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Everything you need to know about …and how it ... - Visual Hollywood

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…and how it relates to you

and the world around you.

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Movies Contain the

Essence of Being Human

Set in 1978, "Gracie" is an inspirational film about a teenage girl

who overcomes the loss of her brother and fights the odds to

achieve her dream of playing competitive soccer at a time when

girls' soccer did not exist. Based on true events from the lives of

the Shue family (producer and co-star Andrew Shue, and actress

Elisabeth Shue), the film is directed by Academy Award®winning

director Davis Guggenheim ("An Inconvenient Truth"),

who happens to be part of the family as well, being married to

Elisabeth Shue. The film also features a terrific 1970's

soundtrack including classic songs from Boston, Blondie, Aretha

Franklin, and the Boss, Bruce Springsteen).


The Cinematic Arts Have the

Power to Transform

Elisabeth Shue, Carly Schroeder, and

Dermot Mulroney


Our Artists Are

Our Liberators













(Grace Bowen)

Recently, Schroeder completed

work in the independent film Prey,

directed by Darrell Roodt and

shot in South Africa. She has also

finished a starring role in the

independent feature Eye of the

Dolphin, written and directed by

Michael Sellers.

Schroeder was most recently

seen in Richard Loncraine’s,

Firewall for Warner Brothers

Studios playing the daughter of

Harrison Ford and Virginia

Madsen’s character; she is taken

hostage in order for the

kidnappers to blackmail Ford.

Actors are

Liberators Unaware



(Lindsay Bowen)

Elisabeth Shue was honored with

an Academy Award® nomination for

her performance in Mike Figgis’s

Leaving Las Vegas, Shue most

recently starred in Dreamer

opposite Kurt Russell and Dakota


Her list of film credits includes Hide

and Seek Mysterious Skin, Hollow

Man, Molly, Cousin Bette, Palmetto,

Deconstructing Harry, The Saint,

The Trigger, Heart and Souls, Back

to the Future, Parts II & III, Cocktail,

Adventures in Babysitting, The

Karate Kid.

Actors help us: laugh, be happy, cry, get angry,

and even think. Can there be any better gifts?


Filmmakers are Revolutionaries,

Not Just Entertainers

Andrew Shue, with

director Davis



Davis Guggenheim was the director and executive producer of

the Academy Award®-winning feature film documentary An

Inconvenient Truth with former Vice President, Al Gore. He was

producer and director of the Emmy Award-winning HBO series

Deadwood. His television directing credits include the pilot of the

CBS show The Unit as well as episodes of Numbers, The Shield,

Alias, 24, and such critically acclaimed programs as NYPD Blue,

ER, and Party of Five. He was an Executive Producer of Training

Day and director of the film Gossip for Warner Brothers.


Movie Making is the Convergence

of Many Talents and Art Forms

The film was inspired by events in the lives of

the Shue family. Elisabeth Shue played a role

inspired by her mother, Andrew Shue

produced the film and had a small role,

younger brother John Shue helped raised the

finances, and it was directed by Davis

Guggenheim, Elisabeth's husband.

Although the film was motivated by the

family's history, Elisabeth Shue, the

inspiration for the film's title character,

actually quit soccer as a teenager:

“The movie is really what would have

happened if I hadn’t quit. I quit because of

what people would think of me. The pressure

from the boys. The awkward development of

my body. I really, really regret it. I wish I’d

been brave enough.”


Stories are


Living in South Orange, New Jersey, 15 year old Gracie Bowen

(Carly Schroeder) is the only girl in a family of three brothers. Their

family life revolves almost entirely around soccer: her father

(Dermot Mulroney) and brothers are obsessed with the sport,

practicing in the backyard's makeshift field every day from morning

until night.


All Kids are Born Artistic

What is Natural is Essential

Tragedy unexpectedly strikes

when Gracie's older brother

Johnny (Jesse Lee Soffer), star of

the high school varsity soccer

team (and a character based on

the Shue's older brother William,

who was captain of the Columbia

High School soccer team that won

the New Jersey state

championship in 1978), is killed in

a car accident.


Stories Embody the

Essence of Being Human

Struggling with grief over her family's loss, Gracie decides to fill

the void left on her brother's team by petitioning the school board

to allow her to play on the boy's high school varsity soccer team

in his place. Her father, a former soccer star himself, tries to prove

to Gracie that she is not tough enough or talented enough to play

with boys.


Cinematic Story Telling is a

Profoundly Humanizing endeavor.

Her mother, Lindsey Bowen (Elisabeth Shue) already an outsider in

the sports-obsessed family, is no help either. Undeterred, Gracie

finds reserves of strength she never knew existed, and persists in

changing everyone's beliefs in what she is capable of, including her



Film making is a

Community Event.

Gracie not only forces her father

to wake up from his grief and

see her as the beautiful and

strong person that she has

always been but she also brings

her family together in the face of

their tragedy.


Free Artistic Expression is

a Mark of a Free Society

Heavy with tidy meaning and

mealy morality

--Michelle Orange, Village Voice

Plays out like an extended

television commercial

--Ed Gonzalez, Slant Magazine

Two stars out of four

--Christy Lemire, AP Movie Critic

Gracie Can't Bend It: Teenage girl

soccer star defies all obstacles to


--Kelly Vance, East Bay Express

FILM REVIEW by david bruce


Art is the Language

of Liberation

Re-Thinking Life

Elisabeth Shue, the inspiration for the film's title

character, says: “The movie is really what would

have happened if I hadn’t quit (the team). I quit

because of what people would think of me. The

pressure from the boys. The awkward

development of my body. I really, really regret it.

I wish I’d been brave enough.”

This is a “what would happened if…” story.

Elisabeth Shue imagines a what if scenario! We

all do this. Of course the problem is that,

although “Life can only be understood

backwards …it must be lived forwards (Soren

Kierkegaard).” Therefore, as Kierkegaard,

states: “Be that self which one truly is.” Never




Moving from being on

the side lines as a girl

cheerleader to being a

team player on an all

boy’s team isn’t easy:

“There is nothing with

which every man is so

afraid as getting to

know how enormously

much he is capable of

doing and


--Soren Kierkegaard

Society is only as free as its arts.

Art is the voice of human freedom.


Art is a

Liberating Force


“To dare is to lose one's

footing momentarily. Not

to dare is to lose


--Soren Kierkegaard


To Restrict Creativity is to Restrict

the very Nature of the Creator

"The meaning of life is the most urgent of

questions" --Albert Camus (Existentialist thinker).

In “Movies and the Meaning of Life” author Kimberly

Blessing points out that movies can help us reflect

on five of life’s most important questions:

1) What is reality and how can I know it?

2) How can I find my true identity?

3) What the significance of my interactions with


4) What’s the point of my life?

5) How ought I to live my life?

The idea behind Visual Hollywood is that Movies can

and must play an essential role helping us explore

the meaning of our existence and our life together.

No other quest is more necessary or important.

Movies are powerful. Movies bring personal

meaning, and can contribute to a peaceful world.

Cinematic story telling can be a transforming event.

Visual Hollywood takes

an existential approach

to life. We celebrate

with human freedom.

We use movies and the

arts as a means of

understanding the

human condition and

our collective relation

to the world around us.

Our basic quest is:

1. To know what it

means to be human in

the world.

2. The pursuit of human


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