Report 4 Communication Plan

Report 4 Communication Plan

Target Groups &


BCWUA members are

encouraged to share costs

of O&M and do so by

collecting fees.

MWRI officials and MALR

link with IWRM II to share

materials and extend new

technologies of water saving


District officials support task


Indicative Key


“If we contribute equally our

fair share of water use, we

are assured we get the

water we need when we

want it, repair canals when

they are broken, we can

supervise the work


Activities -Events

Training and/or instructional

meetings on managing money

for O & M.

Media & Materials


Training & workshop

materials to support any

kind of meeting where

money management is

the topic.


Produce appropriately

designed flyers/brochures

and/or fact sheets on

financial issues and

Disseminate to 8

directorates, 45 IWMDs

and total 1,000 BCWUAs.

Task1.3 Improvements in Water Productivity and Efficiency

Communication Objective: Promote & Encourage BCWUA members to select water saving crop

“Traditional ways of saving

water are effective, but there

are crop varieties for Egypt

that if farmers choose, can

save even more water and

offer good incomes.”

“While continuing to cultivate

rice means less worry and

less risk to grow other crops,

the amount of water used is

less and incomes from new

crops can be higher.”

Any series of meetings and

workshops where IWRM II

staff can handout overview of

project info.

Use “IWRM II Awareness

Packet” when visiting

officials and at meetings

where appropriate.

Details of IWRM II

materials & distribution

& costs in Appendix 3.

Need enough copies of

print materials for

BCWUA members


Dates Needed

Specific dates TBD by

Task 1.3 anticipate years


BCWUA members see value

of growing crops that save

water. Over time, some

farmers change their

cropping patterns and begin

to select these crops.

“Our research teams are

currently studying new crops

that are proven to grow well

in Egypt and can yield high

results and better incomes.”

BCUWA meetings and on farm

demonstrations of cropping

and irrigation techniques

Series of technical fact

sheets on cropping.

TV spots from WCU that

are appropriate to Task


New video presentations

on cropping and water use

selected from WCU.

Outline for these fact

sheets prepared by 1.3

task leader.

Need to select which

spot(s) appropriate to

reuse, adding reference

to IWRM II and branding


Outline for these videos

prepared by 1.3 task


Task 1.4 Wastewater Reuse


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