Inside Out Script - Beaty Nation | Arbonne | Pure and Safe Health

Inside Out Script - Beaty Nation | Arbonne | Pure and Safe Health

Inside Out Wellness Workshop SCRIPT


1. Bring a small amount of product, you want this business to look simple and you want it to


Bring: 1 Re9 set with neck cream sample

FC5 Sample

1 Fit Kit – including Digestion Plus packet


Sea Salt Scrub

Put Gold Re9 bag ,and Blue Fit Kit on the table

Catalogs- BEFORE and AFTER Pics of RE9 and Wellness

Order Forms- Profile cards

Calculator- Your Calendar

“Arbonnize Your Home “Flyer

Client Profile cards/sheets

Host gift – usually a salt scrub

“Is Arbonne Right for you” Sheets to send home with potential Business Builders

“Set yourself up to Win” CLOSE SHEETS

2. Get to know guests as they arrive so that they relate to you. Ask them questions about

themselves. Do Sea Salt Scrub hand treatments at the sink and serve Detox Tea( I like to put

a slice of orange or lemon and a little honey)


1. Start within 20 minutes of scheduled start time. You don’t want people to have to leave

early and not place orders.

2. Host thanks everyone for coming and introduces the business builder and also shares her

favorite Arbonne product

Tape onto the back of PAGE 1: say on Page 2


“Thanks so much for hosting a Wellness Workshop ______. Isn’t it fun to have a night out

with friends? Before we get started…Let’s quickly go around the room and answer this

question. If I could grant one wish for your skin or health what would it be? I’ll go first, I’d

like to lose another 10 lbs and tighten up my buns( hehe)…how about you Host Name ?

How about you guys? Go around the room and let them answer Tonight, I want you to take

away two things…#1 What you put on your body and in your body may affect how fast and

how well you age. Arbonne products are different from anything else and can make a huge

difference to your health.

Tape onto page 2:say on page 3

“And #2 - how people are building shopping businesses with this company. We build our

business with those two small bags and one message. Tonight I’m sitting here with 5 of you,

but sometimes I meet people at Starbucks and share the same thing myself or with our DVD.

It’s very simple.

Later you’ll get to try what’s in the gold bag and the blue bag, and I promise you’ll hear

information you’ve never heard before. But first I want to share why I started with


Tape onto Page 3: say on page 4

Share your 2 minute story of why you’re using the products AND building a business (both

are key to relate to both types of people in your audience)

Tape onto page 4 :say on page 5

Pass out “Arbonnize Your Home” flyer

“I want to help you find safer, more effective alternatives to what you already buy. Most

people aren’t aware of the low-level toxins in their everyday products, or they settle for skin

care or makeup that’s average. Fact: The average woman applies 515 chemicals to her

face a day - makeup, perfume, skin care, lotions, other beauty products all contribute

to toxins that cause health problems. [refer to article: The Chemical Burden}

Look over this sheet and circle every product on the left that you already buy. Many people

use our “I want it all” set to get 50% off and replace their products once they hear this


Tape onto page 5: Say on page 6 LEFT RIGHT GAME

First of all, it’s important for you to understand what sets Arbonne apart from all other

products in the marketplace, so what do you say we play a little game? I’ve got a product

here that you can take home tonight if you are the winner. Here’s how the game works: I’m

going to read the Arbonne story and each time I say the word “left”, pass the product to

your left. And each time I say the word “right”, pass the product to the right.

The person holding the product at the end of the story, wins the prize… so you’ll want to

listen carefully.

Arbonne’s philosophy is to provide pure, safe and beneficial products. Arbonne products

combine the best of nature and science, using the purest and finest ingredients that perform

to get the RIGHT results. Each formulation undergoes extensive voluntary testing in

independent labs to ensure safety.

Tape onto page 6: say on page 7 BENEFICIAL MEANS THEY actually WORK

RIGHT next to pure and safe is Arbonne’s 3rd claim---beneficial. Our proprietary formulas

deliver unparalleled performance. It’s just not RIGHT to spend money on products that

don’t work, RIGHT?

Tape onto PAGE 7:say on page 8 THE ARBONNE DIFFERENCE 31years ago our founder Petter

Mork knew that most products being "LEFT" on people's skin were not the healthiest for them. Our skin is the largest

organ of the body that protects all the other organs. Ingredients LEFT on the skin get absorbed into the blood stream.

You might be asking yourself what are the ingredients that should be "LEFT" OFF of our skin? That is a good question!

