November-December 2012 - The Journey Magazine

November-December 2012 - The Journey Magazine

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A Mind, Body and Soul Connection


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“No Storm Lasts Forever”

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Columbus, OH

(off Morse Ave., 2 miles east of I-71)

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Sat, May, 4 Afternoon

Two days of lectures, demonstrations, and

workshops to spark you to higher levels of

consciousness. Vendors featuring nutrition,

organics, bodywork, yoga, crystals, astrology,

psychic readings, aura imagery, music, drum

circles and much more!

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“My Spirit is Not Religious!”

Pa g e Tw o

NovemberDecember 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

Th e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2012

Pa g e 3

From the Publisher

I believe we all have an innate

vision; that when we enter this earth

plane, we do so with an opportunity

to leave behind a mark of substance

for others.

The vision comes with no clearcut

answer or direction. Perhaps just

a knowing of where to go, what to do

and whom to be with. That knowing is

of the heart. The mind stuff just gets

in the way, whereas the heart lights

the way.

I know in my life’s journey most of

the good things I have ended up doing

have not been something I thought long

and hard about. They have pretty much

unfolded magically.

When I opened a holistic health

center over a dozen years ago, I didn’t

really know what holistic health was.

But the right building came along with

the right people at the right time.

A talk I went to by Wayne Dyer

many years ago basically carried the

message: “Don’t die with your music

still in you.”

That music, I believe, is our innate

vision. It brings us the opportunities

to make this world we create a better

one for all.

May we each live our vision.

~ Namaste’ Clyde

November.December 2012 | Issue 67

The Front Porch | 5-9

Learning to See a More Beautiful Truth | 10

By Lauren Duke

How to Choose Your Own Vision | 14

By Tina G. Sacchi

The End of Misery | 16

By Julie Hoyle

Man Does Not Need Eyes to Have Vision | 20

By Eva Starr

It Begins With the Simple Act of Closing Your Eyes | 23

By wah!

Soul Food | 26

By Eva Starr

Horoscopes | Inner Views | 28

By Kimmie Rose Zapf

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NovemberDecember Theme: Vision

January • February Theme: Enlightenment

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Julie Hoyle

Tina G. Sacchi

Eva Starr


Kimmie Rose Zapf

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NovemberDecember 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y




Welcome to the Front Porch! This section serves as a welcoming stage for the rest of the magazine. It is a place for community

news and sharing, updates, notables, and much more. We are excited to announce that book and CD reviews will also take place

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Now, grab a cold drink and settle into a rocking chair—Welcome to our humble abode!

The Journey Expo Columbus 2013

and Living and Eating Green Expo

We are pleased to announce both Expos will be at The Northland Performing Arts Center on May 4

& 5. Two Expos for the price of one!

The Journey Expo which features vendors showcasing bodywork, crystals, music, astrology, psychic

readings, aura imagery, and much more! Adding the Living and Eating Green Expo with product and

information about nutrition, organics, ecology and sustainibility will bring attendees great opportunity

in their path towards wisdom and enlightenment.

On The Cover

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A Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Expo Columbus 2013

George Noory of Coast to Coast AM will be the headline speaker. He will also moderate a panel discussion.

Both Expos will feature lectures, demonstrations and workshops to spark attendees to higher levels of consciousness.

Presenters include: Dr. Terry Gordon – Author of the recently published Hay house book No Storm Lasts Forever, Ken Harsh of

Karma Crystals, and Tina Sacchi - Author of My Spirit is Not Religious

and more to come!

For more information, please go to under events (at the top menu) or call Clyde Chafer at 440-223-


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to learn about their services and see their visionary

art and designs. You can also contact them at sacredvisiondesigns@ or 541-241-7932

t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2012

Pa g e 5

The Front Porch

“Your vision will become clear only

when you can look into your own

heart. Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung

Amma in Detroit

Thanksgiving Week

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi, affectionately and more often

called Amma (Mother) will be arriving in the metropolitan

Detroit area during Thanksgiving week of this year

and everyone is invited

to meet her. Please see for confirmed

dates and venue

location. Her visit

includes a retreat

and several free public


Amma, referred to by

the international press

as the “Hugging

Saint, has embraced

with her divine blessing

(darshan) more than 33

million people from around the world. She tirelessly travels

the globe to bless and inspire people of all ages and

cultures to live a life of compassion and selfless service.

Amma sees people of every faith. She never asks anyone

to change their religion, only to deepen their own faith

and live by its essential principles. “The world should

know that a life dedicated to selfless love and service is

possible”. With the conviction that we all share a responsibility

to lend a helping hand to those in need, Amma

moves forward, living her life with compassionate care for

all beings. This is evident in her vast network of humanitarian

activities (see and in the

uniquely expressed motherly embrace (darshan) she of-

fers to all. When asked her religion, Amma smiles and says,

“My religion is Love”.

Amma’s international acclaim is extensive and she maintains

special consultative status to the United Nations. She

receives both presidents of nations and beings from virtually

every walk of life. Each person is received as her own

child, and yet the connection remains deeply personal to

those she touches.

Spending time with Amma is an invaluable opportunity to

experience selfless, unconditional love, which flows from

her in abundance.

“Amma is the embodiment of pure love. Her presence

heals.” ~ Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.

For more information about Amma’s visit to Michigan,

visit Or phone 734-995-0029.

For information regarding activities held at the Amma

Center of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, visit online at

Activites include a weekly devotional service, Mother’s

Kitchen, which offers free lunch to those in need, free

meditation classes, nature projects, including perma-culture

and many other selfless service projects.

The vision must be followed

by the venture. It is not enough

to stare up the steps - we must

step up the stairs.” ~ Vance Havner

Pa g e 6

NovemberDecember 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

The Front Porch

The most beautiful thing

we can experience is the

mysterious. It is the source

of all true art and all science.

He to whom this

emotion is a stranger, who

can no longer pause to

wonder and stand rapt in

awe, is as good as dead: his

eyes are closed.”

~ Albert Einstein

Interesting Facts on Vision

• Sailors once thought that wearing a gold earring would improve their eyesight.

The shark cornea has been used in eye surgery, since its cornea is similar to a human cornea.

The eye of a human can distinguish 500 shades of the gray.

