• Research Conducted: “Advertising Campaigns in Chinese Context”; a

comparative quantitative & qualitative analyses of communication

strategies, tactics & planning in 4 areas; San Francisco USA, Taiwan,

Hong Kong and Shanghai from 1991-1993.

• Sino Universal Media Int’l Ltd., incorporated in Hong Kong in 1994,

providing media buying & planning, event marketing, production &

syndication services.

• Oriental Modeling & Media Ltd, incorporated in Shanghai in 1997,

producing and distributing event, lifestyle & fashion productions.

• Co-Produced 100+ hours of programming distributed to 100+ markets in


• Windmill Case History

• VNU Huanan Fair Case History

• Cowboy Candy Case History

• SHICC Case History

• VNU Pet Fair Case History

• China Cosmopolitan Show

• Shanghai Int’l Fashion Festival

• Ascend & Vidal Sassoon Event

Sponsorships - Case Histories


• P&G Case History

• King World Case History

• Campina Case History

• Bosch Case History

• VNU World Travel Fair Case History

• Co-Production Case Histories for


• Opening Ceremonies

Media Productions in China 1994-2006

• Media buying and planning TV & Print campaigns for McCormick China for McCormick Soup at

16 TV stations from 1994 to 1998.

• TV campaign for Novartis for the Ovaltine and Lacova brands on Tangshan TV in 1995.

• TV campaign for Singer Sewing Machines on 6 provincial TV stations in 1995

• TV campaign for Chupa Chups Lollipops in Shanghai in 1996 on STV, OTV and CATV.

• TV campaign for Van Melle Mentos in 1998 in Shanghai and South China on 12 TV stations total.

• Bavaria Beer launch and TV campaign in Shanghai and South China in 1998 on 24 TV stations.

• Media campaign for Carrefour in Shanghai in 1999 on OTV, STV & CATV.

• Media buying for: J.W. Thompson, Firstell Advertising, McCain Erickson, Zenith Media.

• Designated advertising agency of Xinmin Weekly Magazine in 2001

• Case histories: SHICC, Meelunie, P&G, Campina, Bosch, Ascend, Vidal Sassoon, VNU- 1997-2001

• Event Sponsorships: Shanghai Int’l Fashion Festival, China Cosmopolitan Show, Fairs- 1995-2005

• Co-productions - Organon case histories 2004-2006

Co-Productions: Case Histories – Program Branding

• 1 摇摆女郎- Yaobai Nulang- Pink Lady 2

• 2 大話愛情- Dahua Aiqing – About Love

• 3 心灵花园- Xinling Huayuan – Murmur of Life

Organon Case histories

Oriental Modeling & Media

Shanghai March 20, 2006

摇摆女郎-Pink Lady 2: Case History I


• Agency contacted client in spring of 2003 to introduce its range of media services & media partners.

Client introduced company & Marvelon brand and presented brief to agency.

• Marvelon’s main brand objectives: to increase brand awareness and to create new users.

Target audience: Female 18-35 seeking reliable contraceptive method as their trusted choice.

• Main Idea:

To achieve Marvelon objectives in-program branding co-production to be used as method of brand

exposure illustrating brand usage & brand benefits to potential new users. In-program branding to

achieve communication objectives in cost-efficient way.

• Specific Marvelon story boards to be written for main characters in drama discussing Marvelon in natural

settings. Linking the brand and its benefits to product category reducing shame factor and threshold for


• Desired program profile to be skewed towards modern healthy lifestyle trend that is able to build on

Marvelon’s brand positioning & promise.

• Based on the above, agency sourced potential program co-production suitable for Marvelon.

摇摆女郎- Pink Lady 2: Case History I (cont’d)


• Agency introduced CITV to developed 10 in-program branding proposals for drama called Pink Lady 2

(PL2) from which 6 Marvelon scenes to appear within 26 episodes to be aired on CCTV8 with

nationwide coverage. Each segment to mention Marvelon website, cycle control and general skin


• CITV informed 1 year production lead time & additional 6 months to 1 year for actual airing of PL2.

