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Sarah Palmer Coaching

Helping you with any aspect of your life, whether it be furthering your career, improving

your self-confidence or helping you after a bereavement or relationship break down,

Sarah Palmer Coaching have received an Aspire Certificate of Recognition for Personal

Development. For more info, visit or turn to page 3…

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Homes & Garden




With the housing market stagnating,

the advice for homeowners is

to make the most of your home,

whether it’s a new build, character

cottage or 1950’s semi. With the

warm weather making everyone feel

good, now’s the time to improve

your home, whether you do it

yourself or get the professionals

in. With interest rates so low, if

you’ve got hard-earned cash sitting

in the bank, now’s the time to do

something with it, as it’s not making

you any money sat in your savings


To keep up-to-date with the latest on

the property market, visit

Open Monday - Saturday


Problem Solvers

• Facing repossession?

• Not able to find tenants?

• Looking to downsize

or upsize?

• Struggling to pay

your mortgage?

• Need to sell due to divorce or


My partner and I help to

relocate people with no

cost to you! We can buy

your home fast or help you

to sell or rent yours!

Please call Nick NOW on

01530 382030

Shepherd’s Bathrooms

Superb bathroom supplies and installation

Huge range to fit any budget from £249

Extensive new showroom

Established in 1925

Ring us for more information or call into

our showroom

0116 255 4351

73 Hinckley Road, Leicester LE3 0TD





TEL: 01509 212776


Bentley Garden Buildings offer the

largest selection of quality sheds,

fencing and decking in Leicestershire;

they’re unrivalled in their vast range

of designs and stock, as well as their

professional and friendly service;

in fact, they’re winners of an Aspire

Certificate of Recognition for Home &

Garden 2012.

Located on the same site on the A6

between Leicester and Loughborough

(Birstall and Rothley) since 1935,

Bentley’s is as name synonymous with

quality. Established as rose growers

in 1890, current owner, Iain Bentley

took the decision to stop growing roses

and start designing and constructing

garden buildings in 2001. Iain, who is

a fourth generation Bentley, said: “The

rose market seemed to be heading the

same way as hat pins and buggy whips;

there was no longer a demand for roses,

not like there used to be. It seemed

like a natural progression to get into

the garden building business and we

now offer a vast range of products to

homeowners across Leicestershire.”

For more info, visit

Only The Best From

Boasting a one-acre outdoor display

area, Bentley’s can provide any kind of

garden building, including: sheds and

summerhouses, workshops and garden

studios/offices, garages, playhouses, log

cabins, greenhouses/potting shed and

much more.

On hearing the news of the Certificate

of Recognition for Home & Garden,

Iain said: “I’m thrilled to receive this

recognition; thank you Aspire. I hope it

encourages Aspire readers to come and

take a look at what we have on offer at

our outdoor display area. We have a vast

range of stock, as well as the capability

to have the perfect garden building

custom made to suit your individual

requirements to your individual budget,

enabling you to make the most of your

garden, with the best garden building

for your money.”

Bentley’s Garden Buildings is open

every day from 9am until 5:30pm and

stocks an unrivalled array of garden

buildings. For more info, visit

or call 0116 2675117

Supporting and encouraging you to fulfil your

potential and really make the most of your life,

life coaching involves exploring your attitudes,

self-limiting beliefs and values, discussing

your aims in life and setting appropriate goals

to help you to reach them. Unlike trying to

achieve goals on your own, having a life coach

keeps you committed, motivated and focussed.

Sarah Palmer discovered her passion for life

coaching many years ago after she took the brave

decision to tell her boss at the time that she

was unhappy in her job. She explains: “I believe

life is too short to tread water and if there’s

something that’s not working for you, you have

a responsibility to yourself to make changes. I’d

studied law when I left school but a few years

into my first job I felt like a square peg in a round

hole. So I changed career. I moved first into sales

and then the marketing department of a large,

multi-national company where I loved the pace

and excitement and learnt a lot about what made

me happy in the workplace.

“I then took what became an extended career

break, had four children and went through a

divorce, re-evaluated what I wanted out of life

and looked at my options. I decided to identify

what made me happy, what I enjoyed doing and

what I did naturally. I realised that for most of my

adult life I’d been a bit of an ‘agony aunt’ to my

friends and family, so I looked into counselling.

This felt good, but not quite me. Something was

missing. Then a friend suggested becoming a

life coach and I found the missing link. In fact,

it felt like a job description that could have

been created especially for me. Suddenly all

the positivity and zest for life that I’d harnessed,

my empathy and ability to see problems as

opportunities for change came into their own,

and I’ve not looked back since.

“I trained for three years with an internationally

recognised school and am now a qualified

member of the International Coaching

Federation. At first I practiced on everyone and

anyone who would let me until finally I had

enough experience to start my own business, and

Sarah Palmer Coaching was born.”

It can be easy to lose direction in life, find yourself

at a crossroads or stuck in a rut at the side of the

road while life passes by. A life coach can help

you feel more confident, help you gain clarity and

focus on the direction you want your life to take,

help you make the decisions you’re struggling

with, help you to focus your life around what’s

important to you and help you create more ‘me’

time allowing you to lead a fun, fulfilling and

energised life. Established in 2008, Sarah Palmer

Coaching provides one-to-one coaching over the

phone or face-to-face in order to help you live the

life you want and ultimately be a happier person.

The thing that sets Sarah Palmer Coaching apart

from other life coaches are her Boot Camps, as

Sarah explained: “The Boot Camps started out as

a series of evening classes that were so successful

my clients were begging, imploring and even

bribing to get me to condense the material into

one action-packed day so it was accessible to

more people. They have been tremendously

successful and, unlike your average workshop, the

follow-on support I provide keeps you focussed

and primed to make the next 12 months truly

The Best You’ve Ever Had! My Boot Camps really

pack the punches and take you to another

dimension, offering practical techniques that

really get results. They’re run throughout the year

and are really popular. Everyone has their own

aims and objectives for the Boot Camps, so I keep

the numbers small to enable me to dedicate a

decent amount of time to each person. We work

together to come up with an achievable plan for

the next 12 months, but it doesn’t end there as I

then follow up on your goals each month with an

email. This reminds you of where you want to be

and what you want to achieve in the months to

come. No-one is left alone to reach their goals; we

tailor everything for success.”

Sarah runs each Boot Camp personally in an

idyllic country house setting just outside Market

Harborough. The next Boot Camps will run on

Friday 6th July (almost booked up!) and Friday

28th September, costing £125, or £95 if you book

14 days or more in advance – To book email

To acknowledge the changes Sarah can make

to an individual’s life, Aspire have awarded

her a Certificate of Recognition for Personal

Development. Sarah said: “Thank you Aspire. I’m

thrilled and honoured to receive this Certificate.

Coaching is such a powerful tool and it’s

wonderful to have it acknowledged in this way.”

Sarah can also help you pick up the pieces and

move on following a divorce or separation.

Having been through a divorce herself she

understands what a knock your confidence can

take and how hard it can be to find Mr/Miss Right.

For more info, see

For further information, call 0116 3183535, email or visit

Sarah Palmer Coaching

Honoured with Certificate of Recognition

Reader Offer

Sarah has kindly agreed to help our readers with

their problems; if you’d like help with any aspect

of your life, including: career, confidence/selfbelief,

motivation, parental coaching, personal

development, stress and/or work/life balance, just

email your problem to (subject:

Sarah’s Corner) and we’ll do our best to get Sarah

to answer you. Please be aware, we may print

emails in future issues of Aspire, so by emailing in,

you automatically give us permission to print your

problem. Names will be changes/omitted to protect

identities. Sarah cannot guarantee

personal replies to all emails.




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Sarah Palmer Coaching

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Great British Summer

A Long & Hot

Crafty Summer

Crochet Crazy With Ann’s

Crochet Miniatures

For more information, call 02392 524676 or


We all need a hobby to keep our minds

active and stimulated while away

from work, as well as helping us to

relax and unwind. Hobbies come in all

shapes and sizes and the time spent

enjoying them can vary from a couple

of hours per week to occupying a

whole weekend.

A 2009 study from the Mayo Clinic in

Minnesota suggests engaging in a hobby,

like knitting, making a patchwork quilt, or

even reading a book can delay the onset

of dementia. In the study, nearly 200

people aged 70 – 89 with mild memory

problems were compared to a group who

had no impairment. Researchers asked

the volunteers about their daily activities

within the past year, and how mentally

active they had been from 50 – 65-yearsold;

those who had been busy reading

or engaging in craft hobbies had a 40%

reduced risk of memory impairment.