The cornea is the only living tissue in the human body that does not contain any blood vessels.

• Your eyes blink over 10,000,000 times a year!

The Atlantic Giant Squid’s eye can be as large as 16 inches wide.

• An ostrich’s eye is bigger that its brain.

• 20/20 vision means the eye can see normally at 20 feet. 20/15 is better; the eye can see at 20 feet what another eye sees at 15


• Eyes are the most complex organs you possess except for your brain.

• Eyes are composed of more than two million working parts.

The eye muscles are the most active muscles in the whole body.

• 80% of what you learn is through your eyes.

• It is impossible to sneeze without closing your eyes.

• An ant has two eyes, each of which is made up of many smaller eyes. This type of eye is called a compound eye.

• A worm has no eyes at all.

• A chameleon’s eyes can look in different directions---at the same time!

• Unlike humans, guinea pigs are born with fur and with their eyes open.

• Babies cry but don’t produce tears until one to three months after birth.

• An owl can see a mouse moving more than 150 feet away, with light no brighter than candlelight.

• Fish do not have eyelids. They do not require tears either, since their eyes are bathed by water, no special lubricant like tears is


Read Me!

The most pathetic

person in the world

is some one who has

sight but no vision.”

~ Helen Keller

See additional Front Porch stories on

our newly revamped website at:

While you are there, check out the

additional gooodies

we have for you, with more being

added constantly!

t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2012

Pa g e 7

The Front Porch

There are two basic motivating

forces: fear and love. When

we are afraid, we pull back from

life. When we are in love, we

open to all that life has to offer

with passion, excitement, and

acceptance. We need to learn

to love ourselves first, in all our

glory and our imperfections.

If we cannot love ourselves, we

cannot fully open to our ability

to love others or our potential

to create. Evolution and all

hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and openhearted

vision of people who embrace life.”

~ John Lennon

We are Human Angels:

An inspiring book for all those who hear the call for a better world

What would happen if everyone stopped pursuing their own personal interests and, with the awareness

that we are all One, set themselves in service to the greater Good? It would be heaven on


The world created by the ego is, nowadays, experiencing its dramatic fall. Now, from the ashes of

the old world a new vision of Consciousness arises, whose messengers are the Human Angels.

“When we live in the ego, we are human. When we live in the awareness of the Oneness, we are

Human Angels”.

The book “We Are Human Angels”, the first spiritual guide for Human Angels, is an out and out guide

from the ego to the Oneness: for all those who hear the call for a better world, for all those who feel

they were born for a greater purpose and would like to express it.

The 7 keys to overcome the ego” and “The 7 keys to live with the heart in service to the Oneness”,

the titles of the two parts of this book, guide the reader, step by step, in their healing journey from

overcoming the ego until the fulfillment of their nature as Human Angels, in their lives, in their relationships

and in society.

Inspired by powerful, channeled energies and written with a unique style, both profound and concise at the same time, the book

was originally published in Italian and English and, afterwards, translated into Spanish and Portuguese by two of the readers, who

were driven by the wish to share the message contained within this book.

The book’s official website can be found at:

As an ebook “We Are Human Angels” is distributed worldwide through all major on-line retailers such as Amazon, Apple iBooks

Store, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, etc. The paperback is available at

“When the divine vision is

attained, all appear equal;

and there remains no distinction

of good and bad,

or of high and low.”

~ Ramakrishna

Pa g e 8

NovemberDecember 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

“In a movie theater, you look at the

screen, you never look at the back. The

projector is in the back. The film is not

really on the screen, it is just a projection

of shadow and light. The film exists in

the projector, in the back, but you never

look at that. Your mind is at the back of

everything. Your mind is the projector.

But you always look at the screen - at the


When you’re in love, the person is beautiful.

When you hate, the person is ugly.

You never become aware of how the same

person can be beautiful and ugly.

The only way to reach the truth is to

learn how to be immediate in your vision.

The mind is the problem, because

the mind projects its images on the

screen you’re looking at. What you see

is just your projection. And there are as

many worlds as there are minds, because

every mind lives in his own world.

We get caught up in projecting movies

of our own making onto the situations

and people surrounding us. Instead of

taking responsibility for our own expectations,

desires and judgments, we attribute

them to others. A projection can be

good or bad, beautiful or ugly, disturbing

or comforting, but it is still a projection

that prevents us from seeing reality as it

is. The only way out is to recognize the


t h e Jo u r n e y




What is the red eye effect in a photo?

The red eye in the photo, is because the light when shone from

a certain angle gets reflected from the choroid. The choroid has

many blood vessels and therefore appears red. The ‘red eye

effect’ can be avoided by changing the direction of the camera.

Do some animals have no eyes?

Some salamanders that live in dark caves and certain fish that

live near deep Ocean beds have no eyes! This is because they

do not need eyes, since in light never ever reaches them! Some

of them have rudimentary eyes with permanently closed eyelids

over them, while in some the eyes are totally absent.

We do not see some colors in flowers. Is that true?

That is true, though flowers look vividly colored, yet they are

better than they appear! Flowers, like daisies, have an attractive

colored zone around center. This zone does not appear

different from the surrounding color to us, but the butterflies can

see more colors in that zone. This is a special gift to the butterflies,

since they have taken up the job of pollination.

Can butterflies see more than human beings?

That is true! Butterflies have compound eyes like many other

insects. They see better than humans in ultraviolet range up to

300 nm. They require this ability to spot the central nectar bearing

part of the flower. The flowers have a more colorful center,

than what we can appreciate! This helps the plant in pollination.

Why can animals like cats and owls see well at night?

Nocturnal animals like owls have greater density of rods in their

retina. The rods are responsible for vision in dark. Therefore

they see better at night. Owls also have tubular eyes that increase

the throw from the lens to the retina.

Do you have something

interesting you would like to

share with our community?

The Front Porch is a place for community news

and sharing, updates, notables, and much more.

We are excited to announce that book and CD

reviews will also take place here on the Front

Porch, so please send us any material you’ve

written/recorded or anything you are enchanted

by. Press releases for the Front Porch, as well

as submissions for the rest of the magazine, are

encouraged, please go to the Front Porch section

of The Journey website and submit according to

the submission guidelines.

