2011 Annual Report - Modern Maturity Center


2011 Annual Report - Modern Maturity Center




2011 Annual Report

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop

in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of

that missing drop.”

- Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Our Vision:

2011 Miles for Meals 5K

2011 Community Education and Health Fair

Continue providing excellence in services

to individuals age 50+

Our Mission:

Modern Maturity Center, Inc. is a nonprofit

organization committed to providing

Every gift

which is given,

even though it

be small, is in

reality great, if

it is given with



programs and services that enhance the

quality of life, with respect and dignity, for

individuals age 50+

MMC Dinner Theater - The Wishing Tree

Cheryl & Punky Harrington


2012 MMC Board of Directors: Back Row, L-R, Daniel Simpson, John Moore Sr., Michael Marion, Bill Carson, Don Blakey, George

Bailey, Dr. Venerando Maximo. Front Row, L-R, Nancy Wagner, 2nd Vice President Glynis Gibson, 1st Vice President Diane Street,

President Joyce Breasure-Herrick, Treasurer Ned Brown, Secretary Bill Holmes, Louann Carlson, Phyllis Moore. Not shown:

Wendy Mitten, Cathy Nacrelli, Bill Bush.

Joyce Breasure, President

Retired - University Professor/

Mental Health Counselor

Specializing in Gerontology/

Owner-For Dreamers Gallery

Diane Street, 1st Vice President

Office Manager, Street & Ellis, P.A.

Glynis Gibson, 2nd Vice President


Ned Brown, Treasurer

Retired - School Administrator

Bill Holmes, Secretary

Owner, Holmes Insurance

Venerando J. Maximo

Retired - Doctor of Urology

Director, Hope Medical Clinic

MMC Board of Directors

George Bailey

Manager, Sam’s Club

Rev. John Moore

Youth Pastor

Vice President, United Way

Michael Marion

Corporate Healthcare Manager,

Perdue Farms, Inc.

Phyllis Moore

Retired, Social Secretary for

Delaware’s First Ladies

William Carson

State Representative

William Bush, IV


Louann Carlson

Retired - Assistant Superintendent

Caesar Rodney School District

Wendy Mitten

Senior Vice President,

Mitten Construction Company

Don Blakey

State Representative

Nancy Wagner

Retired - Executive Director of

Community Relations,

Delaware State University

Cathy Nacrelli

Retired Educator,

Parent Educator, P.A.T.

Daniel Simpson

Retired, Superintendent,

Delaware State Police


Message from the Director

In tough economic times it is easy to lose sight of the impact that small acts of service

can have on the lives of our members and clients. We tend to be absorbed in the great,

but necessary, tasks of raising funds to maintain our programs and yet, every day there

are greater acts of kindness and caring being performed by our dedicated staff, Board

members, volunteers and members than can be counted.

This year we had many trials as well as triumphs. Our new building construction was

hampered by weather. We also faced challenges with some red tape, which, thanks to

the support of our members, Board of Directors and community friends we were able to

overcome. However, despite the obstacles we were able to celebrate the grand opening

of our new medical arts building and adult day services on June 15. Lifespan Medical

Services, our Caregiver Resource Center and a minor surgical procedure room for the

Hope Clinic occupy the second floor and our adult day services program – Day Break

occupies the entire first floor. Clients, staff and families all joined in to paint and decorate

the new space which features and open floor plan with areas for dining, socializing,

relaxing and participating in activities.

When faced with funding challenges, we received welcome and unexpected support

from the Delaware Division of Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities, that allowed us

to purchase a new food truck, equipment for our new facility and other items that would

not have been possible without their support.

In 2011, we continued our push to educate our legislators on the issues that matters to

seniors. Our annual Legislative Luncheon in May gave them the opportunity to see first

hand the benefits of the programs MMC provides as well as the chance to speak face to

face with constituents. It also provided some additional small acts of kindness from our

legislators who came forward to help us pay for unexpected costs associated with the

redesign of the entrance to our property.

Throughout the year, I was happily surprised and gratified by support that came to us

quietly from unexpected sources. But the most gratifying feeling of all is watching the

dedicated staff we have here at MMC. Each day, they work to bring joy and comfort to

others. Through out these pages, you can read in their own words why they

do what they do. For inspiration, look to them.

One drop of

water helps

to swell the

ocean; a spark

of fire helps to

give light to the

world. None are

too small, too

feeble, too poor

to be of service.

