Touchstone Autumn 2013 - Cerebral Palsy League

Touchstone Autumn 2013 - Cerebral Palsy League

VOLUME 9 Autumn 2013

Human spirit

rises above the

flood waters

the NDIS for


Meet our Youth


Mylestones employment

expands across


Simulation makes

learning come alivE



cutting edge






2 Cutting edge

Better Start for children

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Under Better Start,

children under the age

of six will receive up

to $12,000 in Federal

Government funding

and those 13 years and

under will be eligible for

Medicare rebates. Eligible

disabilities under Better

Start include:

Cerebral palsy

• Sight impairments

• Hearing impairments

• Down syndrome

• Fragile X syndrome

• Prader Willi

• Williams

• Angelman

• Kabuki

• Smith-Magenis


• Cornelia de Lange

• Cri du Chat syndromes

• Microcephaly

Cerebral Palsy League

helps announce a Better Start for children

In November 2012, Senator Jan

McLucas – the Parliamentary

Secretary for Disabilities and

Carers – made a special visit to

the Cerebral Palsy League’s New

Farm office to formally announce

the expansion of the Federal

Government’s Better Start for

Children with Disability.

Better Start provides families

with up to $12,000 to access

early intervention therapies,

and from 1 January 2013, more

children than ever before are

now eligible for the program.

Cerebral Palsy League CEO

Angela Tillmanns said the

Cerebral Palsy League was proud

to be a Better Start provider,

enabling children with disability

to access vital early intervention

therapies and equipment.

“Expanding the eligibility criteria

for the Better Start program

means that more Australian

children with disability can

access life-changing early

intervention services,” she said.

Senator McLucas said another

1,200 children would now have

access to the Better Start


“Better Start gives parents the

financial assistance they need to

access services that can make a

real difference in their children’s

lives,” Senator McLucas said.

For more information about

the Better Start program,

please contact the

Cerebral Palsy League on

1800 CPL QLD (1800 275 753).

Photo: Frank and Kathy Egyed with

daughter, Sophie, Senator McLucas, Claire

Gutke with daughter, Hannah, at the

Better Start announcement held at the

Cerebral Palsy League New Farm office

Front cover photo: Some of the Screech

cast and crew (from left) Actor Amy

Lawrence, Volunteer Katie Farr, Support

Worker Martina Cross and Actor Dale


2 Touchstone Autumn 2013

Touchstone Autumn 2013


What's New

Meet our Youth


Now and again you meet

someone inspirational: someone

whose approach to life makes

you feel determined to make the

most of your own.

The Cerebral Palsy League has

just appointed six such young

people who have inspired us with

their determination to live life to

its full potential as our inaugural

Youth Ambassadors for 2013.

The Ambassadors were formally

introduced at the Supporters’

Soiree on 10 December 2012.

Angela Tillmanns said the group

of young people were selected

because they represented our

vision of an inclusive society for

all people, and because they

proudly validated that having

cerebral palsy did not have to be

a barrier to leading a fulfilling life.

“As young people living with

cerebral palsy, their stories will

serve as an inspiration to many

others,” Angela said.

“Ambassadors are very

important to the Cerebral Palsy

League, playing a vital role in

building understanding about

cerebral palsy, helping to raise

funds for the organisation and

its clients and raising awareness

of the work we do in schools,

homes and communities across

Queensland,” she said.

“In return, we hope to enrich

their lives through participation

in the program. In particular,

we hope it will assist them to

prepare for a successful future in

their chosen field, perhaps even

as a public figure.”

“I’m really honoured to be a

Youth Ambassador; I think this

is an incredible opportunity

to show people that cerebral

palsy is not a limitation and that

people with cerebral palsy can

still do incredible things,” said

18 year old Youth Ambassador

Rachael Dodds.