Rock on....

The Front Porch

NovemberDecember 2012 Pa g e 9

Learning to See a More Beautiful Truth

By Lauren Duke

he neighbors across the street where I grew up

had a white picket fence. They had a dog and a

cat and three kids. They had nice cars and their

house had perfect trim and shutters outside the

Twindows. Every Saturday morning Gus, the man of the

house, would come out and water the lawn. The kids were

perfect and beautiful. Andrea had straight A’s all the way

through middle and high school. She had perfect clothes

and perfect teeth. They were the straightest teeth I had

ever seen. She went to a prestigious college and so did

her two brothers.

I used to watch them through the window of my

room. I would lock the door so my mom couldn’t get in.

It kept her out until she kicked my door down and threw

it over the back fence of our house. Then I had no door

and no separation.

My mom and I would fight from the moment I came

home until I went to sleep. Then we would battle in my

dreams. The next day, we would do it all over again.

I resented my mother because I

wanted her to be like Denise, the

mom across the street. I wanted

her to do the laundry and pick us

up from school and be pretty and

happy and perfect.

Our front yard was overgrown with dead grass. There

was trash in front of our house and I was embarrassed

because my mom had an old beater car. Sometimes it

was a Camero that was painted five different colors and

other times it was an old Chevy Celebrity that had the

front end completely smashed in. She didn’t care. She

drove it anyway.

Pa g e 10

NovemberDecember 2012

I resented my mother because I wanted her to be

like Denise, the mom across the street. I wanted her to

do the laundry and pick us up from school and be pretty

and happy and perfect like I thought Denise was. I never

gave my mom a chance to love me. I had walls around

me. I was untouchable and cold like the deepest root of

an iceberg.

We think we know it all and then

in relationships we recognize

that actually, we know nothing at

all. It’s an interesting paradox.

I grew up fantasizing about how different my life was

going to be when I was finally away from her. I blamed

her for my unhappiness. For my sadness. For my coldness.

For my rough edges. I blamed her because I didn’t

get to go to college the way I thought I was supposed

to. I had to work my way through it, alone. I blamed her

for just living.

I created a story about the way everything was going

to turn out for me. That picture was completely different

than what my experience was growing up. I would tell

myself that as soon as I had control I would paint myself

a different reality.

And then I grew up and fell in love. And everything I

thought I knew burned down with the heat and flames of

one perfect kiss that changed my world forever. Relationships

have a way of showing us where we need to give

more or love more or soften more or just be more. They

show us reflections of ourselves in our finest moments,

our most graceful moments, our saddest moments and

our most shameful moments.

We think we know it all and then in relationships we

recognize that actually, we know nothing at all. It’s an

t h e Jo u r n e y


a new path to

optimal health.

The Connor Integrative Medicine Network, headquartered at

University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center, offers a unique

approach to healing and well-being. By blending state-of-the-art

medical care with innovative, evidence-based, holistic therapies and

services, our experts will help enhance your innate healing abilities

and achieve optimal health.

Our classes include:

Ayurveda Music Therapy Tai Chi

Meditation Reiki Yoga

New classes start in November.

You can even “Share the Health” and bring a

friend to class for free.

For registration or more information, call 216-767-8435.

To learn more about the Connor Integrative Medicine Network,

and to access our services at locations throughout

Northeast Ohio, call or visit:


t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2012 Pa g e 11

interesting paradox.

Relationships don’t work if we already have a perfect

vision or plan of how it’s all supposed to unfold. There is

no flexibility in that kind of paradigm.

When I was a kid I created a fairytale of how it was

all going to look. Complete with a fairytale ending, a

prince and a beautiful castle. I remember one boyfriend,

in the midst of a fight, said to me, “This dream that you

are living in is not real. No one is ever going to live up to

your crazy expectations!”

If you cannot let go of the way you

think everything is supposed to

look, then nothing will ever look

beautiful. Everything will be ugly

and imperfect.

That was the last thing I remember him saying before

I shut the door on him forever. I convinced myself that

everything was his fault and not even for a moment was

I open to the slightest recognition that anything could

be due to my own imperfections. Blaming is easier than

accepting responsibility, and this became the theme of

all my following relationships.

And then came Yoga. Everything I thought I knew,

I realized, was not real. But this time my world didn’t hit

the ground. Actually it felt like I was rebuilding a new one.

A better one – but I wasn’t sure how it was all going to

Rosanna O. Zavarella, Ph.D

Wholistic Psychologist


Hypnosis • Energy Healing

Ceremony • Chronic Illness

Stress Management

Womens Health Issues

Life Transitions

Health and Wellness Classes

and Workshops

3951 Erie St.

Willoughby , OH 44094

(440) 602-9977

5035 Mayfield Rd., #214

Lyndhurst, Ohio 44124


look so there was tons of open space to create whatever

I wanted.

The practice showed me where I could change, grow

and relax. It helped me to be open to receiving this life as

it comes rather than being disappointed when it doesn’t

turn out according to plan. It’s helped me process and be

gentler with myself and in my relationships with others.

When you start to calm down mentally and redirect

energy and attention to other places rather than your

unhappiness and discomfort, a multitude of possibilities

open. The practice has given me these gifts.

True transformation begins at the core. Until you

can shift your consciousness and alignment, nothing will

change. Yes, you can work your way to a better body or

cover sadness and hurt with makeup and clothes, but the

pain is still there. And that pain will eat at you until there

is no space left to love anything, most of all yourself.

If you cannot let go of the way you think everything

is supposed to look, then nothing will ever look beautiful.

Everything will be ugly ’ and imperfect.

The grace of this universe is a mystical thing that

is essentially unexplainable yet completely undeniable.

This is the gift and the mystery that we are given when

we are given life itself.

I have torn down so many relationships because of

this idea that I created by watching the way others lived.

I blamed others for my emptiness and solitude. I turned

away from love when that’s all I ever truly wanted – all

because I couldn’t let go of my vision of how it should

all look.

Turning to the yogic path has led me back to me for

the very first time. I am re-learning to love again, with

new eyes and a newfound sense of faith and trust that

everything is perfect, even if it’s not.

Like the Talmud teaches us: “We don’t see things as

they truly are, we see them as we are,” and I want to be

way better than the way I have been loving and living.