It’s not just the older generation that need

to focus on improving their brain power.

A recent US study suggests that our brain

power starts to dwindle at the age of just

27-years-old. Professor Timothy Salthouse

of Virginia University found that during his

seven-year study of 2,000 healthy people,

aged 18-60, reasoning, speed of thought

and spatial visualisation all start to decline

in our late 20s.

Everyone knows that crafts are a great

way to relax and unwind, but now they

have added health benefits too. So, there’s

never been a better reason to get creative.

Find The Hidden

Gems At

Treasure Crafts

For more information on Treasure Crafts, please call

Linda on 01623 822182 or email

For more information on the Sherwood Forest Art and

Craft Centre, visit

There’s no greater achievement than turning

a life-long passion into a career, which

is exactly what Ann Kearney has done.

Introduced to crochet as a teenager by

her nan, Ann has taught herself and now

spends her time crocheting and designing

her own crochet patterns, which she sells via

Ann told Aspire: “I soon realised I could shape

crochet items without a pattern. Throughout

the 1970s I made clothes which were sold in

local boutiques and also designed and made

clothes for my own children. I guess Ann’s

Crochet Miniatures started about 15 years

ago. Before that I was attending craft fairs

with my crochet work but it wasn’t until a

customer asked if I could

Ann’s Union Jack Tea Cosy

as featured in Doll’s House & Miniatures Scene

Magazine, Jubilee Edition

Situated within the art and craft

centre of Sherwood Forest Art and

Craft Centre, Nottingham, Treasure

Crafts boasts a wide selection of

example cards to spur you on and

get your imagination working or

inspire your creativity. A small,

family-run business, Treasure

Crafts also make cards to order for

special occasions, such as wedding

invitations, birth announcement

cards or just a personalised

birthday/anniversary card.

Located in a converted stables, it is the

only working craft centre in the area.

There are regular workshops held here,

where you can learn with others, various

skills and techniques involved in card

making in order to make your own

personalised cards.

Workshops include:

• Basic techniques

• Rubber stamping techniques

• Punches

• Theme cards for Christmas, Easter etc.

• Unusual card ideas, such as the

exploding box card and concertina cards

Making your own greetings cards is an

excellent way to not only save some money

but to add a truly personal touch to any

special occasion. Card making is not

only an easy craft to begin with if you’re

a novice, but it is a skill you can develop

as you get more practice, especially

thanks to the range of workshops on

make things for her doll’s house that I got

into miniature crochet items; 15 years ago I

started attending miniature craft fairs, got

a website set up and that’s what I’ve been

doing ever since. I crochet every single day; I

love it!”

Ann’s Crochet Miniatures boasts over 200

1:12th scale patterns, available to buy online

or via mail order, all designed by Ann. The

patterns can be used to make any number of

household items to make your doll’s house a

home, including: curtains, table cloths, chair

covers/backs, tea cosies, toilet roll covers,

cushion covers, bedding and more. Patterns

range from £1.50 to £2.50 depending on the

complexity and difficulty of the pattern. Items

ordered online can be shipped to any UK

address for £2 or any address in the world for

£3. One of the most popular items Ann sells is

her pattern booklet, available for £6, featuring

eight crochet patterns to make a complete

layette, for your doll’s house baby. As well as

patterns, also

stocks crochet needles and hooks as well as a

selection of wool, cotton and silk. The website

also stocks a range of knitting patterns

created by a friend of Ann’s.

Ann will be exhibiting at Miniatura at the NEC

in Birmingham on 22nd & 23rd September


offer at Treasure Crafts. You could even

think about making a career out of your

newfound hobby, as all the best card shops

sell hand-made cards.

Nestling in the heart of ancient Sherwood

Forest, Sherwood Forest Art and Craft

Centre is housed in a beautifullyconverted

coach house and stables of

the former Edwinstowe Hall. It is just a

short walk from the famous Major Oak

and Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.

The centre houses a variety of artists

and craftspeople and visitors can buy

original pieces and unique gifts, including

paintings and prints, textiles, blown

glass candles, woodturning, handmade

soap and jewellery, directly from the


Treasure Crafts owner, Linda Barnett,

said: “I have everything the card and

scrap booker’s needs. The centre is well

worth a visit as there’s not just Treasure

Crafts here. The centre also houses: 3

Little Daisies who have beautiful handsewn

items; Stone Treasures who deal in

fossils and gem stones; The Café which

serves delicious meals cooked to order

and, where possible, prepared with fresh

ingredients; there’s also Martin, who

deals in wildlife pictures and also takes

trips on safari; there’s also a gift shop, a

handmade soap shop, a doll’s houses and

woodturning store and we also have a

brilliant coppersmith and glass blowing


Crocheting may seem like an outdated

hobby, something you associate with the

olden days, with granny squares and thick,

heavy cotton. However thanks to Thread

of Life crocheting is so much beyond what

you think you probably know and dislike

about it. It can be about stimulating your

mind, finding a perfect way to relax, and

exploring with different patterns and

textures, weaving practical household

items and beautiful patterns.

Helen Jordan, owner of Thread of Life, said:

“I absolutely love crochet and think it has so

very much to offer anyone thinking of taking

it up. It is such a wonderful hobby, it gives

you the opportunity to be creative – you can

create everyday items such as cushion covers

to the most beautiful of lace embellishments.

“I believe, and many studies suggest, that

creativity is an essential part of being human.

In our everyday lives, often in the corporate

world, there is not much of a chance given to

be creative, and so a hobby like crocheting,

which allows and encourages creativity, is

brilliant. If someone has never done crochet

I will do my very best to help and encourage

them. I know an awful lot about crocheting,

it is something I am so very passionate about

and so I will be able to guide and advise

beginners as well as provide them with the

tools they need to crochet.”

Helen began crocheting at the age of 16,

when she made a giant granny square out

of a pattern she came across in her mother’s

magazine, she then stopped crocheting for

a number of years before re-igniting her

passion for the craft in the 1980s, after seeing

a jacket on the cover of a magazine and

crocheting to create a similar style for herself.

Then after undertaking a Diploma in

crocheting, she started up Thread of Life.

As well as selling crochet items she also

teaches crochet in a number of workshops.

Helen said: “I wanted to do something I was

genuinely passionate about, something that

was meaningful to me, rather than working

in a corporate environment. I want to share

the joy of crocheting with other people.

“I get a great deal of pleasure teaching others

crochet – it is so much fun! I myself am

learning more and more about crochet every

day and teaching others about it is so special.

It is such a relaxing activity and great for our

personal development.”

She now sells a variety of crochet items,

from regular cottons and wooden hooks to

exquisite cottons such as Presencia Finca

Perlé, to specialist crochet hooks such as

KnitPro Symfonie wooden hooks and even

hooks for Tunisian crochet. She also sells

hair pin crochet tools and handkerchiefs to

crochet onto and through her contacts can

get many other products on request.

Helen offers workshops and talks on all

aspects of crochet, throughout the UK and

beyond, these include the basics of crochet

for beginners, developing skills in specific

techniques and master classes. There

are beginner’s classes in Baa Ram Ewe in

Headingley, on the 30th June, 28th July, 25th

August, 23rd September, 27th October, 17th

November and 15th December. There are

also specialist intermediate sessions on the

9th June, where you can learn broomstick

and Tunisian crochet, on the 4th August,

where you can make and embellish a pull-on

hat and on the 24th November where you

will be shown to create a bag and textured

stitches. There is also a beginner’s workshop

at Purl & Jane in Skipton on 10th June.

There are also plenty of events Helen will

be attending; she will be at Woolfest in

Cumbria on 22nd and 23rd June, Fibre East

in Bedfordshire on the 14th and 15th July,

at the Great Northern Fair, in Pudsey on

20th October and at The National Christmas

Lacemakers’ Fair in Solihull on 1st December.

Stimulate your Mind and have a

Whole Lot of Fun with Crochet

For more information please visit,

email or phone 07702 392935.



Holidays & Leisure

Enjoy a Wonderful Holiday... Wherever you Choose to Visit

For a wonderful holiday without the

hassle of long haul travel look no

further than our own Great British Isles.

From beautiful national parks in the

Lake District and Peak District, lively

seaside resorts such as Brighton and

Jersey to beautiful islands off our coast.

A break in one of our national parks,

whether for a long weekend or a lengthier

holiday, will guarantee you ethereal

beauty, rolling hills, picturesque villages,

fresh air and an abundance of activities

on offer. Glorious countryside, rolling hills,

stunning valleys and postcard like scenery

are all to be found in the Peak District –

one of the most beautiful areas in the UK.