The Ambassador role includes

participating in media interviews,

speaking at or attending special

events and sharing their personal


The newly appointed

Ambassadors recently prepared

for their new roles with a oneday

media training session at

the Cerebral Palsy League’s New

Farm office.

Meet our Youth Ambassadors

Rowan Crothers, 15

National swimming record holder,

Australian swim team member and

aspiring Paralympian

Bridie McKim, 15

Queensland Theatre Company Youth

actor participant and aspiring actor

Jarrod Larkins-Law, 19

Australian Paralympic Footballer

Rachael Dodds, 18

Australian Paralympic Athlete and

university student

Rob Christie, 15

Australian Paralympic Footballer

Jared Eiby, 21

Australian Paralympic Footballer

Photo (top left): Cerebral

Palsy League Youth

Ambassadors (back L-R)

Bridie McKim, Jarrod

Eiby, Rowan Crothers,

Robbie Christie, Jared

Larkins-Law with CPL

Board Director Simone

Fraser (front)

Photo (bottom): Youth

Ambassador and

Paralympian Rachael


Greater understanding of the rates,

risk factors and characteristics

of cerebral palsy is a step closer

thanks to the release of the most

comprehensive research report into

cerebral palsy in Queensland.

The report, released in late

December 2012 by the Queensland

Cerebral Palsy Register, details

distribution, classification, severity

and known risk factors for people

in Queensland with cerebral palsy,

extracted from data spanning a


According to Queensland Cerebral

Palsy Register Manager, Michael

deLacey, the report is the most

comprehensive ever produced into

cerebral palsy in Queensland, laying

a solid foundation for important

future research.

“This report is the first of its kind in

Queensland and is based on data

from Queenslanders with cerebral

palsy born between 1 January 1996

and 31 December 2005.

What's New

QLD cerebral palsy data

lays path for future research

key findings

• 57% of all children with

cerebral palsy were male

• 49.1% of all children with

cerebral palsy were born

pre-term. Children who

were born before 28 weeks

had 33 times the rate of

cerebral palsy compared

to children who were born

between 37 and 41 weeks

• 46.4% of all children with

cerebral palsy were born

with a birth weight less than

2500g. Children who were

born with a birth weight

Risk factors

• The rate of cerebral palsy in

Queensland is 1.6 per 1,000

live births

• 83% had spastic motor type

cerebral palsy

• 55% were able to walk

independently and manage

stairs and rough surfaces

• 28% could not walk

functionally or would not

walk at all

“It provides valuable insights into

rates, risk factors and characteristics

of cerebral palsy, allowing us to

make sense of how cerebral palsy

is being presented in children and

enabling us to predict what services

they will require in the future.”

CEO of the Cerebral Palsy League

Angela Tillmanns welcomed the

report and explained the vital need

for research to better understand

the condition.

“Every 14 hours a child is born who

will be diagnosed with cerebral

palsy,” she said.

“Currently there is no cure or prebirth

test, but through initiatives

such as the Queensland Cerebral

Palsy Register we can better

work with researchers and health

practitioners to plan and deliver the

support that people with cerebral

palsy need,” Angela said.

of less than 1500g had 32

times the rate of cerebral

palsy compared to children

who were born weighing

more than 2500g

• 5.7% of children with

cerebral palsy were from a

multiple birth

• 6.0% of children with

cerebral palsy were born

to mothers who identified

as Aboriginal or both

Aboriginal and Torres Strait


• 13% had some hearing

impairment with 3.1% being

bilaterally deaf

• 30% had epilepsy by five

years of age

• 39.3% had no/will probably

have no intellectual


• 31.4% had moderate

to severe intellectual


4 Touchstone Autumn 2013

Touchstone Autumn 2013



special feature

Have wheelchair, will travel

Are you planning a holiday,

wheelchair included? If so, make

sure you check out this amazing


Established by a Sydney-based

mum, an ex-travel agent with

a son with cerebral palsy, the

site provides a host of top tips

for travelling with a wheelchair,

including information about car

hire, airlines, and destinations in

Australia and the USA.

