It’s about framing big, high altitude questions

that pack a healthy disrespect for present reality,

that dare to challenge the fundamental nature of

the categories, businesses, behaviors, experiences

and companies around which we’re asked to innovate,

and that ultimately define a path to positive

market disruption.


What becomes clear in a long march across

dozens of companies and categories is that a

staggering amount of competitive advantage

lies in the definition of fundamentally

new questions around which to engage

the marketplace, and mobilize your team’s

pursuit of breakthrough innovation.

We’re not talking about

clever new probing techniques or the familiar

‘what if…’ questions—which are, in truth, just

potential answers with question marks at the

end—it’s much more fundamental and strategic.

In our experience,

transformational questions

have superhero powers.

They materially change the conversation, both inside

a company and with the customers it’s out to serve.

They challenge underlying assumptions that have,

artificially and unhelpfully, come to be mistaken

over time for immovable category truths.

And above all, these transformational questions

spawn transformational answers—breakthrough

innovations and the new competitive advantage

that comes with them.

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