to operate.

A higher I.Q. equals more dreams: The smarter you are, the more you

dream. A high I.Q. can also fight mental illness. Some people even believe

they are smarter in their dreams than when they are awake.

The brain changes shapes during puberty: Your teenage years do more

than just change how you feel; the very structure of your brain changes

during the teen years, and it even affects impulsive, risky behavior.

Your brain can store everything: Technically, your you experience, see,

read or hear. However, the real issue is recall — whether you can access

that information.

Information in your brain travels at different speeds: The neurons in your

brain are built differently, and information travels along them at different

speeds. This is why sometimes you can recall information instantly, and

sometimes it takes a little longer.

Your smell is unique: Your body odor is unique to you — unless you have

an identical twin. Even babies recognize the individual scents of their


Humans use echolocation: Humans can use sound to sense objects in their

area using echolocation. It is thought that those who are blind develop this

ability to heightened effectiveness.

Adrenaline gives you super strength: Yes, with the proper response in certain

situations, you really can lift a car.

Women smell better than men: Women are better than men at identifying


Your nose remembers 50,000 scents: It is possible for your nose to identify

and remember more than 50,000 smells.

Your hearing decreases when you overeat: When you eat too much food,

it actually reduces your ability to hear. So consider eating healthy — and

only until you are full.

Your sense of time is in your head: How you experience time is all about

your perception. Some speculate that stress can help you experience time

dilation. Apparently, time manipulation isn’t just for superheroes

Rock on....

The Front Porch

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012 Pa g e 9


March 10 & 11, 2012

Saturday 10-7 & Sunday 10-6

Veterans Memorial Hall

300 West Broad Street

Columbus, Ohio 43215

April 14 & 15, 2012

Saturday 10-7 & Sunday 10-6

Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds

164 Eastland Road

Berea, Ohio 44017

Our Tenth Anniversary!

Admission ONLY $10

Bring this COUPON for $15 Weekend pass

Pa g e 10

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

A Total Living Courageously Approach


Certified in the following fields:

Couples (PAIRS), Bereavement,

Spiritual, Trauma

Advanced training in CBT and EMDR:

Grief, Loss, Behavior, and Trauma


Offices in Highland Park & Oakmont

Linda Johnson, RN LCSW

Call Linda to courageously change your life with healing interventions

like EMDR and cognitive restructuring, enabling you to use and

learn tools to facilitate growth. Explore the possibilities of creating

a more satisfying life and learning how to manage stress, anxiety,

depression, and/or heal from trauma and grief.

Goals include Career Interests (assessments,

strategies & development), Healing from difficult

experiences, and Improved Relationships (to self

and others) while learning helpful tools (including

communication skills). My goal is to work myself out

of a job through healing and teaching life strategies.

Our hearts think like a child.

Networked with many insurances: including Highmark, UPMC, United Healthcare/Behavioral Health,

Aetna, MH Net, and ESI. Often contracts with other insurances (e.g. Cigna).

t h e Jo u r n e y

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012 Pa g e 11

The Unexpected Guru

By Julie Hoyle

Pa g e 12

Thankfully, Melissa doesn’t remember


events of that day. She rode in one

helicopter as her husband rode with the

children. Melissa woke up in a hospital

bed, her neck braced, her body sore and

her heart soon to be broken.

Monsoon India is not for the faint of heart. Before the rains fall, marked by a

sky slashed with fierce lightning and roaring thunder, moisture hangs heavily,

pushing through skin, muscle and bone. The body feels as if it is submerged

under the weight of an entire ocean and even the smallest movement requires effort.

In truth, I had gone to India with that intention in mind. I had gone to study with a

Guru hoping that she would reveal the blissful and limitless ocean of consciousness

I was told I already was. However,

I was soon challenged by the heat,

constant diarrhea and the rigors of

having to admit I was filled to the

brim with a slew of dark emotions.

Nirvana was not exactly the word

I would have chosen to describe

my state.

With that, rain began cascading

down, bouncing knee-high off the

dusty streets and rattling off cars

and motorcycles as they raced by.

One oppressively hot afternoon, believing I had 20 minutes grace before the

heavens opened, I made my way to visit someone I admired enormously. Mr. Patel

was a sinewy little man who had set up shop across the street from the ashram where

I lived and, for as little as three rupees, he would iron any item presented to him. Yes,

iron! In unrelenting heat and humidity, he would energetically press wrinkles out of

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

fine Indian cotton using

a dense, skillet-looking


Mr. Patel greeted me

with a broad grin, sideways

shake and wobble

of his head and the

usual, “Very good! I am

happy to be seeing you!”

Then he took the scrap

of paper I handed over,

noting the clothes I had

left with him and disappeared

behind a dark


Several slow, long

minutes ticked by interspersed

with Mr. Patel

calling out, “Sorry!

Looking, looking,” until

lightning began filling

the sky seconds ahead

of ominous thunder.

With that, rain began

cascading down, bouncing

knee-high off the

dusty streets and rattling

off cars and motorcycles

as they raced by. A welcome

and refreshing

breeze blew in with the

deluge, growing in such

strength that the sound

began shaking the room

with deafening intensity.

Finally, Mr. Patel appeared

with an armful

of beautifully pressed

shir ts, Punjabi’s and

t h e Jo u r n e y

scarves dangling delicately from metal hangers. He

carefully proceeded to take each one off the hanger,

laying it flat and folding it with neat precision before

placing it on a pile. Then gently wrapping the bundle

in thick brown paper, he secured everything together

with a length of fine string, knotted and tied in a pretty


By the time he was done and I turned to face the

door, the road was awash with knee-deep dirty water,

swirling and cascading in a torrent as it headed downhill

toward a nearby village. Behind me, Mr. Patel called

out, “Monsoon! What to do! Must accept, must accept!”

And that said, I realized, there was no option other than

to take off my sandals, roll up my cotton pants and

wade through the muddy brown river that had formed

right outside the door.

Cautiously stepping into the flood, precariously

holding my sandals under my arm, brown paper package

in one hand and an umbrella in the other, I began

laughing at the absurdity of it all. I had given up my

job, my friends, family and the comforts of life to come

to India and be with a Guru whom I had hoped would

show me God.

I realized, there was no option

other than to take off my sandals,

roll up my cotton pants

and wade through the muddy

brown river that had formed

right outside the door.

However, instead of swimming in bliss, my mind

had been over-run with doubtful thoughts describing

the physical, emotional and psychological distress of

being outside my safe, comfort-driven environment.

Now, here in complete contrast, was a simple “ironing

dhobi,” happily embracing his lot, enjoying the challenges

of his life and in his own, simple un-Guru like

way, offering a profound teaching.

With the words, “Accept, accept!” ringing in my

ears, I realized Nirvana was not to be found in exalted

states beyond where I was right now. All that was required

was to accept whatever was presenting itself, to

really welcome it in and let go of all resistance.

Only then would I be at peace with all that India

was generously offering, including intestinal amoebas,

oppressive heat and the dramatic, unexpected and

delightful wonders of a monsoon.

Julie Hoyle is a natural intuitive, writer, artist and

trans-personal hypnotherapist who lives on Grand

Bahama Island. Her profound spiritual awakening is

detailed in her book, An Awakened Life: A Journey of

Transformation, and she offers online courses in conjunction

with Daily Om at:

Art on page 12: The Merging, by Julie Hoyle.

t h e Jo u r n e y Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Pa g e 13

What I Really Think

About My Guru

By Tim McAuley

n the winter of

2005 I discovered

something powerful.

As I sat on

my surfboard and

contemplated the Iinterconnectedness of my existence, I came to a realization

that all the words to describe anyone/thing in my

awareness field could be used to describe me. The world

around me does in fact reflect parts of me. I have played

with that concept quite a bit since the summer of 2005.

For years I have carried a note card in my pocket so

I can jot down key phrases about the people and events

in my life. I make time weekly to review what I’ve written

to look for those qualities in myself. I can’t recall a time

when the traits I’ve used to describe other people were

not traits I possess.