Queensland Boccia is looking for new players

Boccia is an indoor bowling

game, similar to lawn bowls,

perfect for players of all ages

and all abilities, from social

through to Paralympic levels.

Queensland Boccia is looking

for new players and run local

programs in Brisbane, Mackay,

Rockhampton and Townsville.

‘Come and try days’ are free, and

ongoing costs include a season

Finding vacation care for children

with disability that can also

provide care for their siblings is

rare. Parents often end up with

multiple child care solutions, drop

offs and pickups.

fee of $60 (15 games of Boccia)

and an annual membership fee

of $22 to the Sporting Wheelies

& Disabled Association.

To find out more, please contact

Julie Lyons on 0401 999 822 or

at or

Anne Marshall Boccia

Development Coordinator on

0424 238 031 or at

dance classes for people with disability

Dance is a universal language, and

Brisbane’s Bust A Move studio

runs hip hop dance classes for

people with disability.

Each week, classes focus on

flexibility, coordination, timing and

memory. Students work towards

an end of term performance

where they showcase their hard


Classes run weekly in Brisbane’s

CBD and at Kenmore Hills and

cost $10-$12. To find out more,


or contact Ali Phillips on

0435 757 629.

The Cerebral Palsy League offers

vacation care programs for

children with disability and their

siblings in a range of locations

around Queensland.

Jam-packed with fun and

activities, our vacation care

programs in Southport, Mackenzie

in Brisbane, Kirwan, Rockhampton

and Toowoomba are now taking

bookings for the Easter school


Our programs are open to

children with any disability

and staff are fully-trained and

dedicated to providing your

children with a happy, safe and

caring environment.

Save money on

mobility equipment

For a short time, Mylestones

Mobility has a collection of brand

new, heavily discounted demo

mobility equipment for adults

and children including walkers,

wheelchairs, shower products

and standing frames, starting

from just $100.

Just call Mylestones Mobility

today on 07 3256 2325 to chat

to our friendly team or email To

browse the full range, visit, click on the

services button and follow the

equipment links.

Vacation care for children with disability and their siblings

Madeline and Claudia Tomic love

Cerebral Palsy League’s vacation

care program

To find out more, or to book a

spot (limited availability), please


• Gold Coast – Rebecca

Cunneen – 07 5537 4766 or

• Toowoomba – Noela Jeffries

– 07 4688 9400 or

• Mackenzie – Sandy

Paterson – 0413 201 108 or

• Rockhampton – Amanda

Potts – 07 4927 5655 or

0407 788 802 or at

• Kirwan – Camille Evans –

or 07 4799 9600 or

0427 202 351 or at

The NDIS for Queensland:

history in the making

On 12 December 2012,

Queensland Premier Campbell

Newman chose the Cerebral

Palsy League’s Windsor office

to formally announce his

Government’s commitment to

the National Disability Insurance

Scheme (NDIS).

Visiting our Windsor service

with Treasurer Tim Nicholls

and Disability Services Minister

Tracy Davis, Premier Newman

announced he had written to the

Prime Minister with a clear plan

to fund the NDIS in Queensland.

Cerebral Palsy League CEO

Angela Tillmanns said it

was a historic day for all


“It means that people with

disability have hope,” she said.

“They have hope that they will

be able to get a shower every

day, they will be able to have

three meals a day. This is how

important this investment is.

“This will bring us up to the

national average and we’ve been

lobbying government about that

for a number of years,” she said.

Premier Newman said the

additional $868 million by

2018-19 to bring the total State

government NDIS funding

commitment to $1.77 billion

by 2018-19 is the largest single

increase in disability funding

Australia has ever seen.

Minister Davis said Queensland

would work with the

Commonwealth Government

to develop a detailed

implementation plan by

December 2014 and work with

the disability sector to ensure

the NDIS is fully operational in

Queensland from July 2018.

