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Get Our Marketing Kit (pdf) - NatureScapes.Net

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Advertising with NatureScapes.Net

More than


page views

per month 1

Digital photography has taken

the world by storm in the

past decade, and continues

to register explosive growth

among consumers. One of the

most ardent and dedicated

markets in photography

is nature photography.

Nature photographers

pursue their hobby and

their profession with a

zeal unmatched in any

other area of photography.

With a consistent average of more than 750,000 1 website page

views per month, NatureScapes.Net is a leading resource for nature

photographers serving this dedicated market as:

• A resource with educational articles, forums, and certified workshops;

• A vibrant online community with beautiful photo sharing galleries and

friendly discussion forums;

• A creative outlet with searchable paid-member portfolios;

• A provider with an online store selling over 1,500 products targeted

specifically towards nature photographers.

1. Approximate average page views per month for the first quarter of 2013 was 767,142.

NatureScapes.Net Online Advertising Marketing Kit 2013–2014


Today, tens of thousands of professional and serious amateur nature

photographers from over 143 countries call NatureScapes.Net their

home on the web as registered users, paid members, and customers.

Countless others read articles and participate in forums and photo

sharing galleries. Shoppers from all over the world buy from the store.

Website Statistics

If you would like to reach this dedicated market, NatureScapes is a

very efficient vehicle and the best place to reach the targeted nature

photographer market. Based on analytics 2 for the first quarter of 2013,

NatureScapes.Net proudly maintains the following statistics.


average new



average return



average page

views per month


average page

views per visit 2

With 68% of the NSN audience returning

monthly while attracting 32% new visitors

at the same time, this shows that the

NatureScapes audience is loyal and attentive.

The “attention” statistics of 10.85 page views

per visit with average duration of 10 minutes,

25 seconds reflect the high value of the site to

its users—over twice that of similar websites.


average unique

visitors per month


average visit

time duration 2

2. Views/visit and average visit time are as of March 2013 from SimilarWeb public information. All other reported statistics are from Google Analytics.

NatureScapes.Net Online Advertising Marketing Kit 2013–2014


Online Banner Advertising

NatureScapes currently

offers two prominent


locations throughout

the website.

Top of Website

Location A - size 728x90

Positioned at the very top of

the website and seen on all

pages, this location offers

a prime spotlight for your

banner advertisement.

Right Column

Location B - size 300x250

Positioned near the upper

area 3 of the right column,

this banner ad is displayed

within the articles and

forums sections only.

Only advertisements that do not compete directly with NatureScapes will be considered

for placement. To support mobile-friendly initiatives, only non-Flash ads will

be accepted. All banner ads—whether static or animated gifs—must be less than

200KB in file size. All banners for header placement must be static. Rates are available

upon request and vary with website traffic and length of advertising schedule.

3. The right column advertisement placement location throughout the articles and forums sections may vary.

NatureScapes.Net Online Advertising Marketing Kit 2013–2014


Start Advertising Today!

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like additional

information with an advertising kit detailing our current ad pricing. We

look forward to building a relationship with you.

Tara Woodfin

Retail and Business Development



21009 Gunpowder Road

Manchester, Maryland 21102


NatureScapes.Net Online Advertising Marketing Kit 2013–2014


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