Pa g e 14

When I’ve adored and admired

a certain person, I’ve searched

myself to see if I embody those

same qualities. I have, over the

years, written down the same

words over and over.

When I’ve adored and admired a certain person, I’ve

searched myself to see if I embody those same qualities.

I have, over the years, written down the same words

over and over. The qualities I admire are on a list that I

contemplate daily, and use as part of my vision-board

experience. I have gone as far as typing in the 38 qualities

of “her” into so I could make sure I

knew exactly what each word contained.

But the real magic of this exercise has been found

in the negative traits and experiences. When I become

annoyed with people, I do the same. I contemplate each

word and ask myself, “Am I that?” I have grown much as

a man in doing so, and I know better what “good” qualities

I can cultivate further as a result.

My first glimpse of finding my own annoying traits

through the observation of others happened while I was

tending bar in Laguna Beach, California. On any given

night, “regulars” made up about 90 percent of the cli-

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

entele. Rarely did I have to ask “What can I get you?” I

knew all of their drinks, their drinking habits and most

of their dirty little secrets.

He said for months now he

would chuckle as the guy came

in and got in line to get a drink.

He really enjoyed watching

the two of us angrily exchange


Most of us live our lives in a manner to which you

can set a clock. It seems that we are most comfortable

with routine. The patrons at Woody’s at the Beach were

no different. Happy Hour was often filled with familiar

faces, each day hosted different cliques. Most of the patrons

were there to have a good time and relax, but some

seemed to be there just piss on my Cheerios.

As I began to play with this newly discovered concept

that all people represent something about me, apparently

my interactions with people began to change.

One evening during Happy Hour a friend of mine/

regular sat at the window service area smoking cigarettes

and enjoying the evening air on the patio. The pace of the

evening was steady as usual, and the clients were familiar.

At one point in the evening the man in the window yelled

out through the smoke “What the hell was that?”

Startled, I engaged his question. He said part of the

fun at Happy Hour on Thursday nights was watching the

exchange between me and the Cheerios guy. He said for

months now he would chuckle as the guy came in and

got in line to get a drink. He really enjoyed watching the

two of us angrily exchange words.

Every time this cereal bandit came into the bar, my

skin crawled. He knew the buttons to push with me and

did so without fail. Each time I served him we almost

came to blows (I wasn’t a pacifist back then). I may

have hit him if I hadn’t felt so indebted to the owners of

the restaurant for helping me out through my first days

of sobriety.

That particular night however, I was merely observing

and trying to see what about him was in me. I saw his

pain. I saw how uncomfortable he really was with himself,

t h e Jo u r n e y

and how it was easy for him to feel good if he could

find a way to feel better than me. I saw how entitled he

was, and how impatient. Then I saw all of this in me,

and much more.

I knew that I did not care for that in him. Matter of

fact I wanted to slap it all out of him when it was projected

at me.

In seeing all of this I actually realized I wanted it

slapped out of me. My anger toward him was merely a

reflection of the anger I hold toward myself. I knew deep

down the pain I’ve caused. I knew the amount of anger,

resentment, entitlement I have felt.

I saw his pain. I saw how uncomfortable

he really was with

himself, and how it was easy for

him to feel good if he could find

a way to feel better than me.

When I observed this about our relationship I smiled

and nothing he said affected me. I actually appreciated

him more than any other person in the bar at that moment.

He was my Guru.

I described this as quickly as I could to the patron

in the window. I told him how Carl Jung talked about

the synchronicity of life, and the meaning we each hold

for one another. I described the interconnectedness of

humanity, and the connection we feel with spirit; how

when that is broken we feel lower emotions in our present

moment. I told him I was beginning to see everyone

as me and me as everyone.

“Tat Tvam Asi” he said. “That’s Hindi guru stuff Tim.

You came up with all of that surfing?” We talked for a

bit, and he later brought me books by Joseph Campbell,

and some Hindi scripture to read. That’s when I

began to search for a connected theory of spirituality.

Aldous Huxley’s book “Perennial Philosophy” helped

quite a bit.

Between 2005 and 2010 I found yoga, discovered

chanting and practiced with different sects of Buddhists

and Tao practitioners. I attended a few churches, and

listened to talks from people ranging from His Holiness

the Dalai Llama to Dr. Michael Beckwith. I spent most

of my YouTube time split between watching scientific

explanations of consciousness and listening to inspirational

speakers give sermons.

But my greatest enlightenment has come from my

own exercise, which I’ve coined “My Real Guru is a


Tim McAuley rides the metaphoric waves of life in

his debut book It’s All About Me! He shares the tools and

techniques he discovered to find his way and illustrates

that we each have the power within to live a life aligned

with harmony, happiness and love. You can improve

your own happiness by looking within and realizing

that, It’s All About Me!

t h e Jo u r n e y

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012 Pa g e 15

Facing Pink: Unexpected

Lessons From My Mother

By Judith Eugene

Pa g e 16

Day One

I am painting a room pink. Pink.

Pink. Anyone who knows me knows

that I am not a “pink person.” The

rest of my house is terra cotta, moss,

rust, mocha … serious, sensible colors.

Why pink? Pink was the color of

my mother’s apartment. My mother

died six months ago. I am painting

the room where I will display her

things. I am painstakingly recreating

every detail – perhaps in the hope

it will bring her back. Every detail.

Even the pink.

Pink. Silly pink. What in the world

is really pink anyway? Bazooka

bubble gum? Pepto Bismol? Barbie’s

camper? Pink is the color of silly

fantasy things: Pegasus wings, Cupid

cheeks, a heart scribbled by a child.

This color can’t possibly expect me

to take it seriously.

As I open the can and dip in my

brush, I feel an uneasiness. What is it

about this color that bothers me? It is

too carefree. It is too eternally happy.

It has no meaning, no substance. As I

put my brush to the wall I am almost

resentful. I decide I can’t face pink

today and put the brush away.

Day Two

I reopen the can. I have been

thinking about pink all day. It has

me perplexed. I need to figure it out.

Anyway, painting is meditative for

me. I am a good painter because of

my parents. My father was a painter

and taught me how to hold a brush.

My mother was a Montessori teacher

and taught me to be thoughtful and

deliberate in my actions. I love to

work with my hands. I don’t need

blue tape.

My mother had cancer but she

didn’t die from it. One day her heart

just stopped. The truth is, the angels

just couldn’t stand being away

from her any longer, and they came

and scooped her up. She had pink

pajamas and pink slippers. She had

a sparkly pink headband that she

wore around her bald head. What

was it about pink that made her so

happy? I needed to know. I needed to

understand. I started to paint.

Day Three

I am starting to figure out pink.

Pink doesn’t care. It doesn’t answer

to anyone. It is what it is. How can it

be so daring? Because it is what it is,

out of love. Pink doesn’t hurt anyone.

Pink smiles and gives, smiles and

gives. Pink purposely ignores politics

and war. Pink doesn’t allow fear

inside its cheerful envelope.

Pink knows there are problems

in the world, but lets someone

else worry about them. Pink

prefers to laugh rather than feel

sorry for itself. Pink shines.

As my hand sweeps rhythmically

across the wall I am

reminded of my mother rocking

me on the porch swing when it

rained. I love rain because of

my mother. I remember how

giving she was. I remember how

As I open the

can and dip in my

brush, I feel an uneasiness.

What is

it about this color

that bothers me?

It is too carefree.

It is too eternally

happy. It has no

meaning, no


steadfastly positive and cheerful she was, so that my siblings and I would

never worry. Pink is that way. It provides a respite for people who need one,

from whatever they need it from. Pink doesn’t judge. Like the Pied Piper, it

sings, dances and says “Follow me!” to anyone who will listen. Pink is happy.

I am almost finished painting.

Day Four

I’ll miss pink. I’ll miss our conversations, our debates. I’ll miss the way

it challenges me, even though I’d never admit it out loud. I can’t believe I

have a pink room. Then again, I can. My mother taught me to keep an open

mind, to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, to remember that you can

learn something from everyone – even pink. Pink has taught me to let go,


Pink is the color of happiness, of personal freedom. Pink is the unapologetic

color of love. My mother’s color. And yes, pink is the color of a heart

scribbled by a child … a child whose soul is still open, before learning to censor

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

t h e Jo u r n e y

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012 Pa g e 17

emotions for the comfort of others. Before learning that

you’re not supposed to sing in public. Or dance in the

rain. And pink is the color that silly old ladies paint their

apartments … because they realize you should never wait

another minute to sing in public, or dance in the rain.