In Britain’s first national park there are the

obvious activities of walking, hiking and

cycling, all while admiring your stunning

surroundings of course, but there are

plenty of varied activities on offer – from

visiting Chatsworth, a historic house and

estate with spectacular fountains in the

gardens and world-famous works of art,

to marvelling at beautiful plants at the

spectacular Lea Gardens.

For a seaside break head to the Channel

Islands for a trip to Jersey. With a

wonderful blend of British and French

No 1 Vale do Lobo

Only 20 minutes’ drive from Faro airport, a two minute

walk to long sandy beaches and almost at the front of the

delightful Aldeamento village in Vale do Lobo. Free tennis

and pool at the tennis centre with big discount on golf.

For further details please contact

Mr J Peake

Tel/Fax: 01935 891241

(best after 6pm till late)



influences and unspoilt scenery it is the

perfect holiday destination to escape

everyday life. Explore the countryside,

laze on the beach, take a dip in the

dazzling blue water or visit some of

the magnificent museums, castles and

galleries to be found on the island or trek

around the many High Street and small

local shops.

The Islands of Orkney are also a beautiful

destination, a group of about 70 islands

north of Scotland’s mainland – nature

lovers will be right at home with the

abundance of birds and marine wildlife on

the islands. From oystercatchers to owls

and whales, dolphins and porpoises can

be spotted off the coast in the summer, if

you have enough of the wildlife, enjoy the

stunning landscape, gorgeous beaches

and spectacular cliffs.

If you prefer holidays abroad, Portugal,

Spain and the Greek islands are all worthy

destinations. As one of the most visited

of the Greek islands, on Rhodes you

can combine sightseeing with relaxing,

exploring the ancient maze-like streets

of World Heritage-listed Rhodes old

town with balmy evenings on the beach,

watching the sun dip below the sparkling


Accommodation comprises two double/twin bedrooms, two bathrooms,

recently refurbished; open-plan kitchen (with dishwasher and microwave),

dining and living room with open fireplace and satellite TV. There is a

serious roof terrace, recently extended and a small shaded garden ideal for

summer lunchtimes.

©VisitBritain/ Britain on View

For Sale

The Noust Bed and Breakfast

Offers Over £335,000

An exciting opportunity has arisen to purchase

this bed & breakfast establishment, self-catering

apartment and bar along with the adjoining Post

Office, situated on the edge of Orphir Village some 7

miles from Kirkwall.

Offering the prospective buyer the opportunity to

purchase a ready-made thriving business.

For more information visit

Tel: 01856 811348


Enjoy Jersey

with carefree

holidays for


people and

their carers

at Maison

des Landes


Jersey is one of

Britain’s favourite

seaside resorts

enjoying higher


warmer seas and more sunshine than any

other seaside resort in Britain. Maison des

Landes is a hotel catering exclusively for

disabled guests and their families or escorts

in accommodation which has been specially

designed to meet their needs.

• Heated indoor pool with ramps and hoists

• Ensuite facilities including walk-in showers

• Extensive gardens with magnificent views

• Licensed lounge

• Pétanque (a version of bowls ideal for

players in wheelchairs!)

• Daily Island tours in specially adapted


RATES £70 to £80 per person per day full

board accommodation, inc. daily excursions

and transfers to harbour and airport and



St Ouen, Jersey JE3 2AA

Tel: 01534 481683 Fax: 01534 485327



The Noust Bed and Breakfast, The

Noust, Orphir, Orkney Islands

KW17 2RB

Mill House

Farm Cottage

A spacious holiday hideaway set on 60

acres of farmland, Mill House Farm

Cottage is favoured amongst nature

-lovers for its picturesque setting and

central location. Situated on the border

of the Peak District, it’s ideal for those

who enjoy walking but it is also within

easy reach of many National Trust

properties, Alton Towers, Manchester,

and Jodrell Bank. Being Grade II

Listed the cottage is a traditional,

homely space with a large garden and

plenty of parking. The Shires Magazine

Award of Excellence for Retreat of the

Year 2011-2012.

Mill House Farm, Bosley, Macclesfield,

Cheshire SK11 0NZ


Tel: 01260 226265

Enjoy a Perfect Seaside

Break in Sunny Eastbourne

For more information on Eastbourne Apartments visit and,

phone 01273 308779 or email




Get Away From It All In Glorious Rhodes

Both properties are open from mid-April until the end of October.

For more information, visit,

call 01444 236883 or email

If you are looking for a Great

British holiday but would

like a little bit of certainty

when it comes to the sun –

why not head to Eastbourne,

nicknamed the sunniest place

in the UK, here you probably

have an extremely good

chance of sunny weather.

To make your stay as pleasant as possible,

Eastbourne Apartments offers the perfect

stay. They offer a range of self-catering

apartments and holiday homes which

are centrally located, within comfortable

distance of Eastbourne Town Centre and

offer harbour and promenade views;

staying at these luxury apartments will

ensure that you are able to fully enjoy the

delights that Eastbourne has to offer. All

of the apartments are highly furnished

and decorated and have been granted a

minimum grading of ‘Highly Commended’.

Richard Harris, owner of Eastbourne

Apartments for 20 years, said: “We offer

excellently furnished apartments, all to

an extremely high quality. We also offer

exceptional customer service and we are

among a very few holiday companies who

meet our guests on their arrival. This saves

them driving halfway across town to collect

their keys before they can begin their

holiday. Eastbourne is a fantastic place for

a holiday.”

Situated in the eastern corner of the

sparkling Aegean Sea, Rhodes boasts

220km of coastline and a mild climate that

just begs to be enjoyed. A four and a half

hour flight from England, Rhodes is an

excellent destination for families, couples

and friends alike. For a comfortable homefrom-home

base, Aspire would like to

recommend the two modern villas owned

by Ivor Henley.

Ivor bought the first property, Villa Helios, in

2002 after seeing plans for a new development

on a hillside with fantastic sea views of Kalathos

Bay and the Aegean coastline; it was completed

in 2005. The second property, Villa Artemis, in

Tsambika, situated amidst pine and olive groves

offering spectacular sea and mountain views,

was purchased in 2007.

Villa Helios accommodates four to five people

within two bedrooms: a double and a twin, with

the added benefit of a put-up bed available. In

both bedrooms, French doors lead to private

balconies with fantastic sea views of Kalathos

Bay. The villa comes with a fully fitted kitchen

with washing machine, dishwasher, fridge, full

oven with hobs, juice maker, coffee machine and,

most importantly in Greece, air conditioning in

all rooms. The open-plan lounge/diner boasts

two leather sofas, 42” flatscreen TV with Satellite

(Nova) and DVD player, wood burner and a

Some of the apartments do not allow pets

while others allow them with the provision

of a surcharge, smoking is generally allowed

only outdoors. Children are also catered for

in some apartments. Each apartment has its

own unique charm, for example the Stone

Harbour apartment provides stunning

balcony views and boasts a pebble beach

garden while the San Juan Court apartment

has gorgeous balcony views of the harbour

and sea – on a clear day views stretch as far

as Hastings! Large groups will appreciate

the Oysters and Quayside apartments,

which sleep up to 14 people when booked


While you are in Eastbourne there is so

much to see and do – you may wish to

explore world-class art galleries, museums,

castles, beautiful gardens and parks, not to

mention of course the stunning beaches.

You can gaze out across the English Channel

from the UK’s highest chalk cliff, Beachy

Head or perhaps make a visit to Britain’s

newest National Park at South Downs

National Park. If you are spending time at

Eastbourne’s beautiful beaches, the Grand

Parade Main Resort Beach offers lifeguards,

first-aid cover, showers, toilets and beach

huts and parasols to rent. For something a

little less packed with tourists head to the

Royal Parade Beaches or Harbour Reach.

Those who have an appreciation of all

things sweet will be thrilled to be in the

birthplace of the world-famous Banoffee

Pie, created in 1972 at The Hungry Monk

Restaurant. Be sure to sample the delightful

dessert at one of Eastbourne’s cafés during

your stay.

dining table for six. The lounge/diner flows out

to large tile frontage, via French doors, with

covered pergola for al fresco dining, adjacent

to a barbecue and 10m x 5m private swimming

pool. The villa is built upon a third of an acre plot,

within a gated complex of 15 villas.

Villa Helios, located near dazzling Lindos, is

well positioned for peace and tranquillity on a

fortress topped hill at the end of a sweeping bay.