Slow approval process of story boards increased lead time substantially. It was indicated for shooting to

commence in March 2004 and first day of broadcast end of 2004 to Feb. 2005.

• Client requested campaign planning period to start in 2004. Agency to source alternative programming

within the requested planning period.

• Once story boards of entire drama were approved CITV opted to use all existing story boards inclusive of

Marvelon scenes rather than create new material. As a result a Marvelon scene was included in PL2 and

aired nationwide on Dec. 2005 on CCTV8 free of charge reaching a potential of over 1 billion viewers.

• Verdict:

“The exposure in the program was excellent and unexpected. The agency helped us very much with

making the first contacts and preparing the story boards.”

Herman Schwietert

Marketing & Sales Director

Akzo Nobel/Organon

大話愛情-About Love - set

大話愛情-About Love : Case History II


• Due to PL2’s long lead time agency searched alternative program co-production suitable for Marvelon

exposure in 2004.

• Main Idea:

Sourcing contemporary life style drama, in accordance with client’s brand objectives, to be aired within

the brand’s planning period of 2004, with nationwide distribution roll-out.

• Dahua Aiqing (DHAQ) was introduced; A 1 hour life style program based on dynamics in relationships,

tailored to modern urban audiences. Program aired on Channel Young on Sundays from 21:00-22:00.

Program offering promotional tie-ins as well as inclusion of Marvelon spokesperson inside the show.

• Branding benefits proposed: 300 seconds brand name exposure per episode, branding on set floor, on

speakers desks, on name tag stands. Six special Marvelon segments ‘Lessons in Love’, each segment to

revolve around brand and relevant Marvelon topics, Specialist to be invited in program as ‘Celebrity

Consultant Dr Yan’, Marvelon site link to program site, site & phone number inclusion in the program.

• Multi media approach: topics in the TV show to be used in print media to reach same target audience.

• Budget for 26 episodes with roll-out to 24 markets: 1.38 million RMB.

Planned budget per episode: 58,000 RMB.

Planned CPRP target: 145 RMB.

大話愛情-About Love : Case History II (cont’d)


• The first Marvelon episode was aired on May 30, 2004, #26 was aired on Nov. 21, 2004 in Shanghai.

• 8 Marvelon ‘lessons of love’ were aired instead of planned 6, Marvelon 800 phone number aired 21

times. Extra benefits: Marvelon SMS incorporated into program, Marvelon produced DHAQ tape, 4

shows aired with Marvelon audience. Per episode 712 seconds of direct Marvelon exposure received.

• Incorporated SMS component linked the oral contraceptive product category to Marvelon. This was also

addressed by Dr Yan in ‘lessons of love’ segments. Additionally, a Family Planning Bureau official was

invited to the show to discuss oral contraceptives. This episode was aired on Oct. 31, 2004.

• The program scored consistent on ratings, average rating of 2.3, program scored on 2 dominant target

groups: F18-35 ratings:2.2 & F30-45 ratings:2.4. Shanghai: F18-35 viewers per episode 368,000. For 7

markets:690,000 viewers per episode.*

• Distribution roll-out not as planned, show distributed to 7 markets instead of 24. To compensate, 5

additional Marvelon episodes were aired from Nov. 28 to Dec. 26 2004, budget adjusted accordingly.

Actual budget for 31 episodes in 7 markets: 828,000 RMB. 26,710 RMB per episode.

• Comparing regular media buy 712 seconds is 23.7 30” spots, achieved average rating of 2.3*, for 7

markets equals 382 GRP per week. Weekly spot cost of 23.7 spots for 7 markets:380,243 RMB.

Comparable Spot buy: CPRP: 995. For Marvelon : Planned CPRP :145 Achieved CPRP: 70


“The sponsorship of the About Love program has helped us more than expected in raising our brand

awareness. Sales in Shanghai have been significantly helped by this program.”