Think of this

and act.”

- Hannah More


Variety is the spice of life. . .

When you have a membership that ranges from 50 to over 100, you can imagine

the variety and scope of the programs needed to meet the interests and needs

of such a diverse group. Although challenging, our program department works to

develop offerings based on current trends and member interests.

We encourage our members to participate by sharing their hobbies and interests

through classes, seminars and clubs the result is a varied, culturally diverse

and exciting choice of programs for all our members. Last year we offered more

than 300 different program opportunities for our members.

“I enjoy working with our members; providing them with programs and events that

they enjoy. Coming to work every day, seeing the excitement they have is rewarding.

Our members are so knowledgeable and their life experiences are something I

treasure. They continue to teach me so much.” - Daphne Strickland, Program/RSVP


The majority of us lead quiet, unheralded lives as we pass

through this world. There will most likely be no ticker-tape

parades for us, no monuments created in our honor. But that

does not lessen our possible impact, for there are scores

of people waiting for someone just like us to come along;

people who will appreciate our compassion,

our unique talents. Someone who will live a

happier life merely because we took the time

to share what we had to give.

— Leo Buscaglia

Black History Month


Forrest Ave. Quilt Guild

Glee Club



The Clever




No other MMC program impacts people’s lives

as much as the MMC Nutrition Program, the largest of the

Center’s activities. Behind the scenes, our staff prepares both

congregate and homebound meals for five additional sites in

Kent County – Milford Senior Center, Harrington Senior Center,

Mamie Warren Senior Center, Peach Circle and Luther Towers.

Once meals are prepared, they are packaged and delivered

by our food truck to the other nutrition sites. From there, an

army of volunteers, corporate and individual, collects and

delivers hundreds of meals a day to homebound clients.

“My mom started us when we were young serving seniors. We learned to love it and it

brought us joy. Our home was always that way. My mom was always welcoming people in and serving

them. We would laugh and eat and have a good time. I’ve always looked for jobs where I can serve. I like to see people

happy when they are being served – it’s happiness for them not to cook for themselves once in a while and have someone wait on

them. It makes me happy, too. I can laugh and have a good time with them like I did growing up. Everyone that comes through the line has

a different smile. That’s exciting to me.” – Yvonne Weaver

The Meals on Wheels program is a great example of how one small act can have a big impact. For many

clients, the delivery of their meal is the only human contact they may have in a day. In 2011, we delivered more

than 172,000 homebound meals.

“My job is with MANNA as an outreach worker and includes traveling to homes of those age 60 or older who need

services due to being homebound. Seeing my clients needs met inspires me. In 2003 I retired from the Salvation Army

in Wilmington, DE as a family services director. It has been a 25 plus year journey in social services. Every client is a

special human being to me and the Modern Maturity Center is the heart of where the needs of “seasoned” adults are

met.” - Bernice Murray

Our nutrition program reaches out by providing nutrition counseling and diabetes support groups. We

also reach a large number of people Kent County and neighboring areas through our dinner dances held

18-20 times a year. These evening events feature a buffet dinner and entertainment providing a welcome and

inexpensive opportunity for guests to socialize with friends.

Great opportunities to help others seldom come,

but small ones surround us every day. —Sally Koch


MMC in the community


As the sponsoring agency for RSVP in Kent County, our volunteers,

all over age 55 and nearly 1,000 strong, provide ample proof of the effect

of small acts of service. The impact of the 163,007 hours of service they

provided in 2011 translates in dollars to $2,445,105. But more than the

economic impact is the humanitarian impact. This army of volunteers,

delivered meals, mentored students, and entertained in nursing

homes. They aided blood banks, hospitals, museums and schools, as

well as environmental and homeland security efforts of city, county

and state agencies. They give their time and energy towards making

our community a better place. A generation of doers, they ignore

the arbitrary dictates of what society says seniors should be and are

making an indelible mark on society by paying forward what they

have learned.

“ I simply love coming to MMC. It is a wonderful place for people to

gather and find a warm, inviting and lively atmosphere. Most of all, they

have the opportunity to have fun together while learning something

new on a daily basis. I have had the privilege to come to MMC as a staff

member for 14 years and for me, I feel surrounded by an extended

family - this is my second home.” - Carol Lettieri, RSVP Volunteer Coordinator

SCSEP trainee, Sharon Lynch


Steppin’ Seniors

Every kind act, no matter how small, is like a pebble tossed into the pond

of human caring. The rings reach out far beyond the point of impact.