My mother had cancer but she

didn’t die from it. One day her

heart just stopped. The truth

is, the angels just couldn’t

stand being away from her

any longer, and they came and

scooped her up.

Rev. Laura Mirabile


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My mother’s license plate read “LUVUALL”. I’m not

quite yet able to face wearing my heart on my sleeve that

openly. But I can face pink. I clean my brush, grateful.

Judith Eugene works with the elderly and disabled

through and also teaches

yoga and Reiki through

She lives in a cool 1925 bungalow in Cleveland Heights,

Ohio with her three awesome cats. She may be reached

at 216-408-5578 or

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Pa g e 18

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

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t h e Jo u r n e y

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012 Pa g e 19

Guru at First Sight

By Psalm Isadora

Feb. 2007, Devipuram Ashram, India

was working as a yoga teacher in

California when I started reading

the older yoga scriptures that

talked about the importance of

a guru-disciple relationship. I Istarted experiencing insomnia, but

I knew it wasn’t regular insomnia

that kept me staring at the ceiling,

wrestling with my sheets, feeling hot

and sweaty on cold winter nights.

The fire burning inside me felt holy, it

made my skin hot to touch and left a

strange taste of sweetness like honey

in my mouth.

Somewhere halfway across the

world, in a country I had never been

to, I could feel my guru calling me. I

sent e-mails to the ashram he founded

in India, but got no reply. Still I

knew I had to go. With no response

from the ashram I took the risk,

borrowed money to buy my plane

ticket to India and found a substitute

teacher for my yoga classes.

I was afraid, but I knew India

would change my life and I knew

I would not be able to sleep until I

went. Because I had not heard back

from Guruji’s ashram, I bought my

ticket to land in a nearby city where

I had an Indian friend so I could wait

there until I heard back or just show

up at the ashram to see if he was


Pa g e 20

in the back of an indian taxi

an impossibly old car with upholstery organically dissolving

into it’s greasy self

with springs that cut my ass cheeks

no a/c, i sweat profusely and hold my breath

i am going to meet my teacher for the first time

will he be the one?

i feel my heart ache and my ribs felt like they are being


“it is my heart i have come to heal” i think to myself

we are in the jungle, and there are only indians here.

I landed in the middle of the

night. Instead of taking a taxi from

the airport, I hitched a ride with

some young Indian men I met on the

plane. We piled into their cousin’s

Jeep; he drove like a madman until

they dropped me off at my friend

Lakshmi’s house. I had met Lakshmi

when she took my yoga classes in

Los Angeles. Her family was wealthy,

there was a guard at the gate with

a gun. He called Lakshmi’s mobile

phone and handed it to me; she said

she was out at a dance club and

would be back soon.

We went to the first temple and I sat on the

roof looking at green palm trees, red earth

and mountains surrounding us that looked like

breasts and hips of a woman’s body.

When Lakshmi arrived, we went

in her room with a small group of

friends and they pulled out a contraband

bottle of Patron tequila. I was a

good vegetarian yogi on a pilgrimage

to India, leaving my years of hard

partying long behind me. Still, I

thought, “Why not?” and took a shot

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

of tequila. I woke early to the sound

of mantras playing on tinny radios

in the house. It was decided that it

would be best if I went to Ammachi’s

ashram in Kerala while I continued to

send e-mails and wait to hear back

from Guruji’s ashram.

Ammachi’s ashram was crowded

like a small city, lots of Indians and

lots of us “white westerners” who had

come to seek salvation. I would rise

with swollen, sleepy eyes at 5 a.m. to

sit at the morning fire pujas. I learned

to sit still and go into trance watching

the fire, fixing my mind on the smells

of the wood and the sounds of the

priests chanting the mantras.

I thought I had learned to meditate

before, but three hours in lotus

position on a concrete floor being

eaten alive by mosquitoes was a new

level of concentration. Then I finally

received an e-mail from Guruji’s ash-

t h e Jo u r n e y



A Mind, Body and Soul Connection

t h e Jo u r n e y

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012 Pa g e 21

am. They told me to come as soon as I liked and that I

was welcome.

Arriving in a beat up taxi, I could see that this ashram

was very different from Ammachi’s; it was small and

nestled in the jungle with hardly anyone there. Guruji was

napping, so they had one of the young women devotees

give me a tour of the temples. We went to the first temple

and I sat on the roof looking at green palm trees, red earth

and mountains surrounding us that looked like breasts

and hips of a woman’s body.

I closed my eyes and felt a strong energy pushing

up inside my yoni, my womb. The girl told me this was

the temple to the Shiva lingam – the sacred masculine


We walked to the second temple, a small room and

the entire inside was a giant yoni, the sacred feminine

genitals. I sat on the stone yoni and felt my hips melt and

my own yoni merge with the earth, as if I was magnetically

connected to the roots of the universe. When we walked

back to the ashram, Guruji was awake.

I saw a man sitting on a bench in the distance, with

about four or five people sitting cross legged in the red

dirt around him. He was wearing all white and had snow

white hair and beard, from a distance he looked like

Santa Claus.

Even from a distance, I knew this was my Guruji – that

I had come to the right place. I sat in the earth with the

other disciples and he looked at me with kind, twinkling

mischievous eyes.

Before I left to return to America, he initiated me into

Sri Vidya Tantra. In the empowerment ritual he touched

the chakra petals on my body and placed the sounds of

the bija seed mantras in my body. I was to sit still and

repeat the mantras he was saying. At first I felt clumsy

and confused repeating these Sanskrit words, then my

mind felt sleepy and I felt like a robot repeating after him,

like I was in a trance. Then a sudden hurricane wind blew

through the room, I opened my eyes expecting the whole

building to be torn down, but everything was the same, it

was me who had changed forever from the initiation.

Guruji asked me to teach Tantra back in America, to

pass along the mantras and share the Goddess energy

of Sri Vidya to do healing rituals for men and women. He

also asked me to return and to bring my students from


On the day the taxi came to take me back to America,

I was crying and sad to leave my new family, but knew I

had to return to my teenage son and husband at home.

I hugged Guruji one last time and then got in the cab.

He stood waving at me and said, “Be careful, the world

can be cruel.”

Psalm Isadora grew up on a born-again hippie commune

in Northern California. From a young age, she had

ecstatic experiences with the Spirit that did not fit in the

dogma of the religion with which she was raised. She

traveled to India to study Tantra. She is currently writing

a book about her spiritual seeking experiences. Her

website is

The Akashic Records

A universal library of personal records

for guidance and learning.

Stephanie is an Intuitive and a

certified Akashic Record Consultant.

Through her ability to access your records and, with

your questions, insight is provided into your past and

present. So that you may bring yourself into alignment

with your future goals and objectives.

Direction, tactics, and wisdom are just a few of the

elements gained to allow you to advance and

remove any blocks within your path.

Your highest potential can be achieved by recognizing

recurring patterns which may often prevent or hinder

from achieving your highest potential.

For a consult please contact Stephanie

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Pa g e 22

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t h e Jo u r n e y



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t h e Jo u r n e y Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Pa g e 23

The Guru Is You

By Eva Starr

fter spending a number

of years on my spiritual

quest, traveling over

just about every ter- Arain known to man – climbing

5,000 steps to see the Mayan

Ruins in Belize; walking on fire

in Mentone, Alabama; fishing

the Gutan Lake in Panama hoping to see Jesus walk on

water – I’ve come to find out the guru is you and everyone

you meet.

Don’t get me wrong; all of the above was necessary

to come to the place I am now. So if you want to break

bread with Sai Babba or travel to Dharamsala to have

tea with the Dalai Lama, then I say go for it.