Herman Schwietert

Marketing & Sales Director

Akzo Nobel/Organon

* Source: Nielsen

心灵花园- Murmur of Life - Set

心灵花园- Murmur of Life : Case History III


• Rating analyses of DHAQ showed female viewers shifting towards 30-45 age group. Client’s desired

target for Marvelon: F20-35. Potential program to feature modern topics of interest to target with larger

distribution roll-out. New co-production to better address link between oral contraceptives and Marvelon.

• Main Idea:

Greater brand awareness to increase new users. To communicate Marvelon’s positioning & promise

more effectively Xinling Huayuan (XLHY) was introduced, a 30 minute life-style variety program

tailored to urban audiences aired on Channel Young on Saturday from 20:30 – 21:00 pm. Contemporary

topics on life improvements. Utilizing the show’s themes to achieve desired advertising effect.

• Branding benefits proposed: title sponsorship, Marvelon link with program name, 300 seconds of

exposure per episode, set backdrop and floor branding, exposure of Marvelon 800 phone number and

website, series of 15 seconds program promos mentioning Marvelon as exclusive title sponsor, 9

specially designated Marvelon episodes, SMS component.

• Budget for XLHY for 52 episodes with roll-out to 20 markets: 1,404,000 RMB.

Planned budget per episode: 27,000 RMB.

Planned CPRP target: 70 RMB.

心灵花园- Murmur of Life : Case History III (Cont’d)

• Result:

First Marvelon episode was aired on Feb. 27, 2005 and # 44 was aired on Dec. 25, 2005 in Shanghai.

• Per episode 362 seconds direct Marvelon exposure received. In 44 episodes 11.5 hours of exposure aired.

5 Dr Yan episodes aired instead of 9. SMS component replaced by inclusion of Dr Yan’s site in 5 Dr Yan

episodes. Program promos aired 112 times per week adding 560 seconds of exposure per episode.

• Target F20-35 outscored universe sample. Largest number of F20-35 in Shanghai attracting 344,000

viewers on average per episode. For 18 markets per episode on selected target: 1,159,900 viewers.*

• To compensate for 18 markets instead of 20 and 44 received episodes instead of 52, budget was revised

accordingly. Actual budget for 44 episodes in 18 markets: 1,184,000 RMB. 26,909 RMB per episode.

• Comparing regular media buy 362 seconds is 12.1 30” spots, achieved average rating of 1.94*, for 18

markets equals 423 GRP per week. Weekly spot cost of 12.1 spots for 18 markets:500,940 RMB.

Comparable Spot buy :CPRP: 1,184. For Marvelon : Planned CPRP :70 Achieved CPRP: 64

• Verdict:

“This program had a good reach throughout China, because of this sponsorship we extended the

brand awareness and leadership position of Marvelon throughout China. The support of the agency

has been great and because of this we could meet the reach we had set as our objective.”

Herman Schwietert

Marketing & Sales Director

Akzo Nobel/Organon

* Source: Nielsen

Branding Campaign Cost-Effectiveness

• DHAQ & XLHY campaigns ran from May 2004 until

December 2005 with distribution roll-out continuing in


• For PL2 1 Marvelon segment aired for free

Value 200,000 RMB

• Planned budget DHAQ 1.38 million RMB

Actual budget 828,000 RMB

Budget save: 552,000 RMB

• Planned budget for XLHY 1.404 million RMB

Actual budget 1.184 million RMB

Budget save: 220,000 RMB

• Biggest budget save: DHAQ campaign: CPRP 70

• Lowest CPRP count: XLHY campaign: CPRP 64

• Both cost-effective; DHAQ: F18-35 CPM 38 RMB

• Highest cost-effective; XLHY: F20-35 CPM 23 RMB

















145 70

spot buy planned actual


70 64

spot buy planned actual





Co-productions: Organon Branding - Testimonial

“The Marvelon promotion in the period 2004-2005 consisted of

many elements of which TV was certainly a good contributor,

taking into account that only 10% of the advertising budget was

spent on TV.”

“The contract terms were fulfilled as agreed.”