Letting go of the vision will lead us right back to the depths

of our own sacred hearts.

Lauren Duke is the founder of Green Flash Yoga in

Cardiff by the Sea, California. Her Web site is http://www.

You’ll Find Constant

Updates and Web Exclusives




A Mind, Body and Soul Connection

Pa g e 12

NovemberDecember 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y



34510 Lakeshore Blvd.

Eastlake, Ohio 440-975-1911


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not only receiving a message but “giving” one as well!

7PM Donation $5 PP

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Reclaim Your Self, Your Health & Your Dreams

ASTARA Holistic Addiction Recovery Program

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t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2012

Pa g e 13

How to Choose

Your Own Vision

By Tina Sacchi

Tina Sacchi will be a presenter at The Journey Expo

in Columbus, May 2013.

How do you define vision? In the spiritual sense, what is vision? The

Merriam-Webster dictionary has four definitions for vision:





Pa g e 14


a. Something seen in a dream, trance, or ecstasy; especially: a

supernatural appearance that conveys a revelation

b. A thought, concept or object formed by the imagination

c. A manifestation to the senses of something immaterial


a. The act or power of imagination

b. Mode of seeing or conceiving

c. Unusual discernment or foresight (a person of vision)

d. Direct mystical awareness of the supernatural, usually in

visible form


a. The act or power of seeing: sight

b. The special sense by which the qualities of an object (as color,

luminosity, shape, and size) constituting its appearance are

perceived through a process in which light rays entering the

eye are transformed by the retina into electrical signals that

are transmitted to the brain via the optic nerve


a. Something seen

b. A lovely or charming sight

When chatting with a spiritual circle of friends, you tend to have deep

discussions about your inner vision – what you “see” with your mind’s eye.

(Some call it the “third eye.”)

Your outer reality is merely a reflection of your

inner vision, much like a projected movie onto a

large screen.

You talk about your dreams, hopes, wishes, prayers and even the visions

you have of loved ones, angels and guides. Rarely does the conversation turn

to what you physically “see” with your three-dimensional eyes.

That’s because when you close your eyes, you immediately tune in to

your spiritual self, shutting off the outer reality. When you shut off the outer

reality, you gain clarity and perspective about who you are as a spiritual being.

You are able to quiet yourself and see something beyond your physical

body and your physical world. You’re in another place.

Through your mind’s eye, you can travel to an infinite number of places

and become an astral traveler, zooming through many potential realities in

any time and in any space.

You can see the past of what you were; you can see the future of what




December 2012

you might become; you can design

different future realities by asking,

“What if...”

You can see beyond the limited

three-dimensional world and explore

the vast universe of possibility and

potential in all its forms.

Although sometimes difficult to

fathom, your physical eyes “see”

the third dimensional reality of what

you have created from your inner

vision. Your outer reality is merely a

reflection of your inner vision, much

like a projected movie onto a large


When you close your eyes and

are flooded with an automatic stream

of negative images, you instantly

project that outward reality. Then,

when you open your eyes, you see

the drama, turmoil, distress and

chaos in your life. This is due to your

unconscious inner anxiety, fear and

negative stream running away like a

freight train within you.

As a master visionary, you learn

t h e Jo u r n e y

to consciously choose your inner vision and shut out

anything you don’t want. Rather than being a victim of

wandering, unpleasant visions, you consciously choose to

change the channel of your mind: You turn off the negative

channel and switch to the positive channel.

The fastest way to manifest any positive outcome is

to see it in your mind first. Dream your world into being.

See yourself in your mind’s eye as the magnificent being

that you are. Then drop the vision into your heart and feel

it. Feel the vision within your heart. Feel the abundance

surrounding you, the peace surrounding you and the

happiness blanketing you.

See it in your mind’s eye, feel it in your heart and

then see it with your physical eyes. This is the universal

formula for the master visionary. With practice, you, too,

can become the conscious dreamer, creating a beautiful

outer reality that you can share with the world in this

lifetime here on Earth.

Tina Sacchi is a Master in Holistic Alternative Arts,

which includes Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing (Reiki/

Shamanic), Mysticism, Chakra Balancing, Soul Path

Guidance, Past Lives Resolve, Future Life Progression,

Raw Food Coaching and Life Event Ceremonies. Tina is

certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the Arizona

Society for Professional Hypnosis as well as the National

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Pa g e 15

The End of Misery

few years ago I worked with

Aa woman who was the very

personification of misery.

She walked hunched

over with her eyes

cast to the ground and her mind

focused on a million sorrows and


When asked, “How are you?” she

would darkly recount her latest trial

as if she was the only person in the

world who faced such challenges.

In the time I knew her, she bitterly

claimed her workload was too

heavy. She discovered her husband

was unfaithful. Her house flooded

then burned down. She had several

car accidents. She broke her leg and

hobbled on crutches for months.

And, once healed, she severely damaged

her arm and elbow.

While staff members

felt sorry for this

woman, building a


relationship with

her was impossible.

Worn down by her

dark demeanor, most

of her colleagues

would make a beeline

the other way whenever

they saw her


While staff members felt sorry for

this woman, building a more-thanpassing

relationship with her was

impossible. Worn down by her dark

demeanor, most of her colleagues

would make a beeline the other way

whenever they saw her coming.

I would often do the same. But at

other times, I could feel overwhelming

compassion. In these moments I

Pa g e 16

tried to share the blessing of seeing

life from a more expanded perspective,

while also gently recommending

the importance of taking ownership

of one’s shadow.

These suggestions had little

obvious effect, yet I trusted the

process. I was certain that one day,

this woman would wake up to the

realization that she was creating her

own suffering.

NovemberDecember 2012

By Julie Hoyle

We have no choice but to take responsibility for

everything we think, say and do. We know without

question that our thoughts and subsequent actions

have direct impact on the whole. We tread

carefully. We become mindful. We understand

that perspective is everything.

Her type of sorrow

may be more

pronounced than it

is in most of us. Yet,

it is our story too.

We suffer when our

eyes are clouded

over and when we

cling to a narrow

image of who we

think we are, forcing

us to live in

a closed-off little

world, disconnected

from everyone

and everything.