For starters, a common ingredient in most skin care is MINERAL OIL which is simply highly refined crude oil. First, it

creates a barrier on your skin that does NOT allow ingredients to be absorbed. That barrier does not allow toxins to be

released from the skin either. That's just not RIGHT! Secondly, mineral oil dehydrates skin by pulling water and

moisture RIGHT from the bottom layers where skin is regenerating. Signs at marathons warn runners against using

products containing mineral oil before a race because of dehydration.

Using mineral oil on the skin is similar to covering your skin in plastic wrap! So be sure mineral oil and petroleumbased

products are never "LEFT" on your skin! Go home tonight and check your labels! You will be amazed!

ARTIFICIAL COLORS AND FRAGRANCES have no purpose being "LEFT" on the skin either. Soaps,

shampoos and body washes are drying to the skin and leave scum on the surface layer, just like on the bathtub, and can

strip the skin of its precious acid mantle and natural moisture. The "RIGHT" pH would match the acid mantle of the

skin which functions best at a pH of 5.5 to 6.5. When the acid mantle is preserved it acts like a bug zapper to germs and

bacteria. All of Arbonne’s products are formulated to match our skin’s acid mantle. We call that pH correct, or should

we say, pH "RIGHT"?

Last but not least, let’s talk about ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS. Did you know the most prestigious cosmetic

companies in this country purchase ingredients from Rendering Plants? Who knows what a rendering plant is? These

are collection centers for animal "LEFT" -over parts and old restaurant grease. Cosmetic companies use the rendered,

greasy by-products for lipstick, eye make-up, foundation, facial creams and soaps. These are all ingredients that are not

“RIGHT” for the skin, and you won’t find them in any of our products. The guest who is left holding the prize is the


Tape onto page 8 : say on page 9 HAND OUT THE CATALOGS

7.) Re9 ADVANCED “Turn to page ____These little orange bottles are Arbonne’s best-selling product line. Re9 gives

visible results in 24 hours…. 90% of the skin’s aging is preventable and a lot of damage can be repaired. Wouldn’t you

like to prevent up to 90% of your skin’s aging?

RE9 is very concentrated so you need very little, the purer the product the less you need

Remember everyone who shops Arbonne shops at 20% off, 50% off or 80% off, so there’s no need

to shop catalog prices. Let me quickly show you the individual products

Demo the Toner, Serum, Eye Cream and Day Cream…Hold up each product and say

RE9 Cleanser: First of all, you don’t want your skin to feel squeaky clean. That means you stripped it. This cleanses

without stripping or drying your skin and removes your eye makeup too.

RE9 Toner: You can spray this toner directly onto you face, like I do, or you can use with a cotton pad. Does anyone

know why you don’t want to use cotton balls? You will run out of your product twice as fast. This toner will help

minimize pores. Doesn’t that smell fresh?

RE9 Serum: The serum is the magic product. Your skin will drink it in and it will jumpstart the metabolism of your

skin. The alpha hydroxy acids breakdown the glue that holds dead skin cells together so your skin is prepared to absorb

moisture (which is your next step and so important to anti-aging). It’s scientifically proven to diminish the appearance

of lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

Tape onto PAGE 9: say on page 10 RE9

RE9 Eye Cream: Do you ever wonder why companies make eye creams , neck creams and body creams…why all the

different creams? Skin has different thicknesses in different areas.. the body and neck is like cardboard the facial skin is

like stationary but the eye skin is like tissue paper. Eyes are one of the first places people show aging, so you should

start a good eye cream in your 20s for prevention. (put some on their ring finger and have them pat it around their eye

area. It feels moist but not greasy doesn’t it?

RE9 Day Cream: Almost EVERYONE uses moisturizer. Ours has an SPF of 20! This is an easy way to give your face

a vitamin treatment in 5 seconds. This day cream protects from sun damage, while pouring anti-oxidants into your skin

and body.

RE9 Night Cream: Do you all know what happens in your body while you sleep? Your body repairs its cells. At least

the best it can with whatever you give it. The same happens with our skin. This night cream repairs cell damage from

the day, which is why it’s called our Repair Night Cream. It is not heavy and is another critical anti-aging product. You

HAVE to use a good night cream, especially if you have really dry OR really oily skin. A bad night cream (or no night

cream) can contribute to overly dry, overly oily or acne prone skin!

This line retails for $323 which is a huge value considering the level of product. You can get it as part of the” I want it

all” set and save 50% .

Pass around Before and After RE9 Advanced Pictures

We also have a line for skin that’s not quite ready for anti-aging or is sensitive, FC5 is ½ the steps at ½ the price check

it out on page _____.

Tape onto PAGE 10: say on page 11 Fit Essentials

Is anyone interested in losing a few pounds? How about having more energy? This blue bag

contains Arbonne’s cutting edge nutritional products. Turn to page _____in the catalog.