“Marvelon has become market leader in its sub-segment of the

contraceptive market and the TV campaigns have been

contributing significantly to this.”

“Sales went up two-fold during this period.”

Herman Schwietert

Marketing & Sales Director

Akzo Nobel/Organon


Co-Productions & Distribution

• Agency Facilitated China market entry of: King World in 1998, Endemol

in 2000 & FremantleMedia in 2001

• Co-produced a 90 min pilot of “Jin Suan Pan” a Chinese produced

version of “Price is Right” in 2002

• Co-produced 2 lifestyle series with Shanghai Media Group in 2004 and

2005, 31 and 44 episodes respectively with nationwide distribution roll

out in 2006

• Company currently producing 2 program formats for China, 30 episode

reality format of 30 minutes per episode and 30 episode lifestyle & reality

format of 15 min per episode, both for broadcast in 2006.

Jin Suan Pan 2002

Hosts: Lin Hai

Wang Yinan

Distribution: King World – 1998 Case History

• Agency facilitated China market entry of King World in 1998

• First market entry of US program distributor in China.

• Nationwide distribution of children content dubbed and subtitled in mandarin.

• Children’s program: “The Little Rascals” 54 episodes of half hour each

• Show aired on 28 TV stations in China reaching over 200 million viewers per


Distribution Little Rascals - Testimonial

“China is a new market for us and we were exited to be given an opportunity to break in this

market with the Little Rascals.”

“The Little Rascals” was the beginning of the great success of King World Productions,

now the most successful TV syndication company in the US.”

“We were honored that the Little Rascals was launched in the largest TV market in the

world and established a long term relationship with Sino Universal Media.”

Fred Cohen, President

King World International

Fashion Productions: VNU World Travel Fair – Case History

2004, 2005, 2006

A Case history for VNU Exhibitions Asia

By Oriental Modeling & Media

April 21, 2006 上海东亚模特儿经纪有限公司

Fashion Productions: World Travel Fair 2004-2006 2004 2006


• VNU Exhibitions Asia, a subsidiary of VNU, the global

information and media company that provides 'must have' business

information and organizes more than 120 trade and consumer

shows in Europe, United States and Asia. VNU Exhibitions Asia is

active organizing high-level events in China for more than 8 years.

• Oriental Modeling & Media, the company is a joint-venture

modeling and media agency providing fashion & media

productions in China. The JV and partners have been active in

media campaign design, management & execution as well as

various media productions since 1994.

Fashion Productions: World Travel Fair 2004-2006 2004 2006


• China is the most promising new travel market in the world. Outbound

departures have been growing a staggering 25% annually reaching 28.8

million in 2004. Predicted to grow to 100 million by 2020.

• World Travel Fair (WTF) set up to meet the needs of the emerging

Chinese outbound travel market by featuring product and destination

displays of companies and organizations.

• World Travel Fair is organized by the Shanghai Municipal Tourism

Administrative Commission and VNU Exhibitions Europe and managed

by Shanghai International Conference Management Organization and

VNU Exhibitions Asia.

• World Travel Fair is the business-to-business and business-to-consumer

travel platform in China first set up in 2004.

Fashion Productions: World Travel Fair 2004-2006 2004 2006

Main Idea:

• Agency was asked to provide fashion shows as part of the daily

stage productions for the WTF fairs as fashion partner of WTF.

• Fashion productions tailored to actual themes of the fairs.

• Tailor-made fashion productions designed including model

casting, fashion directing, hair & make up & music directing.

• Shows featuring outdoor clothing, travel clothing, sports wear,

swim & bathing wear.

Fashion Productions: World Travel Fair 2004-2006 2004 2006

Main Idea:

• Fashion production comprising of: choreography, fashion

direction & assistant, hair & make-up, music direction.

• Dress & stage rehearsals for the actual shows were done

before the start of fairs.

• Selected models were casted from large model sample of

between 25-30 models incl. male and female.

• Package deal offered in 2004 with rate protection for fairs

in 2005 and 2006.