With this contracted


we can never be

happy regardless

of the outside environment.

Even if we

live in what many

believe is paradise

– in the Bahamas,

perhaps, with a

private beach and

warm azure waters

– we will be immersed

in our own

self-created hell.

Continued on page 18

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t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2012 Pa g e 17



We will focus on all the things we believe are

wrong. We will point to everything “out there” as being

the source of our sorrows – not realizing we are

projecting our pain. As a consequence, we will miss

the profound lessons that exist for each of us.

A Swami from the Saraswati tradition once told

me: “Believing I am the mind, the body and the intellect

is hell. They are all subject to change. Heaven is

being in unbroken contact with the Supreme Self and

realizing we are not separate, we are One. Seeing life

with expanded vision, through the lens of Oneness

is freedom.”

I remember feeling discontent and deep unhappiness

as a child. I kept trying to find someone in my

family who could reflect a more expansive awareness

than that which seemed to say, “This narrow, disconnected

view is all there is.”

Many years later in the course of my seeking, the

small descriptors defining who I thought I was radically

dissolved. Once those labels fell away, my inner

vision expanded and I realized in essence we are One.

Suddenly, I saw that I was all of life itself. Nothing was

separate or apart from this unified whole.

In between the seeking and final realization, I explored

everything. In my teen years, I dabbled with

séances, levitation, astrology, numerology and the I

Ching. Later I participated in channeling, using crystals,

color therapy and creative visualization.

What I have come to appreciate now is that even



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in my most densely contracted and oblivious state,

the desire to see my life from a heightened, more

expansive awareness was stronger than anything

else. There was always a deep longing to embrace

life through the eye of the One and in a way that was

personal, direct and accessible.

For example, when I was 18 a friend invited me

to join her on a visit to a recommended clairvoyant.

Without hesitating, I answered, “Yes!”

After welcoming us in, and chatting over a cup of

tea, the clairvoyant asked us to give her a personal

item to hold. When my time came, what I remember

of it was the woman saying, “I don’t know what this

means, but all I keep seeing are palm trees, sand and

the most beautiful water.” Turning to me, eyes sparkling,

she asked, “Are you going on holiday?”

With no idea that just a few years later I would

marry and spend most of my working life in the

Bahamas, I remember fantasizing over a tropicalisland

visit as being a happy dream. However, there

was something in the clairvoyant’s words that had a

profound resonance. I recognized that what she was

seeing and saying was true.

At different times in our lives, this expanded vision

reveals itself and points the way. If we are paying

attention and if we listen, we wake up to a different

way of being.

We slowly let go of old beliefs around being small

and separate. In letting go, the ego loses power and

is eventually consumed. Then we see how intimately

connected we all are.

Following this realization, we have no choice but

to take responsibility for everything we think, say

and do. We know without question that our thoughts

and subsequent actions have direct impact on the


We tread carefully. We become mindful. We understand

that perspective is everything.

With expanded vision, we realize that there is always

a choice. We can close ourselves off and react

to life’s difficulties with anger and hostility, or we can

bow to our reflection and respond with compassion

and loving self-awareness.

In this way, we awaken to the connectedness of

all of life and shine light on ourselves and our world,

en-lightening everything. Then as a natural and lovely

consequence, we discover that we have become the

personification of joy, compassion and inspiration

rather than the sad, dark and painful alternative.

©2012. Julie Hoyle is a spiritual teacher, author

and trans-personal hypnotherapist who lives on Grand

Bahama Island. Her life-changing spiritual awakening

is detailed in her best-selling book, An Awakened Life:

A Journey of Transformation. She works internationally

offering spiritual counseling, soul purpose readings

and online courses at:

Photo on page 16 - Gorgeous Water by Julie Hoyle.

Coral Beach, Grand Bahama Island.

Pa g e 18

NovemberDecember 2012

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NovemberDecember 2012 Pa g e 19

Man Does Not Need Eyes

to Have Vision

By Eva Starr

Claude Monet Helen Keller Joseph Pulitzer

Andrea Bocelli



Pa g e 20

an does not need eyes to have vision.

There have been several famous visionaries

throughout history who were blind.

Vision is a dream we hold close to our

heart, and with unending belief and fortitude we see

it through to the end.

One of the most famous blind visionaries, Helen

Keller, had a vision to attend college. Keller was the

first deaf-blind person to graduate from Radcliffe,

doing so in 1904 with honors.

Joseph Pulitzer, for whom the Pulitzer Prize for

journalism, music and literature is named, was legally


A few more names to add to the list are Andrea

Bocelli, famous opera tenor, who has worked with

Pavarotti; Claude Monet one of the most influential

figures of the Impressionist movement; and Galileo, an

inventor and astronomer whose theories on the Earth’s

place in the universe and laws of motion helped shape

modern science as we know it. All were blind in some

capacity or another.

Those of us with no vision were

sent to the principal’s office to

find out why we couldn’t see

into the future.

One does not need physical sight to have vision.

When I lived in Cleveland, I was teaching Treasure

Mapping workshops – now called Vision Boards –well

before The Secret arrived on the scene. For those who

haven’t heard of it, this is the art of gluing pictures

and words of what you envision on a poster board with

the intention of manifestation.

You and I were making “vision” boards when we

NovemberDecember 2012

were told to draw a picture of our family in kindergarten.

Many parents envision their

children growing up to be doctors,

astronauts and even the

President. For myself, I spent

many sleepless nights wondering

if my oldest daughter was dead or

alive as she struggled with her


We took crayons and, depending on which neighborhood

we lived in, drew brown or green grass.

Some of us drew houses with smoke coming out of

the chimney and others drew a house with windows

and parted curtains. Just about every one of us drew

a tree with green squiggly circles for the leaves and

a brown trunk.

Then, depending on who your school therapist

was, your parents may have gotten a disturbing letter

because your “family” picture consisted of no windows

in a dark house, with a dead tree and cement for the

front lawn. That’s when you first discovered your vision

of a family isn’t the “vision” the teacher wanted

or expected.

We’ve come a long way since those early days;

our school drawings became more elaborate as we

graduated from jumbo crayons to magic markers

and paints. Those of us with no vision were sent to

the principal’s office to find out why we couldn’t see

into the future.

