Upgrade YoUr TV To A SmarT TV - Etisalat


Upgrade YoUr TV To A SmarT TV - Etisalat

Upgrade YoUr TV

To a SmarT TV

LG Smart tV UpGrader ST600

Upgrade YoUr TV

tO a Smart tV!

Why Do

you neeD a

SmarT TV



Introducing the Lg Smart TV Upgrader, a tiny box that

turns any High definition (Hd) TV having an available

HdMI connection into a Smart TV. Finally you can enjoy

wonderful Lg Smart TV features such as Video-ondemand

services, Lg apps, and Full Web Browsing at a

highly affordable price. It’s the easiest way to make your

existing Hd TV smarter.

St600 iS the SmarteSt way tO

make yOUr tV Smart!

I want to enjoy all the Smart TV functions on

my current Hd TV without buying a new connected

Smart TV.

I want to surf the web on my big screen Hd TV!

I want to enjoy various online content and apps

on my current Hd TV with my friends and family!

*Works with all brand TVs with an HdMI connection.

LG Smart TV Upgrader St600



eaSy inStaLLatiOn

There is nothing complicated about upgrading your

current Hd TV to a smart TV. Simply connect your current

Hd TV to the ST600 with an HdMI cable, to the Internet,

and to the power socket, and you are ready to dive into the

world of smart entertainment. Smarten up any Hd TV and

enjoy various content and apps with the Lg Smart TV


LG SmarT TV UpGrader 4 | 5


Launcher Bar

* Works with all brand TVs with an HdmI connection.

the eaSieSt way tO

make yOUr hd tV Smart!

With easy installation and a simple user interface, the Lg Smart TV

Upgrader provides the easiest and smartest way to enjoy smart

entertainment on your existing Hd TV.

hOme daShbOard with SimpLe Ui

Browse premium content, explore a multitude of apps, and

select one of your favorite menus - all from a single screen.

The Home dashboard is the main menu for Lg’s Smart TV,

which is conveniently designed to maximize the user

experience, while giving you simple access to everything you





LG remOte

SUrF the web

On yOUr tV!

Your smart phone can become a versatile remote control

that will help you easily browse through content and

search for information. Simply download the “Lg

remote” application and you can control the Lg

ST600 Smart Upgrader using your existing iphone/

ipod or android phone.

Browse the Internet whenever you want on your current Hd TV without

having to connect your pC to the Hd TV. With the Lg ST600

Smart Upgrader, your Hd TV becomes your personal web browsing


FULL web brOwSinG

The Web Browser is a feature that enables you to

enjoy web surfing on your current Hd TV. Search the

Internet whenever you want by simply clicking the ‘+’

button on the Web Browser menu on the Home

dashboard and access web content.

* Internet connection required to access broadband content.



LG SmarT TV UpGrader 6 | 7


FUn entertainment!

LG appS OFFerS an abUndance OF FUn

enjoy a full range of quality lifestyle applications and interactive games designed

for individual and family entertainment. You can immediately access the store on

screen and easily download from a rich selection of applications. Customize your

Home dashboard with your choice of apps and directly access them whenever

you like.

* availability of services may vary by time and location. all screen images are simulated.

* The LG app Store will be updated automatically with Network Software Update.

The Lg Smart TV Upgrader offers a rich collection of apps that enable

you to conveniently enjoy various media content on your TV.

premiUm cOntent iS JUSt a cLick away

experience a collection of popular Vod and Mod services through the premium

Content menu, which is a premium service that selects and categorizes only the

most popular and useful content among a myriads of apps. premium content is

just a click away!

* availability of services may vary by time and location. all screen images are simulated.

* Internet connection required to access broadband content.





LG SmarT TV UpGrader 8 | 9

yOUr LiFe becOmeS Smarter

with Smart Share!


Memory Tablet





Smart Share FOr cOnVenient cOntent SharinG

Wirelessly access the content stored on your computers, network attached and USB

connected hard disk drives, and other digital devices, including tablets/pads, cameras,

and mobile phones that are connected to the same network, and bring them to your

home’s largest screen with a simple click. With the “Smart Share” feature, free yourself

from complicated set-ups and cable connections and enjoy endless media streaming

through dLNa.

playing your favorite music and movie files, and viewing a family photo

album on your TV is now easy with Smart Share.

acceSS cOntent inFOrmatiOn with media Link

Smart Share’s Media Link is a convenient service that provides detailed

information of the entertainment content that is stored on your digital devices by

automatically searching the filename on the web. The pC-to-TV content sharing

with auto info search via the Media Link displays plot summary, casts, director,

viewer ratings, and other related information are displayed instantly.

* powered by pLeX

* Some content will be provided in english



eLife on Web

elife onWeb includes 1000s of hours

of videos from a great selection of

providers, top quality premium

content offerings, movies, and more

fresh content added all the time.


Share Your photos with Friends

and Family via picasa Web



Viewster offers an attractive choice

of up-to-date feature films, series

and film star interviews, all viewable

from your Lg Smart TV Upgrader.

premiUm cOntent SerVice


* availability of services may vary by time and location.

* please refer to the web site of each service provider for more detailed information.

LG SmarT TV UpGrader 10 | 11


ST600 allows you to access

YouTube, the No.1 video UCC

sharing website. You can access

Youtube, search and play the

contents in full screen.


accuWeather is an media

company that provides for

profit weather forecasting services



vTuner is your guide to Internet

streamed media. The vTuner

platform connects your Smart

Tv Upgrader to the wide world

of streamed music.


Video games, movies, TV, tech...

there’s lots to like. Join host david

rodriguez as he obsesses over the

latest in gadgets and entertainment.

Fear no SporTS

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blender. get your heart pumping

and cringe, laugh or both.

The WInDoW ChanneL

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create relaxing environs

that whisk you away from the

day-to-day. Captivate your mind

& engage your senses.

X-Treme VIDeo

X-Treme Video presents the

best in extreme sports entertainment

spanning watersports,

streetsports, off-road sports,

aerial sports and more.

The SaILIng ChanneL

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the adventure and romance of

sailing. Unforgettable getaways,

nautical history and sailing personalities.


Film Chest is your home for

eccentric entertainment. Cult

faves, sci-fi, horror, mystery, film

noir, musicals and more! Uncut

and pure fun!

hoLLyWooD InSIDer

Catch the latest movie previews,

reviews and actor interviews – a

weekly update on Hollywood

movies and celebrities.

amerICan perFormanCe TV

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you the best water sports action

including superboat racing, competition

history, watercraft buying

and more.

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