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(c) benben 2002


benben has been producing and directing audio

visual media for over fifteen years. with a

background that covers design, branding, marketing

campaigns, new media, interactive tv and computer

gaming, benben has strong experience in the

creative direction of consumer and business to

business communications.


benben’s work has won nominations and awards

from CIPD (the chartered institute of personnel and

development) for broadcast, Bar Lorca film festival,

and BIMA (the british interactive media association)

for design and craft in digital video.


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benben has consistently worked with multi-nationals

on large, diverse projects such as graduate

recruitment documentaries for accenture, multiscreen

event entertainment for formula one racing

legend jackie stewart (stewart grand prix), and

branding animation for british airways.

recent projects include a corporate events video

for hsbc, a music promo for cachaito lopez (the

bass player in buena vista social club) and a

nationwide tv commercial for royal mail.



benben’s skills and expertise have developed from

three key areas:

firstly, his background in graphics, design and

marketing has led to an understanding in creating

communications that can deliver messages while

at the same time giving the audience an entertaining

and rewarding experience.

secondly, benben can produce as well as direct a

team. with hands-on experience of storyboarding,

filming, editing and post production, there is always

superb attention to detail.

and finally, benben is an avid cinema-junkie and

boasts a diverse collection of music, occasionally

dj-ing at art exhibitions. benben is genuinely

passionate about audio visual media.

for the past five years, benben has been dedicated

to making digital films with a radically different

approach. beautifully shot footage is matched with

crafted motion graphics – a seamless combination

of real life and digital imagery. benben’s films are

often thought provoking, always entertaining; an

assault on the senses.

unlike any other medium, film engages you

emotionally and intellectually. although the films

are right for the market and on-message, the

intelligence of the audience is never underestimated.

benben’s background in problem solving, getting

a message across and understanding objectives

gives a unique approach to making audio visual

‘experiences’. the aim is to take the viewer on

unique journeys, to explore new thoughts; to get

the audience to see things in different ways and to

make people think. benben is committed to quality,

strong narrative and to create films that are




alongside independently produced films for major

clients, benben has consistently worked with design

and advertising agencies making films that integrate

with a campaign or form part of a presentation.

films have been created for graduate recruitment,

branding, interactive media, event and exhibition


benben is represented in the uk by the business

production company as a new director for tv

commercials and music promos.


british airways


bates advertising (uk)



conran design group

corporate edge

creator communications

dsm (holland)


futura interactive






royal mail


stewart grand prix

thomas cook

travel inn

work communications

world circuit records


case study

short films for accenture

accenture is a global IT consultancy that is behind

some of the most innovative programming and

sophisticated technology based services in

the world.

they are a leader in their field, and benben is one

of accenture’s approved suppliers for film and

video production.

digital film projects include:

‘solution delivery model’

by utilising a global workforce and broadband

communications, accenture have created a new

way of working. this informative video featured nina

wadia – star of the BBC award winning comedy

‘goodness gracious me!’. premiered at this year’s

uk partner meeting on a huge screen in the savoy

theatre, right in the heart of london's west end.

‘a typical day’

a fly-on-the-wall documentary that follows six

analysts over a hectic 24 hours. this film required

a month of careful planning, a couple of weeks of

intensive editing and effects, yet just a day to shoot.

six different film crews followed each person in a

multitude of locations, capturing events as they

happened. the footage was then storyboarded,

sequenced and edited together as a split screen

so that events could be portrayed in parallel.

narrated by the voice of reality-tv’s ‘big brother’.

“benben has been the sole supplier of video-making

services to the recruiting department of accenture

for the last two years.

he has created a number of different videos aimed

at telling a story to different groups – clients,

experienced recruits or graduates. the videos have

been creative in terms of format and visual effects

whilst appealing to different audiences. we have

received excellent feedback about the realism and

the innovative approach provided by the most

recent piece of work ‘a typical day’.

the real value in benben's contribution comes from

his professional, no-nonsense attitude and his slick

approach to complex, involved projects.”

ben johnston

graduate recruitment manager


60 queen victoria street


ec4n 4tw

t +44 207 844 2807



this film won the CIPD award for broadcast at this

year’s ceremony.


case study

event and exhibitions

for london launch

benben works with one of the uk’s leading events

organisers. london launch offer an on-line and

consultancy based service for organising major

events, parties and exhibitions.

digital film projects include:

‘london launch showreel’

contains a diverse collection of clients, suppliers,

events and exhibitions. this showreel features

treated footage to tie in with their brand identity.

sequences are linked via typographical motion

graphics which spell out the services offered.

“london launch commissioned benben to create a

showreel for both corporate presentations to leading

international clients and for screening at trade

events and award ceremonies.

when benben initially approached us, we were so

impressed with his work and clientele that we

decided to work with him on all our film and moving

digital media campaigns.

benben created a stunning showreel on time and

in budget for our company and this was screened

in february at a major industry event. benben shall

be re-editing the short film into tv and interactive

tv formats later this year so that we can roll out a

nationwide television campaign.

benben produces clean, considered design work,

which embraces the company brand and

communicates the company service and product

offering. a number of our clients are particularly

impressed with his work and are interested in

commissioning him for future projects.”

melissa sterry

client services director

london launch

balfour lodge

240 dawes road

london sw6 7rg

t +44 20 7385 6880




case study

corporate video for hsbc

benben has worked with hsbc for many years on

various multimedia material for exhibition stands

and major industry events.

digital film projects include:

‘global payments and cash management’

a corporate video combining multimedia elements

including animation, typography and print material

‘solutions for business’

a services video targeting small to medium sized


‘solutions for europe’

sales aid product video for use at exhibitions and

cd-rom distribution. currently touring at the ACT

conference, birmingham, uk and then on to

the cash management symposium, mannheim,


interactive media products include:

‘zap the bug’

a shoot-em-up game to enhance awareness of the

millennium bug

“i have worked with benben for approximately six

years, completing numerous successful

communications projects for large corporations.

during this time benben has created several multiscreen

film and on-screen games for one of our

major clients, hsbc bank plc. these have been used

at exhibitions and events around the world, including

EuroFinance and SIBOS (international corporate

banking conference). the purpose of the films have

been to create a different, interactive experience

that expresses the brand to a corporate audience.

these films have always been extremely well

received by my clients who are based at hsbc's

marketing department in london.”

sandra wheatley


creator communications ltd

4 grafton mews


w1t 5je

t +44 20 7391 5151



‘it's the business’

a role playing game managing a small business

‘stewart grand prix’

formula one simulations that reflect business



interactive media

although now committed full time to film and video

productions, benben also keeps up to date with

the latest in web and e-commerce development.

he shares his studio with futura, a cutting edge

new media design company. this makes for a

creative working environment, a deeper pool of

knowledge and a wider experience to tap in to.

although independent of one another, they will

often work together on interactive media and

video projects.

“benben displays a comprehensive understanding

of and appreciation for mixed media / interactive

environments. he is highly skilled, both creatively

and technically, in developing audio-visual media

within such environments.

benben has an impressive background in new

media, having proven commercial experience in

moving image / sound, film as well as cd-rom, web

and print.

benben and futura have enjoyed a long working

relationship spanning four years, where we have

collaborated on a number of projects. we have

worked in a support capacity for him on some of

these projects, and commissioned him for new

media work on our behalf on other occasions.

all of these collaborations have been a great


caroline butler

managing director

futura interactive ltd

1-5 clerkenwell road


ec1m 5pa

t +44 20 7608 1616





examples of film and video projects are available

on vhs or cd-rom. they include:

01 showreel

a montage of selected work, edited together as an

exciting, stimulating fast-moving sequence. the

showreel reflects benben’s ability to create stunning,

impactful imagery edited to an energy-filled

contemporary soundtrack.

02 hsbc ‘solutions for business’

one of many title sequences created for “the world’s

local bank”. the emphasis of this video is on speed

and instantaneous communication, using a mix of

3D, treated library footage and intense animated

screen data. used on plasma display screens and

exhibition stands at major industry events.

03 ‘provocation of thought’

a short film that looks at and questions the theme

of identity – cultural, personal, and brand – and

how this is affected by the buildings and people

around us. conceived, written, shot and edited

entirely by benben using an entirely digital process

from the cameras through editing and output to


04 accenture ‘typographic equations’

a title sequence composed purely of animated type.

beautifully crafted typography gently rotates, morphs

and rearranges itself to form a series of key

messages. the messages are constructed as a

series of equations which finally and neatly resolve

themselves into the closing title “solution


05 accenture ‘wake up!’

when accenture was rebranded and relaunched in

2001, two thousand staff were flown to disneyland,

paris for a huge presentation over a weekend. this

film was used to get across new brand values to

a young, cynical audience. the solution was a

cutting edge, hi-energy extreme sports video

designed literally to ‘wake up’ the audience.

06 futurity

a series of tv idents used to brand films and act as

promotional devices for this film making collective.

each of the eight sequences takes a film or tv

device – a testcard or countdown sequence for

example, and turns it into quirky, witty animation.

totally computer generated with sound effects

sourced, recorded and remixed by benben.

07 futura ‘mental strength’

a commercial and web movie for an interactive

design company. the control, coordination and

agility required for black belt karate is used as an

analogy for the skills needed in the complex task

of large scale programming.

08 dsm ‘where?’

a corporate video for this huge life sciences

company to encapsulate their work ethic and

corporate personality, as well as the lifestyle and

culture of the netherlands. shot on several locations,

we filmed documentary-style features ranging from

the local environment and street life through to the

arts and architecture.




- development of brief and story

- script writing

- storyboarding

- creative direction

- art direction and design

- media design for interactive presentations


- studio or location live action shooting

- direction of crew

- design, branding and graphics

- 2d, 3d and computer generated imagery

- motion graphics and effects

- sound research and remixing

- online, non-linear editing

- transfers and duplication for various media

including web, tv, cd-rom, dvd, lap-top

presentations etc

- broadcast standards

project areas

- graduate recruitment

- corporate video

- exhibition, event and launch films

- title sequences

- branding

- idents

- motion graphics

- music promos

- tv commercials

- documentaries

- comedy and spoofs

- art installations

- experimental and short films

- interactive tv

- web, dvd and cd-rom movies


- research of market, target audience, competitors

and current styles

- costing and schedules

- production management

- liason with subcontractors

- testing and checking at installation

- full project monitoring

- updates and on-going assessment



thank you for taking the time to read about benben.

if you require further information, then please do

not hesitate to get in touch.

film is a powerful medium and a thoroughly

rewarding experience. there’s nothing more exciting

than a new project to work on.

if you have a project in mind, or would like a personal

presentation, i would welcome the opportunity to

meet and discuss film and video with you.

benben ltd

c/o futura

1-5 clerkenwell road


ec1m 5pa

m +44 7771 902020

t +44 20 7608 1616

f +44 20 7608 1605



all content and ideas (c) benben 2002. no part of this

document may be used in any way whatsoever without

prior consent.


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