Let’s face it, we all have visions, from the Dalai

Lama to James Eagen Holmes. Noticeably, not all of

t h e Jo u r n e y

us have the same vision for love and peace.

What it comes down to is this: a wish, a

dream, an aspiration somewhere in the future

that we pray, hope and work toward. You have a

vision right now, (probably several); Clyde Chafer

had a vision 11 years ago when he started

this magazine.

We have visions for our lives, and those of

our children. Many parents envision their children

growing up to be doctors, astronauts and even

the President. For myself, I spent many sleepless

nights wondering if my oldest daughter was dead

or alive as she struggled with her addictions.

My vision was simple: Dear God, please give

my little girl one more night, protect her and

guide her.

I held tight to that vision and prayed for 22

years. Now that little girl has found peace, sobriety

and God. I still pray every day: Keep her

safe today and watch over her.

I had a vision of moving to California and

leaving 52 years of my life behind to follow a

dream. It wasn’t painless. I moved seven times

in the first three years, suffered a broken nose,

Bells Palsy and countless job searches. Here I

am five years later, and proud to say my vision

kept me going.

Whatever your vision is, keep your eyes on

the road, put one foot in front of the other and

put your trust in God.

If your vision changes somewhere along the

path it’s all right. Change is constant. Hold your

vision where no one else can touch it – in your

heart. Roll with the punches, learn from your

mistakes, and love yourself in spite of yourself.

“We are limited not by our abilities but by

our visions” (anonymous). Dream big, keep

your vision close to your heart, lips sealed and

don’t let the dream crushers in. Remember you

don’t need to see where you’re going; God has

His eyes on you and your vision.

Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coastto-coast

studying the various schools of thought.

Starr now resides in the San Diego area devouring

the alluring buffet of wisdom the West Coast has to

offer. Contact her at & visit

her new blog and her

websites and


t h e Jo u r n e y

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Pa g e 22

NovemberDecember 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

It Begins With the Simple

Act of Closing Your Eyes

ake a moment and sit with

your eyes closed. Breathe

quietly, feel content, feel com- Tplete in – and as – part of your own

world. Let your mind and body rest.

When you close your eyes, you are

immediately welcomed into a world of

solitude. Without external stimulation,

your eyes rest in a way they can’t when

they are open. You can still see lights

around you, sunlight, shadows and

movement with your eyes closed, but

the external information is less intense,

By wah!

meditations. It is also the screen on

which you create new ideas, hopes

and possibilities. If you can see yourself

getting that new job, it is very likely

to happen.

It is not necessary to see lights

or rainbow colors during meditation,

nor is it necessary to have angels and

guides visit you. What happens when

your eyes are closed is stillness. From

stillness, all things arise. You must access

stillness to find other worlds, this

world, the past, present and future. It

thoughts to surface and dissipate.

The eyes are usually closed,

either focused on a specific point or


The Jewish tradition

of Hanukkah – lighting

a candle each day

around the time of

the shortest, darkest

days of the year

–draws from the

practice of trataka.

Some forms of yoga utilize trataka

– the practice of gazing. To get a

sense of this practice, rub your palms

lightly together for 30 seconds, cup

the hands over your eyes, open your

eyes into the palms, visualize a flame

or light source about two miles on the

horizon and gaze there unblinkingly

for a minute.

The light source visualized can

be a blue flame, electric violet light,

or simply the sun rising or setting on

the horizon. The Jewish tradition of

Hanukkah – lighting a candle each

day around the time of the shortest,

darkest days of the year –draws from

the practice of trataka.

Certain ideas, thoughts and visions

will arise on The Mind Screen,

some of them worthy and some superfluous.

It is up to you to figure out

the difference between mind chatter

and intuition.

Most healers I know have learned

through experience which visions are

true and which ones aren’t. The quality

of thoughts that surface in meditation

are distinctly different from those

that manifest during normal waking


A seasoned meditator can recognize

mind chatter from meditation

because he or she is familiar with

less detailed.

all arises from the void.

The world that opens up when Meditation guides your mind to

your eyes are closed is what I call The a restful, open state. The instructions

Mind Screen. It is the screen on which usually include something about sitting

you see your nighttime dreams, the with your spine straight, regulating and

screen on which you visualize guided calming the breathing and allowing the states of mind that manifest as

t h e Jo u r n e y NovemberDecember 2012

Pa g e 23

the brain goes from beta activity (normal activity, waking

hours) to alpha (relaxed, effortless alertness) to theta (deep

meditation, dreams, mental imagery, REM sleep cycles,


Inventors, artists and scientists

don’t have epiphanies with the

brain engaged in normal activity.

Something wakes them from

sleep, or occurs to them while

walking in the forest, or engaging

in a seemingly unrelated task.

There really is a difference between meditation and

other states of being. 60 Minutes did a segment on the work

of Richie Davidson, PhD, a renowned neuroscientist, and his

research at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the

University of Wisconsin (www.investigatinghealthyminds.

org). In the report, Davidson worked with monks who were

sent by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Brain scan apparatus worn by the monks allowed

scientists to record their mental activity at rest, sleep and

during meditation. The research focused on documenting

the effects of meditation on DNA, brain chemistry, emotions

and health.

At one point in the show, as a monk began to meditate,

the electroencephalogram (brain scan) moved from alpha

Pa g e 24

NovemberDecember 2012

waves to theta waves in about three seconds.

I had to rewind the YouTube video and watch it again

because I couldn’t believe my eyes. Surely the Dalai Lama

has sent these monks to the West as inspirational beacons

in the Western world. True vision happens with your eyes


Inventors, artists and scientists don’t have epiphanies

with the brain engaged in normal activity. Something wakes

them from sleep, or occurs to them while walking in the forest,

or engaging in a seemingly unrelated task. The great

thinkers of our time have figured out a way to let the mind

rest so it can make new connections and form new ideas.

We know from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

that eye movement relates to brain activity. In meditation,

as you hold the eyes steady, the thoughts naturally slow


If you can’t move the eyes, you can’t access those parts

of the brain; your optical nerve and cranial nerves are connected.

As you slow the brainwaves down, you are able to

move into deeper states of meditative activity.