Lindos is fully pedestrianised; no motor vehicles

are allowed within the village, only donkeys are

allowed for transportation along the village’s

stone pebbled alleyways.

Villa Artemis accommodates up to seven people

in three bedrooms: one double and two twins,

all with private balconies. It’s one of only four

villas in the development, ensuring privacy and

seclusion. The villa boasts spectacular sea and

mountain views, as well as a fully fitted kitchen

with dishwasher and washing machine and a

spacious lounge/diner with satellite TV/DVD,

which leads out to a large covered pergola,

barbecue and 9m x 5m private pool.

Tsambika beach is approximately a three-minute

drive from Villa Artemis; it’s one of the most

beautiful beaches on Rhodes, boasting a long

stretch of golden sand with numerous bars

and taverns. The beach also boasts numerous

opportunities for watersports such as waterskiing

and banana boats.



A Brand New You

Banish your

Problems and

Reclaim your Life!

Top Recommendation


Our Mind

TOC Leader &


Homeopath, EFT


Inner Health


Annie's passions are in personal

transformation, healing and health,

holistic well-being and Earth


Annie offers:

Inner Healing Journeys - remove

outmoded and limiting beliefs,

dissolving barriers to health, wellbeing

and wealth.

Access to your Theta brainwave

state to transform your life.

The only leader in The One

Command resident in Lincolnshire.

She says: “I've discovered that,

for me, the best way to facilitate

healing in another is by being

willing to allow intuition (mine and

theirs) to lead the way on a journey

into the client's inner world.”

Quote ‘ASP264’ when booking

Tel: 01507 463586


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My name is Angela Sterland MBACP

(accred). I am a BACP accredited

Psychotherapist/Counsellor, based in


I practice an integrative approach

to psychotherapy, which draws on

different theoretical techniques;

such has humanistic, psychodynamic

and cognitive behavioural therapy.

People think, feel and react in different

ways. By integrating different ways

of thinking, people can bring about

changes in their lives. I can work with

you to produce a unique therapy

adapted to suit your needs. The exact

nature of the work will depend on

what suits you best.

Tel: 07875 143540


Sometimes in life our problems can become

overbearing, they can become a heavy burden

upon us impacting on our day-to-day lives, they

can restrict us in our everyday activities and

impact on us emotionally and physically. Whether

you are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress

or have problems in personal relationships or

your working life - in situations like these it can

be hard to take the first step – admit to needing

help and seeking help, but once you do there are

a multitude of options on hand.

From psychotherapy to homeopathy, emotional freedom

therapy (EFT), Reiki and hypnotherapy you are sure to find a

type of therapy to suit your needs and ease your burdens.

Choosing to undertake psychotherapy will allow you to

unburden your problems to a trained therapist, whether you

would prefer one-to-one, a group session or would like to

be accompanied by your wife, husband or partner it can be

arranged. This form of therapy allows you to look deeper into

and analyse your problems and worries and deal with a range

of mental disorders, from depression to schizophrenia, anxiety

issues, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic, eating

disorders and stress disorders.

It can provide you with a safe, secure and confidential

environment meaning you can discuss any feelings that you

have, whether they are about yourself, family, friends, work or

anything else. Often couples of families experiencing problems

can undertake joint sessions where they can sort through their


EFT is another method you may wish to try. This is based on the

theory that we as human beings hold on to our emotions which

can get stuck in our body and have a profound impact our on

health. The practitioner of EFT will tap into different areas of

your body releasing the pent-up emotion. EFT can be used to

Top Recommendation For Training Courses

Holistic Help-

Reiki and Hypnosis

• Enhance your energy, health and wellbeing

- through having treatments or

learning Reiki for yourself.

• Become more balanced and find the

'missing part' of you.

• Learn Reiki to improve your mind,

body and soul connection.

• Learn with your friends in

small groups - Sue travels around

the Midlands teaching beginners to

advanced students, as well as

teaching you to use Reiki with your

own animals.

Sue Mulcahy is a Master Teacher and Practitioner

of the UK Reiki Federation.

For more information visit

Call 07789 301873 or email

help with phobias, anger management, depression, addictions,

weight loss, and allergies.

Reiki is another method you may choose to use as an

alternative method of healing. Reiki is a system of natural

healing, a Japanese technique, predominantly used to help

deal with stress. The recipient simply lies down, or sits on a

couch and relaxes; the practitioner will then gently place their

hands in a sequence of positions, eventually covering the

whole body and facilitating the passage of energy. It is a said to

heal the whole person -the body, emotions, mind and spirit.

Another method of alternative healing is hypnotherapy. You

may choose to make use of it to deal with pain, to deal with

social confidence issues, to minimise stress, to aid with quitting

smoking and even to assist with weight management. It is

based on a theory of mind and body harmonisation, the belief

that by accessing the subconscious one can effect change in

the body. The recipient will be hypnotised and while under

hypnosis the practitioner will make certain suggestions, for

example someone wanting to quit smoking will be provided

with thoughts of the benefits of not smoking and when they

awaken after hypnosis, the client consciously incorporates the

suggestion into their everyday life to achieve their goal.

Often along with alternative therapies you may find combining

other methods of healing can work as a complement – for

example eating healthy and exercising can make a huge

difference to mental health and clarity. For example when you

are stressed you deplete the reserves of nutrients in your body -

particularly vitamin B, calcium, protein, vitamins A and C. Eating

foods high in these nutrients will help build them back up and

avoiding sugary and fast foods will help keep away the effects

of stress – such as insomnia.

Whatever problems you are dealing with you are sure to find a

type of therapy to suit you, there are many practitioners across

the UK and there are bound to be many near you.

Enjoy a Well-Deserved Break

and find yourself in Snowdonia

Often our environments, our working-lives and

personal problems can become too over-bearing,

and every so often we lose sight of our selves.

Perhaps we go too long without connecting with

our loved ones, maybe we get through the whole

day and realise we haven’t laughed, not once.

Sometimes we may go a whole week without feeling

pure, undiluted joy, we become so consumed on

the ins and outs of our working realities that we

lose perspective. If this sounds familiar perhaps you

are in need of a break - in this case Corris Hostel in

Snowdonia, Wales, is perfect.

Set in the picturesque village of Corris in south

Snowdonia, this is no ordinary hostel, rather a place to

take advantage of both the spectacular backdrop of

the majestic mountains of Snowdonia as well as the

healing skills of owners Michael Parish and Debbie

Taylor. Michael has been running Corris Hostel for 20

years after taking it over in 1992 and saving the former

YHA hostel from being shut down.

Michael said: “We are a hostel of the heart, a place

for peace, a place for people to get back on their

feet - whether on their own or in a group. There is the

spectacular backdrop of the mountains of Snowdonia

and the garden is a magical place to get you back to

who you are – sometimes in life you lose yourself a

little bit and this is a great escape. We also offer lots of

self-help books and both me and Debbie are skilled in

healing techniques such as Reiki and energy healing.

“It is also perfect for group visits and for communities

to come together. A lot of us have become consumed

with modern life and forgotten about community spirit

and living as communities, we want to help people

re-engage with their communities and families. We

are more of a retreat centre than a hostel; we welcome

people of all ages and from all walks of life.

“We can put together workshops which we tailor to

guests’ needs if they wish to take part. If you visit here

your life will never be the same again - It is a wake up

call. We want to train people to be in the eye of the

hurricane where there is calm and not in the hurricane


Being in the presence of the almost ethereal

mountains, you cannot help but feel a sense of

tranquillity and peace, this coupled with the bright

colours and bohemian feel of the hostel means the

realities of your everyday life will quickly feel a million

miles away and you will leave feeling refreshed and

with a new sense of perspective.

In close proximity to the Centre for Alternative

Technology, Corris Hostel has 44 beds and thus is ideal

for group visits, they offer rooms for two, four or six

people and two single sex dormitories. As well as a

garden there is also a barbecue area guests can make

full use of.

For more information visit,


or phone 01654 761686.



