Isola Powertekk Isola Powertekk

Isola Powertekk Isola Powertekk


Isola Powertekk is a steel based, light weight roof

covering system designed to provide an attractive and

economic finish for all types of roofs down to 10° pitch.

The Isola Powertekk Nordic tile is manufactured from

0.5 mm cold rolled, galvanized steel and weighs only

7.7 kg/m². The steel thickness combined with the Nordic

profile provides superior strength and stability of the


Powertekk Nordic is available in six colours, coated and

covered with mineral granules,

The Isola Powertekk CC is manufactured from 0.45 mm

cold rolled, galvanized steel and weighs only 5.0 kg/m².

Powertekk CC is available in six colours with a hard

and smooth surface. The Powertekk CC coating offers

extremely good colour stability, retention of gloss and

high UV-resistance.

A comprehensive range of accessories is avaliable both

for Nordic and CC, including eaves, ridge, gable end

covers and ventilators, completes the system.

Each tile has a downturned front edge and an upturned

rear edge, and is profiled to provide a strong overlapping

and interlocking roof covering. Powertekk tiles are

produced in large format. This enables faster installation

with fewer fixings compared to traditional tile or slate


Once installed Powertekk tiles provide a durable weathertight

and low maintenance roof.

The Installation Manual contains the basic rules for the

correct installation of Isola Powertekk. Compliance with

the following directions will guarantee that your roof is

durable and safe.

Please observe the product and installation differences

between the Powertekk Nordic and Powertekk CC

– especially the differences in the Gable Tiles, and the

difference in batten spacing.


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