Report 4 Communication Plan

Report 4 Communication Plan


The Communications Plan itself is illustrated in the attachments as a simple logical framework

(Appendix 1) along with an identification of specific public awareness and communications activities

in matrix format for ease of use by IWRM II project staff (Appendix 2). The matrix itself lays out

the rationale for choosing specific media and materials support, based on the suggested activities and

events where these materials can be utilized. The goal, objectives, and identification of all elements of

the strategy are presented in the framework, along with an identification of existing and new

materials for adaptation, production, and dissemination by the appropriate task officials.

The media materials selected in this Plan have been identified from existing materials reviewed and

assessed from the IWRM I Project shared network, where a wide range of multi-media is stored in a

multitude of formats. The matrix identifies the material, updates the status of the material, and

suggests dates when the material should be used or launched.

With respect to planned events and conferences in this initial 2009-2010 year, the strategy can be

adapted and revised as the project reviews its accomplishments against the M&E Plan to be

developed, so it can adapt the strategy in 2010 and beyond.

In addition to the strategy implementation activities and Work Plan as appended to this strategy, a

monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system will be developed at the end of May 2009, through further

consultation visits, and this can help track progress to a set of indicators should more public

awareness-communication indicators be identified.

Overall, the Communications Plan can be described as a supportive strategy that covers a wide range

of communication needs and purposes. On the one hand, the intent is to introduce and explain the

IWRM II project to a wide range of audiences who are outside the IWRM II technical arena. These

are people who are influential and can affect the enabling environment for IWRM II to operate

smoothly and receive support, or just to inform the general public that Egypt has a project that is

looking to help conserve water for future generations, tying in with the overall “green” environment

issues that continue to get worldwide attention. The Plan then focuses on the specific supportive

needs for each of eight tasks for the IWRM II. Specific target audiences for each task, a set of

illustrative messages, yet to be chosen, and a mix of potential multi-media can be utilized in a variety

of settings; IWRM II task leaders, consulting with the IWRM II public awareness task leader and/or

his designate, decide which method to utilize.

As the details of the Plan are appended as “Specific Public Awareness Activities” in detail, the overall

approach for each task is as follows:

Approach to Public Awareness Plan

Task 1.1: PA to support formation and development of BCWUAs

The need is to introduce the IWRM II project to stakeholders and others of influence through a

variety of methods and to help set the stage for a smooth project launch for mobilizing the

BCWUAs in each district. For this, a general packet of information needs to be prepared and

presented to these kinds of audiences. The Task 1.1 team will need updated materials used from the

previous project such as the flip chart that describes the BCWUAs, posters and flyers that are further

identified in the appended PA activities need to be updated and disseminated according to the Plan.

As the formation of BCWUAs progresses, detailed documentation for each BCWUA, together with

reports and pictures, can be shared with IWRM II PA staff in Cairo for use in preparing new success

stories and submitting reports to the website.


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