Theta brainwaves are a product of meditative practice,

and are associated with visualization, imagery, hallucination

and creativity. Theta is also activated during REM sleep

cycles, as the brain provides visual imagery in the dream

state. It is necessary to get to theta brainwaves to have a

true vision.

Inner vision comes from stillness.

From a meditative state where no

conscious thought exists, you can

gain access to truth and spiritual


The slowest cycle of brainwaves in the human brain is

delta. No eye movement is exhibited; its presence usually

occurs during cycles of dreamless sleep and is associated

with deep physical rejuvenation and healing. Delta is

necessary for hormonal balance, cell repair and a healthy

immune system.

Inner vision comes from stillness. From a meditative

state where no conscious thought exists, you can gain access

to truth and spiritual wisdom.

It is a process of going within, being in silence and

allowing the brain to slow down. Whatever you find from

stillness can be brought forward and manifested in the world

as your unique contribution.

Following your vision, standing for truth, being the

change you wish to see in the world is a lifelong mission. It

requires conviction, courage and diligence – all of which are

strengthened when your connection to the mission comes

from inner vision.

Wah! is a musician and spiritual seeker who travels the

world singing and expanding sacred intention. Her book,

The Healing Concert, documents her meditative musical

explorations and accompanying workshops. It will be

released in 2013. More info at

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Pa g e 25

Soul Food

Soul Food is dedicated to all my readers as an offering to share

my metaphysical musings and the lessons I have encountered

throughout my journey here in this classroom we call Planet

Earth. I encourage your questions, and quandaries as we grow

together toward solution and enlightenment.

Email your questions to

Dear Eva:

I have two daughters that have moved away to college

over the last couple of years. I have my own interests

but find the “empty nest” syndrome is hitting me harder

than I thought possible. I am a single mom, and therefore

do not have a significant other in my life at this time.

Some days I feel like I have lost my place on the planet.

Although I have a job, I feel empty. Any suggestions?

Empty Nester

Dear Empty Nester:

I hear you loud and clear. It reminds me of the lioness

in the jungle. The lioness is the one who hunts food for her

cubs, she is the one that will fight to the ends of the earth

to protect her cubs, and without this role she is lost.

I will share with you the words from The Prophet by

Kahil Gibran: “Your children are not your children. They

are the sons and daughters of life’s longing for itself. They

come through you but not from you, and though they are

with you yet they belong not to you.”

Pa g e 26

I’d like to tell you the hole in your

heart will heal. The truth of the

matter is, the experience is

divergent for each of us.

As a single mom myself, I empathize with you. I know

only too well the pain of leaving two daughters behind

when I moved to California. I’d like to tell you the hole in

your heart will heal. The truth of the matter is, the experience

is divergent for each of us. The good news is your

relationship with your daughters will reach a new level of

understanding; the time apart will bring fresh challenges

and different rewards.

Now is the time for you to do those wild things in

life you always wished you could do before. Make a list

of all the things you wanted to do but couldn’t because

you were raising your girls and go do them! Sign up for

meetup groups ( on the Internet in

areas that interest you.

Plan a few fun and unique things to do when the girls

NovemberDecember 2012

By Eva Starr

come home for visits. It’ll give you something to look

forward to. Write a lot of letters, and post pictures on

their Facebook pages. Try to refrain from calling every

day; let them miss you and trust me they will. Decorate

your nest in a way that’s special to you, one day soon

your empty nest will look inviting to you when you come

home from a hard day’s work.

The birds may fly away from the nest, but they’ll

always know where home is. It’s time for momma bird

to start spreading her wings and soar toward the new

adventures waiting on the horizon.

As a parent of three children

between the ages of 4 and 14

how do I raise them in this

twisted world? I want them to

have a sound spiritual basis, yet

be able to think for themselves.

Dear Eva:

With the most recent shootings these days in our

towns, schools, theaters and homes, as a parent of three

children between the ages of 4 and 14 how do I raise

them in this twisted world? I want them to have a sound

spiritual basis, yet be able to think for themselves in a

way that not only benefits them but mankind and the

planet as well. Fearful for the Future

Dear Fearful:

You are not alone. Scores of parents and grandparents

alike are asking that question. I happen to have stumbled

across a book about 12 years ago called Parenting with

Love and Logic by Foster Cline and Jim Fay. That book

saved me tons of stress and gray hair. I wish I’d discovered

it when I was raising my oldest daughter – but better

late than never. Since then, they’ve updated it and

have come out with versions for toddlers and pre-school

children as well.

The book explains two basic types of parenting: the

Drill Sergeant parent (which I was) and the Helicopter

Hover parent. Both types mean well in their approaches

t h e Jo u r n e y

to parenting. The drill sergeant teaches with strong discipline

and the child always listens and does what he or

she is told. The helicopter hover parent rushes in to save

the day and basically does everything for the child.

With either type of parenting, children don’t learn to

make their own decisions. Therefore, after leaving home

and being faced with the world of sex, drugs and alcohol,

they don’t have sound decision-making skills.

Parenting with Love and Logic on the other hand,

gives the child choices that work for both parties. This

type of parenting enables children to make their own

decisions. Don’t worry that some of your children are

older; I started with my younger daughter after she was

10, and it still worked like a charm.

As for the spiritual values, teaching by example surpasses

all other methods. Come from a place of good

intentions, love, understanding and compassion and I

have no doubt you will be giving your children a good

foundation to stand up in this crazy world we live in. Who

knows, one of your children may just be that one person

that makes a difference.

Eva Starr’s spiritual journey has taken her coastto-coast

studying the various schools of thought. Starr

now resides in the San Diego area devouring the alluring

buffet of wisdom the West Coast has to offer.

Email your questions to visit

her new blog and websites and to sign up

for her weekly online Soul Food column & monthly


The Akashic Records

A universal library of personal records

for guidance and learning.

Stephanie is an Intuitive and a

certified Akashic Record Consultant.

Through her ability to access your records and, with

your questions, insight is provided into your past and

present. So that you may bring yourself into alignment

with your future goals and objectives.

Direction, tactics, and wisdom are just a few of the

elements gained to allow you to advance and

remove any blocks within your path.

Your highest potential can be achieved by recognizing

recurring patterns which may often prevent or hinder

from achieving your highest potential.