Martin Dalby

Martin’s Life

Through The Years

on 28th August 1979, The Tower of Victory,

commissioned by the Scottish National Orchestra was

conducted at The Proms by Sir Alexander Gibson in the

Royal Albert Hall

on 6th September 1974, Martin’s Viola Concerto,

commissioned by the BBC for a Promenade Concert, was

first performed by Frederick Riddle with the BBC Symphony

Orchestra, conducted by Norman del Mar, in the Royal Albert


Martin Dalby is an experienced and

knowledgeable musician and composer whose

career spans almost 50 years…

Nozze di Primavera, commissioned by the St

Magnus Festival, Orkney Islands, was performed

by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra,

conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk, in St Magnus

Cathedral, Kirkwall, on 19th June 1984 – it was

performed at The Proms on 9th September


on 17th August 1991, The Mary Bean,

conducted by Sir Alexander Gibson, was

performed by the Royal Scottish National

Symphony Orchestra at The Proms

in 1991, Martin also won a Sony Gold Award

in 1991, he relinquished his role

as Head of Music to pursue a more

creative role in BBC Scotland

in 1942, in Aberdeen, Martin

was born

from 1995 to 1998, Martin was Chairman of

the Composers’ Guild of Great Britain

in 1993, he retired from the BBC

in the late 1950s, Martin joined the National

Youth Orchestra of Great Britain

in 1999, he composed a

short piece for the National

Youth String Orchestra

of Scotland, The First

Thursday in May, welcoming

the return of a government

in Scotland

in 1998, Martin composed his third

Piano Sonata for Peter Seivewright

in 1960, he won a Foundation

Scholarship to the Royal College

of Music in London

in 1964, whilst in Rome, he wrote Laudate Dominum,

which was performed for the first time by the pupils

and staff of Aberdeen Grammar School in May 1965

in 1971, he became the Cramb Research Fellow

in Composition at the University of Glasgow

in 1963, Martin spent two years in Italy

in 1965, he was appointed as a music producer

to the BBC’s newly formed Music Programme

(later to be Radio 3)

then in 2011, he was selected for a

Platinum Certificate of Recognition, as well

as an award for Services of Distinction for

Classical Music

in 2010, Martin was awarded a

Bronze Certificate of Recognition from


Martin Dalby,

23 Muirpark Way,


Stirlingshire G63 0DX

Tel: 01360 660427



Scottish Music Centre,

City Halls,


Glasgow G1 1NQ

in 1972, he returned to the BBC as Head of

Music, Scotland

Tel: 0141 552 5222




Education Guide

Ensuring your child receives the

education they deserve starts

with finding the right school,

but how do you decide between

sending your little one to a

state school or an independent


The search for a good school starts with

gathering as much information as you

can about the schools in your area from

your local authority. Every year, your local

authority produces an annual booklet

for parents, detailing schools’ application

processes and deadlines. The booklet also

states how many pupils are at each school,

plus the number of allocated spaces each

year. Reading achievement and attainment

tables, as well as the Ofsted reports – which

covers the quality of teaching and learning,

how the curriculum is taught and the

student’s personal development – will give

you an idea of how suitable the school will

be for your child.

Once you’ve narrowed down the choices,

attending an open day is a great way to

see what’s on offer and how your child

feels about the school they will attend.

This provides the perfect opportunity for

you to meet the head and staff, see the

whole of the school and its facilities and

find out about class sizes. You may even be

lucky enough to meet some current pupils,

which offers a great chance for you to find

out all there is to know about the school


In order to provide their child with a

well-rounded education, many parents

are now choosing independent schools.

Independent schools pride themselves

on delivering an excellent education to

all, meaning your child could benefit from

lower pupil to staff ratios, smaller class

sizes, more one-to-one time with teachers,

more specialist subject teachers and the

extra-curricular opportunities and facilities

to develop their own personal talents.

Given the right environment, every child

has the opportunity to reach their true

potential and to grow, learn and flourish,

and an independent education is a great

way to give your little one a head start in


While the benefits of an independent

education will always be debated, figures

from the Independent Schools Council,

an organisation representing the eight

leading schools associations in the

country, speak for themselves. In 2001

at ISC schools, 95.2% out of 39,451 GCSE

candidates at 550 schools were graded A*

to C, compared with the national average

of 69.8%. The number of A*s awarded at

ISC schools also rose, 31.4% of GCSE entries

achieved grade A*, compared to 29.5%

in 2010 – the seventh consecutive yearly

rise. Independent schools also boast better

student to teacher ratios: there is one

teacher for every 9.4 pupils, compared to

26.6 pupils in state infant schools, which

shows that independent pupils can expect

more one-to-one tuition throughout their

education. For further information on

independent schools, visit






“With all its many eccentricities - the

‘house cake’ competition, yard cricket, the

slightly ramshackle buildings - Woodcote is

a splendid one-off and we love it!”

Tatler’s Schools Guide 2010

Tel: 01276 472115



Education Guide

Charity Awareness

A Child-centred International Education

From Canterbury Steiner School

Charity: The Lasting Gift

Canterbury Steiner School at Garlinge

Green in Kent is one of 900 Steiner-

Waldorf schools across the world.

Their unique system of education

based on the work of Rudolf Steiner,

an Austrian scientist and philosopher

who, on the strength of his theory of

human development, was asked in

1919 to found a school in Stuttgart.

Canterbury Steiner School opened

in 1976 with just 16 children in a

kindergarten and classes one; it now

boasts 190 pupils, kindergarten and

parent and toddler group.

The kindergarten nurtures children’s

imaginative powers and social skills through

play and a sense of security and well-being

through a strong daily rhythm. When they

enter the lower school in their seventh year,

they form a relationship with a teacher, who,

ideally, stays with them for the next eight

years. Pupils work through co-operation

rather than competition. They develop an

appreciation of each other’s strengths and

challenges and form deep friendships. The

school doesn’t follow the national curriculum,

but the children do take GCSEs, although a

year later than at other schools.


Rudolf Steiner called the first years of a

child’s life the ‘years of imitation’. At this

stage, everything children experience affects

them deeply. The rhythm of the day, the

behaviour of adults and their environment

all have important influences on their

life. It is therefore essential that children’s

surroundings are beautiful and natural.

In kindergarten, their day has a strong

rhythmical pattern and includes many artistic

activities, including painting, modelling,

drawing, singing, eurythmy, songs and games,

handwork and baking. Inside and outside, the

kindergarten is designed so as to encourage

and enrich children’s imaginative play. Time

spent in the Kindergarten provides the firm

and healthy basis for all subsequent learning

throughout the school.

Lower School

The next stage, children enter into a unique

relationship with their teacher. Together

they will progress through the school for

the next eight years, the teacher guiding

them for two hours every day in the ‘main

lesson’ and often in other subjects too. This

continuous relationship between the child

and teacher creates a strong sense of security

and minimises the usual yearly adjustment

children have to make as they go from class

to class.

Every day begins with a two-hour ‘main

lesson’ where children will study a subject in

depth over a period of three to four weeks.

The result is greater concentration and

improvement from the children. Elements of

music, movement, singing, speech, drama,

drawing and practical tasks are integrated

into the lesson, whether it be maths, English

or any other core subject area. The basic skills

of writing, reading and numeracy are fostered

within the imaginative context of the Steiner


During the rest of the day there are regular

lessons, in subjects including French, German,

painting, crafts, games and eurythmy – an

integral part of the education, developed by

Rudolf Steiner. Pupils are also encouraged to

develop their musical abilities. The school sees

these activities as important for developing

physical skills and strengthening social


Drama is important and class plays are

often prepared for parents and evening

performances. Major productions are

performed in Classes 8 and 10.

Upper School

At the age of 14, pupils leave the care of their

Class Teacher and a Class Guardian then takes

responsibility. Pastoral care and guidance is

shared by Upper School Teachers who are

now responsible for the specialist teaching

required by the young adults and are in

regular contact with parents.

The full Steiner curriculum continues to be

taught throughout the four years of the

Upper School. Alongside it, pupils also study

for GCSEs, sat in Class 11. Critical thinking,

objectivity and careful consideration are

fostered and encouraged at this stage. Pupils

then go on to local sixth forms or colleges

to take A levels or other courses. The aim

of the school is to send pupils out into the

world with a sense of their value in the world,

of the worthwhile nature of life and work,

and with a desire to use their particular gifts


Open Tours

Canterbury Steiner School welcomes

prospective parents on a regular basis to view

the school. The next Open Tour is on 20th

June and gives parents the opportunity to

see the school and its pupils for themselves,

as well as seeing teaching/classes in action.

There will also be time for questions after

light refreshments. Canterbury Steiner School

is non-selective and places are available for

children of all ages throughout the school.

To book your place on the tour, please email

For more information, please call 01227 738285 or visit

Can you remember when you last donated

money to charity? According to the Charity

Commission there are now 180,000

registered charities in England and Wales, all

are worthy causes and many are desperate

for donations. Aiming to improve the lives

of the most vulnerable members of our

society, protect mistreated animals and find

a cure for life threatening diseases, there are

charities up and down the country who are

in desperate need of our hard earned cash.

