Entry form


Entry form


Moomba Waterfest Birdman Rally, Sunday 8 March, 2009

Entry form

Moomba Waterfest Use Only

Date recieved Date evaluated: Successful / unsuccessful

Entry form signed:

Indemnity form signed:

Charity receipt received:



Entry Due:

Friday 30 January 2009

Applicant name:

Street address:

Suburb & postcode:


Contact no:

Mobile no:


Have you performed in a previous birdman rally? Yes no

If yes, what year did you take flight?


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



1.0 Terms and conditions:

Upon successful application, Moomba Waterfest and the entrants agree to the terms & conditions set out in

the attached document.

2.0 Details for entry:

Attach additional sheets with supporting information where necessary.

(Support material will remain the property of City of Melbourne unless otherwise requested)

2.1 Write or attach a bio of yourself in 100 words or less ie. Where you work,

Why you aspire to be a Birdman/woman etc

2.2 Who is your nominated charity and why?


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



2.3 How will you raise the minimum $200 for your selected Charity? i.e. Donations from

friends, colleagues or family, a sausage sizzle, hosting a morning tea etc

*Moomba Waterfest requires a receipt of payment acknowledging funds raised for your nominated

Charity, prior to the Safety Briefing.

2.4 Describe your Birdman Craft: ie. Height, Materials, Weight, Special Features etc.

2.5 List your crew Members and their Roles here:


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



2.6 Draw/attach a sketch of your Birdman Craft:

3.0 Important dates:

All successful applicants must be available for a full safety briefing prior to the event,

Sunday 22 February 2009 (date subject to change) and the event day from 6.30am –

to approximately 2.30pm Sunday 8 March 2009.


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



4.0 Acceptance:

I have read and agree to the attached Indemnity & Release Form if I am successful for selection of

the Moomba Waterfest 2009 Birdman Rally

I have read and agree to the attached 2009 Birdman Rally Design Rules and understand that failure

to abide by these rules may lead to my disqualification of the competition.

I accept that all material and images supplied may be used for all Moomba marketing and


There are limited places in the 2009 Birdman Rally and selection will be on a first come first served

basis. However completion of this form does not guarantee entry into the event as strict attention is

paid to the information supplied in this form. The final selection of participants is at the discretion of the City

of Melbourne and Moomba Waterfest Management.

Signature of Applicant


Printed Name of Signatory

Signature of Witness


Printed Name of Witness

Entry form due: Friday 30 January 2009

Return to:

Moomba Waterfest Birdman Rally entry form

PO Box 1603


Vic 3001

T. 03 9658 9167

F. 03 9658 8884

E: waterfest@melbourne.vic.gov.au


Birdman Rally

Entry Form





(Print Full name) (“Participant”)


(Print Full Residential Address),

in consideration of being permitted by the Melbourne City Council (“Council”) to participate in the Moomba

Waterfest Birdman Rally 2009 (“the Rally”), fully understand and agree:

1. That a reference to the Council includes its current and former members, officers, employees,

agents, administrators, subcontractors and successors and each of them, and all persons

associated with the conduct of the Rally, including current and former sponsors, producers,

representatives and successors and each of them.

2. That a reference to participation, extends to all acts or things done at the Rally site before, on or

after the Rally day Sunday 8 March 2009 and associated with the Rally.

Compliance with the Rules:

3. To abide by the provision of any act, regulation or by-law which may be related to my participation in

the Rally.

4. To abide by the existing rules of the Rally,

4.1 including the attached Design Rules which I declare that I have read and understood

4.2 and any other rules of the Rally which may from time to time be made by the Council

5. To abide by any directions given by the Council in connection with my participation in the Rally.

6. That the decision of the judge or judges of the Rally, as appointed by the Council, shall be final and

conclusive whether in relation to the awarding of any prize or the disqualification of any participant,

including myself, or otherwise in relation to any matter relating to the Rally.

7. That I have no right of appeal of any decision of the judge or judges of the Rally, to any court,

tribunal or any other body.

Voluntary Assumption of Risk:

8. By participating in the Rally I am voluntarily exposing myself to risk and harm. A reference to risk

includes, but is not limited to,

8.1 a significant risk

8.2 an obvious risk

8.3 an inherent risk and

8.4 any other risk


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



9. A reference to harm means harm of any kind and includes, but is not limited to,

9.1 injury or death

9.2 disease

9.3 damage to property and

9.4 economic loss

10. That there is a significant risk of serious harm in participating in the Rally, which is foreseeable and


11. That there is an obvious risk of harm and certain obvious risks and dangers which are associated

with participating in the Rally. Obvious risks include, but are not limited to:

11.1 Loss or damage to personal property

11.2 Injury or fatality due to the weather conditions, submerged objects below the surface of the

water, inadequate water depth, water currents, slipping, falling, collision, contact with other

participants or objects in the water or surrounding environment

11.3 Health risks associated with contact with the water and surrounding environment

11.4 Physical exertion and any consequences arising from physical exertion

11.5 Any other risk that is associated with participation in the Rally, whether I think it likely to

occur or not

12. That there are inherent risks associated with my participation in the Rally and should those risks

materialise the Council are in no way liable for any harm resulting to me. An inherent risk is a risk of

something occurring that cannot be avoided by the exercise of reasonable care by the Council.

