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Topical Subject

Why a strong brand is so important, especially for an insurer.



recognized as small mutual

insurance association.

A strong brand is a crucial success factor for any company: It is the brand that creates

customer relationships and customer loyalty and provides orientation. It conveys an

attitude to life and a sense of community. The brand is the anchor of confidence in a sea

of media diversity with a plethora of information and products. This is especially so in

the insurance sector. In fact, it is the very complexity of insurance as a subject that gives

the brand its decisive function for clients. After all, insurance cover, being an intangible

good, is not something you can lay your hands on. The customer’s decision to buy is

based on confidence. The promise given by the brand must be unequivocal and credible

and must address the target group. An excellent image plus customer confidence

are now growing in importance. A good name, along with the respect of customers and

general public, is a company’s calling card. This is a view not universally shared in the

industry: Traditional names like Colonia, Nordstern, Hamburg-Mannheimer, Victoria and

Volksfürsorge have now vanished from the market.

“We are sticking to the traditional Gothaer brand. This brand has successfully held

its own for 190 years now a and enjoys the great confidence of our clients,”

says Dr. Hartmut Nickel-Waninger, Gothaer Chief Sales Officer.

Fire insurance signs, 1860.

Fire insurance signs originally marked buildings for a company’s own fire-fighting units.

Later, house-owners used them to show that they had insured house and home against fire with a respected company.

One of the finest signs is from the year 1850.


• Outbreak of the Great War

• Introduction of disability and pension insurance

• The Central-Sterbekasse Leo becomes the large

mutual insurance association LEO Volks- und

Lebensversicherungsbank a.G.


• End of the Great War

• War claims give rise to insurance

benefits in an amount of 45 million


1906 1914 1918 1923


Gothaer Transport-

Versicherungsbank AG

set up.

22 Gothaer Group Annual Report 2009

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