Most charities have seen a marked decrease

in donations over the last few years and whilst

larger charities have been able to combat this by

reducing costs, cutting staff and drawing on their

reserves in order to survive, for smaller charities

this simply isn’t an option. In the current economic

climate, it can be tough to find the money for

good causes, but in order for these organisations

to continue their work and provide vital services,

we all need to do our bit to help and that means

putting our hands in our pockets and digging


Money donations are always welcome and can go

towards new projects and supplies, but how much

you choose to donate is up to you. One-off cash

donations can help in the short-term, but setting

up a regular monthly donation online can provide

your charity of choice with long-term help.

If you want to do more to help then you could

always help to raise money for your charity of

choice by organising a coffee morning, a jumble

or car boot sale or even a sponsored event. If

you’ve some spare time on your hands, why not

have a clear out and donate all of those unwanted,

unused or unloved items that are sitting in your

attic, spare room and wardrobe to a well deserving

charity shop.

Alternatively, to leave a lasting legacy, why not

donate to a charity after you die. If you choose to

leave a gift to a charity in your Will, its value will

be deducted from your estate before Inheritance

Tax is worked out. Gifts made before your death

may also qualify for exemption. In fact, as of April

this year, anyone leaving 10% of their estate to

charity in their Will will benefit from a reduction

in inheritance tax from 40% to 36%, as part a new

inheritance tax incentive.

As part of the Legacy10 campaign, set up by

Roland Rudd, chairman of PR firm RLM Finsbury,

the leaders of the three main political parties

(David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband)

have pledged to leave at least 10% of their estates

to charity.

Although 74% of the UK population support

charities and when asked, 35% of people say

they'd happily leave a gift in their Will, only 7%

of people actually leave a gift to charities in their

Will, according to Remember A Charity. Remember

A Charity estimate that just a 4% change in

behaviour would generate an addition £1 billion

for good causes in the UK every year.

When leaving money to charity ion your Will, you

can either leave a fixed sum of money (known as

a 'Pecuniary Legacy') or part or all of your estate

once other gifts have been distributed (known as

a 'Residuary Legacy').

You can get free and independent advice on

leaving a gift to charity in your Will from Citizens

Advice and Age Concern. However, it’s a good idea

to use a solicitor to ensure that your Will is valid

and that your wishes are carried out.

Lutterworth and District Leukaemia & Lymphoma

Research Branch recently held a regional meeting,

and during this meeting Chris Ingham was

awarded with the highest award given out by the

charity. The Certificate of Merit is only given with

the approval of the Board of Trustees and is only

given out to people who have excelled in raising

funds. Chris was nominated for this award as

she has been fundraising with the Lutterworth &

District Branch for over 40 years.

The branch has had a fantastic year, handing over

an absolute whopping £100,000 profit. Leukaemia

and Lymphoma Research chief executive Cathy

Gilman would like to thank all their supporters for

their fantastic support. She said: “I hope that you

will keep supporting us, as we need your support

to keep going until we have cured every blood


Lutterworth and District Leukaemia & Lymphoma

Research Branch have found ways to maximise

the profit of every item that is donated through

the door; they sell the rags, scrap books, old

shoes, bedding, scrap brass, scrap copper, scrap

silver and gold. They also get money from the

council for the recycling, but they still need more;

Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research has pledged

£32,000,000 into research this year so please dig

deep to help fight blood cancer.

Lutterworth and District Leukaemia & Lymphoma

Research Branch can only continue to do this with

your support so please, please keep donating.

They need your donations of men’s, ladies’,

and children’s clothes, ornaments, books, toys,

jewellery, watches and CDs, DVDs. They also have

a very successful haberdashery section selling

lace, braids, wool, fabric, beads, buttons, zips,

knitting pins etc. They still need more furniture

in good condition and gratefully accept most

types, including settees (two and three seaters),

armchairs, cupboards, toy chests, tables & chairs,

coffee tables, nest of tables, TV stands, bunk beds,

wooden beds, cots, headboards, wardrobes and

chests of draws etc. Please call 01455 556649 for




Charity Awareness

Donate Your

Unwanted Items

& Fight Blood Cancer

To find out more about

Leukaemia & Lymphoma

Research, visit

33a Station Road, rear of car park,

Lutterworth LE17 4AP

Tel: 01455 556649

1 Bell Street, Lutterworth LE17 4DW

Tel: 01455 553094

Both shops are open Monday to

Saturday from 9am until 5pm

Registered charity 216032

(England & Wales) SC037529

(Scotland) Limited Company 738089

• Repairs • Service

• Parts • Accessories

• Sales

Cutting the cost of

everyday cycling


01509 214927

Unit C7 Cumberland Road Ind

Estate, Loughborough LE11 5DF

Can you offer a helping hand Too?

Would you foster?

Could you transport?

Can you raise funds?

Can you offer a home?

Can you give a £1 to help?


Will You?

Registered Charity 1146313

The rescue with a heart

Donations through PayPal to

Africa is full of life.

Even as poverty, war, AIDS,

and famine blight the

landscape, Africa Inland

Mission (AIM) rejoices in

this magnificent continent.

Working in partnership

with the African Church,

we bring the hope of

the gospel to see lives


On one coastal island where it’s illegal to follow Jesus, two new believers were

recently imprisoned for their faith. Put on trial, ‘Stephen’ was asked what bribe had

induced him to become a Christian. “Life,” he replied. “I have received life.” Both men

were subsequently released.

All our mission partners offer God’s abundant life. Some do it by caring for children,

for the sick, or the marginalised. Others train local believers, encourage churches

or introduce Jesus for the first time. Some teach and preach, but all our mission

partners are committed to showing God’s love in ways that really matter.

We can help you serve God in Africa for the short or the long term. We also rely on

your prayers and financial gifts. For 117 years, AIM has worked towards Christcentred

churches among all African peoples. Please stand with us as we hold out the

word of life to Africa.

Tel: 0115 983 8120

Charity Name: Centre Project

Set up in 1996, the Centre Project supports men, women and young people who are

lonely and socially isolated with the aim of reducing isolation and improving emotional,

spiritual and physical well-being . The Centre provides many opportunities for people to

access a wide range of activities and support in the local community.

Leicester Unaccompanied Minors Initiative (LUCI) is one of Centre Project’s outstanding

work. There are asylum seekers who are far too young for what they have lived through.

They are children and teenagers out here on their own.

How does it feel to be an unaccompanied minor ?

“Ashamed, sad, worried, uncertain, scared, alone, depressed, upset, helpless, hopeful,


Imagine: no parents, no siblings, a language you are not used to, a culture unknown,

schools, rules, and people behaving so differently, what do you have to hold on to?

LUCI aims to meet the welfare needs of these young people by ensuring that they get

appropriate information, education, support and care from responsible agencies.

How YOU can help

Make a donation – we rely purely on donations to fund this work

Organise a fundraising event

Recommend The Centre Project for payroll giving

1 Alfred Place, Leicester LE1 1EB

Tel: 0116 2554013


Touring the UK for 70 days, covering 8,000 miles,

the Olympic Torch will come within one hour of

95% of the country’s population before the Relay

ends on July 27th with the lighting of the cauldron

during the opening ceremony in the Olympic

Stadium in Stratford. The official Olympic Torch

route was announced in March and Margaret

Bowler, founder of registered charity The Myotonic

Dystrophy Support Group (MDSG), is one of these

8,000 Torchbearers.

Margaret will carry the torch on Thursday 28th June. She

told Aspire: “I found out in December that I had been

nominated for the chance to carry the Olympic Torch. I

was nominated by the wife of a researcher into Myotonic

Dystrophy who I met last year at our annual conference

where I did a presentation detailing the work we’d done

over the last 22 years. This inspired her to nominate me

for this honour and it’s wonderful that I’ve been chosen.

It’s an honour and I can’t wait to get my official gold and

white tracksuit. I’m really looking forward to being part of

this historic event.”

Margaret founded MDSG (Aspire’s Charity of the Year

2012) in 1989 to support those affected by Myotonic

Dystrophy, just one of the many conditions that can affect

the muscles. Their mission is ‘to offer assistance, support

and information to those people affected by Myotonic

Dystrophy, their carers’ and families’. Totally run by

volunteers, they have a central Helpline and a network of

regional contacts throughout the United Kingdom, as well

as extensive links abroad.