I wish I’d had the opportunity to be in the presence

of the aforementioned masters. The closest I’ve come is

having lunch with Ellen Cayce (granddaughter-in-law of

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet). I’ve meditated at

the Buddhist Temple in Escondido, California at Metta

Forest Monastery, and drank tea in a paper cup while

walking through the Paramahansa Yogananda gardens

in Encinitas, California – admiring the immense beauty

of the Koi ponds – but I didn’t see Jesus walk amongst

the fishes.

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz we are always

looking for the Emerald City, and we think those magic

ruby slippers hold the key to life’s mystifying secrets.

Then once we reach Nirvana we realize there’s no place

like home.

You see, it was there all the time; we didn’t have to

climb the highest mountain, or swim the deepest sea.

We spend too much time looking outside of ourselves,

instead of looking in the mirror.

This is neither good nor bad; it just is. Whatever it

takes to bring each of us to our enlightenment is individual

to self. I was in an automobile accident a month

ago; a lady ran a stop sign and totaled my car. I had just

left church and literally drove one block down the street

before BAMMMMMM!

Pa g e 24


Ja n u a r y •


Fe b r u a r y 2012

I had just taken my

youngest daughter back to

the airport the day before. I

also just finished my season

cooking for the Padres, and

my lease was up. “Wow,” I

thought, “for the first time in

my life I am without a job, a

car or a home.” I felt completely free, there was nothing

holding me; but the incessant search for answers was


I still seek out answers from above, but I’m getting a

lot better at trust. Let’s get real here: sometimes there’s

nothing left except to trust. Thank God I’m alive, and

We are always looking for the

Emerald City, and we think

those magic ruby slippers hold

the key to life’s mystifying

secrets. Then, once we reach

it, we realize there’s no place

like home.

I’ve come to a place in my life where I realize there are

gurus all around us.

Since being without a car, I walk everywhere or ride

my bicycle. I see things I never noticed before, and am

aware of my surroundings and the people in them with

more depth. I’ve gotten to know the lady on the street

corner who spins one of those signs; she’s there six days

a week just spinning away.

Gurus are everywhere. If you listen closely you’ll

find the waitress at the truck stop who refills your coffee

might have more to say than, “Would you like a refill?”

Your 4-year-old has more to offer in the way of enlightenment

than you think, and that dog or cat that sleeps all

day will help you unravel some of life’s mysteries if you

t h e Jo u r n e y

Ancient Ways Of Shamanism





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3) To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and

the powers latent in man.

Dawn Pierce

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t h e Jo u r n e y Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Pa g e 25

just pay attention.

I live near Grape Park and during the day there’s usually

10 to 20 homeless people hanging out. I’ve learned a

lot just from watching them. We learn from the heartaches

we go through in relationships; lessons in forgiveness

knock on our doors every day. If you open your heart

and mind and simply ask, “What am I here to learn?” you

won’t have to travel outside of your backyard.

Your 4-year-old has more to offer

in the way of enlightenment than

you think, and that dog or cat that

sleeps all day will help you unravel

some of life’s mysteries if you just

pay attention.

daughter who’s had her share of life’s lessons battling

addiction. I learned how not to quit from my father, who

never gave up when the doctors told him he had five years

at best – and that was in 1969.

Take it from Ziggy Starrdust the cat: so what if your

face is flat, it’s love that makes the world go ‘round and

there’s a guru around every corner just waiting to share

his gifts. That Guru just could be YOU!

Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coastto-coast,

studying various schools of thought. Starr

now resides in the San Diego area, devouring the

alluring buffet of wisdom the West Coast has to offer.

Continue to communicate with her via

and, or at

for speaking engagements.

I brought home a rescue cat about a month before

the accident. I can’t tell you what a joy it is to have Ziggy

Starrdust around. He is a Himalayan so he has a flat

face. I’ve come to understand compassion because it’s

challenging for him to breathe normally. I used to get a

little annoyed at his eating, because his food is all over

the place. Now I understand because of his flat face it’s

tricky for him to pick up the pieces. I’ve finally perfected

a do-it-yourself set-up that seems to work for him.

I learned about unconditional love through my oldest

Pa g e 26

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

The evergreens

Red are so Lodge...for modest – the

Ride they never of your stop life! you

the grocery store

Winning to point out the thatrace to dharma –

Where will you be in 2012?

they’re the only

According ones who to hold ancient onprophecy, a new cycle in human evolution begins

to their

in 2012.


The elders perceived the transition into the new time in

all through the winter.

the metaphor of a horse race, with the gold horse representing the

people Those of other all traditions trees who are choosing the light. The Red Lodge

Longhouse blaze out was – they created fade, to help you win the race to the light. Ancient

teachings become and skeletons, earth-based knowledge help you connect with spirit

and mere wake placeholders up to your greatness. for This moment in human destiny

demands their spring a blueprint selves. for sacred living. Interested?

The But Red the evergreen Longhouse provides ancient teachings and earthbased

stands knowledge stalwart, that will show you how to connect with spirit

and like create a secret a real smile, life for your higher self. Wake up your greatness.

peacefully Find a coexists path that speaks to the destiny of humans in this

moment. with snow What and we cold, can achieve – now– is infinite.

Program begins soon.

rooted in the

sleeping Come earth, to an open house and learn more.

silently pulsating

Open Houses: May 12, June 8,

life, life, life.

July 29, Aug 9 and Sept 1 in

SE Michigan and May 15, May 19

Lynda M. Collins and Aug 4 in West Michigan.

Professor Lynda M. Collins is Faculty


of Common Law

at the Centre for Environmental Law and Global Sustainability

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‘We gain such

confidence when we

are obedient to our

inner voice. We become

useful to God when we

stop reacting to

everything and instead

make a mindful

decision on how to


the same experiences that leave you feeling unsettled and


Faith is taking one step at a time – believing what we

can’t always see. We have no idea where life will lead us,

but let’s spend the time we do have becoming who we truly

want to be.

As much as we need to put effort into ourselves, I don’t

think works alone can turn someone into the best person

we might envision for ourselves. We need something else to

lean on, to fully trust in to help guide us along the way.

Having a strong spiritual connection has been the true icing

on the cake.

Staying connected to God has taken my life to a whole

new level of peace and balance. We cannot rely just on our

own willpower and works to change, so I encourage everyone

to lean on the transforming love of God to supply what

we don’t always get through the day.

Believe in your ability to change. You and God are the

only ones who know how to take care of you. Let us all live

a life full of purpose and passion and most of all peace. I

believe that if each of us developed into the person God

gifted us to be, the world would be a different place to live.

Janee Kuta-Iliano is the owner of ALiVE ONE, a health

coaching business that focuses on teaching others the benefits

of internal cleansing and purification of the body. She

is a holistic health educator and raw foods chef, offering

Internal Cleansing & Detoxification Programs, Juice Plus+

Nutritional Products and instruction on Raw & Living Foods.

Visit her website at or contact her at 440-

478-9802 or

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tPAGE h e Jo TWENTY u r n e y SIX

Ja n uMAY a r y • Fe JUNE b r u a2010

r y 2012 THE Pa JOURNEY g e 27

Finding the

Inner Guide

By Alex Marculescu

hen you are born, nature

provides the parents to

nurture and guide you. In

the same way, when the

Wmind matures, the Guru Principle is

there to guide your inner journey. The

Guru Principle is not some person; it

is your higher self, which manifests

itself in an intimate form you can

relate to and have a personal relationship

with. Just as a teacher is needed

to learn a skill, the guru is there to

teach about your true self and how

to navigate through life.

What is a guru? This is a question

that comes up every time in

my breath work/meditation classes.

It is a very personal and delicate

question, especially to a western

audience whose perception of the

subject ranges from total devotion to

downright skepticism.

The first time I met my guru,

His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar,

it was at the Four Point Sheraton in

suburban Cleveland in the summer

of 2002. I was attending a lecture

about the “Art of Living” and Eastern

philosophy was something I was very

much interested in at the time.

He was clad in white robes and

had a long beard and talked about

love, truth and connection of all

things. Of course I thought I knew

all about it from the books I’d read. I

felt nothing special. When everyone

lined up for the darshan at the end I

just left, telling myself I would greet

him next time.