“I look forward to the Prime

Minister agreeing to the plan

so that we can get on with

providing better services to

people with a disability,” Premier

Newman said.

Mrs Tillmanns encouraged the

Federal Government to also

contribute extra funding.

Photo: Cerebral Palsy League CEO

Angela Tillmanns with Premier Campbell

Newman and Minister Tracy Davis at NDIS


6 Touchstone Autumn 2013

Touchstone Autumn 2013


Faces and Places

Faces and Places


Kids say thanks

Gemma Stewart from Grill’d

Carindale recently visited Cerebral

Palsy League Outside School

Hours Care at Mackenzie Special

School to meet the children and

present a cheque for $300 to

Child Care Coordinator Sandra

Paterson and Moorooka Support

in the Community Manager,

Michelle Culshaw. Michelle and

Sandra were thrilled and said that

these funds would go towards

purchasing equipment and much

needed toys for the centre.

Gemma Stewart

from Grill’d

Carindale with

George Stevenson

2 b 2 c


Supporters’ Soiree


The Cerebral Palsy League hosted

its annual Soiree at Waterfront

Place in December to thank

supporters who had donated

their time, expertise and funds

during the year.

Mylestones Printing

celebrates IDPwD

Mylestones Printing celebrated

International Day of People with

Disability in true Aussie style with

a delicious BBQ lunch.


Leonne, Anthony

and son James


enjoying the

Supporters’ Soiree





Volunteers’ Day

Staff and volunteers from the

Cerebral Palsy League in New

Farm celebrated International

Volunteer’s Day on 5 December.



Visy Family Fun Day


VISY, one of the Cerebral Palsy

League’s fabulous corporate

supporters, raised funds to

support the Cerebral Palsy

League at their annual family fun

day in November.

Young thespians

with disability

‘Screech Out’

The talented Screech Theatre

cast performed their self-written

performance ‘People Go In’ at

Queensland’s State Library in




Pictures from top: 2b Tiga Bayles, Terry Ngo, Mike Scott and Simon Lalor; 2c Nick Bourcher and David Lyme; 3 Greg Endicott, Tara

Strobel, Terry Silk, Jacob Thurlow, Lara Patey, Christian Hauser; 4 Volunteers Ross Jobling and Michael Davies with Staff Member Louise

Bennett; 5 Georgia Plunkett-Scott, Dannii Martin, Amy Pullen, Renae Lamberth, Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Tarrah Vallender; 6 The Screech cast

and crew, from left Support Worker Martina Cross, Actor Dale Gonelli, Volunteer Katie Farr, Actors Amy Lawrence and Danielle Stewart,

Screech Theatre Facilitator Kimberley Twiner and Actor Scott Stanton.

8 Touchstone Autumn 2013

Touchstone Autumn 2013


In Brief

Grace Derriman and

Kayla Coenik-Farnham

having a blast at

Siblings Camp

AGM 2012

The Cerebral Palsy League held

its 64 th Annual General Meeting

on 24 November 2012 at our

New Farm office.

Helen Darch and Michael Pini

were re-elected as Directors of

the Board, and Dermot Lindsay

was elected to the Board after

filling a casual position for the

previous nine months.




come alive

Behind the Scenes

The quorum noted with sadness

the passing away of former

Board Director Mr Alex Orford

on 22 November 2012.

Siblings have a blast at camp

The Cerebral Palsy League

Mount Gravatt Siblings Group

headed to Burleigh Heads for

a special overnight camp in


Held in conjunction with the

Kyabra Community Association,

the inaugural siblings camp

provided an opportunity for

siblings to have fun, let loose

and make connections with

other children who understand

what life is like when you have a

sibling with a disability.

Social workers and camp

organisers Natalie Clark and

Nicole Cooper said the 19

children who attended the camp

absolutely loved it.