13. That, as a Participant, I have the burden and responsibility of taking precautions to avoid and/or limit

all risks and the risk of any harm, and that the Council are in no way liable for any harm suffered by

me due to my participation in the Rally.

14. That the Council has warned me of the risks associated with my participation in the Rally.

Indemnity and Release

15. That in consideration of the Council acceptance of my entry in the Rally, I hereby covenant;

15.1 Not to sue the Council.

15.2 To forever release and discharge the Council of all liabilities of every kind or nature whatsoever,

foreseen or unforeseen, obvious, inherent, known or unknown, arising from any harm experienced,

whether obvious, inherent or any other, and from any and all causes of action, suits, claims,

demands and costs of whatever nature and however arising which I may have against the Council,

and which is or are in any way directly or indirectly connected with or which arise out of the whole or

any part of my participation in the Rally


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



15.3 To indemnify the Council from and against any and all actions, suits, claims, demands and costs of

whatever kind or nature whatsoever, foreseen or unforeseen, obvious, inherent, known or unknown,

and however arising which may be brought or made or claimed against the Council, and which is or

are in any way directly or indirectly connected with or which arise out of the whole or any part of my

participation in the Rally and any negligent acts, errors or omission on my behalf.

15.4 That if I suffer harm, the Council may at my cost arrange medical treatment and emergency

evacuation service, as deemed essential for my safety.


16. That in entering into this Agreement,

16.1 I am not relying on any oral, written or visual representations or statements made by the

Council or any other inducement or coercion to participate in the Rally. That this Agreement

is governed in all respects by, and interpreted in accordance with, the law of Victoria

17. And I declare that;

17.1 I am medically able, properly trained and physically capable of entering and competing in the


17.2 I am over the age of 18 years

17.3 I am able to swim at least 20 metres unassisted

17.4 I agree to comply with the Design Rules attached to this Agreement

Signature of Applicant


Printed Name of Signatory

Signature of Witness


Printed Name of Witness


Birdman Rally

Entry Form




Participants failing to comply with Design Rules will be disqualified.

1. Entry, safety briefing and inspection

1.1 Entry



All participants must complete and sign an official Entry Form and submit it to Moomba

Waterfest by 30 January 2009. Entries received after that date will not be accepted. Places

are limited and applications will be assessed on a first come, first served basis.

All participants must be 18 years of age or above. Proof of age may be requested.

1.2 The Council reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason, and without providing any reason.

1.3 Safety Briefing

(a) All participants must attend a pre Event Safety Briefing held on Sunday, 22 February 2009

(date subject to change).

(b) Attendance at the Event Safety Briefing is a condition of entry.

(c) Details of time and location for the Event Safety Briefing will be contained in the letter of

acceptance sent to participants once their Entry Forms have been processed.

1.4 Safety Inspection






On the day of the Rally a Safety Inspection will be held.

The Rally safety scrutineers will inspect:

• the flying device

• the participant

• the participant’s clothing and

• for conformity with the Design Rules generally

Participants that are considered by the Council to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

prior to their attempt will be disqualified.

All participants must be in attendance by their flying device and the clothing they intend to

wear for the Rally, during this inspection.

If, in the opinion of the scrutineers, any entered flying device, participant or participant’s

clothing does not comply with any of points 1.1 to 2.11 inclusive, and the safety of the

participant or any other person may be at risk, the participant will be disqualified from

the Rally.

Scrutineers have absolute discretion and their decision is final.


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



2. Safety

2.1 Helmets, Buoyancy Vests, Footwear and Clothing

(a) All participants must supply and wear an Australian Standard AS2063 approved bicycle or

kayaking helmet. No motorcycle helmets may be used due to their greater weight and the

dangers of waterlogging.

(b) All participants must supply and wear an Australian Standards PFD1 (Personal Flotation

Device Number 1) approved buoyancy vest. No life jackets may be used due to the

dangers of restricted movement or difficulties in exiting a submerged flying device.

(c) All participants must wear footwear such as sneakers or runners, preferably with rubbersoles,

but not any footwear that when filled with water may increase the difficulty of treading

water, for example gumboots or any excessively loose footwear.

(d) Participants must not wear clothing that will restrict their ability to swim or their ability to exit

the device. For example, the wearing of heavy coats or hoods would be inappropriate.

2.2 Injury and Catchpoints

(a) There may be no sharp edges, protruding components or pinch points.

(b) No nails, screws or objects that can cause injury should be used in constructing a device.

(c) The design must anticipate structural failure of the flying device during flight or due to impact

with water, and avoid using materials which when exposed will cause injury or create catch


(d) Padding should be provided to cushion any impact a participant may have with any part of

the flying device.

(e) Designs must avoid:

(i) the use of a participant’s arms as the main ‘structural’ members of wings longer or

significantly larger than the arm; or

(ii) arms draped outside and over the edges of a box shaped pilot’s cell, which may

result in injury to the armpits.