What made an impression on me

was the connection with my local Art

of Living teacher, whom I met a week

later at the workshop following the

seminar. For no particular reason I felt

really drawn to her and the passion

she had for sharing this knowledge.

Pa g e 28

For the first time in my life, after

years of unconscious searching, I

knew I had found what I was looking


There was a part of me that felt

like an outcast in this world, and all of

a sudden that part took center stage

and was allowed to be itself. It was

an inner knowing that transcended

my logical mind and was absolutely

certain of its newfound freedom. For

the first time I became aware of my

path – a path that has been there my

whole life, and connected past and

future with a timeless inner dimension

that became the basis of my

new existence.

He was clad in white

robes and had a long

beard and talked

about love, truth

and connection of

all things. Of course

I thought I knew all

about it from the

books I’d read.

The Guru Principle has been

there the whole time; what has

changed is that I started becoming

aware of it. I started feeling it behind

seemingly random interactions with

people, and behind synchronicities

that earlier would have been dismissed

as simple coincidences.

It made self-knowledge come

alive through observing nature and

small everyday happenings. It became

my teacher and even more

intimately, it became my friend. It

allowed me to make mistakes and

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

learn from them. It never judged me

when I kept falling, again and again,

into old habits, yet was there to pick

me up without fail. It was so subtle

that I could only sense it when my

mind was at peace.

It became the thread that connected

all events I was witnessing

and brought them to life in a divine

harmony. I was looking to become

established in that space, which

was both inside me and in the outer


Behind the changing nature of

my thoughts, feelings and experiences

there was the presence of the

Guru Principle, my guide and my


Gradually, but irreversibly, my

life started changing and I could see

the blessing of this inner and outer

presence behind all events I was

witnessing. Life became a game. The

fear, anxiety and doubt started vanishing

as a new sense of surrender

emerged. I started to see perfection

in imperfection, and the changeless

behind the changing, and realized all

is OK just the way it is.

In person, my interactions with

Sri Sri have been limited to a few

short meetings, yet I felt he was always

available. A single glance was

enough to reassure me I was on the

right track. Whatever service project

I was working on was certain to bring

t h e Jo u r n e y

out my limitations and lift them away at the same time.

As I became a teacher, the connection intensified and I

became aware that it was not me teaching but rather the

teaching was happening through me. I was becoming an

instrument of the divine.

The Guru Principle has been

there the whole time; what has

changed is that I started becoming

aware of it. I started feeling it

behind seemingly random interactions

with people, and behind

synchronicities that earlier would

have been dismissed as simple


It was not that all of a sudden I became free of all

mental noise and compulsive thoughts. But behind this

noise I discovered an undisturbed field of presence that

was readily available if I could just allow myself to enter

it. The Guru Principle was the guide that took me there

and was not separate from the field itself.

I tell my students that this presence, this field, this

grace, is like rain. It does not discriminate where it falls.

But from my side I have to keep my cup right-side up so

it can receive. Otherwise not a single drop will go in.

What does it mean? When you are grateful, when

you are open minded, you are ready to receive. This

rain belongs to all, if you are only willing to reach out

for it.

Alex Marculescu lives in Lakewood, OH and teaches

the Art of Living course created by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

at the Art of Living Center in Cleveland. For more info

see or email cleveland@

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t h e Jo u r n e y

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012 Pa g e 29

What It Really Means

to Kill The Buddha

By Marilyn Wise

he Ninth Century Buddhist master Linji instructed:

“If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.”

That enigmatic koan shocked and bewildered me

Tuntil its wisdom came in reflecting on my own journey

on the road of life.

Linji doesn’t really want to kill Buddha – just release

the attachment to the idea of who he is. Master Linji proposes

a key precept: Beware making the teacher or lesson

the locus of your belief, and giving away your own.

Here are a few thoughts on what, “Killing the Buddha”

means to me.

In the past, I’ve placed teachers or gurus on lofty

pedestals. They had the answers and any questioning I

had of them was suppressed until the spell was eventually

broken; they crashed off the pedestal and I, disillusioned,

went on to find the next more-perfect guru.

Pa g e 30

He was brilliant and hung on

every word he uttered. He later

became involved in a scandal

and I was devastated, even

questioning the value of what

I had learned from him. If he

was flawed, then what I learned

from him must also be flawed.

Mr. Crawfield was my 6 th grade English teacher. He

made Shakespeare come alive in my heart. I thought he

was brilliant and hung on every word he uttered. He later

became involved in a scandal and I was devastated, even

questioning the value of what I had learned from him. If

he was flawed, then what I learned from him must also

be flawed. I have since come to firmly believe in the old

adage, “keep what you like and leave the rest.” Teachers,

like everyone else are subject to their own humanity.

As a youngster in the 1950s, I learned to stop trusting

my own knowing and look to others to tell me what

to do. There was a barrage of messages: Do it because I

said so; Nice girls don’t question their parents, teachers,

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

ministers; Pretend you aren’t smart so the boys will like

you; Don’t confront or ask for what you want or you will

be shamed.

I learned, like so many children, the illusion that

safety, security and truth lived outside of me and in people

with authority. I stopped listening to my inner guru before

I understood that I even had one.

I betrayed others by pretending

to feel and enjoy what I did not.

I think the root of many addictions

is to medicate the pain of

not being true to one’s nature.

A betrayal so many of us experience is the realization

that there is no Santa Claus. In second grade, when best

friend Ann told me that my parents and the rest of the

world had just been making it up, I punched her in the

stomach. How dare she destroy my cherished illusion,

even though I’d really known all along it was a lie.

That is a socially acceptable example of the many

ways even well-meaning parents can disempower their


I have learned as a therapist and in my own healing

journey that children feel safer to believe there is

something wrong with them than to believe the people

responsible for their emotional and physical safety cannot

be trusted.

I continued to search for Santa in the dogma of religious

or “personal growth” cults, political heroes, bosses,

lovers, husbands, causes and exploitive gurus.

They all fell short because I could not see them in

the beginning for who they were, or how it felt to be with

them – only how I idealized them and valued their beliefs

over my own.

For years I depended on others to define my reality

for me. I married a wonderful but not compatible man,

because he was what my mother wanted me to marry. I

tried to be what I thought others wanted in relationships

and disassociated from my own voice. By abandoning

that voice, the person that betrayed me the most was


I betrayed others by pretending to feel and enjoy what

I did not. I think the root of many addictions is to medicate

the pain of not being true to one’s nature.

t h e Jo u r n e y

I have traveled far on my own long road, and have had

to “kill” quite a few Buddhas in order to lay claim to my

true nature. For me that means being aware and honest

with myself about what I am experiencing in the moment

(mindfulness), then following my own gut-level knowing,

as scary and delusion-destroying as it may be.

I stopped sacrificing myself to please others or get

their love and approval, or settling for less than I really

desired. I am by no means perfect at this; it is a practice,

but each time I choose out of my own truth, something

shifts. I become stronger, flexing the muscle of my own


Killing the Buddha just means

killing the idea of who I want

the other person to be, the idea

of who I am and taking off my

own mask.

Killing the Buddha just means killing the idea of who

I want the other person to be, the idea of who I am and

taking off my own mask. When I wear a mask, I attract

others that are wearing one and it is one big Halloween

party. I like this quote by the author Sheldon Kopp: “You

can’t make anyone love you. You just have to reveal

who you are and take your chances.” When I take off

the mask, I can suddenly breathe. Now that I love and

respect myself I have more love and respect from others

than I could have imagined.

One important example of listening to my own voice

occurred when I released the old paradigm and dogma

of how addiction treatment is supposed to look, and followed

my own instincts in the more respectful, holistic

recovery program I felt called to begin.

The results have been an astoundingly high percentage

of people who not only release their addictions but

move on to follow their own reawakened dreams and

callings. That has brought a new experience of meaning

and fulfillment in my work

As an addiction therapist I continually monitor myself

to prevent clients from looking to me for the answers to

their life’s challenges. I empower them through many

techniques to unearth their own precious awareness,

guidance and wisdom.