“With activities like tubing,

stand-up paddle boarding,

horizontal bungee and nighttime

glow worm expeditions,

what isn’t to love,” said Nicole.

“The kids had a brilliant time and

have already asked us when the

next one is only they’re insisting

it be for two nights next time,”

said Natalie.

The Cerebral Palsy League and

Kyabra held fundraising events to

help cover the cost of the camp.

Join us for Fusion of Music

Fusion of Music is held on the first Friday of each month at the

Cerebral Palsy League service in Windsor. The April line-up has

just been finalised and features Nic Tango, a Brisbane based singer

and songwriter. He captivates audiences with his rock’n’roll stories

of a life expected to go completely wrong. Make sure you also check

out Sasha and Sara, who will entertain audiences with their mixture

of original songs and covers including Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave,

Fleetwood Mac and some traditional folk songs.

April Fusion of Music

Date: 5 April 2013

Location: 217A Lutwyche Road, Windsor

Time: 6.00PM – 9.00PM

Entry fee: $5 - carers and companions are free!

For more information, contact

Judi Williams at

or ring 07 3366 7565.

Mr Orford served on the Board

for ten years and made a

significant contribution to the

Cerebral Palsy League.

The next AGM (65 th ) is

tentatively scheduled for

Saturday 30 November 2013 at


Cascades release album

on iTunes

The Cerebral Palsy League’s

favourite band, Cascades, have

finally released their debut,

self-titled album online through


This five-piece, indie-pop outfit

is formed by artists and staff

from the Cerebral Palsy League’s

Redcliffe service.

The group’s catchy, original

pieces are inspired by their

lives and the challenges that

people with disability face and

overcome every day.

Previously only available to

purchase in CD form, the online

proceeds from the album sale

will go towards the Redcliffe

service’s music program, where it

all started for Cascades.

Occupational Therapist

Alison Blythe and client

and actor Jason Liukuey

create a scene

For the first time, Cerebral Palsy

League staff will be given the

opportunity to hone their skills

through a brand new training

program that uses simulation to

recreate real-life scenarios.

What makes the Cerebral Palsy

League’s pilot program so unique

is that our clients are working as

the actors in the carefully planned

simulations. Their contribution

ensures a realism that can’t be

obtained with actors pretending

to have a particular disability or


Phillipa Neads, Senior Project

Officer at the Cerebral Palsy

League, said improving client

safety and satisfaction while

supporting therapists’ skills and

confidence are the drivers for this


“Simulation has been used for the

past thirty years in acute health

care, however it is not yet well

established in the community and

disability sector,” she said.

According to Phillipa, simulation

enables staff to think on their

feet, assess an interpersonal

situation, respond to individual

needs and provide the best

possible outcome – whether that

be an assessment for equipment

or providing a service to a client

or their family.

Jason Liukuey, Cerebral Palsy

League client and star of the first

simulation, believes simulation

has the potential to create better

results for clients and staff.

“The best thing about this kind of

simulation is that it’s truly handson.

Participants are working with

real people, with real disability,

with real muscles and real tone,”

he said.

“I have CP myself, and because

I’ve been involved with the

Cerebral Palsy League for so long,

I was more than happy to get

involved and help out.”

The simulation that Jason stars

in is a biomechanical assessment

for a wheelchair, but the list of

scenarios is endless. There will

be opportunities for clients to be

involved in the future.

“Simulation is beneficial

in so many ways, but

the main reason for my

support is that it can only

make things better in the

future for clients.”

- Jason Liukuey, Cerebral

Palsy League client and star

of the first simulation

“Having real clients involved in

this program is what gives it its

integrity and quality,” said Phillipa.

“I have loved it! My Grandma

always thought I was a bit

of a drama queen, and now

it’s coming to fruition!” Jason


If you’re interested in learning

more about this project, please

contact Phillipa Neads at or on

07 3240 4086.