Fashion Productions: World Travel Fair 2004-2006 2004 2006

WTF Dateline & Venue:

• First of its kind the WTF 2004 was staged on Feb. 19-22 2004 at the Shanghai

New International Expo Center in Pudong

• The 2nd WTF was staged on Jan. 20-23, 2005. Both of these fairs were staged at

the Shanghai New International Expo Center in Pudong.

• The WTF 2006 was held from March 31-April 2 2006 in the Shanghai

Exhibition Center.

Fashion Productions: World Travel Fair 2004-2006 2004 2006


• For the WTF 2004 agency staged 7 tailor-made fashion shows in 4 days.

Fashion Brands: Adidas Sports & Swimwear, Eveland Outdoor & Travel Wear.

• For the WTF 2005 agency staged 6 tailor-made fashion shows in 4 days.

Fashion Brands: Nike Sports Clothes, Eveland Outdoor & Travel Wear.

• For the WTF 2006 agency staged 4 fashion shows in 3 days.

Fashion Brands: Nike Sports Clothes, Quick Silver Outdoor & Travel Wear.

Fashion Productions: World Travel Fair - Testimonial


• “It was again a pleasure to cooperate with the enthusiastic team of

Oriental Modeling & Media to arrange the World Travel Fair 2006

fashion show production.”

• “The fashion show showed our WTF visitors the latest sports, outdoor

and travel wear, and…

• truly can be characterized with the keywords: creativity and quality.”


J. Heijmans

International Project Manager

VNU Exhibitions Asia

Event Marketing: Shanghai Int’l Fashion Festival

• Blockbuster event that showcases fashion designers and textile industries from China

and around the World. Successfully held since 1994.

• Features Int’l Model Competition with mass media exposure & extensive promotional

opportunities for nationwide exposure on Chinese TV, Radio, Print & Internet.

• Highly visible, nationwide media coverage, large footprint.

• Reach: May 1999 shows reaching over 129 million viewers. May 2000 shows

reaching over 199 million viewers. *).

• Agency Co-produced event show from 1995-2005 in 3 hour TV programs annually.

• Distributed to over 100+ markets in China.

*) Source: AC Nielsen

Event Marketing: SIMC 2005

Event Marketing: Ascend – 2000 Case History

• Ascend was Title Sponsor of Shanghai Int’l Model Competition for 5.5 Million


• Multi Media package for event inclusive of 30 day 30” prime time TVC

campaign. Value Multi Media package at P&G cash buy rates: 10.8 million


• Three 1 hour shows broadcast on 21 TV stations, 2 radio stations and 14 print


• Broadcast on 20 China stations reached an audience of 199.24 million.*)

• In total: 35 news reports with estimated readership of over 15.5 million

*) Source: Nielsen

Event Marketing: Ascend - Testimonial

“The SIMC 2000 was a new tool for Ascend to build brand awareness

utilizing people's interest on model performing.”

“Agency developed event media package to fit brand equity with event

concept, and created much chances for branding being viewed.”

“The result was excellent that the program was publicized in more than 18

provincial TV stations and other media tools (radio, magazine,


Eva Huang,

P&G Ascend Brand Manager

Event Marketing: Vidal Sassoon - 1999 Case History

• Title sponsorship for Vidal Sassoon of the Shanghai International Model Competition 1999.

• Three 1 hour shows nationwide distribution.

• Prime time On 16 stations: over 10 hours of directly measured VS exposure.

• Shanghai Radio exposure: 8 min. 18 sec.

• Print: 24 news reports

• Shanghai: 4,2 million viewers (3 shows)

• Average station ratings of 5.0

• Estimated nationwide audience of over 129 million viewers *)

*) Source: AC Nielsen

Event Marketing: China Cosmopolitan Show 2001

• First annual China Cosmopolitan Show was

staged in Shanghai from Sept 20-23 2001.

• Four day fashion exhibition and shows is

organized by IDG World Expo, the Hearst

Corporation and Oriental Modeling & Media

• Event covered by over 30 TV stations and 30

print publications.