- Unknown

Employers in Kent County can benefit from the Senior Community Service

Employment Program for which MMC is the county sponsor. SCSEP staff work

to find employers who have jobs available for trained participants in addition to

businesses willing to hire subsidized trainees.

SCSEP provides services to unemployed persons age 55 or older who have

barriers to employment. Goals are to provide part time training opportunities

in support of community service activities and to transition participants to

unsubsidized jobs.

Employers benefit while employees gain on-the-job work experience and

training. The program provides subsidized wages, a yearly physical, workshops to

hone job-seeking skills, referrals and counseling. We served 76 clients in 2011.

“What motivates me in my job is assisting seniors that are eligible for the training-to-work

program. I search for jobs, help them apply, set up interviews with employers and encourage

them to believe in themselves and have the right attitude. The reward I receive is reading their

success stories and knowing I was instrumental in helping them achieve their goal.” - Sara

Williams, SCSEP Job Development Specialist


2011 Community Education & Health Fair

including state legislative updates.

MMC’s executive director and board members do their part by

contacting and interacting with legislators at the city, county, state and

federal levels. Through education, they are made more aware of the

impact of their decisions on the senior population of the state.

“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can

change the world of one person.” - Paul Shane Spear

We also reach out to the community through our Annual

Community Education and Health Fair. Businesses, state and

county agencies, non-profits and other exhibitors offer attendees

information, screenings and samples.

The monthly Bulletin is distributed throughout Kent County

and provides the

community not only

with updates on MMC

programs, but also covers

items of interest to seniors,

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day


The Modern Maturity Center

maintains a fleet of handicap

accessible 16-passenger buses with

wheelchair lifts in order to transport

members to the Center each day.

Primary consideration is given to those who attend the adult day services. Others are added

as space permits. Buses are acquired through the state’s 5310 grant program and funding is provided

through the Delaware Transit Corporation and Kent County Levy Court.

All drivers receive CPR and defensive driving training. Through this program, members, who would

otherwise be isolated because of lack of transportation, are able to attend the Center for meals and

programs each day. Each bus runs two routes each morning and afternoon in addition to outings several

mornings each week which allow members to pick up medications or groceries, visit the mall, shopping

centers, farmers markets and craft shops.

“I never have a bad day of work here. I truly love my job and enjoy seeing the clients happy when they

are here. In the year I have been part of the MMC team, never once have I dreaded my alarm at 4:15 am.

Having a job that you love to do naturally makes you a happier person. Being a part of seeing our seniors

enjoy their retirement and becoming part of the family that they make up is a blessing in my eyes. I love

the feeling I always have at the end of my day. I make a difference in someone’s life every day even if it’s

just by carrying a grocery bag for a client who might have a walker or a cane. They are always so thankful

for all our help.” - Vikki Bowen


A whole person approach


One of our strategic goals is to provide health and wellness solutions for our members. Our Wellness Center

provides cardio and strength training machines and a therapeutic heated pool. In addition to self-directed

activities in the fitness center, there are a variety of classes such as tai chi, yoga, Zumba, low impact aerobics,

abs and stretching. Aquatic aerobic classes are also offered, including an arthritis friendly class that is perfect

for those with joint issues. The pool is also a resource for Dynamic Physical Therapy, whose

therapists bring their clients for specialized rehabilitation.

“In teaching water aerobics, I have met some of the most fun, happy

people. I call them my “Water Babies”. I so enjoy helping them reach

their fitness goals by inspiring them to exercise and eat healthy. Most of

all, my “kids” as I call them, have a great time working out and socializing

in the water. My “kids” range from 52 to 83 years of age. It is a rewarding

experience for me as I watch them lose weight and become healthier and

having fun at the same time. They have become caring, compassionate

friends who look forward to their classes each week and I have so much fun

“working” with them! “- Mary Riordan

A way of life in which physical activity is valued and integrated

into daily living is supplemented by nutrition, health and wellness, and

support seminars.

Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s

possible, and suddenly you are doing the

impossible. - Francis of Assisi

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is another aim of the Modern Maturity

Center - encouraging our members to learn, grow and

experience new things. Learning can happen throughout our

lives through reading, travel, and an inquisitiveness that one

keeps through life.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University

of Delaware in Dover was established at MMC in 2010 by a

committed group of volunteers who served as a founding

committee. The program offers opportunities for intellectual






and social


for people

age 50+ in an




Yoga Class

MMC’s Trips and Tours program

provides a wide variety of travel

opportunties at a great value.

Day trips to area and regional

theaters, restaurants, entertainment

venues, tourist attractions as well

as shopping opportunties are

provided weekly. Extended tours

and cruises are also available to

locations such as Canada, Europe,

Panama, the Carribean, and

sites through the US including

Western National Parks, Savannah,

Gettysburg, and Mackinac Island.


We care. . .

We have a passion for what we do and as such our goal is to reach out and affect lives of older adults

throughout our community. We accomplish this through a number of programs.

Care Management - Our care management team is part of the state Aging and Disabilities

Resource Center. The goal is to assist persons with options counseling and assistance with their

preferences regarding long term care assessment and information (such as placement options or

return to the community). Another facet is to provide assistance, education and support,

enabling individuals to make informed choices regarding hospital

discharge planning. Resources are tailored to the individual in order

to make personal, informed decisions about care. In 2011, for Kent

County, we were able to provide assistance for 291 clients.

The Senior Outreach Services (SOS) program, provided by MMC

through a grant from the Palmer Home Foundation, offers comprehensive

geriatric assessments by a nurse practitioner specializing in mental health.

This service is available to any senior who may be demonstrating changes

or who may have needs related to health, safety and/or living conditions.

Our care management team also provides information and referral services

for seniors who need assistance in such areas as housing, health, legal matters,

finances and transportation.

Healthy IDEAS is a proactive program which identifies clients who

are at risk for untreated depression. Interventions using Healthy IDEAS

protocols are introduced and treatment options discussed. This is a

proactive program adopted in each county to identify, manage and offer

support to individuals who have a serious but treatable illness.

Make one person happy each day and in forty years you will have made

14,600 human beings happy for a little time, at least. - Charley Willey

Caregiver Resource Center

Another source of outreach is our caregiver resource center which

provides support and resources for those caring for family members

at home. Because caregivers play such an important role in longterm

care, services such as Day Break and our Caregivers Resource

Center are an important component of any home and communitybased

care system. They sustain a caregiver’s role and maintain their

emotional and physical health. The Caregiver Resource Center staff

offer information and resources for family members facing the responsibility of caring

for a loved one at home. Through support groups and one-on-one guidance, they help

caregivers find the resources they need.

“I enjoy working at MMC, because I can help people who are taking care of a family member. It

is wonderful to be able to find services that enable them to keep their loved one at home. Many

of those services are found right here at MMC - everything from getting a letter noatarized, to

safety calls at home, to borrowing a shower chair, to having meals delivered, to having the

loved one start Day Break, and more recently, Front Porch. Every person I work with has the

goal of serving our clients.” - Cindy Clark, Caregiver Resource Center



Fundraising comes from a variety of sources and

again, this is an area where no amount is too small.

From daily donations for meals to large grant

foundations, we depend on all of them to help us

accomplish our mission.

A concrete example of this is the completion

of our new medical arts and adult day services

building. This was accomplished with the help of

foundation grants; local businesses; members and

friends who purchased a “square foot;” adult day

services clients and family members who raised

money through bake sales and yard sales and by

soliciting donations of furniture; volunteers who came in to

assemble furniture and paint. Every generous act and donation was responsible

for this new facility.

Some forms of fundraising, although exhausting, are lots of fun. Each year, MMC Dinner Theatre stages

two productions. In 2011, Red White and Broadway and The Wishing Tree were sellouts, raising more than

$33,000 to support our programs for older adults. These shows are a labor of love for the volunteers, young

and old, who give their time and talents.

Each fall, MMC hosts its largest fundraiser - A Fabulous Affair. In 2011, this gala event raised nearly

$60,000 generated through sponsorships, ticket sales, live and silent auctions, and a cash raffle.

MMC Dinner


“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a

series of small things brought together.”

--Vincent Van Gogh

A Fabulous Affair


Adult Day Services


2011 was a special year for our adult day services program - Day

Break. In June, we opened our new facility. Built with input from

professionals, staff, clients and their families, the new space is bright

and home-like with lots of space to move around, particpate in

activities or just relax.