For a consult please contact Stephanie

Tel: 724-799-4200


Journey Expo Columbus 2013 • May 4 & 5 • See Page 2

t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2012

Pa g e 27


By Kimmie Rose Zapf


Nov – Love is in the air. If you haven’t met that special

someone yet, get ready. So, don’t worry about going

places alone. If you’re in a relationship, spend quality time

with your partner. This will help your relationship grow.

Dec – Take time this month to listen to what people are

communicating to you. If you don’t pay close attention to

this, there could be lots of unwanted drama. But if you heed

the warning, it could benefit your personal relationships.


Nov – It may feel like your thoughts are taking over,

but don’t let them drive you crazy. Help calm your everwandering

monkey mind by writing things down. This

could mean writing notes for yourself or others. But, you

don’t have to pass the notes along.

Dec – Work starts running smoother for you this

month. With less stress and pressure from work, you

will be able to enjoy this holiday season with family and

friends. It’s a wonderful time to reaffirm you commitment

to them.


Nov – You may find it difficult stop your mind from

lingering on negative thoughts. It may be hard when

you’re constantly surrounded with people who seem to

dwell in negative thoughts. Intend for yourself happiness

and peace and let negativity go.

Dec – You may feel people aren’t listening to what

you have to say, but they are actually busy dealing with

their own issues. When you set an intention to be there

for others, they will also be there for you.


Nov – Jobs present themselves around the second

week of the month so be ready with a resume or portfolio.

Toward the end of the month it’s all about interviews

and job offers. Make sure you get exactly what you’re


Dec – This month will feel liberating for you. Your

energy is running high and everyone seems connected

to you. Go with the flow and enjoy the serendipitous moments

the universe is presenting to you.


Nov — You’re going to be busy with new friends,

celebrations and trips. Start new relationships off by

showing your true self and you’ll have less to regret about

everything. Remember to apply a polite, straightforward

approach as often as possible.

Dec – Family members will be pulling on you from all

directions this month. Pay close attention to their needs

and do the best you can to manage. Because of your

caring ways, you can really make a big difference.


Nov – Your feelings or vibrations are so high that

you’ve either started a relationship or your relationship

feels new. You have new beginnings all around you when

it comes to communication and love. Live in the moment

and enjoy it!

Dec – Take all the emotions you have bundled up

over the past few weeks and write them down on paper.

Then crumple it up and through it away. This is a good

time to let go of pent up emotions and reconnect with

loved ones.

Pa g e 28

NovemberDecember 2012


Nov – The last six months have been absolutely

insane. You’ve been feeling like you’ve been unable to

close any doors to conclude things. Things are changing.

Your patience has come into a space of feeling rested

and opportunities will come to finalize things.

Dec – You are a hopeless romantic but don’t let

your partner take advantage of that. When things feel

out of balance speak up in a loving way. Things can

work out when honesty and integrity are part of the



Nov – Family members have been pulling at you left

and right. Be honest and don’t be afraid of hurting their

feelings. Trust that what you have to say is what they

need to hear. Make your communication clear. It helps

when you are clear within yourself first.

Dec – New work opportunities present themselves

to you. Don’t be afraid to make a decision that may be

somewhat of a risk. New opportunities will lead to better

financial stability and balance.

t h e Jo u r n e y


Nov – This month think before you speak. Also, your

relationships need to be more balanced leading to people

wanting to communicate and spend more time with you.

It’s also a good month to spend more time with your

partner, but remain centered.

Dec – Your energy will feel elevated most of this

month. The holidays are a special time of year that simply

makes you joyous. Take time to be in gratitude for the

abundance you receive every day. You are blessed.


Nov – You’re surrounded by financial changes, but

you’ll find this is a great time to manifest your desires.

Start by networking and taking time to get to know the

people around you. They could help you with a job opportunity

so update your resume now!

Dec – Opportunities for personal growth present

themselves to you this month. Open up and take some

time to heal and release the past. When you can shed

the negative feelings nothing will hold you back from

your dreams.


Nov – This month you’re really happy spending lots of

time with family and friends, but spend some time thinking

through your past. Sort and sift through the things

you don’t need in your life anymore. When you do this,

things will flow much more smoothly.

Dec – Work and play don’t mix for you this month.

You will feel like all you do is work, work and work. Be

sure to include several holiday gatherings on your social

calendar and you will feel more balanced.

Constantly Updated!


Nov – Financial issues are getting a little crazy. Honesty

is important. Make sure you’re being honest with the

people around you. If you can’t do something honestly,

then don’t do it at all. Reorganize and reinvent the wheel

when it comes your personal time.

Dec – You will feel your mood swinging up and down

a lot this month. But don’t take it out on those you love

or it will cause issues in your personal relationships. Find

a positive way to release unwanted emotions.

Kimberly Rose is a professional intuitive, vibrational

astrologer, author, public speaker and radio

and television host on CBS Radio and Telos Television

Networks. She is available for personal readings,

classes and seminars. For more information,

call her at Lite the Way, (734) 854-1514 or visit www.

t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2012

Pa g e 29




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PARMA, OHIO 44134 (1-216-741-2082)

3 objects of the Society:

1) to form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood without

distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.

2) To encourage the study of comparative religion,

philosophy and science.

3) To investigate the unexplained laws of nature and

the powers latent in man.

Established in 1875

We will be having classes in: Steiner, Cayce, Esoteric

Christianity, Goldsmith, The Mahatma Letters (basic

Theosophy) and meditations – starting in the fall.

Please check our website for updates & information:

We are expanding the magazine

to the Columbus, OH

and Pittsburgh PA areas

Pa g e 30

NovemberDecember 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y

NovemberDecember 2012

t h e Jo u r n e y Pa g e 31

Metropolitan Detroit Area

* tentative dates: Nov. 21 - 24, 2012

*please check for

confirmed dates and venue


The beauty of society lies in the unity of hearts. To awaken

this unity and spread the love that is our inherent nature is the true

aim of human life.” Amma

Amma’s Michigan Program will include:


RETREAT (pre-registration required)


Please see for confirmed dates, specific location and program details

For additional Michigan program information phone 734-995-0029

or visit

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NovemberDecember 2012

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