• 45 min Cosmo TV production syndicated to 32

stations nationwide reaching over 250 million


• Event conceptualized on: glamour, excitement,

fun, intimacy and perfection.

• Fashion Directing: Mr. Ivan Lucchini

Media Buying: Cowboy Candy - Case History 1997

• Agency received client’s brief on Sept 1 97 with request of TV

coverage in secondary and tertiary markets in North China for Q4 97.

• Market selection and campaign planning & buying completed on Sept

23 97. Start of campaign Oct 1 97

• Total Budget: 770,000. Total Markets: 13 TV Stations

• Liaoning: Fuxin, Jinzhou, Anshan, Shenyang, Dandong

Jilin: Changchun, Baicheng, Siping, Yanji.

Heilongjiang: Harbin, Qiqihar, Daqing, Mudanjiang

• Single sheet scheduling & monitoring provided

• Spot execution rate: 96% as planned. Missed spots were compensated

in twofold.

Media Buying: VNU Huanan Trade Fair – Case History 1998


• Hua-Nan 98 Fair organized by Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs & CCPIT. Campaign planning

started in Jan 98 for fair in Nov. ’98.

• Targeting the following sectors: Intensive Animal Production, Animal Feed Industry,

Agricultural Production, Food Processing & Packaging, Horticultural Production, Fishery

& Fish Farming

• 24 different trade media selected, scheduling in Bi-Monthlies, Monthlies, Weeklies and


• Planning Period: Aug. - Nov. 98, 44 inserts, peaks in Aug. and Oct, and sustaining stages

in Sept. and Nov.

• Full page color ads are used maximizing awareness, response ads used early in campaign

to elicit action, remembrance ads placed in national publications

Media Buying: VNU Huanan Trade Fair 1998 Findings

• Media campaign, DM and advertising, effectively informed visitors on

Huanan, creating awareness for fair in 24 publications.

• Establishing new business channels and contacts

• Scheduling in local media in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing

• Frequency of media campaign effective: exhibitors satisfied with visitors and

number of visitors at booth

• Effective media scheduling: Selected trade media frequently read by target


Media Buying: Meelunie Windmill - Case History 1998


Windmill is an imported potato starch product used for cooking that entered the

Chinese market in 1997.

After analyzing the competitors three main advantages over the competition emerged;

highest peak viscosity, clear solution, rapid and exceptionally high swelling at low


We wanted to use testimonials from VIP’s of Meelunie, hotels, restaurants, stores and

consumers to influence purchase decision.

Targeting consumers prone to using imported brands and with a relatively higher

disposable income.

Media Buying: Meelunie Windmill - Testimonial

Media Idea

Maximize reach by selecting newspaper and radio while maximizing frequency on

CATV and interactive radio with outdoor support in metro and advertorials in print.

The Result

During and after the 2 months launch campaign Windmill experienced rapid sales and

it facilitated acceptance in the trade. Distribution channels were doubled and consumer

awareness levels increased.

The Verdict

“The campaign carried out in Shanghai was very effective especially in regards to the

limited budget we had. We looking to roll this campaign out to Guangzhou and Beijing

later this year.”

Jan Willem Reuben

GM Meelunie China

Media Buying: Campina- Case History 1998


Agency handled media buying & planning for Campina’s Birch Tree brand since

1996 to 82 TV stations nationwide. In 1998 Campina decided to grow the Hi-

Calcium segment by launching their Hi-Calcium milk powder brand.

Media Idea

TVC Campaign was scheduled in drama programming on terrestrial city stations to

maximize reach and on CATV stations to maximize frequency

In order to build awareness for the Hi-Calcium brand it was decided to produce a 5” TVC

Hi-Calcium announcement ad schedule that together with Birch Tree brand in a pairing


We had to educate all relevant TV stations about pairing campaign as strategy.

Media Buying: Campina - Testimonial

The Result

As soon as the new product was distributed the Hi-Cal pairing campaign

started immediately thereafter. The product went well and sales figures


The first week of the campaign we had a success rate of 80%, the 2 nd week 81% and

in the last week 77% making it the first effective pairing campaign in China.