2.3 Entry and Exit Points

There must be two clear entry or exit points for the participant in the flying device. These two

entry or exit points must allow unobstructed full entry to, or full exit from the flying device within

five seconds on dry ground. The design of these two entry or exit points must anticipate the flying

device coming to rest upside down.

2.4 Harnesses

Where any harness for a participant is provided on a flying device, the harness must feature a quick

release device that may be fully activated or released by one hand within three seconds.


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



2.5 Construction, Materials and Flotation

(a) No more than 50% of a flying device can be made from steel, structural timber,

splintering materials or other heavy materials, or a combination of those materials.

(b) Where any hollow structural section is incorporated into a flying device it must be fully sealed

to prevent water entering into it.

(c) Consideration should be taken to including buoyancy devices within the design.

2.6 Weather or Dangerous Conditions

If, in the opinion of the Council, high wind conditions or any other conditions exist that may expose

participants or any other persons to significant safety risks, the Rally may be postponed or cancelled

without notice.

2.7 Amendment of Rules

The Council reserves the right to alter, cancel or abandon any or all aspects of the Rally without

notice and in its entire discretion.

3. Characteristics and weight of flying device

The flying device must adhere to the following requirements:

3.1 Length: The flying device must not exceed a maximum length of three metres.

3.2 Wings and Wingspan: The flying device must not exceed a maximum wingspan of eight metres.

Wings may either be fixed, rotary, or flapping. For rotary or circular wings, the maximum allowable

diameter is eight metres.

3.3 Height: The flying device must not exceed a maximum height of three metres when on the ground.

3.4 Separate Launch Devices and Wheels: The flying device must not use any launching devices that

separate from it prior to or during flight, for example bicycles, rails, husky teams, cars or boats.

(a) The flying device must not, if attempting to qualify for any Prize for length of distance flown,

rest on, nor rely for any launch assistance on wheels.

3.5 Lighter than Air and Lifting Devices: The flying device must not be in any part lighter than air.

(a) Balloons, kites and parachutes are not allowed.

3.6 Stored Energy: The flying device must not incorporate any stored energy devices, including, but not

limited to, gas under pressure, springs, elastics, oxidising propellants.

3.7 Gears, Propellers and Motors:

(a) The flying device may incorporate gears, chains, pulleys or propellers only if these are

powered by the physical efforts of the competitor alone.

(b) Motors and engines of any kind are not allowed.

3.8 Originality: The flying device must not be composed of any more than 25% of any commercially

available flying device.


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



3.9 Advertising: Must be approved by Moomba Waterfest Management

(a) The flying device, pilot or support crew must not, if accepted as a free, individual entry,

feature any commercial advertising.

(b) Acknowledgments of materials or services supplied or sponsored may be made, as long as

these acknowledgments are no larger than 250mm x 250mm.

Sponsor acknowledgments of your craft must exclude companies in the soft drinks category,

waters, ice creams, media or travel.

3.10 Weight: The flying device should weigh no more than 40kg plus the body weight of the participant.

3.11 Pilot and Launch Assistance:

(a) The flying device must be for one pilot only. Only one attempt will be allowed.

(b) A flying device must rely on no more than three assistants and the pilot during launch and

not greater than 40 kg in weight.

4. Launch platform

The launch platform:

4.1 Height: will be four metres above the height of the water.

4.2 Size: will feature a level launching area 17.2 metres by 12.2 metres

4.3 Handrail: will be 1 metre in height

4.4 Ramp: will be 14.5 metres long.

5. Flying distance

The definition of attained flying distance:

5.1 First Contact: Will be established by the first contact point of a flying device or pilot with the water.

5.2 Pilot and Device Together: Will be counted only where the pilot is in unbroken contact with the

flying device.

5.3 Markers and Judges: Will be measured from the point vertically below the launch platform and in a

horizontal direction away from the platform.

5.4 Measurement:

(a) This distance will be defined by bands parallel to the leaping edge of the launch platform. Marker

buoys or targets in the water, which may move due to the actions of wind, water currents or tides,

will be taken to act as indicators only, and attained flying distance will be established solely by the

judges appointed by the Council of the Rally.


No correspondence will be entered into.


Birdman Rally

Entry Form



6. Disclaimer

6.1 Melbourne City Council does not warrant that the Design Rules will reduce or eliminate the risks

associated with participation in the Rally or reduce or eliminate the possibility of harm which may

occur to any participant.

6.2 The information provided in Section 3 of the Design Rules is intended as a guide and general

information only. The Melbourne City Council accepts no responsibility or liability for the correctness,

accuracy or completeness of any of the information contained in the Design Rules.

6.3 Melbourne City Council do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage, however caused

(including through negligence), which a participant may directly or indirectly suffer in connection

with their participation in the Rally, nor does the Melbourne City Council accept any responsibility

for any such loss arising out of a participant’s use of or reliance on information contained in the

Design Rules.


Birdman Rally

Entry Form


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