Phillipa Neads is excited to be

bringing simulation to Cerebral

Palsy League staff

10 Touchstone Autumn 2013

Touchstone Autumn 2013


Regional Insight

New disability employment services

to open on the Sunshine Coast

Human spirit

rises above

the flood


to help

people with


Queensland Floods

Bundaberg was

devastated by the

flood and Cerebral

Palsy League lent a

hand to help people

with physical disability

Sunshine Coast job seekers with

disability have a new specialised

recruitment service to help them

enter the workforce with the

recent opening of Mylestones

Employment at Caloundra and


The agencies are two of four

new Mylestones locations on the

Sunshine Coast, with services at

Noosa and Nambour opening this


General Manager of Training

and Employment Wendy Lavelle

heralded the new locations as a

welcome resource for Sunshine

Coast job seekers with disability

and employers looking for keen,

trained workers.

“Mylestones has assisted hundreds

of people get ready for work,

develop a career plan, find the

right job and stay in the job,”

Wendy said.

“The difference between

Mylestones and other agencies

is that we provide a clear

employment pathway tailored

to each individual job seeker to

achieve their work goals.

“We invest in their career every

step of the way from vocational

profiling, interview skills and job

readiness training through to

on-the-job support and ongoing

training to build their skill set and

progress their careers.”

According to Wendy, employers in

the current job market are looking

for cost effective and innovative

ways to recruit the right staff to

their businesses, and Mylestones

Employment offers both.

“Employers want people who will

be loyal and hard-working, and

people with disability are proven

to be reliable and highly motivated

to work,” she said.

“We can’t stress how important

it is to look at a candidate’s skills,

experience and whether they

can perform the job, rather than

whether they have a disability or


“We offer personalised service

from a single dedicated consultant

throughout the recruitment,

placement and on the job support


“We are also diligent in making

sure the skills of our job seekers

matches each company’s needs,

with a particular focus on

providing high quality ongoing

on-the-job support to ensure

durability and tenure,” Wendy said.

Mylestones Employment is a

division of the Cerebral Palsy

League and has 18 years

experience providing support to

people with a range of disabilities

to help them get a job and reach

their goals.

“We have a service already

operating in Townsville, and

we’re opening in Hervey Bay and

Maryborough this month with

services in Redcliffe, Capalaba,

Cleveland, Esk, Boonah, and Palm

Beach to follow,” said Wendy.

For more information about

Mylestones Employment services

or to find out more about

registering your business, visit or contact

Mylestones Employment on

1300 ME JOBS (1300 63 5627).

2013 will see 13 new

Mylestones Employment

services open across


Photo: Mylestones Employment is

dedicated to securing genuine and

fulfilling job opportunities for people with


Amongst the flood waters,

devastation and loss, Bundaberg’s

Cerebral Palsy League has seen

the true meaning of community


When people began to evacuate

their homes, the Cerebral Palsy

League found itself setting up an

unexpected evacuation centre for

people with disability.

Upon hearing about an elderly

man who had been evacuated

so urgently there was no time to

gather his wheelchair, walking

aids, medication or CPAP

machine, Cerebral Palsy League

Bundaberg Coordinator Chris

Dolgner immediately stepped in

to help.

“We would never turn anyone

away, and of course we are

equipped to particularly assist

people with physical disability,”

she said.

“Within an hour, we were caring

for four evacuees with physical

disability. In total, we have looked

after 15 evacuees from the flood

that has devastated our town.”

“The community has helped us so

much. We had equipment loaned

and donated, food provided,

clothing dropped off, beds and

mattresses delivered; it’s just

amazing,” she said.

Providing care for evacuees with

disability had Cerebral Palsy

League staff and volunteers

busy day and night, supporting

and assisting them with dayto-day

tasks like dressing,

bathing and personal hygiene,

feeding, medication and physical


Photo courtesy of Paul Beutel

“Our visitors were a lovely bunch

who were terribly grateful for such

a lovely home and care,” Chris


“Unfortunately, the urgency of the

evacuation meant some of them

didn’t have their wheelchairs,

From the CEO

The storms and floods that

battered our coastline over the

Australia Day long weekend

have left thousands affected.