It is not my job to interpret or analyze, but instead

to listen with complete presence, them telling their own

story deeply enough that they become aware of how it

began. And there awaits the road to lasting recovery, the

recovery of Self.

Part of the dilemma in listening to our own voice is

that there are other, often subconscious, voices in competition

with our own. There are the voices of parents or

teachers who said things like: “You will always be irresponsible,

fat, lazy, etc.” There are the voices of society

and religion, saying things like, “Those who are different

from us are bad.”There are those of our inner children,

afraid and clinging to old defense mechanisms and false

beliefs to feel OK, like: “If I don’t make waves no one will

hurt me;” or, “If I just stay busy I don’t have to feel my

pain or fear.” The voice of addiction tells us lies about

what we need in order to feel OK.

I have learned that I can more clearly hear my own

authentic voice when I take regular time to quiet my mind

through yoga and meditation. I hear its guidance when I

choose my environment and what I put in my body, as a

reflection of what enlivens me. I have learned to replace

following blindly with taking my own lead.

By doing my own inner healing work, I discovered

an amazing teacher and guide, my Higher Power, which

is loving, gentle and strong. It helps me make healthy

choices that lead to growth and happiness independent

of external sources. I have l learned that meeting others’

way of thinking with my own and creating dialog fosters

a healthy equal relationship with them.

Of course, there are teachings and practices of others

that are valuable. I am consistently open to learning,

but I have come to separate the teacher from the lessons

they impart.

A few qualities I have found to look for in teachers I

can trust are:

They do not tell me what to do or think or feel, or

assume things about me.

They rarely brag or name drop or need to be praised

or followed.

They listen a lot more than they speak.

They accept others and the world as it is and do what

they can to be of service to both.

They humbly nurture and respect themselves as well

as others.

I can more clearly hear my own

authentic voice when I take

regular time to quiet my mind

through yoga and meditation. I

hear its guidance when I choose

my environment and what I put

in my body, as a reflection of

what enlivens me.

These are the qualities my own inner guru offers me if I will

only look to her instead of that one on the road. And that’s what

the Buddhist Master’s message meant for me. What it means for

others may be another thing.

Marilyn Wise, LICDC is founder of the Astara Holistic

Recovery from Addictions Program (,

and is affiliated closely with Insight

Learning and Wellness Center where she sees addiction

clients, practices heart-centered hypnotherapy, and facilitates

meditation classes and the Living the Light Program.

Wise is also a member of the Humanistic Counseling

Center team. She can be contacted at wiseoneforall@

t h e Jo u r n e y Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Pa g e 31

Soul Food

Soul Food is dedicated to all my readers as an offering

to share my metaphysical musings and the lessons

that I have encountered throughout my journey here in

this classroom we call Planet Earth. I encourage your

questions and quandaries as we grow together toward

solution and enlightenment.

Dear Eva:

I’ve asked myself a question for years and unfortunately

still haven’t found an answer. How does one go about

finding their purpose? I’ve taken seminars, read books and

done meditations to no avail. It seems to be so easy for

people like Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, even Elvis Presley.

But what about the rest of us, living ordinary lives with no

obvious talents? How do we find that thing that makes us

jump for joy, that thing we would do even if we weren’t

getting paid? I won’t stop looking until I find it.

Purposeless in Carmel Valley, CA

Pa g e 32

You’d be surprised the gifts

other people see in us that we

fail to see in ourselves.

Dear Purposeless:

You are not alone my friend. I did the same thing, even

took seminars on “finding your purpose” and I still didn’t

feel like I knew what my purpose was. It wasn’t until I got

back from taking the Louise Hay course in San Diego 10

years ago and brought the work to Cleveland and started

teaching, speaking and writing that I knew.

In hindsight here’s what I’ve noticed, now that I know

what I love to do. As a child of five girls I was the only

one that would read at night (after we were supposed to

be in bed) with a flashlight under the covers. I grew up on

a farm and when my family couldn’t find me, I would be

way down in the woods, sitting under an apple tree reading.

As I got older and was able to go places on my own

I’d always walk to a library, I’d spend hours there. I didn’t

realize until just recently that it was there all the time. I’ve

always loved books. No wonder I’m a writer.

Besides reflecting on what you loved as a child, (there

are some big clues there), what do you love now? Don’t

even hesitate; what’s the first thing that jumps out at you.

Another process I find helpful is making a list of what you

don’t want to do. Eliminating the things you absolutely

don’t want to do helps clarify what you do want.

Enlist the help of friends and family. Seriously talk with

them and ask them, “What do you feel I do well?” You’d

be surprised the gifts other people see in us that we fail to

see in ourselves. Take note of what you do throughout a

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

By Eva Starr

day, a week, a month and

pay attention to whatever

it is that you noticed really

made you feel alive. I bet you’ll find there are moments that

elicit the passion in you that you’re not even aware of.

Go around your neighborhood and stop to talk to the

people who seem to really love what they’re doing and ask

them. Yeah, simple things like this open you to a whole

new thought process. Get yourself a journal and just start

writing “I wish…” and let the pen do the work. Spend time

alone in the silence every day (not just a meditation here

and there) and really get to know you. God put your gift

inside of you, and it’s just waiting to be opened. Be gentle

with yourself my child; nurture that cocoon and then let

that butterfly spread its wings and show the world you

have arrived.

Dear Eva:

My husband and I have been trying to be parents for

several years. Our efforts were futile so we turned toward

adoption. Even with that we are encountering obstacles. Is

the universe trying to tell us something? When do you quit

banging your head against the wall v. continuing to try?

Babyless in Chagrin Falls, OH

If you’re paddling upstream

against the current and not

getting anywhere I’d drop the

oars and let nature take its

course. The boat will eventually

turn itself around and flow

downstream with the current.

Dear Babyless:

I’m sure you’ve heard about people who quit trying and

then, voila, they’re with child. I like Stuart Wilde’s approach

in his book Life Was Never Meant to Be A Struggle: plain

and simple go with the flow. If you’re paddling upstream

against the current and not getting anywhere I’d drop the

oars and let nature take its course. The boat will eventually

turn itself around and flow downstream with the current.

Is the universe trying to tell you something? Well

only you can answer that; same with dreams – you are

the final interpreter. You may want to ask yourself some

t h e Jo u r n e y

questions: How will my life change? Why do I want this?

Doing some self-introspection may just reveal to you your

own answers.

I personally don’t feel the universe, God or whomever

we choose to call our Higher Power is ever against us. It

may be a simple matter of a “guiding hand” if you will,

leading us in the direction of our Divine Path. I recently

saw the movie The Adjustment Bureau and now have a

whole different outlook on our Divine Plan and the strings

that are being pulled to keep us on our path.

There are too many variables involved in our equations

of life to simply say “two plus two equals four.” I have found

that the major successes or miracles in my life just came to

me; I didn’t go looking for them, nor did I have to struggle.

I have also found that the situations in my life where I hit

one road block after another just weren’t meant to be.

I wrote in a prior column ,“Whatever is meant to be

yours will not pass you by.” Take some time away from

the entire situation, forget about it, go on a retreat or just

play. If nothing else, take the Doris Day attitude and start

singing, “Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be, will be, the

future’s not ours, to see, Que Sera, Sera.” Good Luck!

Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coast-tocoast

studying the various schools of thought. Starr now

resides in the San Diego area devouring the alluring buffet

of wisdom the West Coast has to offer. Email your questions

to Visit her websites

and to sign up for her weekly

online Soul Food column & monthly newsletters.

We are expanding the magazine to the Columbus, OH

and Pittsburgh PA areas and will be staging

another Expo in Pittsburgh next year.

t h e Jo u r n e y Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Pa g e 33



January – If you’re in the midst of family arguments,

don’t get involved. And don’t mix work and romance

either. Those combinations never do well. You can be

loving and understanding while knowing where your

boundaries are drawn.

February – You might be feeling up and down emotionally.

Don’t worry because your energy will power

you through these times. Be firm but tactful with others

if they are crossing your boundaries. There’s no reason

to create unnecessary drama!