Myotonic Dystrophy

Support Group

Founder Is Olympic Torchbearer

The genetic change responsible for Myotonic Dystrophy

has been identified. The genetic change (mutation) is

in the DMPK gene found on chromosome 19. At one

end of the gene is an area where three of the building

blocks of DNA, the genetic material, CTG are repeated. An

unaffected individual will have 5-35 CTG repeats but in an

individual with Myotonic Dystrophy the repeat is unstable

and expands. The extent of the expansion ranges from

50 in a mildly affected individual to several thousands in

a severely affected individual. This is the basis of genetic

tests as the number of CTG repeats can be counted.

Somehow the CTG repeat changes the DMPK gene

and results in Myotonic Dystrophy. The gene controls

the production of a protein called Myotonic Dystrophy

Protein Kinase which appears to be very important in

many systems of the body.

Accurate genetic tests are possible for healthy individuals

who are at risk of developing Myotonic Dystrophy in

the future because they have an affected parent or

grandparent and early in pregnancy where one parent is

affected. Genetic counselling is advised if genetic testing

is being considered.

It is important to remember that Myotonic Dystrophy is

a highly variable condition so it is difficult to predict how

one individual will be affected. The range of symptoms

and severity of symptoms both vary enormously. Age

at onset when the condition first appears ranges from

birth to old age. At present, there is no cure for Myotonic

Dystrophy but this may change as a result of rapid

progress in our understanding of how the disorder is

caused - meanwhile all people with Myotonic Dystrophy

can help themselves by knowing about their condition,

recognising and avoiding hazards, and by informing

doctors and other professionals.

To achieve their aim of improving the quality of life for

families and individuals affected by Myotonic Dystrophy,

you can help MDSG in various ways:

• Become a member

For a nominal annual subscription of £15 per family,

you can show your willingness to share in the Group’s

concerns. You will receive a regular Newsletter and

information about the latest activities, as well as discounts

on attendance at the Group’s events and products. A

membership form can be downloaded from the website.

• Donate

You can give money to The Myotonic Dystrophy Support

Group, either for its general purposes or, if you wish, to

help with sponsorship of medical research. You can now

donate by text message via Just Giving; just text MDSG02

(space) + Amount to 70070

• Offer Practical Help

By becoming (with appropriate training and support) a

regional contact family or by participating in regional

events as organised from time to time or assisting at the

Annual Conference (held in April or May each year).

• Raise Funds

The charity’s supporters have found many ways to raise

money, from sponsored runs/walks/cycling/swims etc. to

selling items and donating the profits to the charity. Any

new ideas are always welcome! Whatever you choose to

do, please tell MDSG about it, and send them a report

of how your effort went, preferably with a photograph

that could be published on the website as well as in the


For more information, please visit

or call the Helpline on 0115 9870080

Registered Charity No: 1134499


Autism Awareness

The National Autistic Society Finds 74% of

People Caring for Someone with

Autism Have No Support



According to a new survey by

The National Autistic Society

(NAS), 74% of people caring

for someone with autism get

no support from their local

authority and 80% have never

had their care needs assessed.

Support for carers is vital in helping

them to not only meet the needs of

the person with autism but their own

needs too. In their 50th year, NAS are

renewing our call on local authorities

to ensure all carers have access to a

carer’s assessment and the financial and

practical support to ensure that both

they, and those they care for, can live

fulfilling and rewarding lives.

According to the survey, the largest

ever on autism, lack of support can have

extremely detrimental effect on carers:

• 81% of those who responded to our

survey said they had experienced

anxiety due to a lack of support

• 64% said they had experienced


• 70% said they had experienced


• 61% said it had put a strain on their

marriage or relationship

Caring for someone with autism can also

have a significant impact on the carer’s

employment opportunities. A third of

carers under 40 told us that they’d like

to work but can’t because of their role as

a carer; many more have had to give up

work, reduce hours, work part time or

take a lower paid job in order to care for

someone with autism.

What’s more, an overwhelming 96% of

carers say they are worried about their

son or daughter’s future when they are

no longer able to support them.

A parent of a child with autism who

took part in the survey said: “Once my

child outlives us, what will happen to

him? Who will look out for him, as he

will always be vulnerable? Who will have

him at Christmas, and check he isn't

being ripped off or hurt or intimidated

or worse? This is my biggest fear and

worry, and keeps me awake at night –

and he's only ten.”

Mark Lever, NAS Chief Executive, said:

“The work that carers do is absolutely

invaluable and local authorities must

show carers the recognition they

deserve by fully assessing their needs

and providing them with all the help

and support they require. Having a

child with autism means many parents

are forced to give up their jobs and

put their lives on hold to care for

their child and yet they’re getting no

help or support in return. This has to

end. Carers’ legislation and national

policies have given clear rights and

entitlements to those who care. It is

up to local authorities to ensure these

are put into practice otherwise they

risk failing thousands of families across

the UK.”

Caring for someone with autism is not

an easy task but for all its difficulties,

half of those surveyed (52%) said

loving and caring for someone with

autism can be rewarding and life

enriching. These findings are from the

NAS report ‘The Way We Are: Autism In

2012’, which is available at

Autism is a lifelong developmental

disability that affects how a person

communicates with, and relates to,

other people. It also affects how they

make sense of the world around them.

It is a spectrum condition, which

means that, while all people with

autism share certain difficulties, their

condition will affect them in different

ways. Some people with autism are

able to live relatively independent lives

but others may have accompanying

learning disabilities and need a lifetime

of specialist support. People with

autism may also experience over- or

under-sensitivity to sounds, touch,

tastes, smells, light or colours.

The NAS now puts the incidence

of autism in children in the UK at

one in every one hundred. About

half a million people across Britain

are affected by the condition, and

specialists say they expect to see a

continuing increase in the numbers of

people affected.

One of the most frequently

encountered symptom among

those affected by autism and related

conditions is a need to alleviate anxiety

through deep body pressure. In plain

terms, many specialists describe this

as ‘the need for a big hug’, which is

calming, stress reducing and in the

classroom or workplace can increase

concentration and focus.

In the past, the way to alleviate this

symptom has been through the use of

bulky uncomfortable and inconvenient

weighted jackets, tight fitting elastic

clothing, heavy blankets or even heavy

rollers. Now SQUEASE have come and

invented a special garment that solves

the problem faced by many people

with autism comfortably, discreetly and


The SQUEASE jacket is a light weight

inflatable pressure garment that

can be worn under a fashionable

fleece or hooded style top; ‘deep hug’

pressure can be applied by the wearer

themselves, simply by operating a

small hand device which inflates the

jacket. When the wearer wishes to

decrease or release the pressure they

can do so quickly with one hand by

simply pressing open a small valve. The

SQUEASE jacket is being acclaimed as a

breakthrough in helping people living

with autism to cope with stressful

situations, not only by users but also

professionals working in the field.

The initial production run is all but sold

out with sales to specialist distributors

in the UK and overseas. The product is

targeted at health professionals such

as occupational therapists working

in the care sector and teachers from

special needs schools as well as parents

of children that get ‘sensory overload’.

Interest is expected to be strong when

the Company launch to the public at

the Autism Show at London’s ExCel on

15th & 16th June.

Autism Independent UK (SFTAH) brings you an increased awareness

of autism to the notice of all, together with well established and newly

developed approaches in the diagnosis, assessment, education and


The main goal is to improve the quality of life for persons with autism,

giving them a chance to take their rightful place within their local

community where they can live, work and play, like everybody else.

WASP With Asperger Limited is a Not-For-Profit

Social Enterprise, set up and operated by those

with autism.

Aside from extensive professional knowledge, we

present an insider view of autism with practical

solutions to match. We work with the whole of

the person including those surrounding them.

Tel: 01623 795 610

Our services include:

• Mentoring and peer support

• Formal training and practical workshops

• Consultancy (online, by telephone or in person)

• Solution focussed assessments

• Working with local authorities and other professional bodies

The need for knowledge and understanding within this area is great, and in this

new era of social responsibility, innovation in long-term solutions is essential.

What is Autism?

Autism is the most severe of the developmental disabilities with an incidence of

approximately 1 per 1,000 live births being severely autistic. Originally thought of

as an emotional disorder caused by inadequate mothering, it is now recognised

as having an organic basis. The primary problem in autism is the way the brain

processes and integrates information, resulting in problems of social interaction,

communication and behaviour. Several causes have been identified and a

variety of neurological mechanisms are involved. Although autism is a severely

handicapping condition, outcomes for autistic people are improving as more

effective interventions and more appropriate community resources are developed,

most autistic people have a normal life span, if they are to achieve their potential

there is a compelling need for more community-based, cost effective resources.