Fortunately, the Cerebral Palsy

League was there to ensure

our clients and other people

with physical disability were

supported and safe during this

terrifying time.

We were able to keep most of

our services operating through

mobility aids, medications and

other medical equipment.

“We did our best to make sure our

new friends received everything

they needed. We are so thankful

to our wonderful community for

enabling us to do so.”

the worst of the storms and

flooding and established

evacuation centres in many


Cerebral Palsy League staff and

volunteers and the amazing

communities they operate in

worked together to ensure our

clients were safe and cared for

- going well above and beyond

the call of duty. From the

bottom of my heart, I’d like to

thank you for your dedication,

hard work and support.

Kind regards, Angela Tillmans

12 Touchstone Autumn 2013

Touchstone Autumn 2013


All about you

P&G Update

Diary Note

15 March

Cherie is climbing the career

ladder with the help of the

Cerebral Palsy League.

Big dreams a reality for Cherie

The Parents & Guardians Association

has been busy contributing and

shaping the important work of the

Cerebral Palsy League for many

years through providing advice and

information to the Management and


There has been a strong commitment

from a number of people, all of

whom have a personal association

with the Cerebral Palsy League. We

strongly encourage those of you who

are parents or guardians to become

involved in the P&G Association to

continue this great work.

In line with the current changes in

the sector, particularly regarding

the movement towards a National

Disability Insurance Scheme, the P&G

Association will be focussing on a

new direction. This started at the first

meeting of 2013 held in February,

where the P&G began working with

the Cerebral Palsy League’s Research

& Innovation team to host a series

of four Family Symposia throughout

State CCC

2013. The P&G Association are looking

forward to assisting in the design

of the Symposia, with a particular

emphasis on key information areas for

parents and guardians.

The Symposia program was finalised

at the February meeting which also

discussed the key focus areas of

for the P&G Association, setting the

direction for the year ahead.

Finally, Joan Williams and Carol

Barton - two long-standing members

of the P&G - wish to express their

sincere thanks and appreciation for

all the support they have received

over the years in running the P&G

Association. Both Joan and Carol

will remain as committed and active

members of the P&G Association and

will work with Evan Munroe (Senior

Project Officer CPL) who will assist

with the future direction.


Joan Williams

P&G President

Mooloolaba Triathlon

29 March

Good Friday public holiday

30 March

Easter Sunday

31 March

Easter Monday public holiday

5 April

Fusion of Music

10 April

Art Union winner

drawn - 157

11 – 20 April

Rotary Art Spectacular

25 April

ANZAC Day public holiday

3 May

Fusion of Music

Cherie Farry is enthusiastic

about the steps she is taking to

build a career in reception and

administration after working

hard to achieve a Certificate 3 in

Business Administration.

Cherie, 28, says that her

confidence has increased

tremendously since she started

her course in 2010. She credits

Mylestones Printing in the

Brisbane CBD and Acting

Mylestones Printing Manager

Sandra Foster in particular as

the key reasons why she has

achieved her goals.

Sandra says that Cherie’s skills

and confidence have soared

since joining Mylestones as

a client a few years ago and

then being promoted to

administration assistant.

“When Cherie first came to

us, she was shy, withdrawn

and nervous of the work


“She has really come out of

her shell, and has made some

fantastic friendships too.”

“Mylestones and Sandra

supported me through the

course, I asked for help and got

it, plus the on-the-job training

really helped,” agreed Cherie.

“I most enjoyed the practical

parts of the course and I actually

got to put into practise what I

was taught straight away.

“I learned so much like

business and economics and

practical things like email, word

processing, the internet, filing,

administration and organising


Apart from working hard at

her career, Cherie is also a high

achiever in the performing arts.

