Isola Powertekk Isola Powertekk

Isola Powertekk Isola Powertekk

General planning details


Roof pitch

The minimum roof pitch for Isola Powertekk is 10° (17.6%).

Minimum allowed roof pitch shall be checked against valid

regulations in each country.

Roof underlay

On roof pitches from 10° to 18° the roof should be built with

a wooden or plywood desk covered with a bitumen based

underlayer. All overlaps must be sealed. On roof pitches above

18° there shall as a minimum be installed a breather membrane

designated for use in supported and unsupported pitched roof

applications, including warm, hybrid and cold roofs.


Metal, and therefore metal roofing, does not permit diffusion.

Correct ventilation will prevent condensation problems. In order

to achieve a functionally correct roof with Isola Powertekk it

is therefore important to ensure satisfactory ventilation of the

space below the tiles. The ventilation shall be arranged to safeguard

a good air circulation from the eaves to the ridge.

Battens and Counterbattens

Counterbattens 30 x 50 mm is recommended. Other dimensions

may be used according to local regulations and good


Battens 30 x 50 mm is recommended. Standard flashings are

made to fit 30 mm high battens. Where the rafters are widely

spaced, the dimension of the tile battens should be chosen

accordingly to comply with local regulations for load bearing

capacity. Please note that the maximum width of the batten is

65 mm.

Batten distance for Powertekk Nordic shall be 369 mm, measured

from front to front of the battens. For Powertekk CC the

batten distance shall be 371 mm.

Snow load

Powertekk Nordic has been tested for a uniformly distributed

load equal to 21 kN/m² without observing failure or visible permanent

deformations. Isola Powertekk can be assumed to have

adequate strength and stiffness at all relevant snow loads.

Wind load

The pull through or tear out design capasity is 740 N per fastener,

or 7.4 kN/m² with 4 nails per tile. The capasity is adequate

for all relevant wind loads up to hurricane.