Did you know... our genetics account for only 10% of body appearance and overall health,

training/exercise are only 10%, but nutrition accounts for 80% of our results.

Tape onto PAGE 11:say on page 12 FIT ESSENTIALS

The average American consumes 2-3 pounds of sugar a week, that’s 135lbs a year!

Sugar is an anti-nutrient that may accelerate the aging process and cause inflammatory illnesses.

This blue bag contains Arbonne’s Fit Essentials – What every body needs. Fit Essentials are

certified-VEGAN and Gluten free. Whether you want to get healthy or stay healthy, these products

have been life changing for so many. This is Mark Larson from Nashville TN . Mark had been

overweight all of his adult life until using Arbonne’s nutritionals.

You tasted Detox Tea when you arrived, it’s a simple way to help eliminate toxins. Detox Tea

contains herbs including Milk Thistle, which help to detox the liver and kidneys. Now we’re going

to taste Arbonne’s protein shake made with pea, cranberry and rice protein.

Fizz Tabs are one of my personal favorites they help eliminate water retention. They give you

calm energy and curb appetite. They have as much anti-oxidant as 3-4 cups of green tea. Fizz tabs

are just 10 calories each, and like all Arbonne nutritionals have no artificial sweeteners flavors or

colors. Some energy drinks give you the shakes and have tons of artificial ingredients.

Fit chews are a delicious treat when you are craving something chewy and sweet. They are

sweetened with Brown Rice Syrup. Fiber booster helps you to feel full and really gets you moving.

….If you know what I mean.

All of these items come in a 30 Day Fit Kit and you can get it for 50% off in your “I want it all” set.

Lastly something I will never be without again and in fact was paying more for a similar product

from another company. Arbonne amazing Digestion Plus. Digestion plus is a preboitic, probiotic

and digestive enzyme. It helps you digest your food and gives you a healthy colon. I had

significant heartburn issues until I became faithful to a digestive enzyme and probiotic.

As Dr. Michael McCann, MD, physician and researcher, puts it, “Probiotics will be to medicine in

the twenty-first century as antibiotics and microbiology were in the twentieth century.”

Let me say that again….As Dr. Michael McCann, MD, physician and researcher, puts it,

“Probiotics will be to medicine in the twenty-first century as antibiotics and microbiology were in

the twentieth century.” That’s a powerful statement isn’t it?

GIVE your own short person testimony about one of the products.

Tape onto PAGE 12: say on page 13

THE ARBONNE OPPRTUNITY (Share briefly about the business.)

“Before I wrap up, I want to mention that many people are looking for additional income, but they

need flexibility. You can earn money right away with Arbonne; one thing I love about this

company is that you will find people with all different goals, backgrounds and lifestyles involved.

Some people get involved to earn their products, while others get involved to change lives. Just

think about helping someone solve a serious health problem through nutrition. What would it mean

to your family if you could earn an extra $200-400 next month? The average incomes range from a

couple of hundred dollars a month, to income replacing amounts at the top of the 4 levels of

management/ (share your level and what it’s done for you if applicable).

You can build your business in groups like this, or through coffee appointments, but the end

goal is an online shopping network where you teach people how to redirect their money, shop,

and reorder online. With Arbonne, we have more people at the top levels than any other NWM

company, so it’s proven to work. “

Tape onto PAGE 13: say on page 14


What was the most interesting thing you learned today? – optional question to end presentation

I want to close with 3ways you can get win with Arbonne

1. Shop our catalog. As a client you can get pure, safe products that work.

2. Shop at 20% off year round. As a Preferred Client, you save between 20%-80% off our catalog prices from day


3. Build a business using our system for success. Arbonne intends to be the largest, global, skin care success story

and we hope that you will join us.

“Thank you so much for coming tonight. Pass out “Set yourself up to win” Document Here are our most popular deals

….you can get everything we talked about tonight Anti Aging and Wellness at ½ price, or you can get a great deal on

just the basics. I will be taking orders and everything you purchase will benefit (host name). I would love to meet

quickly with each of you to answer questions and help you find specials that fit your budget. I’ll start with Jennifer here

unless someone else needs to leave first?”

Close: Use the “Set Yourself Up to Win” document to discuss buying options: Relate the options to the products

they’re interested in. Show them how to get the rest of the products they want at 80% off by hosting a workshop.



*REMEMBER if people aren’t ready to switch their skin care that night, then let them try the skin care in their homes within the next

2 weeks. (set up an RE9 set drop off) Don’t give them a sample there, tell them you’ll contact them later.

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