She has danced ballet for 16

years and received an award

from The Ritz Performing Arts

ballet company for volunteering

her time to assist with teaching.

Cherie is justifiably proud of her

formal qualifications and says

that they will help her with her

long held goals of becoming a

receptionist in a school or gym.

She is currently working with

Mylestones Employment to make

this a reality.

“I am a very determined person,

I never give up and I have had

these goals and dreams since

before starting high school in


“I have my resume done up and

am excited about the next phase

in my career.”

Best of luck Cherie, we can’t wait

to see what you achieve next!

Impressed? If you want to get

in touch with Cherie regarding

job opportunities, please

contact Stephanie Culshaw

at Mylestones Employment

Holland Park

on (07) 3394 6400 or

0437 294 664 or at

2013 marks the 20 th anniversary of

the Cerebral Palsy League’s State

Client Consultative Committee

(CCC). During our history, Cerebral

Palsy League clients have sought

active engagement throughout the

organisation in many ways. We are

proud that the State CCC and our

Regional Committees are avenues

where clients can contribute to

positive change.

Over the Australia Day long

weekend Rockhampton and Wide

Bay were subjected to flooding

along with many parts of South-

East Queensland. I wish to thank

all Cerebral Palsy League staff and

the community who again worked

tirelessly to assist clients and keep

everyone safe.

The State CCC and many clients have

provided feedback to the Taxi Subsidy

Scheme Review Panel, of which the

Cerebral Palsy League is a member.

The Queensland Government

announced proposed changes to the

Taxi Subsidy Scheme in the State

Budget last September, and the

Review Panel provided its advice to

the Transport Minister in February

2013. The Queensland Government

has committed to its decision by

March 2013.

Every two years clients have elections

in each region to elect representatives

for each of their services. These

elected clients become

spokespersons on any issues affecting

clients in their region. Regional CCC

Nominations and Elections will be

open from Friday, 22 nd of March 2013.

All Cerebral Palsy League clients

(18 years and over) are eligible for

nomination within their Region.

Elections for Regional CCC members

will take place at the Regional CCC

meetings between 22 nd March – 29 th

May 2013. If you are interested in

getting involved please speak your

Service Manager in your region and

ask for a nomination form.

Good luck to all nominees!


Terry Donaldson

Chair, State CCC

6 May

Labour Day public holiday

13-19 May

National Volunteer Week

22 May

Art Union winner drawn - 158

7 June

Fusion of Music

16 June

City to South

28 July

Picnic in the Park

For further information

on events visit

14 Touchstone Autumn 2013

Touchstone Autumn 2013


Join Team CPL and support people with disability!

Sunday 16 June 2013

Dust off your running shoes and join Team CPL to get fit and help people with physical disability get closer

to reaching their goals. Starting at Parliament House and finishing at South Brisbane, the spectacular 14km

course crosses the beautiful Brisbane River three times.

As a Team CPL member, you will need to raise at least $500 and in return will receive:

• A Golden Entry, where you will start up-front and a tailored 14km training guide

• Access to an online forum to get tips on training, nutrition, the course and fundraising

Cerebral Palsy League merchandise to wear with pride during the race

• A real person to talk to who will provide unlimited fundraising support, advice and guidance

• Fundraising incentives to motivate you to achieve your goal

Get in quick as the City2South Team has only limited spots available!

To find out more, please go to or or contact Victoria Andrews

on 07 3358 8081 or email

Join us for Queensland’s

biggest outdoor Picnic!

Sunday 28th July from 10am

Roma Street Parklands


• Bring your own picnic or create one from our delicious

range of gourmet food stalls.

• Family fun, free entertainment, free rides and activities!

• Come along to our sports zone for kids with disability

and meet the Australian Paralympic talent spotters!

• Enjoy this fully accessible event for the whole family!

To find out more visit

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