“When I made a career change almost 20 years ago, I discovered

that my definition of a “successful day” also changed. Instead

of counting how much money I’d made or saved my employer, I

started counting how many people I’d made smile or laugh that

day.” - Nancy Kinsella, Adult Day Services Director

Day Break opened in 1982 at the Modern Maturity Center

in response to the community’s need for an intermediate care facility

to bridge the gap between home and nursing home care. Its services are a vital

part of the continuum of care for the elderly, providing a stimulating, safe and healthy

atmosphere for the senior client and reassurance and support for the family.

“I enjoy working with seniors because they have a lot to teach me and they’re just fun in general. And

because I’m going to get old one day too.” - Bessie Penny, CNA

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to

accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble. - Helen Keller


Front Porch is MMC’s newest program. It is the first

of its kind in Delaware and focuses on maintaining

and enhancing memory and cognitive functioning

for individuals with mild cognitive impairment, early

Alzheimer’s disease, or other early memory-related

disorders. It came about through the need for an

intermediate program opportunity for those clients

who are experiencing early memory loss.

Front Porch, is funded by the Brookdale Foundation and the

Palmer Home Foundation. The Front Porch bridges the gap in

programming between those who are fully functioning and able

to attend regular MMC programs and those who are functionally

impaired to the degree that they are candidates for the adult day

care program. The program is designed to decrease isolation and

help participants stay healthy and happy for as long as possible.

“I enjoy working with Front Porch to help folks focus on

what they CAN do, not on what they CAN’T. Our main focus is

socializing and laughter. Our group has become a family.” -

Bobbie Braksator, Front Porch coordinator



$500,000 +

The Longwood Foundation

$100,000 +

Welfare Foundation

Crystal Trust





The Estate of Peggy Lorenzen


Kent County Levy Court


Hope Clinic

Delaware Community Foundation

Marmot Foundation

Square foot donors

Gina Atkinson

David & Helen Baird

Craig & Pat Barcus

Ken & Elsie Baughman

John & Winnie Bell

Don & Delores Blakey

Rose Borja

Bill & Betty Boyd (2)

Joyce Breasure

Gertrude Brittingham (2)

Marvin & Ruth Cosden

Shirley Cunningham

Wayne Dabson

Robert & Barbara Edwards

Penelope & Shane Gabriel

Cheryl Gallagher

Pat Gallagher

Donald & Yoshiko Garlow

Carole & Walter Gibbs

The Gooche Family-2010

James Hutchison

Margaret & Eddie Jewell

Althea Johns

Bobbi & Bill Knotts

Estelle Linford & Steven Lockwood

Kevin & Robin List (2)

Winston the Great – Dr. Jamaica Lumsden (2)

Terry & Cate Lyons

Michael Marion

Vincenta Marquez

Shirley Mayhew

Edward & Susan McNamara

William & Phyllis Moore

Vera Mrohs – In memory of Erich Mrohs

June Myers

Kitty & Dick Nickerson

Robert & Marlene Samuel

Matilda & John Schneider

Ed & Rose Ann Smith

Vivian Starnes

Shirley Steele

Victor & Barbara Stephens

Gerald & Diane Street

Studio Jaed

Lois Tovcimak

Shirley Zec

We wish to acknowledge the following for their support in the construction of

our new adult day services/medical arts facility.