The Verdict

“Using this pairing campaign turned out to be a very useful and budget efficient way

of promoting this new product. Though both the media buying agency and ourselves

took some risk in trying this media strategy, which was new to China, we can say

that the outcome was very successful. We will surely do it again this way.”

Theo Queis

Area Manager China and Hong Kong

Media Buying: P&G - Case History 1998


Agency submitted pitch in 97 to improve on P&G’s media buy in Shanghai by

handling a total media buy for all P&G brands. Until then that was handled by


Main Idea

We offered better discounts for all slots and included qualitative aspects such as

spot positioning and category protection. We offered 1 st 3/last3 spot scheduling

without paying the customary 20% increase. Category protection was new tactic

for China and the stations had to be educated on this.

Media Buying: P&G - Testimonial

The Result

A total amount US$2.3 million was saved in year 1 on a budget of US$8 million. The

success rate of category protection for was 82% and for spot positioning 64% over the

planning period. Making this campaign successful in achieving the objectives

The Verdict

“By using their media services in handling our media in Shanghai proofed very

successful. We safes a significant portion of our budget and the qualitative aspects

improved as well. category protection as a new tactic was executed with a high success


“After 1 year of working with Sino Universal Media we decided to extend our contract

with them.”

H.J. Bouma,

P&G Marketing Director

Greater China

Media Buying: VNU Pet Fair - Case History 1999


• In 1998 agency was asked to handle, set up and implement media campaign for the 2nd

Pet Fair in Asia in Shanghai in Dec. 1999.

• Campaign planning started in June ‘99. Media Contract with Jaarbeurs submitted in

Sept. ‘99 and signed Oct. ’99

• Facilitate Pet Fair branding.

• Mass media was used to create awareness for the fair. Trade and consumer publications

were used to create awareness at the target audience.

• TV exposure (STV, SCATV) in Shanghai to create awareness for both consumers and


Media Buying: VNU Pet Fair 1999 Findings

• Media campaign effectively informed both trade and consumers on the fair,

creating awareness for Fair in 16 publications

• By advertising Pet Fair ads in relevant trade publications the industry’s decision

makers & gate-keepers drawn to the fair

• Only 1 ad was not published (Shanghai mass media: Jiefang Daily). Overall

implementation success rate 96%.

• Missing ad compensated by news report on fair on STV Ch8 on Dec. 10, ‘99 and a

refund of the missing ad.

Media Buying: SHICC - Case History 1999-2001

• Agency handle media buying and scheduling in print media for Shanghai

Holland International Correspondence Center from 1999-2001

• Scheduling in 98 publications with mass circulation in China.

• Largest circulations: Bosom Friend: 2.7 million

Readers: 3 million

Story Collection: 4 million.

China TV Weekly: 4 million

Family: 2.7 million

Reference News: 3.2 million

• Media scheduling of direct response ads for SHICC’s correspondence


• Agency optimized print campaign by scheduling in publications with

highest response rates and lowest cost per 1000 (CPM) figures.

Media Buying: Bosch - Case History 2000


Agency submitted open pitch to Bosch in 2000 to improve on cost-efficiency of Bosch’s media buying &

planning in China. Until then that was handled by a Hong Kong based agency that didn’t have representation

in China.

Main Idea

To provide cost-efficient media while improving on the overall scheduling of campaigns for a lower than

before agency fee.

The Result

In the two bursts in 2000 both the cost efficiency as well as the overall scheduling improved. For both burst

46% of spots were scheduled in 1 st /3 or last/3 of a commercial block without paying extra fees for it. Overall

a total of RMB 712,147 or 16% of budget of 4,400,527 was saved.

The Verdict

“Using Sino Universal Media’s services in handling our media in China proved very successful. Not only did

we save a significant portion of our budget but the qualitative aspects improved as well.”

Ms Cindy Lai

Bosch China, Marketing Manager

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