January – Great things come through your job bringing

you more financial stability. Splurge a little and buy

yourself something special. Treat yourself with the same

love and kindness you give to others. Achieve goals with


February – Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by

the little things. Learn to handle stress with stillness and

then release it. Remember to breathe. Realize that holding

onto stress wears you down physically and emotionally

and attacks you from within.


January – Friendships worsen with your best friend’s

dishonesty. Confront him or her so healing can happen.

Unwise romantic attachments frustrate you. A rational

attitude will bring big success. All shades of green are

your lucky color.

February – Youíre busy with obligations. It’s important

to make time for you as your body needs calm. Spend

more time meditating. Branch out to find new interests

or make friends to create new balance. All parts of your

life flow better when there’s peace within.


January – Relationships are an important part of

your life. If you’re not getting the love and support you

need, open up and express your feelings. Speaking from

the heart brings new life into everything including work.

Holding your emotions until it builds into anger is not a

productive use of your energy.

February – Family and friends are on your mind.

Make plans do to something out of the ordinary. Use these

opportunities as a way to make memories that will last a

lifetime. Criticism for its own sake is wasteful, so don’t let

negative thoughts get you down. Believe in yourself.

Pa g e 34

By Kimmie Rose Zapf

Ja nJa u a n r u y a• r y Fe • bFe r u b a r u y a2012

r y 2012


January – Express yourself cautiously. People will

misunderstand your intentions if you’re not careful. Don’t

say things out of frustration that you will later regret. Instead

of looking outside to help or fix others, realize the

only person you truly can control is yourself.

February – Everything flows if you allow it. Take advantage

of this energy shift. Your finances and personal

relationships improve. Express gratitude for newfound

abundance. Your confidence is restored. Take charge of

situations and get back on track. Do what you do best

— inspire others!


January – Separate from negativity by taking a walk

or a trip. Breathe. Clear your cluttered thoughts. Starting

a new health regimen is another way to distance yourself

from negative energy. The key factor is to create a space

that is peaceful.

February – Someone has had an eye on you, but

you’ve been to busy to notice the opportunity for a

wonderful relationship. Whether it’s romantic or just

friendship, be open to things around you and live without



January – This is a good time for family matters or

for being at home. During this time, you’re able to gain a

better understanding of what’s important. If things aren’t

going well, it may be time to make a commitment to fix

it or decide to move on with your life.

February – Stand up for your principles now! Someone

may try to twist your words. Don’t fight back. You

know it’s unnecessary. Remain calm. Don’t get distracted.

Listen for guidance. You’ll know the right course of action.


January – Sensitivity will be your middle name, but

don’t be too sensitive. People aren’t picking on you;

they’re offering constructive opinions. Deepen your self

worth. Examine your core values to learn who you are

and what you want.

February –Time may be moving slowly, but there’s

more going on than you see. Slow down and take notice.

Miracles can happen right under your nose. Money

issues start to improve and a new job opportunity is


t h e Jo u r n e y


January – Relationship issues are consuming a lot

of your energy right now. Love is wonderful as long as

you’re not neglecting your responsibilities. And don’t

spend a lot of time re-thinking things if you hit a bump

in the road. Realize that ups and downs are part of the


February – Be open to new opportunities. Your attitude

will determine outcomes. Stay positive and allow

good things to flow without expectation. Communicate

clearly, openly and honestly. Misunderstanding may

cause alienation. Authority figures may not accommodate



January – The last couple of weeks may have been

more stressful than you expected. Don’t fret about it.

You’re in a good place now. Family life will be peaceful,

which will offer encouraging support if needed. Children

will fare extremely well in their activities.

February – The winter blues may have you feeling

a bit down, but hang in there. Embrace this part of the

growth cycle for what it is. Sometimes things must end or

simply die. Trust what comes and know that new growth

is just around the corner with spring.


January – Yes, you’ve taken on too much lately,

and it’s starting to catch up with you. Be in stillness

and allow your feelings to surface. This is the guidance

you are seeking. The universe is full of possibilities if

you can follow your heart and not over think with your


February – Health issues come to the forefront. Sickness

is sometimes the manifestation caused by releasing

toxins in your body. It could also be a sign that you’re

not taking care of yourself. Don’t let anything block you

from reaching your full potential.

Constantly Updated!



January – Work and home issues are running you in

circles. Emotions may erupt if it becomes too much to

handle. Take a break even if it’s only for a few minutes

during your day. When you’re at your best, your powerful

energy flows to everyone around you in a positive way.

February – The last few weeks have been rough, so

experience the energy you’re feeling now and have fun

with family and friends. You may feel healthier so embrace

it! Also, spending some time alone could bring on a more

balance approach to things.

Kimberly Rose is a professional intuitive, vibrational

astrologer, author, public speaker and radio and television

host on CBS Radio and Telos Television Networks.

She is available for personal readings, classes and

seminars. For more information, call her at Lite the Way,

(734) 854-1514 or visit

t h e Jo u r n e y Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Pa g e 35


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Carol Baglia, RRT, CBP • Correct Breathing Concepts, LLC 1-888-748-8874

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C.W.G., And Tarot Classes just to name a few, with a full schedule of guest speakers. Check

The Web-site for more events!

Lady Lindora • Aradia’s Garden • 34510C Lakeshore Blvd. Eastlake

440-975-1911 •

Clyde Chafer - private and group yoga instruction. Facilitating teachers training and yoga studies

program; EFWA - Earth, Fire, Water Air. Next session starting in September. Also, 30 day cleanse and

detox program - the Karma Kleanse.

Clyde Chafer • 440-223-1392

Carol Perkoski, owner of In Carol’s Care, L.L.C. is a Board Certified Colon Hydrotherapist and a

Reiki Master, celebrating 10 years of service. Carol uses a nurturing approach to Colon Hydrotherapy.

She has a talent for making her clients comfortable, listening with understanding and has an extensive

knowledge of health and nutrition The initial visit involves a free consultation. Also available Ionic Foot

Baths, Infrared Sauna and massages.

Please visit or call 440-333-5646

Mary Ann Reiger, Reiki Master, Intuitive, Workshop Facilitator:

2012 Workshops:

January 8, 2012 - Animal Spirit Guides • February 12, 2012 - Angels

March 11, 2012 - Inner Guidance (Intuition and Intention)

April 8, 2012 - Manifestation in the new earth

May 13, 2012 - Raising your Vibration • June 10, 2012 - Energy Healing

West Shore UU, 20401 Hilliard, Rocky River, Chapel Room • 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. • •


Advertise in professionals at Your Service for a special price $95 for the first ad

and 2 months free in the Journey Resource Guide online!

Call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392

Pa g e 36

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

Th e Jo u r n e y


professionals at your service.....

Deb Bradt, Yoga and Meditation Teacher/Holistic Health Consultant; through a variety of harmonizing

practices including therapeutic yoga, yoga flow, yoga therapy, healing stones, aromatherapy,

tai chi/chi gong, breathing practices, yoga nidra and whole food nutrition, Deb can

empower you to create vibrant health, connect deeply to your heart and find true happiness by

manifesting the power that is already within you. Classes and private sessions available. All

levels are welcome.

Deb Bradt • Purple Lotus in Bloom • • (216) 225-5604

Angela Mlinaric, Reiki Master Level Instructor( Usui and Kundalini methods), Ear Candling Practitioner and

proprietor of “For Goodness Sake” (located in The Healing Place 29441 Euclid Ave) I am striving to continually

work to remove ever deeper layers of limitation,so that I may tap into the Unlimited supply of Love and

Healing that lies in each and every one of us,and so to be a channel of Love and Light and Healing to others.

Angela Mlinaric • 440-376-0454


professionals at your service.....

Mandi S. Babkes is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Counselor, Quantum Reflex Analysis

practitioner, and proprietor of Holistic And Raw With Mandi. She incorporates many specialties into her

practice including: natural healing, QRA, disease prevention, detoxification, live-sourced supplementation

and superfoods, and raw and living foods. Mandi’s mission is helping others achieve ultimate health,

energy, and happiness. She offers private and group consultations and workshops.