Division of Services for Aging and

Adults with Physical Disabilities

Palmer Home

Wayne & Betsy Holden

Jonathan’s Landing

George & Lynch

Will Robinson

Smith Rust Group

The Dover Post


Mitten Construction

Rosemary Twilley

Elizabeth Carlson


List Refrigeration


“No matter how little you have, you can always

give some of it away.” ~ Catherine Marshall

Day Break and the Caregiver Resource Center gratefully acknowledge the following

for their generous donations to furnishing and equipping this new facility

Sandy Dobbins in Memory of John Dobbins

Al Heiges in Memory of Nadine Heiges

Virginia Hughes

Absolute Home Health Care

Dr. Steven P. Artz

Dale and Jill Barr

LeRoy Brathwaite

Rose Bryan

Bob and Kitty Carver

Mary Cavuto and Louise Carrow

Ronald Davies

Sandy Dobbins

Jim and Hilde Ditmars

Dawson Bus Service

Michael and Judith Emick

Mamie and Paul Estep

Dorothy Freniere

Ruth and Donald Garafalo

Nancy Jean Gormont

Jessica Gormont

James and Alice Gormont

Charles Gruver III

Mike Harmon

in Memory of Margie Harmon

Al Heiges

Virginia Hughes

Nancy and Jim Kinsella

Doris Knox

Lowes Home Improvement

Center, Dover/Olympic Paint

Michael Marion

John McCloskey

Doris Moore

Thomas and Bessie Moore

Cathy and Christopher Nacrelli

Navarre United Methodist Church

The Delaware State News

Green Diamond/Beracah Homes

Dover Volkswagen-Audi-Subaru

Terry & Cate Lyons

Steve & Carolyn Fredricks


Drs. Basilio & Amelia Bautista

Merrill Lynch


CNC Insurance

Citizen’s Bank

Sam’s Club

Wachovia Bank

Dorothy May

Dr. Venerando & Carole Maximo

Robert & Lynn Edgell

Street & Ellis

TD Bank

Dover Downs

John and Linda McCloskey in Memory of Ed McCloskey

Ray Book Wealth Management

Atlantic Concrete

Commerce Insurance/

Commerce Bank

Ed & Rose Ann Smith in

memory of Gladys Owens and

Gertrude Vorhies

Dr. Donald & Judy Tilmon

Whisman Giordano & Associates

Southern Delaware Medical


The Upper Cut Inc./ Pratt

Insurance Inc.

Conner-Strong Insurance

Michael Marion

Steppin Seniors

All Souped Up

Dover Law

1st National Bank of Wyoming

Harrington ERA

Mitten & Winters

Dr. Steven Nemcic

Dr. Franklin Pancko

Arlene Putt

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Quinn

Al Rogers

Richard and Betty Ronston

Dale and Jonathon Seda

Arnetia Simmons

Nora Sondheimer

Dr. Stephanie Stecker

Pete and Joanne Tester

Helen Urian and Karen Jones

Dr. Robert Webster

Juanita Williams

Shirley Wright

Anna Young

Carla Young

Additional donations were made by

friends and family in memory of the

following Day Break Participants:

Theresa Blythe

John Dobbins

Margie Harmon

George Heape

Nadine Heiges

James Kelly

Allen Landon

Lola Locke

Ed McCloskey

Helen Reece

Nellie Seward

Donna Snell


Annual Operating Budget

Kent County

Levy Court


*includes $28,300 for

Nutrition Program-

Mileage Reimbursement







Adult Day



Golden Eagle




The Golden Eagle provides

crafters the opportunity to

sell their products and earn

supplemental income. The shop

operates five days a week and

features quilts, flower arrangements,

crochet and knitted items,

woodcrafts and other gift items at

reasonable prices.

MOWD-Unfunded Meals & Mileage Reimbursement

$56,146 (Part of Nutrition Program but

not included in Nutrition Total)



Social, Recreation

& Wellness




Craft Shop


Total Budget



Funding Sources

State Division for Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities

The Federal Corporation for National Service

The State of Delaware General Assembly

The Palmer Home Foundation

Kent County Levy Court

Meals on Wheels Delaware

United Way

Delaware Transit Corporation

The Brookdale Foundation

Mid-Del Foundation

MMC Administration

Carolyn Fredricks, Executive Director

Cate Lyons, Deputy Director

Kathy Becker, Administrative Assistant

Jaime Sherman, Director, Nutrition Services

Nancy Kinsella, Director, Adult Day Services

Daphne Strickland, Director, R.S.V.P./Programs

Donna Heller, Director, S.C.S.E.P.

John Tribbett, Director, Building & Grounds

Joe Seay, Director, Finance

Tony Carvo, Director, Wellness Center

Cheryl Gallagher, Director, Care Management/EML

Rian Davis, Network Administrator

Victor Hendricks, Executive Chef

Mark Biggs, Kitchen Manager

Ted Hairston, Transportation Coordinator

2011 A Fabulous Affair - Co-chairs Chris and Cathy Nacrelli, Diane and Gerald

Street with MMC Exectutive Director Carolyn Fredricks (center)

MMC Dinner Theater, Red, White and Broadway,

Tanya Maloney and Alex Becton


Modern Maturity Center, Inc. 1121 Forrest Ave. Dover, DE 19904 l 302-734-1200


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