26 FT.· OVERLANDER - Airstream


26 FT.· OVERLANDER - Airstream


• aU rlcd undercarriage

• slrt«:lural aUall

aluminum shell frame

• hand riveled double

shell structtlral, alloy

aluminum bodlJ

• all-over 2 In. aircraft

type fiberglas 11I1i'ulaliim

• vibraliQlI-proof fastenins,

• scc·lh", sale rear visiQlI

• 6 In. air/vom Innttresses

on all berb

• shock absorbers on all


The ultra-deck, streamlined a,'pcarance of Airstream trat;el

trailers is due in part to the lue of ict plane type "stretchformed"

frOl.t and rear 'HlncIs ('Hltent pending). This

exdusioe ,Jrocess dlstillsuul.es Air.stream from any other

trailer and guarantees the strm'gest pouible lightweight

consl",cl/on aud i/llalitll ,mlllQtched in the industry.

O"eroll '."glh _ 26 It.

lody luglh _ 2J fl.

0 ••,..11 ighl _ J,~ 10 lb•.

Hi'th igh' _ JOO lb•.

ho' bOlh'oo"', Mo'i". Iyp. U~.hing

I..ilel, bolh lub, .h.........nd J

d' e' '..".. n,II,.

Airf m T,.."e! L.. ~ne' in f.onl,

con"..libl. 10 d.. ~bl, bed.

Co",bino,ion a cu. fl. ;c'·",cl,ic

..I,ig..olo, ...ilh , .

Elecl,ic .....1.. h,..I .

I ..t..n. h.ot., ... ilh blo.....

D.l..... '.0..1 'ong., -4

ond '..,g. br..il.., ...ilh hine.d lid.

b~,n.., ....n,

Drop-leo' I ..ble

Oo.. b'••ink., in9 foutel.

I",poried "o.d ood f..,,,il..,•.

1,,10,01 I;n..leu", tiled lloor,

a deo'''iew, f..II ...p.."illg ... illdo....

...ith ,e",o...bte >e.un •.

J ...of "enl•• ~o..... Ion in cent.. ",nl,

lo.ge plo.tic A."o.Oo"" ",nl in I...nt.

12 .olt boll.,y lighl.

16 ". o...ni"g ,oil. Porch tighl.

Oo.. bl, bUlone lo"k•• ,ock ond

double ..gulolor.

Weoth..p,o..' IIO_V..11 eletlricol o.. tlel.

T,.. nk c..",po.l",e,,',

To.. ch tonl'ol, b.. iIl·in .tep.

Wo,p.f.ee IIoFlo... CO" tobi"el 0100'",

T o wo,d,..b....,,01 do..1 1o,

ho II ..ld ..ppli.."c...

l",p..,I,d "Slo-Oo..d" clo.el tolch...

EI.d,ic b'oke

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