Mandi S. Babkes MNH, HHC, AADP 412-417-0466 •

Wouldn’t it be great to understand how to find joy and love through all of life’s experiences, and to recognize

the difference between running your life on a foundation of love vs. fear? As an inspirational

spiritual teacher, author, intuitive and personal/life coach, Debbie Heneghan has helped hundreds of

people work through life’s challenges through the teachings in her teleseminars, spiritual workshops/

retreats, coaching, audio book (Turn Your Pain Into Peace), radio show and more.

Debbie Heneghan • Closer Than You Think, LLC • 412-400-3359 •


Advertise in professionals at Your Service for a special price $95 for the first ad

and 2 months free in the Journey Resource Guide online!

Call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-1392


is Coming May 5 & 6

See Page 3

t h e Jo u r n e y

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012 Pa g e 37

here have been so many changes around the world.

In the midst of these changes, I have noticed that

people are awakening and shifting to a more posi-

Ttive, loving world where all living creatures are respected

and revered for their place on the planet.

We are all part of the One that is creating a beautiful

world of light and love on Earth. As the world shifts and

awakens, many spiritual gurus have appeared because

we are now in an age when it is safe and more acceptable

to follow a path of spiritual enlightenment and spiritual

teaching. In times previous, spiritual leaders were persecuted.

Now, they are more likely to be embraced by

people of like mind who want to attain a deeper level of

spirituality and balanced living.

A spiritual guru is different from a spiritual teacher.

It is said that a spiritual guru is mostly awakened and is

more deeply connected to the universe, source or namely

God. A spiritual teacher will likely study extensively and

will depend more on Holy Scripture or other teachings.

A guru lives by intuitive inner guidance. The spiritual

guru is spontaneous and flexible and leads by the heart,

whereas the spiritual teacher will teach from intellect and

book knowledge.

When in the presence of a spiritual guru, there is a

feeling that the guru is inherently “right;” there is a deep

inner knowing that what the guru says is the universal

truth. The truth can be felt, not rationalized. There is simply

a feeling that the guru is leading you to the truth.

On the other hand, when in the presence of a spiritual

teacher, questions lead to more questions, and the student

carries on a personal inner search that is triggered by the

spiritual teacher. The teacher doesn’t necessarily have

the answers; he or she is guiding you to explore your

own truth. Spiritual teachers are less awakened, and it

said they are only about one-third attuned to full spiritual

consciousness. Spiritual teachers are helpful guides who

can help you stay on course and follow your path. They

serve a more specific purpose at certain points in life.

Gurus, on the other hand, are omniscient and can

guide the spiritual seeker throughout lifetimes and under

any circumstance.

Gurus are deeply connected to the soul and have

little reliance on ego. They identify with the soul, not the

human body. The human body is an instrument through

which the soul works on Earth. Gurus have an unconditional

love for others and walk in beauty, non-judgment,

non-suffering and non-attachment. They typically will

Pa g e 38

Why Your Search For a Guru

May Yield a Spiritual Teacher

By Tina Sacchi

Ja Ja n n u u a a r y r y • Fe Fe b r b u r u a a r y r y 2012

guide students through all aspects of their lives and their

teachings are not limited to any one subject. They are

available to teach any type of lesson that the student

requires in his/her quest toward enlightenment. Gurus

always live in service to others.

Gurus are also different from spiritual teachers in that

they transcend hierarchical roles. They are not “less than”

or “more than” anyone else. Gurus also use little energy

to make major shifts in consciousness. They transcend all

religion. They are simply of service to humanity, regardless

of religious beliefs.

Spiritual teachers are less

awakened, and it said they are

only about one-third attuned to

full spiritual consciousness.

What is most important to realize is that the guru cannot

be sought. You can’t find a guru in the Yellow Pages. A

guru will appear in your life only when you have attained

a significant degree of enlightenment. The guru will help

you merge with God and become one with all that is. Until

you have reached the point of enlightenment, you may

come across many spiritual guides and teachers who will

assist you to stay on your spiritual journey. The guru will

never come to you before you are ready and won’t push

you to a level that you can’t sustain or attain.

Instead of seeking out a guru, enjoy the array of

spiritual teachers that are making a positive difference

for themselves, their followers and the world. You will

be guided to certain teachers because these individuals

will positively affect your heart center. And by touching

your heart, they touch and heighten your vibration, your


More important, discover your spiritual essence

within by meditating, relaxing, connecting with nature,

enjoying your unique spiritual journey and having fun,

knowing that eventually a guru will appear before you

when you are ready to embrace and achieve enlightenment.


Tina Sacchi is a Master in Holistic Alternative Arts,

which includes hypnotherapy, energy healing (Reiki/

Shamanic), mysticism, chakra balancing, soul path

guidance, past lives resolve, future life progression, raw

food coaching and life event ceremonies. She is certified

in clinical hypnotherapy through the Arizona Society for

Professional Hypnosis as well as the National Guild of

Hypnotists. Visit her website,, for

upcoming events and information on her international

radio show.

t h e Jo u r n e y

Whole Being Expo

Health for the body and spirit

Saturday & Sunday

April 28-29, 2012

10AM - 5PM Both Days

Antiochian Village & Retreat Center

140 Church Camp Trail, Bolivar, PA 15923

(a few miles North of Ligonier off Rt 711)

Admission $5 - Under 12 free

Diverse array of Vendors:

Special presentations by:

Antoine Dove from

The Biggest Loser

Pittsburgh Bleep Group

presents “What the Bleep Do We Know?”

Stan Gordon producer of the award winning

documentary, “Kecksburg: The Untold Story”

and author of Silent Invasion


Limited vendor space available


Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y Pa g e 39

Fellowships of the Spirit

... A place your soul can call home

2012 Program Highlights

Native Spirituality Revived

Ed McGaa, J.D.

March 4

Breath-Body-Mind Workshop

Richard. P. Brown, M.D. & Patricia Gerbarg, M.D.

April 14 – 15

Consciousness/Crop Circles, Embodying Changing

Consciousness, New Phenomena: Signs of Change

Colin & Synthia Andrews • April 28 – 29

MARI Levels 1 & 2

Shelley Takei, Ph.D.

May 25 – 28

The Healing Cure

William Bengston

June 1 - 3

Spiritual Insight Training, Part 1

Elaine D. Thomas, Jessie Furst & Don Scott

May 11 – 13 or May 18

Seeing Into the Body - Medical Intuitive Training

Caroline Sutherland

June 15 - 17

Spiritual Insight Training Part 2

Elaine D. Thomas, Jessie Furst & Don Scott

June 22 – 24

Healing & Spiritual Teachings

Dr. Issam Nemeh

June 30

Using Your Mediumship for Self

& Planetary Healing

Greg Kehn • July 1

Transcendent Realities: Spiritual Adventures

with Home Circles

Rev. Tom Cratsley • July 7

The Master Mixer: A Lab Experience

with Essential Oils

Rev. Hank Setala • July 8

Astrology & Reincarnation

Stephen Forest

July 13 - 15


July 21

Metaphysical Marketing Mastery

Jamie Saloff and Anita Pizycki

July 22

Esoteric QiGong Practice & Group Healing

Master Robert Peng

July 28 - 29

Mediumship, Accuracy & the Trust Factor

Rev. Elaine D. Thomas

August 4

Healing Geopathic Stress & Spirit Removal Techniques

Rev. David Orlowski

August 5

Mediumship & The Akashic Records

Rev. Bill Coller

August 11 – 12

Advanced Spiritual Explorations & Reincarnation

Dick Sutphen

August 18 - 19

5 Days – Metaphsyics 101 to 2012

Dick Sutphen

August 20 – 24

Spiritual Clearings – Sacred Practices

Dianna Burney

August 25 – 26

The Deeper Meaning of Prophecy & Healing Retreat

Rev. Penny Donovan & Don Gilbert

September 2 – 3

Call 716-595-2159 or register online at

Fellowships of the Spirit Lakeside Learning Center

282 Dale Drive, Cassadaga, NY

Ja n u a r y • Fe b r u a r y 2012

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