Autism Independent UK (SFTAH)

199-203 Blandford Ave, Kettering, Northants NN16 9AT

Tel: 01536 523274 | Email :

Charity Number: 803003



Antique Britain

Celebrating The Past


Framing & Gallery

All picture framing is done onsite

and Malcolm, the framer, has 20

years’ experience in the profession.

This wealth of practical knowledge

ensures the customer has the best

framing possible. His pride in a great

frame ensures the best guidance for

the customer, having listened to what

they are trying to achieve.

Expressions Framing & Gallery are

members of the: FINE ART TRADE

GUILD. We sell Originals, Limited

Edition Prints and Open Editions.

Canvas printing is also provided.

30 rosettes in 3D display frame

4 Coventry Road, Market Harborough,

Leicestershire LE16 9BX

Tel: 01858 461008





23a High Street, St. Martins,

Stamford, Lincolnshire PE9 2LF

Tel: 01780 481158 | Fax: 01780 764742


With more than sixty exhibitors, the centre

has a variety of antiques unmatched in

the surrounding area. Items range from

£5 to £5,000 and regular turnover of

stock frequently brings customers back

for more.

Proprietor Peter Light and his experienced

team are always on hand, happy to proffer

advice or buy your fine quality antiques.

New dealers are always welcome too. To

find out more give us a call, an email or

a visit.

Alternatively you can check

out our website:

Open Monday to Saturday

10am-5pm & Sunday 10:30am-5pm

Richard H. Plant MNAVA

Independent Auctioneer, Fine Art Valuer & Antiques Surveyor

With over 25 years’ experience in

the antiques, fine art and chattels

trade, Richard Plant is a freelance

independent auctioneer and valuer

who also acts as a consultant

for a leading provincial firm of


Richard was educated locally at

Stoneygate School and then at

Oakham School where his interest in

art developed. Richard picks up his

story: “After leaving school, I took up

a position with Warner Sheppard &

Wade in Leicester, a prominent firm of

auctioneers, estate agents and valuers.

There, under the guidance of my father,

T. Robert Plant, I gained experience in all

aspects of auctioneering and valuation

work. From 1995 until September 2003,

I was the director of Warner Auctions

Limited, in Leicester.

“I now frequently undertake work for

Our own individual quirks are

what make us different and for

many of us there’s a special item

that we’re somehow drawn to

collect. From vintage toys to

miniatures, football memorabilia

to stamps, many of us like to fill

our homes with items that catch

our eye.

It’s been well documented that having a hobby

brings with it added benefits, as they help to

keep our minds healthy and happy. Hobbies

come in all shapes and sizes, from reading to

painting, model making to creative writing, but

for some, their beloved hobby comes in the

form of collecting.

Our individual quirks are what make us

interesting and for many of us there’s a special

a number of leading firms of solicitors,

accountants and insurance brokers. I am

a member of the National Association of

Valuers and Auctioneers, and currently

Chairman of the long established

Leicester Antiques Society. I also act as an

adviser on furnishings and valuables to

The Dioceses of Coventry and Leicester.”

Based in Leicester, Richard covers a large

part of the East Midlands, although his

work has frequently taken me much

further afield. He works in London from

time to time and has appeared on BBC’s

‘Bargain Hunt’ and ‘East Midlands Today’,

as well as BBC Radio Leicester.

Richard said: “The services that I provide

are undertaken with the utmost

confidentiality. I prepare valuations for

the purposes of Insurance, Inheritance

Tax, Matrimonial Dispute and Family

Division, as well as for proposed sale by

auction or private treaty. Inventories are

usually prepared in duplicate on a roomby-room

basis or by category, depending

on what is required. Images can be

added when necessary, particularly

in support of insurance valuations. All

valuation work is supported with up-todate

reference and online auction prices.”

For more information, contact

Tel: 0116 2415401

Mobile: 07973 552467


item that we’re somehow drawn to collect.

Stamp collecting is considered to be one of the

world’s most popular hobbies and dates back

as far as stamps themselves. After the Penny

Black – Britain’s very first postage stamp – was

introduced in 1840, stamp collecting became

popular throughout the country and by 1860

had spread across the globe. Many stamps are

now collected for their historical importance

and geographical aspects, but stamps featuring

certain images, such as those of birds, ships or

monarchs have also proved to be very popular.

The differences between collectables

and antiques are very clear; an antique is

considered to be a valuable and collectable

item whose beauty and age, rarity and unique

features make it stand out amongst the crowd.

To be classed as an antique, an item must be

over 100-years-old, whilst the term collectable

is used to refer to those items that are under

100-years-old, but are seen to be the antiques

of the future.

In Britain our love for the past encompasses

pretty much everything; from classic cars and

vintage fashion to grand stately homes and

historic castles, we like to celebrate items from

times gone by. When it comes to furniture,

most of us would agree that an antique piece,

with its unique character, charm and stunning

craftsmanship, beats any modern-day item

hands down. If you’ve got an antique chair,

table or cabinet that’s looking unloved or a

little worse for wear, never attempt to repair it

yourself, you could do more harm than good,

instead you should always employ the services

GRB Collectables – for all your Collecting Needs

If you are looking to take up a hobby, building

up a collection of rare items – from stamps to

banknotes, coins and medals – could be just the

thing for you. Going from beginning to collect

a certain type of item to building up an entire

collection is something that can prove extremely

rewarding and fulfilling, providing a sense of


GRB Collectables are happy to set you on your

way, and also help those already well on the way

to completing collections. They exchange and sell

everything from postcards, cigarette cards, trade

cards, banknotes, coins, stamps to medals and

militaria. They also offer collecting accessories, such

as catalogues and albums. If you are new to collecting

Glyn Baker, the proprietor of GRB Collectables, is

extremely enthusiastic about helping you learn all you

need to about the world of collecting.

He said: “Collecting is such a fantastic hobby. Not only

does it give you something to do it helps you learn

so much about other cultures, monetary issues and

even world geography. It really expands your view of

the world. I began collecting when I was about eightyears-old

as my grandmother was a collector, then as

I got older – throughout my teenage years through

to getting married – it is something I neglected. It is

only in the 1970s that I re-established my interest in

of a reputable professional for everything,

including waxing and polishing.

Programmes like ‘Antiques Roadshow’, ‘Cash

in the Attic’ and ‘Bargain Hunt’ have made us

all take an interest in those ancient items that

are lurking around our own homes, at fairs,

auctions and carboot sales, but for those who

want to discover exquisite pieces, a visit to

Antiques For Everyone is a must.

Taking place at Birmingham’s NEC from 19th

to 22nd July, Antiques for Everyone is the most

popular prestige art and antiques fair of the

summer. With tens of thousands of desirable,

rare and unique works of art, fine furniture

and collector’s items from around the world,

it’s Britain’s largest vetted antiques fair and is

renowned for its huge range of exhibits.

From ancient Roman glass and Chinese

antiquities to fine selections of English and

European ceramics and period furniture,

you can find it all at Antiques For Everyone.

There’ll also be a wide selection of designer Art

Nouveau and Art Deco items, fine sculpture,

folk art, French and English dolls and toys,

Persian carpets, paintings, silver, jewellery,

lighting and, new for 2011, many mid-century

modern pieces from the post-war period –

an area increasingly popular with younger


Tickets are priced at £12 in advance or £15 on

the door, book yours or find out more at

collecting as I am someone who likes to keep busy

and not just be sitting on a bar stool. I eventually

started up GRB Collectables in 1992 after suffering an

industrial accident. We began by just selling stamps

and then various people began suggesting different

items for me to sell and the business just grew and

today we are one of the biggest collecting companies

in the southwest of England.

“We are set apart from other collecting companies

as we have such a variation of items, and the quality

of our items are very high and also I am very true to

my word – if I say that I am going to do something, I

will do it.”

GRB Collectables have a number of exciting events

coming up, on the 23rd and 24th of June they will be

in Axminster at the Axe Vale Festival from 10am to

4pm and on the 1st of July they will be in Reading at

the Reading Post and Cigarette card fair, from 10am to

4pm. They will also be at various events throughout

the rest of the year from Plymouth to Dorchester,

Exeter, Bournemouth, Weymouth, Yeovil and Cornwall.

The company is registered with the Postcard Traders

Association, as the association promotes fair and

ethical trading policies you can be sure that GRB

Collectables will offer a professional and courteous


For more information please visit, phone

01823 442692 or email



Please quote ‘ASP264’

when enquiring

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