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Fabric Graphics, March April 2010, Digital Edition

Fabric Graphics, March April 2010, Digital Edition

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of the stitching that turned some people against sewing; it was the hole in the fabric and how to seal it. To some extent, they developed threads that would swell once they got in the fabric, but there still always was the issue of leakage. When truck tarps and awnings became vinyl, those materials were readily weldable. So that’s when welding really caught on.” With the right amount of Research and the right questions, exploring the addition of new finishing techniques can be a relatively painless process. Choosing the right equipment There are benefits and disadvantages to each kind of finishing procedure, and it’s ultimately up to the individual shop owners and project managers to determine the right fit for each unique project. But if a company reaches the point where adding a piece of equipment to aid with finishing procedures makes sense, there are still a few important issues to consider. Pham says that he encourages his customers to make a list of questions before purchasing any equipment. “How easy is the machine to use, and what labor is involved in using the machine? What technical support and training will I receive when I take delivery? Every machine in the sign industry will require some type of training, for the most part.” And while the prospect of investing a large amount of money and time into a new piece of equipment can seem daunting, Jamie Nute at Sinclair Equipment Co. encourages clients to compare the cost of new equipment with the cost of unreliable outsourcing. “As always, investment cost is a concern,” he says. “Yet the outsourcing of finish work by others is time consuming and provides a greater risk of damage in the multiple handling of the printed piece. One ruined job or one late delivery can spell a loss of business and possible reputation that could far outweigh the cost of a quality finishing machine and keeping the work in house and on time.” With the right amount of research and the right questions, exploring the addition of new finishing techniques can be a relatively painless process. Many of the manufacturers we spoke to are more than willing to sit down with customers and discuss the pros and cons of different options, and are reliable resources for information about cutting, sewing, welding and other finishing techniques. Choosing and using the right finishing equipment and techniques can help businesses finish deals with their customers. >> For more, search finishing at Andrea Swensson is a freelance writer from Minneapolis and an editor at City Pages. 3 8 Fabric Graphics Mar|Apr 2010

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